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  1. Based on which factors these odds are calculated?Just reputation or the player stats are taken into accounts? And I also can't seem to get the news that declares pre season title odds.For leagues I can see it at the season preview but I can't seem to find it for Champions League.
  2. try Nvidia Geforce if you have an Nvidia card.Its quite good and easy
  3. The game is hard enough to understand as it is.Until the tactic creator interface becomes more customizable and easy to understand,I'd rather have this advantage.
  4. This is a fun one and there is absolutely no need for it.But adding the feature for our 3D avatar to age for long term save would be nice.
  5. Definitely agree with the first 2...not so sure about 3rd,at least not for now.Going more organic with the game isn't a bad idea,however it sometimes takes away the clarity and causes confusion.For example under the hood behaviours of some roles.For me the game is now exists in a state between organic and inorganic.In a future when the tactics creator reaches a more organic state,then "not so precise" player attributes will be a good idea.However if it can be implemented along with the current attribute system and we get the option to switch between them,that would ideal for me.
  6. Hello Again! A query about headed chances in FM.Especially in my Atletico Save when I played a 4312 I created a lot of chances where a player would find him relatively or sometimes completely unmarked in the far post.The balls normally floats in but the player misses the header.I heard that headed chances are not considered good chances but there usually is enough time for these players to control the ball and finish the chance.IRL I see Neymar,Gabriel Jesus,Sterling and especially Aguero finish a lot of headed chances but they are not considered players with good heading ability. A
  7. Just another question if you haven't finished,another type of goal we see most in FM is cross from one side of the pitch (slightly deep crosses) and a forward or winger from other side beating the fullback to score the goal.Are these balls naturally hard to defend so we should take "prevention is better than cure" approach?Or will any PI or OI help the defenders? Also sometimes the fullback will be up against a tall striker or winger.Normally at elite clubs fullback is generally a creative player ; while I always make sure the fullback has good marking,positioning,concentration but it is so r
  8. In terms of breaking defensive team I think being patient is important.Usually I manically tweaked roles/duties/TIs if I didn't score before 30 minutes.But for the last two seasons I changed the panic time to around 60 minutes (that is 60 minutes before any changes in tactics ).That has been actually been beneficial because in tight matches the opening goals has been scored around the 60-70 minute mark.And this is my personal opinion that the ME doesn't always reward you from open play,so accept these set piece goals as well. In terms of having high possession that has been a bit random f
  9. Drawing or losing for no reason,immediately seeing the title rival siffering the same fate.
  10. I believe a good portion of the FM players don't really like bothering with set piece.I am one of them.Although set piece goals are essential part of the game,I find the current set piece modules difficult to understand,especially because I play with 3D ME and I find the 2D display of set piece module difficult to translate in the 3D game. Also,setting good set piece routines ( especially defensive ones ) requires a good amount of reaearch and knowledge which many of the FM players do not have.Even when a good set piece routines are set up,a formation change or substitution forces us to c
  11. That would make life so much easier.Currently I have to minimize the game and adjust sound from outside.It could be right beside the option to enable/disables sound.
  12. I think I owe everyone the courtesy of giving this update : with some head scratching I conjured up some set piece routines that has been remarkable.Hardly giving away any set piece goals now.Although I think it is due to the fact that these routines need at least 5 players who are good in the air.Will discuss the routines very soon.
  13. Some people do belittle those who are asking for help.Many do it subtly so its not so apparent.
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