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  1. I think I owe everyone the courtesy of giving this update : with some head scratching I conjured up some set piece routines that has been remarkable.Hardly giving away any set piece goals now.Although I think it is due to the fact that these routines need at least 5 players who are good in the air.Will discuss the routines very soon.
  2. Some people do belittle those who are asking for help.Many do it subtly so its not so apparent.
  3. exactly my point.A winger with plenty of time to cross can be really deadly even against very tight defence.The Real Madrid goal against Man City last friday is a prime example.Especially the far post crosses seem very hard to deal with in this FM.
  4. Watch especially at 1:27 This shows how deadly can Mezzala be in overlaps.Although he would need to have some good crossing skills too.
  5. @HUNT3R In my early days I would select as much attack duty I could and just Hammer the opposition into submission.But now I tried the Nail approach to surgically cut the opposition.Guess I went too overboard with this and made my tactic toothless.
  6. I don't think my idea was too bad.Its just I couldn't implement it in the game.My main game plan was to maximize the output from my mezzala as he is a very well rounded player also as 13 finishing and 15 long shot.I wanted him to be one of the main goal scoring threat. The DLF was supposed to drop deep sometimes and drag a defender with him so the mezzala could have some space.That was one of the reason I tried DLF..Also I expected the winger to Hug the touchline.If he takes a defender with him,that frees up space for the mezzala.If no one comes to mark him,he is very free to pick a cross with all the time in the world( He has 17 crossing).I like how Pep asks his wingers/IW to hug the touchline to stretch play.Once I think he substituted Thierry Henry at 45th minute just because he wasn't hugging the line.I didn't want to do something gimmicky or fancy but to maximize the space for mezzala.And as he would be forward,the IWB(su) would occupy the central position ( he has 15 passing and 15 vision with good technique,also bad at crossing). On the right side the I thought the IF(su) was on attacking mentality even after the overlap TI so I thought he can still make attacking runs.The wingback was supposed to provide with and overload and the DLP would sometime find space to run into or take a long shot. But mainly work as a pivot for the right flank.
  7. I really don't think that's the case.I think all 3 are threatening to run in behind.Its just that they are not attacking the channel.The DLF(a) is well marked so that he can't attack the channel.The IF(AMR) and the W(AML) are not instructed to attack the channel nor they have the ppms to do so. If he played as a Poacher or AF,wouldn't he face the same problem anyways?For me theoretically DLF(a) should be the ideal option.Because with that role sometime he will drop deep,hopefully dragging a defender with him and perhaps buy the mezzala some space to run into. I think @Xenophobic Bean said that. I would also like to add that I gave the Hold Position PI so that he Hugs the touchline (as he doesn't have the ppm naturally).For me thats the interpretation for the Hold Position PI for the winger role. However the winger has moved from his natural place ( which is the touchline ) and moved into more of a central position to attack the ball more.I wanted him ear the touchline so their fullback would move with him thus freeing up space for the mezzala.If the fullback doesn't come to mark him he would be free to cross (I think he has 17 ) in crossing.Unfortunately as you can see that hasn't happened.
  8. Actually I skimmed through his thread and saw some insane results .Need to read from start to finish though.Oh and I meant that even if the individual mentality can help understand better,the game will still be complex to me 😉
  9. Hmm...this tactical setup I built was based on keeping eyes on individual mentality.I guess knowing the game more and more actually confusing me more and more.Back to the days of FM 16 I played very primitive 433 with AF and 2 wingers on support and attack duty.Fun days they were!Now I try to implement more complex patterns but they are hard to get right.
  10. I thought individual menatality was enough for players and didn't necessarily need "attack duty".So I kept DLF(a) and IF(s) as they have "Very attacking " and " attacking" mentality reapectively.As ineffective they have been ,maybe I will try other roles n duties.Would CF(at) be a good choice or is he considered too creative ?I also would prefer IW(attack) instead of IF(a) as my player is more suitable to that role.But what do you think could be better as I think IF has higher men5tality than IW?
  11. @Experienced Defender I do have a ton of questions though.Small little questions that will that will help me understand how many roles and duties interact.How certain TI and PI work.Where will be the best place to ask them?Or should I just open a thread and list all those questions so other people might benefit from it as well?
  12. I just need to take chiill pll and relax.Truth is I am too immersed in my save and desperate to deliver the title in my 6th season.Otherwise I am in risk of tarnishing my fine reputation.So every defeat counts as a huge blow.Like Dark souls however this added challenge has made this version of FM sadistically endearing to me.I enjoyed every moment winning the UCL after 10 years of nearly missing out.Every league title feels a triumph.Every away victory that much sweeter. I will continue to learn the game,trying to keep it simple and expanding little by little.Lets see how it goes.I might even vent a little frustration from time to time.However this comes only from the fact how endearing this game is to me.
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