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  1. He's been superb for me all 5 seasons I've played. Bought him the first season when I was in the Championship, and now a few seasons later he's tearing the PL up.
  2. I guess Fabio Silva has been posted many times here, but this is how he looks in my club after 5 full seasons into the save. I got him for 4.8 million pounds 4 seasons ago. Gogo buy him! PS. He also won the Champions League for me with two goals.
  3. That's great to hear! I'm playing with West Brom right now and he's been superb for all the seasons so far (I am at season 5 now).
  4. Any update on this? I'm still having issues with this, it's killing you if you're a small club.
  5. On my save Salzburg signed Erling Håland for 3 million pounds 2,5 seasons ago. He turned out really really great for a 20 year old and that price.
  6. I had a similar thing happening, but he was sold for 100 million to United, I don't see anything wrong with it since it was his last year on the contract and Chelsea finished like 7:th.
  7. I'm having the same issues with almost every player. I signed Ederson in the summer on a 5 year contract, now he wants a new one. (6 months after signing) Signed new contracts with De ligt, Fiete Arp and Vagnoman 5 years, 8 years, and 7 years. After around 6 months now in the winterbreak I go to their profile and I see one negative on each of them and it is about wanting a new contract. This cant be like this, it will kill my club in the long run. Is there anyway when you fix this that it will be save compatible? I really don't want to start over again. Edit: De ligt, Fiete Arp and Vagnoman got really high salary increases around 30-50 % so it's just insane that they want new ones again.
  8. All I can say is Antonio Marin. He's been a good backup for me whenever he's got playtime. He's really cheap in the beginning of the game and I'm sure you can get him to almost any club. His stats kinda sucks in the start but he develops really fast, this is a picture from the start of season 3. Picked him up for 2,3 million pounds, and he is still only 19 years old.
  9. Managed to get in Mbappe at the start of season 3. It will be really interesting how he does in the German league. 2 goals first game, let's goooo! PS. Value and salary is in Swedish kronor so ignore that, but I paid around 200 milion pounds for him and his salary is around 375k pounds a week.
  10. He's working really good for me as a backup striker in Bayern, bought him first season for around 16 milion pounds I believe. The salary is in Swedish kronor so ignore that, but he's more then good enough for me, and also from next season he will count as home-grown at the club which is great for a German club.
  11. I usually go for Roberto Samaden from Inter. I've done so for a couple of FM games now. Edit: The salary is in Swedish Kronors. So no I'm not paying him to much. :P
  12. Same here! It seems to be in the celebration, there's a slight input lag right after the goal and then he celebrates again. Lewandowski scored and then 1,5 seconds into the celebration he started to celebrate again. Well atleast I won 4-2.
  13. "Balldistribution" -> Bolldistribution "övrlag" -> överlag "flesat" -> flesta Then the last row is in full English. I guess you could put something in the line of "Det har inte varit några noterbart dåliga insatser på träningen den här veckan." If any other Swede here on the forums has a better line for it, go ahead! Edit: Nvm the last row about English, just read the topic. My bad! Sincerely, Trucce
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