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  1. FM is fine as it is, there are many ways to make the game harder and more fun if you don't enjoy winning with the big clubs.
  2. But new/average players won't think of that and then they'll feel that the save is ruined and might not play for a while or ever again. I don't see that as positive for the game and I highly doubt that the rules will be that restrictive in real life.
  3. I feel like it will kill off smaller clubs and the joy of managing them. I hope there's reconsideration on some of the Brexit rules. I highly doubt the rules will be that strict IRL. Premier League and everything that ties together with it, is an important part of the English economy and I very much doubt that the government IRL would destroy it.
  4. It's the same with FM on Swedish, but it will be solved. It's always been like this with new features.
  5. I've had that as well, but it seems it only shows up on players you don't really need or are below average.
  6. I mean in real-life this would be true, but it's still kinda strange to see it in FM. But I haven't had a staff being denied a work permit yet.
  7. Agreed! The skin is perfect minus the white. If we could change that for something else I would be more then happy.
  8. I would like a full dark-mode as well. The balance between the dark on the left and white screen parts of the game are not the most eye-friendly for me at least.
  9. I would like a dark-mode like last game. The contrast between the dark and the white generic screen on the inbox section makes it very hard for me to enjoy. Feels like someone is using a flashlight in my face.
  10. My favorite animal of all time is the turtle, waiting for the beta makes me feel like a turtle. Time is moving as fast a turtle. Please help me SI games, release the beta.
  11. Hello, I've had this issue as well. Just make the transfers cancel-able and the problem is solved. My Roma saved was ruined by this, my economy I built up over a long time ruined in 1(!) day. It's not very logical either, that the new board would tank the economy on 1 day. The full story on how it played out is in this thread.
  12. Yes.. I'm playing as Roma and I got new owners, they destroyed the economy with dumb transfers (couldn't cancel them) and now 7 months later it's talk about a new takeover again.. 7 months..
  13. I have to say that I've changed my mind regarding this. In the BETA I was really annoyed by it, but SI made some good adjustments and now it's more realistic. It might still be annoying in some cases, especially when you're trying to sell a player, but overall I feel like this is realistic and having the board intercepting feels more like real life.
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