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  1. qwertygod

    [Europe] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Yes I am sure , I checked and that's why I wrote that Vaduz won the cup. Hopefully the issue is sorted now.
  2. Im the same mate , players literally breathing out their hole every game
  3. qwertygod

    [Europe] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Im seeing some strange fixtures here. Vadus won the Liechtenstein cup and should qualify due to that however Liechtenstein u18s appear to qualify? Also the qualification places seemed gimped too 5 spaces for the top teams?
  4. qwertygod

    [FM18] Fort William

    Can you get sacked if you don't finish bottom of the league trollololol
  5. qwertygod

    Raheem's leg controversy

    dont know why people read these rags , the likes of the scum and the daily fail are good bird cage liners
  6. qwertygod

    Raheem's leg controversy

    his body his choice surely
  7. True that but you need to get to about level 10-11 for that to make a difference. Remember for levels 14-22 its mostly just single divisions in the mid sussex league that are playable.
  8. I forget how slow this runs. If this is the same as previous years then it will only get slower as a horde of useless players get generated which bloats the database
  9. I started mine yesterday , great fun. Absolutely gutted to not win every game. Unbeaten but drew a game in the league which spoiled a perfect record. I also love the fact the prize money is realistic , in the previous years you would enter about 8 cups every year and the prize money was like 10k for winning each. Was far too easy to keep a tight ship because of that.
  10. remember the good old days of 'load french reunion' sign everyone , conference north to championship without signing anyone else. That was slave labour , those guys would play for 50pw when equivalent uk players would cost 4-5k
  11. A bit strange.... this is on FM , this is where tactics work if they are the most nonsense. I swear the only consistent success i have on recent years is weird formations with zero strikers. If a real manager tried that they would be out on the kerb before their feet even hit the floor. I often fall into the trap of trying to set tactics based on real life. When i think what would be logical in real life i then completely do the opposite to what would be logical....this is when i have success in FM.
  12. qwertygod

    Its a Grand Old Team To Play For

    End of season Update Holy **** Also increased Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment as well! What a time to be alive! Time to start moulding the squad DNA now. Going to be focusing on 5 attributes Determination , Work Rate , Teamwork , Concentration , Composure.
  13. qwertygod

    Its a Grand Old Team To Play For

    Champions League Madrid progress 3-1 on aggregate. They were just too good in the return leg. Domestic Old Firm Clashes Rangers rarely troubled us this year. Winning the league vs Rangers with Barry Forsyth being named MOTM was a great moment. Scottish Cup Final Barry Forsyth starting to make a name for himself in the big games. At that age he has a UCL Knockout stages goal and now 2 cup final goals. Going to be difficult to keep this squad together. Our u19 squad lost in the final of the u19 champions league final , yet finish 6th in the scottish youth leagues , go figure. Absolute zoomers on the board. This kind of stuff SI really need to fix. Can't even tell if serious.
  14. qwertygod

    Its a Grand Old Team To Play For

    April We did it , we did it! Barry Forsyth scores a stunning finish on his debut. Second half we were just marvellous. We defended bravely. We now must play Atletico Madrid. I will enjoy kicking them off the park 1974 style.