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  1. Must also be related to 'Steven McDonald' who supposedly forced a world class save by Pickford in the same game according to Matterface, We will take no lessons on ignorance from you lot
  2. Some absolute moon units in here tonight because a decision finally goes against England - the injustice of it all
  3. Games an absolute bogey - you have perfectly good goals being disallowed for no reason or because someone's toenail was offside yet blatant cheating like that is not overturned. Literally every single game Italy have played there have been borderline racist tropes by the commentary team about italian players playacting and faking injury - yet every single piece of mental gymnastics is rolled out to justify Sterlings actions because its 'the good guys' Can we stop hearing about the hand of god or lampard goal now?
  4. This guy is probably my best regen ever. I have been having fun playing a low block this year but it would be a crime to not utilize this guy in a high press. Been experimenting with different roles up front - he plays equally well as AF, F9 , I play 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 with 2 deep defensive mids. I would love to see how this guy gets on with a poacher type partner up front. Someone to feed off his creativity and ability to win the ball in dangerous positions
  5. Its almost certainly not an XG of 7, have a look at any u23 or u18 player and their XG will always match their assists - its a display bug. If its still not fixed it never will be.
  6. Absolutely scunnered with the low ratings for fullbacks.....how can this still not have been sorted?
  7. Will we need to start a new save to be able to import training schedules or will this update for existing saves as well? This is absolutely killing an otherwise wonderful experience for me.
  8. Im being careful not to get too carried away but when the bugs and some interface tweaks are completed this might be the greatest game ever made.
  9. Yeh, a fair number of them were headers. The standard of opposition is pretty weak in Scotland so he was able to run up many hat tricks and more against 'dross' as well.
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