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  1. This guy is probably my best regen ever. I have been having fun playing a low block this year but it would be a crime to not utilize this guy in a high press. Been experimenting with different roles up front - he plays equally well as AF, F9 , I play 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 with 2 deep defensive mids. I would love to see how this guy gets on with a poacher type partner up front. Someone to feed off his creativity and ability to win the ball in dangerous positions
  2. Its almost certainly not an XG of 7, have a look at any u23 or u18 player and their XG will always match their assists - its a display bug. If its still not fixed it never will be.
  3. Absolutely scunnered with the low ratings for fullbacks.....how can this still not have been sorted?
  4. Will we need to start a new save to be able to import training schedules or will this update for existing saves as well? This is absolutely killing an otherwise wonderful experience for me.
  5. Im being careful not to get too carried away but when the bugs and some interface tweaks are completed this might be the greatest game ever made.
  6. Yeh, a fair number of them were headers. The standard of opposition is pretty weak in Scotland so he was able to run up many hat tricks and more against 'dross' as well.
  7. Here's some of my best regens in my current save, will be a real shame to leave this crew behind. I'm keeping this save incase i have the urge to go back to it! Russell not quite as good as the other attributes wise but easily my most important player in my pressing system. He was also instrumental in mentoring Waddell and Reid
  8. when you realize its not actually coming out after waiting all day
  9. Barrow FC immediately springs to mind. Perhaps even Queens Park in Scotland the recently turned professional side who were the oldest amateur club in the world.
  10. Yeh man I have been saving up for quite a while as my current rig whilst ok at the time is now a big sluggish , its i5 1060 graphics. I am seeing some decent deals starting to crop up so hopeful of buying something in the coming week or so. Thank you for the advice Gangor.
  11. What is the best choice between an i9 9900KF with 2080 super Nvidia Graphics cards or i7-9700K with 2080 Titan Nvidia Graphics card. Not bothered about price differentials or anything il make my own decision on that but just sort looking for a baseline.
  12. Non match engine improvements , specifically development centre are excellent. I am really really struggling with the matchday though. Its really hard to describe, it just seems like every highlight is pinball with the ball bouncing every where. Ive just seen a highlight switch 5 times between each side attacking. I suppose it beats the old way where you could tell instantly just looking at a highlight what the outcome would be.
  13. Ive started using 'Vertical scrolling' camera and it has really helped me tactically both defensively and on attack. Its so much easier to see the space and gaps and seek to defend/exploit these.
  14. Redditch United FC Barclays Premier League - 2035/36 Key Players - GK - Defence - Midfield - Forwards - League Table - We were absolutely fantastic , coming roaring in and winning the first 19 games of the league season. We managed to hold on and capture a stunning league crown. We were undefeated at home. Cups - More disappointment albeit we had tough draws in the cup. Finances/Transfers - Youth - Season League Positi
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