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  1. I'd be surprised if these aren't in it, and surprised if the others were.
  2. I love the new navigation bar at the top of player/team pages etc. Looks fantastic! And the blur in title bar. Squad player/regular starter etc too. Looking good guys!
  3. Don't forget about the screen size; playing FMT on a 8" tablet can be slightly challenging, on a 6-6.5" screen it'd be even harder. It's not solely about power - it's about usability, and if the majority would be satisfied with FMT on a 6"+ screen, I'd imagine SI would consider it, but they'd have to be happy with the look and feel first and foremost.
  4. I'll be honest, I've become the type of person who finds a tactic with positions that suit my squad, and use that - primarily because, before FM19, the tactics had become too in-depth for me. It's one thing I love about FMT, the fact you can see if your tactic works without needing familiarity. I enjoyed getting Hereford to the EPL in consecutive seasons, but then I got bored - it was an empty 'victory'. I want mid-table obscurity! This thread has made me rethink things. I'm going to fire up FMT again, start a new game, with a lower league/non-big team, and see how I get on.
  5. They'll have 23 teams if relegation/promotion to non-league doesn't change, so either 1 fewer goes down or 1 more comes up.
  6. I thought I'd read somewhere that if one went then: L1 to L2 - 3 L2 to L1 - 4 L2 to NL - 1 NL to L2 - 2 If both go I'd imagine it would be L1 to L2 - 2 L2 to L1 - 4 L2 to NL - 0 NL to L2 - 2
  7. Mallorca, Newport, Stockport, Kilmarnock, MTK Budapest... Too many.. Haven't played with Spurs for two games now, just feels... boring.
  8. So for me to say... True, but it's possible to have non-cross save games on PC, so I can imagine (in my simplified world!) that adding editor files would simply mean you couldn't play a cross-save game with it. Is too predictable?! 😂
  9. If FMT had extra leagues/was editable, I'd not bother with full fat at all. As it is, as someone who first played the first CM2, I just find Touch to be the heart of Football Manager.
  10. Cove Rangers beat Berwick Rangers to be in Scottish League Two. Pen-Y-Bont and Airbus are in the Welsh Premier League; Llandudno Town and Llanelli were relegated.
  11. When I go to a member of staff, I think having the history having an option to view their playing/managing career? To see when they've managed, quit, sacked, records etc? Even after all these years I still go to the history section!
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