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  1. The fact this is simply a teaser is to get people talking about it - done. Now, assuming there's some significant improvements, everyone will be happier than they are now. Whilst I don't want to give SI a pass, this game, like the tail-end of FM21, will have been made in the most difficult of circumstances. Despite this, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect more from them than the trailer, and indeed (especially?) in FM23. I'll be buying it as per usual, but I would like to know if Touch will be included with Full Fat again.
  2. Oh @XaW, damn you! I uninstalled FM in advance of 22... and now you give us this! If it's easy to update it to the new game, I'd love it if you could do so. Really like the idea of starting off with a team in Northern Norway. Thank you
  3. I don't want it to descend into an editor for FMT discussion, I guess I just thought allowing PC users to utilise databases in the same way we can override the 3 nation limit thus removing crossplay would be an option. I appreciate the monetisation aspect (financial editing etc), but even if it was just moving players/clubs between divisions/adding divisions, and not actually editing stats I'd be delighted. I know the whole aspect is tricky, and FMT is about speed (adding English leagues to level 21 would understandably be out), but even if there was an x club/division limit per nation... I'm glad you hope to add editing again @Marc Vaughan, if only because it'll increase the longevity of my game time!
  4. I think that's key - I can start a game and be 6 months in within a few hours - the fact I can load most leagues is the icing on the cake!
  5. It's not been done for any of the 4 versions that have been released.
  6. Excellent! I always hope to get into the "full" game, but just find touch that little bit more fun to just pick up and play.
  7. @denisio I don't think it's possible to do it on Switch. (Thank you!)
  8. I kept holding off from getting Touch on the Switch Lite through a combination of non-lite reviews having questions over it, and the lite being exclusively handheld. Did anyone here get it on the lite? If so, what were your thoughts on it, and also, is it better on the Switch or a tablet?
  9. This. Are there issues with FM as is? Should other leagues be added? Absolutely. But it's not necessarily either/or. It's not women's football OR fixing/improving the game. Different teams will have different responsibilities, different budgets, timeframes etc. I'll be honest - I have no active interest in women's football, partly because I don't have the time to start following another form of sport, however I can imagine me managing women's teams in FM in the same way I'd manage an Icelandic team - it's something different, out of your comfort zone, and it's a new challenge. If your deep-rooted concerns have anything to do with equality, I urge you to ask yourself why this is the case. Quite frankly if you say you'll never buy FM again because of women's football being in the pipeline/when it comes in, you're either lying (to yourself and others) or, as Miles essentially says... good.
  10. @Safe HandsIf it's going to be long-term, I'd have no more than 15-20 leagues; after 3 seasons it starts to slow a bit, but not too badly. Haven't gone beyond 6 years, but that's still decent.
  11. Salzburg/Wolfsberger's connection says it'll be terminated if they play in the same division.
  12. When you go to look for available jobs, under security or search, I think it'd be a good idea to be able to search for jobs based on either club rating/realistic jobs. You already get messages suggesting jobs to apply for when you're unemployed, and I think this would be very much a "quality of life" upgrade, that's hopefully not too tricky to implement.
  13. I'd imagine SI are also trying to fix some bugs to include with the update- on the known issues thread there's a few that need to be fixed (one in particular for me!!)
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