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  1. Finished in the Superettan relegation playoff spots, and stayed up. Then had a news item saying we finished 0th.
  2. I'm waiting, partly because I'm going to use FMT, and I can't add downloaded data updates to that.
  3. I love full fat FM. The league expansions, the tweaks and so on... but there's just something about Touch. The fact I can load all leagues and it run comparable to full FM with 6-8 countries loaded. Waiting for the winter update, and I'm back on board.
  4. Right click Touch in steam, then with the general tab open, under launch options, add in: --user_data_location="D:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021" Where "D:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021" is where your main folder is with graphics etc.
  5. Australia, Chile, Cyprus, England, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Peru, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, Wales. Fair variety! Interestingly, Leam Richardson got the Wigan job (as per) and is on a 4 year contract earning £0 pw
  6. Update... Applied for a few jobs (no badges, Sunday League), and bizarrely Wigan invited me for an interview (hadn't applied). Didn't get it, but I am now the proud manager of... El Tanque Sisley (Uruguay)
  7. @Brother Ben The club part is between 'realism' (living at home then moving around with the job), applying for wherever I fancy, or waiting for the first club to contact me. That said, I may have narrowed it down. @anagainThat's how I'm playing it, scouting, no downloaded tactics, badges...!
  8. @XaW, thanks, I've visited the 9llamas, and the realism thread, I just can't quite decide between which approach to take/curious as to what others do!
  9. I'm torn between doing a start unemployed and: Applying for jobs within an hour of my house Looking at places abroad (lower leagues!) and imagining if I'd like to live there Which way do/would you play?
  10. @Rainbowz, totally understand. Put yourself first, and, if you do feel up to doing something, maybe slim it down to the top 4-5 levels? The work you did was great, but I think L9-10 is a huge step - to achieve what you did is incredible, crazy, but incredible! Take care.
  11. Love this Messi! Thank you - the only issue I've seen (and it's tiny) is Ludlow have similar coloured kits; the away kit should be blue (shirts/shorts/socks). Literally, the only "flaw" I've found so far!
  12. Hi @Viktor Ilivanov, uploaded as Loan Bug.fmt - try and loan in a few over 23 year olds and it should happen!
  13. I'm managing 1860 Munich (FMT, but assume it applies across the board), and loaned in a few players - the rules say "Maximum of seven foreign-based players over the age of 22 allowed out on loan at a time" - I had a loan for a 23 year old cancelled because I've loaned in 7 players over 22.
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