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  1. FM17: Athletic Club Bilbao - Basque in the glory

    What I typically do for the kids is set it at £30m and to semi-negotiable. Usually they'll counter with a slight increase in salary/signing fee, but it's worth it.
  2. FM17: Athletic Club Bilbao - Basque in the glory

    I'm just over halfway in my first season with Athletic, and I must say, it's like nothing I've ever done before! I signed two youngsters from Sociedad, sold a few players for around £4m, and throughout the transfer window fended off multiple offers for Williams, Benat, Muniain, Lekue and more! Thankfully I upped the release clauses in pre-season! Started off being hammered by Real and Barca, which wasn't nice, but have eventually climbed to a safe 4th, only 3 points behind Atletico and 4 behind Barca - after I beat them 5-1 at San Mames!! My goal is to wait for all the regens to come through, and then see who I can sell - Aduriz keeps rejecting Bosman offers (literally, 8 from good teams) and I've no intention of keeping him on. It's a fun game, the lack of transfers makes it more enjoyable.
  3. The Finances and Transfers

    I absolutely love this idea.
  4. If FMM became a hybrid between this and its existing gameplay, I'd be all for it. As a PC game, I can't support it - whilst care and effort has been put in, the further gamification is something I strongly oppose, and would add that the concepts, on the whole, are more suited to on-the-go gaming. Definitely some good ideas for portability though.
  5. Save choices

    Can honestly say I've never seen that before. Thanks Michael!
  6. [Suggestion] Manager's All-Time XI

    Love this idea.
  7. [Discussion] Letting your contract expire -

    Not something I've come across, but definitely something I'd like to see included as one of the little things.
  8. Inflation in Football Manager

    Apologies if this is an obvious question, but with new TV deals and the like, does the amount go up/down?
  9. Brexit 2017/2018 version

    As a total guess, I think there'll be fewer options, with the 'hard Brexit' model, a model whereby anyone who's played in the UK since 2014 needs a WP, a model whereby players commanding x in transfer fees/wages/squad status are automatically allowed to play without a WP, a model where all players in the Republic of Ireland (maybe Gibraltar?) are exempt from needing a WP in/out of the UK, and a combination of the above. I'd be amazed if there was a non-Brexit model this time.
  10. Keep an eye in the reports section of a player (make sure it's from a Coach with high CA scouting) to see what level they're most suited to for loan purposes.
  11. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    As someone who's not a fan of pre-ordering games (Red Dead Redemption 2 being the exception), I fully understand John_Yuki's beliefs, *but* I also don't believe game developers force consumers to buy it. I may be wrong, but for some companies, be it books or games, pre-orders can determine how much money is sunk into it/how much of an advance can be issued - I doubt this would happen for FM, as it has such a large fanbase. Ultimately, it's down to choice - if you want access to the Beta, you'll pre-order. Some will wait until Christmas when there's likely to be a price-reduction/have been several patches. (Sorry to SI for re-hijacking the thread!) Personally, FM is something I will buy. I can't imagine I stop doing so after playing every single game in the lineage from CM94/95, and I look forward to seeing what SI have in store for us this year.
  12. Everton finances ?

    It won't be in 17 because there's not going to be anymore updates. Either use the pre-game editor, or, if you've bought it, the in-game. As for 18, no one will know for a few months. but maybe post under the Everton data issues thread in the data research forum.
  13. Youth Facilities or Save Money

    Save the money. You won't produce any players in the short-term that'll either help your first team or be able to sell for over £650k. Wait until you're making a solid profit year on year first.
  14. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    Absolute King. Thank you.
  15. Saul signs new 9-YEAR contract IRL

    5 year contract and optional 3 year extension is currently doable.