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  1. THREE PAGES?! Seriously? It's simple: if you don't like it, don't pre-order. There'll probably be cheaper deals elsewhere, or at least on a par with. I have zero idea why this is a thing.
  2. I actually meant I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it was to set-up!!
  3. This is the one I got:
  4. Just a thanks to Smurf - bought the MSI on the last page and running FM with full graphics is amazing. Also, because I'm an idiot, I started a game with all leagues and large database and it took as long to set up as a 3 league game did on my last laptop.
  5. Cheers Smurf.
  6. Thanks - anything else you've seen in the price range that beats it?
  7. Hey guys... So my existing laptop died mid-FM yesterday - totally switched off. It's back on again now, but given it's age, the fact it burns to touch the bottom of it when the CPU is pushing 100% and sounds louder than a plane taking off, I'm not going to try FM again. I've a budget of £500 and I'd like the best I can have - for 3D, half a dozen or so leagues, big database - I'll go just over it for value, and I don't mind a refurbished one. Thanks! (Edit: I've had another look through, and was wondering which of these would be recommended the most - or is there a better option?) <-- My gut says this EDIT 2: Also seen these
  8. What's the new update that just downloaded for FM16? It's only 2.7mb.
  9. Epic, thanks buddy!
  10. Fab! I'd tried to do it in FM15 (with Bangor University et al) but it kept failing. Thanks again
  11. Generic laptop recommendation request... I'd like to pay monthly, and think £750 usually comes to around £20ish pm? It'd be primarily for FM/streaming media files to my TV, but also would love it to have an Nvidia card to stream better to my Nvidia Shield - and I'm sick of the noise the fans on my Dell Inspiron N5110 make when I load up FM! That being said, I'd be happy to play other games on it - I've just never been able to!
  12. So my favourite (full) FM challenge in a long while is finally doable thanks to editor fixes - managing Loughborough University, you can only sign and play players aged 21 or under.
  13. Can't remember if this has been mentioned/suggested, but with the country restriction, could it be on leagues instead? So for example: England all leagues Scotland all leagues Wales all leagues is a total of 12 leagues. It's possible to have three countries for three leagues too?
  14. mikenvo, I'm using it both home and away, and it's based on the LL Testudo.
  15. mikenevo... you've taken the best tactic, and made it borderline perfect. Played 10 Won 8 Lost 2 (1 in the league) For 32 Against 10 (3 in one match to Villa in League Cup) I'm Macclesfield in League 1.