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  1. Just want to add, thanks to this thread I got a laptop that, when loading just the English leagues, with a large database, let me holiday the entire season in around 10 minutes. It's not a world beating machine I have, but it allows me to enjoy "Full Fat" Football Manager once more. Smurf et al? Thank you!
  2. When you holiday, in that time period a player complains, you obviously don't reply, and he's then unhappy. When you finish the season, go to the league (which has playoffs) and you see the playoff final before the league table.
  3. The transfers bit looks intriguing, the end of season bit/matchday could be, need to see more, the interactions... meh. It's the one area of the game I really have no interest in whatsoever. The ME looks a bit nice though!
  4. Personally, I'd sell the 30 yo striker for £75m. You'll get 1-2 years absolute max out of him, and then the value will plummet. Is there a good striker, around 27 yo, available who you can play, but introduce the youngster in cup games/as a sub when winning?
  5. Cyprus has the best UEFA coefficient to not be in the game, but I'd like more African leagues (Senegal, Nigeria, Tunisia?) Japan would be the dream of course, but it's highly unlikely.
  6. Sometimes managers get clauses in their contracts to prevent them from taking over a rival club for x amount of time, so potentially you could have, when signing a contract (so not necessarily when you takeover a club from the start): If you're sacked, you can't become a manager for a club in the same division/European competition until January/June, but you get paid until that period (unless you're willing to drop down a level)
  7. When a player is signed, they get the signing on fee, but then when sold we get told we pay him the outstanding amount on the loyalty bonus; I believe this is different, and he gets £x each September he's with the club. If he's transfer listed by request, he typically gets none if sold, otherwise he'll get a proportion, up to the full amount, of what's owed. e.g. £5m signing on fee £5m loyalty bonus, with £1m paid each September over a 5 year contract. If sold by request after 1 year, he gets none. If not by request he would get the first £1m, then an extra £1.5-4m.
  8. @Jimbokav1971 With your initial squads, did you focus on the youth players over the older players to save money?
  9. February 2020 Wheels came off a bit. Had a 12 game run where I only won twice, which saw us plummet from 2nd to mid-table. Tried tweaking the tactics, changing them, nadda. Eventually went back to what worked and it's steady again. Mixed bag of results, but achieving the goal set. Have lost 3 players so far, one was one of my starting strikers, and another a starting centre back - the former had thirty five (!) clubs offer him a contract! Unfortunately, we are struggling in one place.. the bank. I've started to play fewer non youth players (no appearance fee), but
  10. Just lost my first league game, and... well... Look
  11. The Squad Two very solid options there, although my AM has an obsession with subbing them at HT (They are taking penalties/free kicks too...) A couple of barely decent CBs, and that's it. I'm sensing a theme here... But I don't want to play with attacking wingers...because... I want to play two up front. I've decided to go with a 4-4-2. 2 SC/CB by default, no DM, Have a half decent full/wing back, but ultimately I went with the tactics creator. I started off with a wing-p
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