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  1. Personally, with Bury, until it's all decided, I'd leave as is - although it is looking more and more likely that Bury FC will be liquidated, and Bury AFC will be playing, but based on the Chester precedent, it'd in the NPL Division One NW (step 8), based on Hereford the NWCFL Premier Division (Step 9), or their application, which is to the NWCFL Division One North (step 10) Given Bury AFC have applied to step 10, I'd say that is the most likely - but as I say, given the various possibilities, it's up to Messi to do what he thinks is best/able to do.
  2. It'll be interesting to see if Tier 3 gets added to FM21 because of the FAW taking control of that level, like they've done T2 this year.
  3. Ok, the star rating thing... I didn't realise that was the case..! Feel a bit silly now! Weirdly, I struggled a lot with Newport, so much so I got sacked after 3 months. I became a bit of a journeyman, and ended up at STM Sports where I've found it a lot easier - I guess that's football, no manager always struggles (usually!)
  4. @Smurf, that's great, thanks! My laptop does look a bit difficult to open up, or at least slightly trickier than a desktop - so I'll try the easy way first!
  5. Not quite a "what new computer" should I get question, but more of a "when should I get one" - my laptop is 3.5 years old, has reasonably heavy use, for streaming to my TV, FM and some not intensive graphics games, general internet use, office etc. Current specs: Intel i5-6300HQ 8GB RAM Nvidia GTX 950M It's starting to drag, and the fans are getting louder occasionally - should I format and start again, and/or start looking for a new laptop? Thanks everyone.
  6. If your computer can handle FM20 graphically, and doesn't lag, that. Otherwise anything else.
  7. @Jack Joyce - Thank you! Also, is the Touch public beta the same as the other? I ask because Touch has some lag still!
  8. @Jack Joyce - on low, with anti-aliasing/shadows off, it's as smooth as a baby's bottom. Admittedly, whilst an older build saw me have better graphics (medium) and smooth sailing, I'm just thankful I've got my game back. Can I ask, is it possible to share (in not too advanced terminology!) what the issue was? Thank you.
  9. Those with Nvidia, please follow this, and apply to the Steam Wrapper - see if that helps.
  10. 416 hours played on FM19. 47 on FM20. This is so incredibly frustrating. I keep loading it in the hope I can find a tweak that fixes it, start a game, get 20 minutes in, it's brilliant. Last 70 seems to take over 5 minutes because of all the stuttering. It's the FM version of NBA Elite 11.
  11. @The ThreadstarterThreadstarter How do you start it from GE? When I scan, it doesn't find FM20.
  12. Try the demo; contrary to what someone has said, for some of us, the game (via the match engine lag) is unplayable - see if it works on your system, and if you're happy, buy it!
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