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  1. Unfortunate typo
  2. Tried both versions - they crash FM "/ (And that's when they're the only fmf file selected)
  3. That's fine, I just based it from here:
  4. Can/will the short English name for Czech Republic become Czechia?
  5. I think it might be best - I've asked for an explanation as to why it's a very bad thing SI are doing, still none the wiser. Just seems there's two sides who haven't a clue where the other is coming from?
  6. If I'm not mistaken SI/the mods have stated the promotion expires 6 weeks before release, a date which would almost certainly see features announced by.
  7. Can someone explain to me like I'm 5 what the actual issue is with SI launching a pre-order campaign with no features yet announced?
  8. THREE PAGES?! Seriously? It's simple: if you don't like it, don't pre-order. There'll probably be cheaper deals elsewhere, or at least on a par with. I have zero idea why this is a thing.
  9. I actually meant I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it was to set-up!!
  10. This is the one I got:
  11. Just a thanks to Smurf - bought the MSI on the last page and running FM with full graphics is amazing. Also, because I'm an idiot, I started a game with all leagues and large database and it took as long to set up as a 3 league game did on my last laptop.
  12. Cheers Smurf.
  13. Thanks - anything else you've seen in the price range that beats it?
  14. Hey guys... So my existing laptop died mid-FM yesterday - totally switched off. It's back on again now, but given it's age, the fact it burns to touch the bottom of it when the CPU is pushing 100% and sounds louder than a plane taking off, I'm not going to try FM again. I've a budget of £500 and I'd like the best I can have - for 3D, half a dozen or so leagues, big database - I'll go just over it for value, and I don't mind a refurbished one. Thanks! (Edit: I've had another look through, and was wondering which of these would be recommended the most - or is there a better option?) <-- My gut says this EDIT 2: Also seen these
  15. What's the new update that just downloaded for FM16? It's only 2.7mb.