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  1. My idea there is that the zones will give a clue as to the players jadedness and not just his condition. As we all know players take longer to recover between matches the further into a season we go because he is getting tired and these zones would indicate how tired that player is getting. Marc Vaughan confirmed that jadedness is a hidden stat in the game over on Vibe this evening. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/43251-condition-on-latest-update/?do=findComment&comment=377909 so this would be a way of revealing that info to us as it doesn’t make that much sense that we can’t see that information. In real life the clubs medical team would be monitoring this kind of information.
  2. Perhaps before a game we could get a news item from our physio which tells us the % condition of each player as a list (I realise this info is in the team selection screen) but more importantly also how tired they are so that we can decide who should be rested, who is getting to the point they might need resting in a few games and who is flying. I hear in real life managers talk about players being in the Red Zone and this list seems like it would be the kind of thing a real life manager might get before a match. It could be as simple as.  Green Zone: Player isn’t tired at all. Yellow Zone: Player is starting to get a little jaded and may need a rest in the future but perfectly fit to play if needed in the current match. Red Zone: The player could do with a rest in the next couple of games. This is would be a simple way we could see who is getting tired or not at a glance.
  3. I transferred one of my saves onto my laptop for safe keeping as I needed a save slot and now that I have transferred it back I get a message saying that a directory is missing from the end of the save file. Have I lost my save or is there anything I can do to save it?
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