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  1. Maybe a bundesliga team? Dortmund could challenge at the top and have Giovanni Reyna, Bellingham, Sancho, Haaland, Hazard and probably many more that arent the headliners
  2. Theres something about Plymouth Argyle thats really grabbing me.....and I dont know why. But theyve grown on me. I looked through their squad and to be honest, i dont recognise anyone. I looked through the history of the league finishes they have achieved, and it doesnt look like theyve ever been in the top division. Last time they played in the championship was a decade ago and since then, theyve spent most of their time in league 2. Just been promoted to league 1 (i did say id like a league 2 team but newly promoted into league 1 is a pretty close 2nd). They have a stadiu
  3. Im thinking Plymouth Argyle could be a shout. League 1 but no real history of being much good, growth potential and still relatively obscure
  4. Both good shouts. Peterborough always seem a very big club for that level and yet never seem to do particularly well
  5. Difference is theres many out of my league there......got no problem going from Vanarama (total munter) to Premier League (supermodel) on the game. Nothing to stop me!
  6. must admit I do this quite a bit. I think its because the game has such a vast array of choice, you kind of want to manage......everyone.......for a bit.
  7. Hi everyone Ive got a few saves on the go at the moment, ive written about a couple in Vitoria Guimaraes and Valencia here. I find myself going between saves, and i feel i really need to commit to a save. Can you help me find the team im looking for? Its in two categories, and id be open to suggestions on either: Category One Top divison of England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France or Portugal One that can attract some decent players, and has some cash. doesnt need to be a fortune, but at least that can change the team a little European qualifica
  8. is the carrilero not just a slightly less aggressive version of a box to box midfielder, but drifting wide? would he not be better served with a defensive full back behind him? i thought his role was to link defence to attack?
  9. Post your tactic mate, a few tweaks im sure youll be winning :)
  10. Very early days for me in my Chelsea save, but i cant put my finger on why we are so wildly inconsistent. Champions League performances are excellent. scored a 3-0 win away at RB Leipzig and a 3-1 away win at Atalanta. Yet in the league, away from home we seem really ponderous and ineffective. I am not convinced at all about any of the goalkeepers. Mendy has already made some atrocious mistakes but Kepa looks average. Brighton beat me 2-1 at the Amex playing a strange wingback formation with two AM's in behind a central striker. I just couldnt adapt to it even after euqalis
  11. Ive watched some youtube videos on this kind of thing recently, and the general consensus unless im totally wrong is that a player gets more comfortable in a position on the field through game time playing there, NOT through you training him to play there. It seems like you might as well "train" your wingbacks on complete wingback, because that will train all the skills of a wingback. If you train simply on wingback defend, you arent training all the attributes the player might need.
  12. i had to take a couple of days off gaming but back with Valencia as i play towards the end of season 2. I grab a 1-0 win vs Barcelona at Camp Nou thanks to Carlos Soler, only to crash out of the copa del rey to 2nd division Elche after extra time!!!! AAARRGGGHHHHH the frustration!! Think we can really push on for a champions league place though, the squad looks settled and good.
  13. Who? Can assume you dont mean PSG but............
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