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  1. Tell players to go in hard on players i personally dislike Send the assistant to face the music after a defeat whilst taking the credit for wins I always say im friends with the opposition manager in a calm voice when asked. Dont want the controversy And ive been known to manage a cup final wearing an actual suit specifically for the occasion.
  2. use the cross aim to the middle of the penalty area?
  3. Could hitting early crosses help or are these from too deep?
  4. FMunderachiever

    Why Barcelona and Man City seem so weak?

    Thats stupid...."some things are not going to be exactly simulated".... Even if their style of football cant be exactly replicated they shouldnt possibly be so weak. They should still be the team to beat in their league. Beat Barca or Man City over 38 games its almost assured youll be champion yourself. The game is obviously not real life but having two of the worlds best teams consistently struggling is just silly.
  5. FMunderachiever

    Why Barcelona and Man City seem so weak?

    But they should be?? Man city won 32 of their 38 league games and scored 100 points...they should be routinely winning at home 3 and 4 goal margins.....they do in real life. Barca have scored over 90 points 4 seasons running and scored 115 goals last season.... on the game they score FIFTY goals less and drop over 25 points EVERY season
  6. FMunderachiever

    Why Barcelona and Man City seem so weak?

    I just feel is it an issue that its hard to replicate their real life tactics into the game? As an earlier poster said there is no way to make messi as pivotal as he is in real life with goals and all round contribution. Is it because there is a lack of through balls in the game which takes away the intricate nature of their goals? Countless times in real life ive watched barca thread a through ball to alba or roberto who has cut the ball back to the penalty spot area for a player coming in late to finish. Countless times ive watched messi cut in past 2 defenders and finish into the bottom right corner. You simply dont see this in the game even when you try and create this, and the AI cant seem to. Yet the game always overpowers man utd, arsenal seemed to do the same in past versions
  7. Just to add to this Ive lost count of the number of games ive been 1 down....had a man sent off..... and then WON. When playing a 4141 i usually just revert to a 441 and press higher... and we almost seem to improve our play with one less man. I think maintaining width and playing at good tempo is key against 10 men
  8. FMunderachiever

    Why Barcelona and Man City seem so weak?

    As in, the goals they score in real life cannot be replicated? or as in, the goals they score on the game are as a result of play that is easier to defend and therefore less successful?
  9. I like wing play for 442, seems effective for a wide range of teams with some tweaking to roles.
  10. Why is it that highly successful and good footballing teams, particularly Barcelona and Man City, are consistently poor under the AI's control, and even as a human manager seem harder to get a consistent level of performance out of than other teams in their league, the likes of Man Utd, Atletico Madrid to name two who always seem much stronger than they are in real life? This used to happen on fm17 and fm18 too Is it that their styles are hard or impossible to replicate within the game? is it that the game inherently prefers certain tactical approaches and their short passing, interchange of movement and player roles just dont fit with how the programmers have determined what SHOULD work and what doesnt? Im sure this has been asked many times, but to see a team like Barcelona constantly languish between 3rd 4th and 5th is bizarre, there should be some seasons where they are supremely dominant and should always more or less be fighting for the title. Does the game deliberately underpower them to keep the competition interesting? I really dont know. Ive even experienced this myself, although it could just be that im **** at FM. But I had a Real Madrid save, and a Barcelona save running side by side and Barcelona are significantly harder to find a tactic that consistently delivers results in the way you would expect whereas Real Madrid were a winning machine. And Barcelona defensively, both under the control of the AI in multiple leagues and myself are unbelieveably brittle at the back. Conceding few chances, but the few chances conceeded are almost always clear cut ones. It just confuses me. Am i the only one who experiences these teams flopping?
  11. FMunderachiever

    4-1-4-1DM Tactic Problems

    The main issue with real madrid IMO is competing in 5 competitions with a tiny squad. Bale is injured for me for 5 months and Ronaldo gone all together so a rethink is needed
  12. The point i was making is not meant to be an attack on you. What i am saying is people know, even with "normal" tactics how to "beat" the game. It is a GAME, it all boils down to clicking the mouse a few times in the right order. There would be no point coming online and talking about real football principles if they didnt make you win in the match engine. Look at how badly man city and barcelona struggle on the game because the complexity of their tactics cant be replicated within the game to the same extent. You wouldnt write a beautiful article about a tactic and then post how you lost 4 games in a row, no one would read it and take any notice of you, they want to win. Its not REAL football. The guys that are struggling on the game could probably be more successful in winning a REAL football match than you. What YOU can do, is put this knowledge you have into football manager arbitrary made up language better than they can, most likely. Hence youre better on the game than them. But because you can take over any team and within 10 years youre winning the champions league with a team thats utter ****, and because it is a game, some people expect that just because they are the manager of that team, they will also win a lot and it will massage their ego, be unrealistic. Your talent is like the talent a speed runner has on a platform game. Youve just done it on a more sophisticated scale on a more sophisticated game.
  13. FMunderachiever

    4-1-4-1DM Tactic Problems

    I would say in response to your points, look at each player and get a feel for what kind of system could work with what you have at your disposal. Youll have a few KEY players, so for Real Madrid youre looking at the likes of Kroos and Modric, Bale, the two centrebacks being a natural pairing etc. So it begins to fall into place that for example, a back 4 will suit the team more than a back three would, etc. Then, look at the players preferred moves, PPM's. Just from memory, Marcelo for example has lots of interesting PPM's, he likes to underlap, get forward at every possible opportunity, get into the box. So by looking at this, you can see he is very skilful, but he is also unpredictable (in a good way). So he would be a really good fit for an inverted wingback role, or a complete wingback role. This allows him to form a natural relationship with the left sided midfielder or attacking midfielder. Lets suppose you then pick an advanced playmaker ahead of him. As your advanced playmaker drifts inside with the ball, Marcelo can run past him down the left and overlap him. OR, he could make a run for the box and be on the end of a pass. If you set a team instruction to "overlap left" though, you will limit his movements into making him look for the overlap MORE OFTEN and less on the underlap. That might not be a desirable characteristic. But then, in your left midfielder slot, maybe youll then want some cover that if he bombs forwards and you lose possession, youre not wide open down your left hand side. So then, Id look to utilise a role in midfield where that player will be a little more defensive minded and he will shuffle across and fill in the gap when necessary. Maybe Kroos could play as a deep lying playmaker for example and thread balls wide, but also act as a defensive player. This is an example of then building the roles for the team. Ignore the little pie icons, they might be yellow, they don't have to be all bright green, but its about using your players in combinations with each other to become a successful team. Basic stuff really that everyone knows....... midfielder sits, another one goes forward. Big man little man up front back in the day, two examples of very simple combinations, but its the same thought process. Player preferred moves are the things that have most effect, so that might be where you might introduce a player instruction or PI. Lets say your player is a midfield player and one of his preferred moves is that he gets forward at every opportunity, but your formation doesn't want him to do that. You can tell him to "hold position", in other words stop going forwards and play with more discipline. Also, the assistant coach says what he says because he has his own preferred way of playing, his preferred pressing style, preferred mentality etc, and you can see this on the staff screen. So when he is constantly talking to you, he is stressing HIS preferences on how HE thinks the team should play, to you. Not all of his advice will work for your team, or make sense, unless you set the team up just like he wants. So be selective about what you take on board from him.
  14. FMunderachiever

    4-1-4-1DM Tactic Problems

    Ive just started a Real Madrid life after Ronaldo save to go alongside my two long term saves which are Juventus and Nottingham Forest, and im enjoying our abilities to play lovely football. There is definitely options for you to use as Real Madrid, but just looking at your tactic, I would say: 1) I think some of your team instructions are unnecessary. For example, the overlap instructions I dont think will help. This is telling your inside forwards to hold onto the ball whilst your wing backs run up on the overlap. Marcelo for example has some interesting pi's and when left to do his thing will overlap AND underlap your left winger, he will get himself into the box and pop up everywhere for example which gives you more dimensions to use. You also have instructions like playing for set pieces and playing extremely wide, i dont think you need to use these personally. 2) Distributing to a playmaker i find an interesting instruction you are giving....I usually find this means he has to get the ball under control and pass to a team mate, and he ends up under immediate pressure. If looking to distribute from the keeper, its better i think to play shorter passes to your centrebacks who will split from a goal kick. In Ramos and Varane you have two excellent passers of the ball and as long as they have options to pass to, youll frequently play through the oppositions press into midfield. 3) In terms of defending, defending narrow is risky, perhaps you feel you are vulnerable from crosses and want to stop them? id set the defensive width back to normal. Also, bear in mind playing a high line, you will be at risk from balls over the top and through balls. What i tend to find is, because youre pushed up its actually a double jeopardy, as when you press high, youll pressure their back 4, which will hurry them into a possible long ball. The long ball will then be delivered into the open space your high defensive line is leaving, guys like Inaki Williams and Cedric Bakambu will be ready to burst through your defensive line if not careful. 4) Pressing more urgently seems like a logical idea, but just be wary that very very good teams may be able to disrupt your shape and play around you if all of your players are frantically trying to close down all of the time. Sometimes holding your shape and not engaging the man in possession can cut down his passing options by positioning your players into closing his passing lanes down. Just in terms of player roles: 1) id noticed that you are using Modric as a Mezzala, and Bale as an inside forward together. so both will want to occupy the same space on the right side. is your plan to use Bale and Isco as your main goalscorers, with Benzema's movement creating space for the two of them to run into? just give some thought to the interactions of the roles in combination, are they acting the way you want them to after watching the matches, and if not, even if their little pie icon says yellow for example that role might suit your teams's structure better, even if its not their ideal role. 2) Have you given your players any PI's? i think at first, keeping PI's and TI's as minimal as possible DEFINITELY helps, as you can see more easily what effects the instructions are having, and where you may need to add an instruction here and there. 3) Sergio Ramos as a stopper will step forward out of the back line, this may be a quality you want for a particular reason? As far as the injury situation goes, my opinion is: Managing Real myself, and having played with other similar players, you have players like Bale, Varane, Modric.....these players are definitely prone to injury. Monitor the situation. Give them rests when you can and rotate the squad. One thing not in your favour at Real Madrid is you have a squad that given the size of club you are, has very little depth. Try and keep your players fresh with sensible rotation. Check the injury situation in training too. If players are at high risk of injury, schedule rest for them or lower intensity sessions. Use preseason to get morale up and get them fit and raring to go, and then manage the situation depending on individual needs. And also, football manager is a bloody hard game too. Injury crisis can happen, as can losing games. Sometimes, you just lose because its one of those days, its not because your tactic is fundamentally bad. Your results so far arent too bad, youre certainly outperforming Lopetegui! but as your team becomes a more solid unit and their cohesion increases, some dodgy results will become wins for sure. Im enjoying managing Real Madrid a lot, ill put my tactic im using up soon and perhaps compare progress?
  15. You know, the more threads i read i realise it aint really the game, its peoples expectations. Youre middlesboro so youll probably realistically (if the game follows real life well) win about 50-55% of league matches. Everyone wants some kind of miracle tactic that blasts everyone away and they think because a couple of freaks like rashid and cleon who analyse every minute detail and who know how to essentially break the game because when alls said and done its about breaking a game and winning on a game, not winning at ACTUAL football, then people expect teams like middlesboro to score 115 points and not like 75-80. Juve Bayern etc win because theyre better than their opponents. I think there needs to be a greater sense of realism about what success is on the game. But because it IS a game people just assume theyll murder their opponents.