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  1. Few interesting things im picking up from your post: Firstly, you mention a lower defensive line, but STANDARD line of engagement. Is this made possible by your use of the DM position which means you can maybe sacrifice a little vertical compactness in defense? this also leads me to point two which is... Would you try and use the DM as a playmaking role, given the fact i would assume he drops into the space that the opposition arent pressing, i think he could be a key position in sending balls over the top for a pacey PF/A or P/A to run onto past slow defences. That COULD be an option i might explore. I notice you set the passing to SHORT, and the tempo LOW. This i find a bit surprising. So your trying to use a style of play where you build through the thirds and pass your way into the box? very interesting. What interests me further is, you have two wide players set to winger. Wingers cross a lot, so where do the crosses go? Im thinking along the lines of a midfield 4 comprising a WM (s) and WM (a) for the two wide players, ideally the WM (a) will be someone who has traits to come inside off their wing and be opposite footed to be a presence in the box, mixed with a CM (S) and CM (a) as the central pairing, again PPM dependent, and then a DLP behind them who can always offer a passing option and can send diagonals out to the WM (a) or over the top ball to the forward. But in order to do that, would short passing and low tempo stifle the ability to do that? all hypothetical at the moment of course but in theory? One thing i do think, and its not something that gets talked about too much on this forum; i think getting some good set piece routines are CRITICAL for this team as they are a side that relative to their level have players who can deliver a good ball. What are your thoughts on pressing strategy with the Wee Rovers? The formation in my head im thinking of is along these lines: ------------------------ PF/A WM/S-------CM/S---------CM/A----------WM/A ------------------------DLP/D FB/S--------CB/D-----------CB/D---------IWB/D ------------------------GK/D Hopefully to create a nice little overloaded wing to free the other attacking winger to get into the box. I think Smart Osolador could be the attacking wide man to get goals. Pressing im still not sure about. might be a case of watching the friendlies very closely to see what works, but youre pretty much straight into the caramel wafer cup arent you?
  2. Do you try to take lots of players on trial and then pick the ones the staff seem to like? I do agree that setting up an affiliate club is very useful. Im interested what approach you took defensively. It seems when i manage this team, i need to be quite expansive to score goals. But this can make us massively leaky at the back. Every time ive managed him, Brian Wharton is an absolute dead ball SPECIALIST!!!
  3. @forameuss you didnt explain anything so your post was a waste of time @XaW informative thank you, not sure why they have to set deadlines so late in the year but interesting to read the process @herne79 fair enough
  4. I dont understand why the game should only be "half finished" a couple of months ago? Whats stopping the game being 99% ready in mid august and then just adjust players stats or transfer them in the windows? Hardly anything new or exciting or revolutionary appears on the game, its only small tweaks Why don't you release the game at different times for different countries/leagues if that's an issue? Whats an actual proper reason why the game cant be bug free and playable before late November? what slows everything up??
  5. Hello everyone. My plans for FM20 revolve around managing 3 teams: Barcelona: to build a new galactico era and new trident post messi Feyenoord: to win eredivise and work with youth to sell for big profit Albion Rovers: because they are hideous. Managed them before, but always sacked I'm just looking for general pointers on where to begin with Albion Rovers. The squad will be absolutely tiny, funds will be nil. At that level, Albion Rovers' squad will be of Vanarama North/South type level, with opposition being significantly stronger. Id be interested on some very general thoughts, or if anyone has indeed managed Albion Rovers like I have done in the past (and never avoided the sack with them), on what you would do to take this kind of team forwards.
  6. Release the best game you can in september instead of it dragging on for 2 months. If it makes me self entitled so be it
  7. Well its just rubbish that's my opinion. So slow. Cant get a football game ready for release before the end of NOVEMBER? pants
  8. well to be honest I think its ridiculous that a third of the season goes by before you can actually play a game its 1/3 out of date before you even get to play it! We should be able to access Beta from November 5th onwards then, now a release date is confirmed right? that's 2 weeks before November 19th?
  9. Can you say what is preventing you announcing a date? why is it a secret?
  10. is the report on realsport 101 saying game will be released on november 19th fake?
  11. i for one am hugely disappointed the release date is so late. The football season at that point is nearly 3.5 months old! Does this mean bets will be available on November 5th? two weeks before full launch right?
  12. Just man manage them, think about their opponents on the day, the schedule, training, keeping them injury free etc. Also depends what league you are in too. I managed Colo Colo and the spine of my team was SO OLD. But even though their report cards would say otherwise, they performed with great consistency and effect. Just assess each one, injury profile, what position he plays, what youre asking of him case by case
  13. Because you can still press with intensity in a low block, its just that the players wont initiate closing down until the opposition have come forward more. Would be a good counter attack strategy, invite the opponent forward to leave space in behind, stay compact and deep, press and nick it off them and spring a counter. Counter Press is where you aim to win the ball back quickly after losing possession, so capitalise on a player having to control the ball, being on his weaker foot, or panic him into poor passing options. If you decide to press with less intensity youre using players to close off passing lanes rather than get in the opponents face. All the options are different
  14. I believe the hierrarchy is Players Traits > Player Instructions > Team Instructions I think *in theory* a good tactic need not necessarily involve not too many *team* instructions, but focus more on creating individually tailored roles using PPM and player instructions, for example split pressing strategy, overloads, etc
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