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  1. To be honest, your experience sounds more normal to real life, than the people who develop these wacky tactics, give them silly names like "devastator" and "matador" and god knows what else, and then win every competition 300 times with Blyth Spartans.
  2. @kevhamster hi there, can you explain for someone who is not very technical, and basically thick, how did you get these teams to appear in your game? Id like to perhaps start a league as Berwick Rangers or Bonnyrigg Rose Thank you
  3. Hi Everyone Question is as it suggests. I had my heart set on managing Albion Rovers for years, until i was sacked. In my opinion unfairly. We were predicted to finish 10th out of 10 in Scottish League 2, I was sat in 7th place when sacked. But going back for another go just doesnt feel right. Should i give it a try? I just cannot settle on a team to start a career with anymore Thank you
  4. I can only assume, that your tactic is an aggressive, play into space type tactic, which has the potential to catch the bigger teams unaware when they try and attack you, but can leave you vulnerable to being countered by smaller teams, hence the results you are seeing this is just a guess though
  5. as far as lower leagues go, I see plenty of tactical posts here, but relatively few posts about developing effective set piece routines. Sure, theres a thread about corners on here recently, but would love to get some good lower league set piece routines going.
  6. I was a big fan of the way Barca played under Luis Enrique. But I'm basically not that great at the game so I'm going right to the lower levels, to "learn my trade" for a bit.
  7. Hello everyone Just wanted to ask a basic point. CAN vertical compactness be overrated? I seem to be seeing some benefits at Queen's Park, by setting a STANDARD line of engagement but a LOWER defensive line. So the vertical compactness is decreased a notch. Is this a sensible way to approach defending IF playing a 442 or 433 narrow system, where you are relying on the front 6 to provide an initial split press? If the split press is beaten, the deep back 4 are there to mop up. Any thoughts on this? it does leave the middle of the pitch open but players don't seem to play "between the lines" at Scottish league 2 level much. Thank you
  8. the only issue I have is that runs of form seem to be too extreme for me. The big winning run is just as extreme as the complete reversal that usually comes too. I don't see that nearly as often in real life
  9. Theres nothing much you can do thats truly unique, everything will be a slight adaptation of a philosophy thats been around before because theres only so much you can do with kicking a ball into a net with 11 players. Enjoy the game, not doing anything wrong searching for inspiration in my opinion
  10. Hello everyone After my want to be long term career at Albion Rovers turned sour, I'm turning attentions to Queens Park of Scottish League 2, for my long term career. Ive looked at the squad and I think it favours a 433 narrow formation, but I don't use this formation and don't know how to play it. Ive gone for the following roles after checking the squad (at work so sorry not a perfect screenshot): I'm going with very few instructions, but I'm going with: TEAM INSTRUCTIONS: Cautious mentality, much narrower width, more direct passing, much higher tempo, pass into space. TRANSITION: GK to slow the pace down DEFENDING: left as it is, for now. The objective is to be a very direct side centred around the target man. In the front 3 ive got one role to drop deep to pick up the flick ons, another role to run in behind to the ball played over the target man into space whilst he occupies a defender. I want the mezzala to be slightly more adventurous as he has relatively good passing for that level, and the wing back on his side is slightly less inclined to go forward. The team is mostly focused on sitting deep through roles to defend with the back 4 and the defensive central midfielder who shouldn't ever go ahead of the ball. The front 3, carrilero and mezzala are set to press more. This is mostly to pick up the 2nd ball from the target man. Do you think these roles combine well to achieve the style of football for this level? any improvements that can be made? Thank you everyone
  11. No im afraid, not true. You can check their results on wikipedia. They won more games in the first half of the season which is true, but they never at any point had good form
  12. True. But they lost games along the way. They didnt go win win win win lovely then lose lose lose lose sack. Thats borderline unprecidented. ive hardly ever seen that in actual football
  13. Whilst I totally take on board what youre saying, what I cant understand is how there isn't a gradual "lessening" of the effectiveness, and a gradual need to find a new approach, if that was the case. Because every team plays differently. some are 442, some 4-1-4-1 DM wide. Some play a back 3. Its the way that youre cruising along doing brilliantly and then BAMMMM, lose lose lose lose lose that leaves me scratching my head. Theres no kind of warning sign. No tricky but scrape a win games that make you think we got away with one there. Also, what also puzzles me is the fact that we were "in" the games. it wasn't like all of a sudden we looked terrible, but we would always find a way to lose. I just don't understand it even though I totally understand your point. I'm going to try the same sort of approach with a different team and see how it goes
  14. @Experienced Defender Hi there thanks for following the thread. I'm absolutely gutted, ive wanted to achieve success with this club for so many years, I follow their results and have a huge affection for them, but yet again I have been sacked. I'm trying to understand what happened, and I simply cant. was hoping for some feedback. We were sat on 19 points after 11 games which was a lovely start given we are predicted to finish bottom. Then I cant quite understand it. We were "in" every game, yet on the wrong side of the result and we started to concede goals that I couldn't put down to one aspect of our play. Long shots, through balls, mistakes, set pieces. We dropped to 7th in the table (which I still felt was good given we were predicted 10th) but the board say get 8 points from 5 games, and I didn't. I checked back into the save, and I see that the AI now has them bottom of the league. Do you think training was the issue? I think fundamentally the tactic is quite good, but maybe it isn't? I really don't know. The idea is to defend with a compact block of 8 players who never go ahead of the ball, and they feed constant through balls to the front 2 to get the goals (ideally). only time the others join in is from a set piece. Training wise, we only did 4 sessions a week, and I split these up as 1 fitness, 1 match preparation, 2 attacking corners sessions. I don't know whether to start again (which makes me feel really dirty), or try this philosophy with someone else in the Scottish league 2. Its the one club on the game I am desperate to have success with though. I actually feel sad at work today Any advice?
  15. Hello everyone Im on my long term save that will carry me into FM21 having done all the short term stuff I want to do. Im Albion Rovers in Scottish League 2. We are predicted to finish bottom of league 2, bad stadium, finances etc. Im trying to implement an idea in my head........"hoofy-taka". What im trying to implement is this: I want to defend as two banks of 4 by being compact and rigid. I dont want to press hard and disrupt the shape, but cut off the passing lanes. In TRANSITION, because of the hoof style, i want us to pick up the second ball, as a lot of our passing is low percentage stuff I want the two strikers to defend from the front by pressing a little harder, and be the source of the goals I want my players as soon as they receive the ball, one thought in their mind......bang it over the top for the strikers to use their pace I want a relentless focus on attacking set pieces as a source of goals With that in mind my tactical idea currently looks like this: Where im looking for opinions is: 1) Id like my players to hoof more if possible. They do hoof, but i really want them to continuously look for the front two with direct balls. Id chosen the attacking mentality, and raised the directness of the passing and tempo, to give us maximum hoofability, is there any way of further raising the hoofage? 2) Im contemplating the use of the "counter press" instruction. I want us to be first to the 2nd ball when possession breaks down. I dont want us using a defensive strategy based on urgent pressing, but i do want us to make effort to get hold of loose balls. Would counter press be a good addition? 3) Can the balance of the team be improved? there are quite a few PI's in use. The full backs are told to cross from deep and more often. The central midfield pair, left sided CM is told to hold position whilst right sided is told to get further forward and shoot less often, both set to take more risks. The wide midfielders are set to take more risks and get further forward. So far, so good. Despite being predicted to finish bottom, we sit top of the table, albeit after only 8 games: Training wise, it couldnt be more simple, we work on fitness and attacking set pieces. thats literally it. I really want to make a success of a real basic hoofing system to lead this team to improvement, i have a huge soft spot for them. Any feedback would be welcomed to help build the tactic thank you
  16. Ive had a really good 2 season long save with Arsenal, consistently overachieving. Some pointers that may help possibly that helped me: 1) Using very narrow width in attack and much shorter passing meant when we did lose the ball, we were neatly spaced out and close together, and in a good position to recover the ball quickly even when not using the counter press 2) When defending, it can help if you mark a POSITION, but not a specific MAN, in order to keep your shape. I like to mark the DM position with the central striker, the L/R full back positions with the wide men. And then, if one player in particular is giving you grief, don't mark him tightly. instead let him spin off and crowd the area he runs into, to snuff him out. 3) For your central midfield 3 combo, I like a DM (D), CM (s), MEZ (A) partnership. I think it suits the players quite well, all are well rounded at Arsenal. I personally use Torreira as the DM, and Guendouzi as the CM. 4) Give Nketiah game time. he is a very useful option
  17. Hello Everyone Alongside my Arsenal save, i have my long term save that ive just started at Albion Rovers in Scotland. Weve made a promising start with a very basic 442 formation. Because we have so little staff and because we are semi pro, it means we only have 2 days worth of training per week, and thats in 4 sessions. How would you arrange these to get the maximum benefit from what are pretty poor players? Im trying to make sure all the coaching staff are well rounded coaches with what they can coach, and are also good at working with youngsters. But currently, all we do is run 1 fitness session, 1 match preparation/teamwork session, and i use the other 2 sessions to work on attacking corners. I figure the two sessions on attacking corners are very beneficial. we have some good corner routines, some decent headers in the area, and its provided us with a good source of goals in matches so i see the benefit to this. Ive not been doing any sessions based on technical play or possession etc, because it seems like a waste at that level? Given that the formation is a simple 442, is it a waste using the teamwork session, and should this be used for something else? possibly more fitness work? This is something at bigger clubs i leave to the staff, so interested how you approach this aspect of the game Thank you
  18. Fluidity increases if you select roles where players are contributing to the attacking and defensive aspects of play in my experience. Supporting roles etc
  19. I think the issue at the heart of your tactic, is your soft middle. Playing a central midfielder on attack with the mezzala, and then having a BMW behind those two, and given that all 3 of those players arent the strongest or the most physical, this is an issue. You need one genuine sitting player, no frills, just to protect the back 4 and be there to intercept passes and snuff out danger. Id use Torreira as a simple defensive midfielder set to defend. get the ball give simple passes to those around him, dont run ahead of the ball. Id also say Tierney need not have an attack duty with his PPMs. move him down to defend. youll still get plenty of support from him and width even though he wouldnt be on attack. One other thing id do is be less direct with the passing. keep hold of the ball, shorter passing, that way youre less likely to have those transitions in possession where you are left exposed.
  20. I don't think you can accurately represent Liverpool on the game, in the same way Peps Man City isn't accurate, or Peps Barca. Systems are too sophisticated for the game and its hard coded stuff to deal with.
  21. As a Leicester fan, but not done a Leicester save, id say Brendanball would have very few team instructions. Schmeichel - SK(d) - use instructions to instigate counters with his kicks to the flanks and throws though perhaps. Riccardo - IWB (a) - Riccardo attacks the box and grabs goals and shooting opportunities. He can go down the outside when its on, but displays the hallmarks of the inverted wing back Evans & Soyuncu - CB (d) - Both are pretty no nonsense solid defenders. Chilwell - WB (s) - Chilwell usually stays wide and offers width down the left but gets doubled up on and is a weak link. He can deliver a cross from deep. Ndidi - tricky to call. Could say he plays as a straight forward DM, or as an anchor man depending on whats happening ahead of him. Tielemans - In my opinion hes been playing the mezzala role from the right side of centre mid. Id give him a support duty. Maddison - Position seems to have changed a little. not playing so much as a 10 anymore, now deeper where he can get more touches on the ball. Id probably go with central midfielder (S) but attempt more risky passes. Let his PPM's dictate his style of play Barnes - IW (S) Right side is tough and a weakness of the team. Id probably go with Perez, and play him as an inside forward on attack. Vardy - Nowadays hes a poacher, more economical with his movements. always there for the finish. id be looking around those kind of roles
  22. Its a fault of the match engine. Its an extremely bad computer game. The elephant in the room is people get defensive when this is pointed out. So all that happens is, you get a lot of one v one situations, or its easy to create one v one situations. So to stop one v one situations being too powerful, the designers just made sure hardly of them ever go in.
  23. To be honest, if this was the case, the game would be a bit pointless? Its like, whats the point in turning all the driving aids off on a driving game, if I can go quicker with them all turned on? Surely the point is NOT using the preset tactics should mean you can make gains that you cant achieve with the pre sets?
  24. If you want Salah to score a lot of goals (irrespective of the tactic as a whole), my advice would be play him as a false 9 on the right hand side of the forward line, from this position he will drop back a little bit to receive cut backs from the dead ball line and i tend to find on my saves that you can get some lethal goal scoring numbers from these positions. That might make HIM a more effective goal scorer, but your overall tactic worse though.
  25. I just cant be bothered with scumming. who cares? Im not the actual manager of that team I am on FM, my life doesnt depend on it. Its a bunch of dots running around a screen. Badly. I think you should just play and enjoy the game however you see fit. Some people like to take over teams way down the leagues and build them up. Thats fine. Ive done good saves like that, but im busy, full time job, family, i just like going in at the top level and making a few big signings and trying to win things. If you want to scum to test tactics or because you were absolutely robbed, its not the end of the world. If you want to get out of scumming, just tell yourself no matter WHAT happens, you wont scum your save.
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