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  1. Yes and why is that realistic? I want to shout different things more often than 10 mins at a time, and maybe i dont want the effect of my shout to last 10 mins either. maybe i want it to last in the immediate moments around my shout. Real managers arent restricted to shouting one thing every ten mins
  2. Why cant you shout more during the match? Why do you have to wait 15 minutes every time?
  3. Getting good cohesion and keeping people happy in the game is absolutely key to doing well. The moment your players morale starts to drop, theyll start playing like idiots no matter what your tactics are.
  4. You shouldnt need to choose a "mentality" in a tactic. Your team instructions and player instructions should dictate what you want your players and team to do. "Mentality" shouldnt even be a part of it. The fluidity thing never meant anything and its still there. If you could just tell your players what the hell you wanted them to do instead of being restricted by hard coded stuff and being bombarded with useless information and gobbeldygook everywhere, not only would you have a more enjoyable streamlined game, but youd have a game new players would actually pick up and play.
  5. These questions have no answer. There are a multiple factors that go into making overloads or using different sides of the pitch. Just try things out and see the effect it has on a particular team you manage. If all your players just moved over to the left, youd get pumped down the right. Theres many many things going on. Roles will always be the single biggest factor. instructions can do a little bit but wont do anything if the roles dont work for your players.
  6. You let the little guy do his thing. Trequartista, with a solid shape around him.
  7. I should have been more detailed. The instructions are a much SMALLER factor than the roles, and the traits. If you tick "play out of defence"..... that instruction wont do anything if you have players who attempt long passes. or are bad passers. working ball into box is mostly useless. Pass into space is a decent one though. I use roles to create overloads rather than focusing play.
  8. AEK Athens would be good for you I think
  9. None of the instructions do anything. Theres loads of variables that go into how your team plays and clicking an instruction doesnt mean theyll do anything. Most instructions are totally useless. Just focus on a sold formation and set up of roles, factoring in their traits. Thats 90% of the battle.
  10. I feel like from my own perspective, this is why football manager is at best an average computer game. It cannot keep up with the complexity of actual football and it forces you to play football through the eyes of the people who developed the game. You have to think how they think and its safe to say they arent as intelligent as a real football manager. In your Pep Guardiola example, theres simply no way of pigeon holing their players into roles. No matter what you do, youre forced to either accept hard coded behaviours or that with the PIs possible, you still cant communicate what you want to do. I mean, the game is as good as its likely to ever be, I totally get that. To program this stuff into the game must be a nightmare.
  11. For entertainment. Running around stealing cars isnt like GTA. Shooting people isnt like Call of Duty. To be good at a game like football manager, you work out what button to click in what situation. Whats it got to do with football? Youre not DOING the training sessions, youre clicking a button. Youre not DOING the team talk, youre clicking a button. The people who are good work out what to press and when, and hey presto, silly results with silly teams built with squads of players from the arse end of nowhere after selling all the proper ones.
  12. I just couldnt do it. If i spent 7 hours of meeting an ACTUAL football team, putting out cones, planning their training sessions, watching them train and getting to know their attributes, yes i could see that. 7 hours of clicking boxes that say sessions devoted to "attacking overlap", "ground defence" and trying to micromanage everything, then no. Just no. FM touch and the older versions of the game like CM97/98 are the best thing for me now. Ive given up with Full Fat. Nothing thats been added to full fat has made the game better in a decade.
  13. Whether people like to be told or not, it basically comes down to: Game is too easy: You know exactly what buttons to click in what order to get the desired results. You can speak fluent FM language. Game isnt too easy: You dont know exactly what buttons to press in what order. It bears no resemblence to real life or real football. Fact. The match engine is not like real football, transfers are not like real football, training is not like real football, and real players dont have a bag full of numerical values on totally intangible qualities like off the ball movement and aggression.
  14. Hi Everyone. I dont think I can devote time to FM properly anymore. Work, family and everything else takes up too much time, and is either more necessary or more enjoyable than messing about on a computer game thats trying its best to be a second job. But im thinking, ive been playing FM touch a bit and preferring the faster progress and streamlined feel of it. But is it fake? are achievements on FM touch "lesser" achievements? Tactical familiarity doesnt exist in FM touch. So assuming my tactic is half decent, im more likely to get off to a better start on FM touch than I am on the real game? Training has no depth to it. So are we saying not bothering with training or leaving it to your assistant is irrelevant? Same with the media. Its hugely reduced. All the elements of the game that either dont exist or are massively reduced, are these all peripheral to the game? what is FM touch doing that means the effect of NOT being able to use the media or elaborate training sessions doesnt mean player development suffers? I really dont understand to be honest. If all the aspects of the game that are cut out are peripheral, then everyone should just play FM touch because as much as people like messing about with "defending engaged" sessions, whatever that means, theyre not meaningful. Or FM Touch is fake and you cant be as successful on it because all of these elements DO matter and you cant control them? Just genuinely wondering because I like the speed you can play FM Touch with, but the fact there is less detail just makes me think its not a proper achievement doing anything on the game.
  15. Your reputation changed and opponents went more defensive. Of course, logically it took them half a season to work this out though, and then they all had a zoom meeting together where every single one of them said we must change our tactics now because this team keeps getting good results. On the plus side, if you keep losing, your reputation will probably go back down again and theyll stop taking you seriously and youll win again. There will be a mythical date somewhere within the game this will happen, fingers crossed.
  16. Why cant players unlearn traits more easily? Ive had this happen a few times, but lets take the example above me I want a striker to stop playing with his back to goal. Why cant he unlearn that??? why is there some mental or technical attribute stopping him playing with his back to goal?? Stop getting forward whenever possible? cant do that. Im literally asking you not to run forward as much, not do quantum physics mate. You cant unlearn running forwards more than I want?
  17. I think a tactic can only be logical if you also have all the traits the players have, and the team instructions too. It could be logical but PPMs can affect everything
  18. That makes sense, but surely it wouldnt make sense to use a WTM role on someone who isnt a WTM? why not a more applicable role but tell that player to "hold position"? Also im sure its been talked about before but if players look for a target man with passes, will they not look to go to him too early which would stop the buildup down the left? wouldnt you want the main "magnet" to be the DLP, not the WTM?
  19. Why is WTMsu + DLPsu + WBat is an especially good combination? Its one ive not seen before so it made me very interested. Ive not used wide target men, but in this particular tactic the goal was dominating possession. Surely with the presence of a wide target man, the ball will be fired into him directly and for him to be effective would he not need maybe a "run in behind" type striker over his side of the field or players to get around him. I can see that maybe he can hold the ball up long enough to get the wing back and deep lying playmaker involved but I also thought Leao was more of a dribbling inside forward/inverted winger type player?
  20. The lines dont mean anything. 90% of the game doesnt mean anything. The three striker formation probably just works by overloading and overwhelming the opposition back line with an attacking mentality. An "exploit" if you want to call it that. Forget whatever the positions and roles are, find something that works even if its contradictory or wouldnt work in real life. Its not real life anyway its a game, real life is insignificant to the game.
  21. Not to win every match no, the game just takes too much effort to be enjoyable and for me its just boring.
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