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  1. Hi There I dont think you need to make the game any more complicated than watching matches, and making changes based on what you see. Small and gradual changes. After a while you should have some patterns of play and types of goal you are susceptible to conceding. Youll also develop an understanding of where strengths and weaknesses lie in opposition formations. You dont need to watch a full 90 mins, but i tend to watch on comprehensive. I dont mind that i dont play that mnay games a night and a season might take a while. Its ok with me. But watch enough of the match
  2. This is a very interesting tactic. Rather than using the wing backs to drift into central roles, it looks like you are using them in traditional roles to hug the lines, but with the addition of the overlap instructions have your inverted wide men sit narrower so the two wingbacks in possession form the outer 2 of the front 5, with a more static middle of the pitch with playmakers. I would say for that reason it differs slightly from a "Pep" type set up but still very effective clearly. The attacking midfield role on (A) is probably the closest we can get to a Gundogan type role
  3. Hi there. Great post. Im trying to incorporate some of your thoughts. Im seeing very encouraging results so far with Man City. For me I do see enough attacking intent from the false 9 whilst still dropping deep to create space. I almost wish some of the players had less traits or could unlearn them more easily as the traits can destabilise the tactic.
  4. Galatasaray are frustrating the life out of me!!! We can look a decent team one week, the next we look terrible. A total lack of pace and athleticism in the team is killing us. It needs a huge rebuild. Which given we are already over wage budget will be difficult. At bare minimum, id say we need an athletic central midfielder, someone with off the ball and pace who can play AML, probably a striker although Diagne is doing well.
  5. Hi there. I do agree with you about the slower build up. In preseason games ive seen possession numbers of around 65% plus or minus a percent or two which seems about right, maybe a little low. But certainly the buildup is more patient. Im just a little concerned about the effects on individual mentality of dropping the team mentality down, but its something to play with. Gundo's role at the moment seems to boil down to that of a central midfielder....with literally every PI ticked
  6. Hi there great feedback. I think youre probably right about the winger role on reflection for retaining the width on the left side. Just as @Johnny Ace said, I think a slower buildup would be preferable. Man City would in real life with patient passing. One thing that puts me off a little about dropping down to a standard mentality, is that I think it reduces the individual mentality of certain players down too much. I think on a standard mentality, if Gabriel Jesus' role was that of a F9 i believe his individual mentality would drop down to "cautious", I dont really see that as
  7. Hi Mate Think you raise interesting points about the match engine when it comes to very intricate tactics, the kinds we see from Man City under Pep as an example. During the Everton game for example, Man City did attack with a back 3 most of the time. The issue is that the back 3 can be any one of the wing backs or central midfielder as a "half back" type player making up the back three. One element the game needs really is the ability for us to use a "one wing back goes forward, the other holds his position" type team instruction, to give us the flexibility to change the team s
  8. Hi Everyone Looking for peoples opinions on a recreation im involved with. Particularly in terms of team instructions. Im trying to make the tactic more based around roles and player traits rather than adding lots of instructions on though. Having watched the rise of the "new look" Man City under Pep I thought it would be good to try and get somewhere near their style on the game. To build a tactic that is successful on the game however, it seems like certain aspects of tactical building are inherently more successful than others, so hopefully im looking to utilise these elements int
  9. I absolutely appreciate what youre saying. I think you just need to watch the matches and make decisions based on this, there are no absolutes on the game. If you put "tight marking" on him, it might sucker defenders onto him and leave gaps elsewhere. There really isnt a "you should do this" type answer. If i had Bonucci and Chiellini as my two centrebacks, i might expect to see more marking behaviour from them than say, defenders where i want one to attack the ball and one to mop up on cover. Maybe id want my defenders to position themselves to block the ball rather t
  10. I think youre going a bit extreme with this. If you "tightly mark" someone, then your players are going to be more likely to engage with him when hes on the ball. Thus could be a good thing, but it might not be. If you tell a certain player to "man mark" him, in defensive situations he is going to try and follow him. In your example, would a centre midfielder run all the way to the opposition box just to mark an opposition player? probably not. But would Grealish run all the way back towards his own box either? also probably not. Tightly marking a centre forward could be disastr
  11. It seems like their squad has significantly changed then, so its best to wait. Didnt realise they had been so active. Selling Ntcham and bringing in Kenny sounds like super business. Err...not.
  12. Ah, i wasnt aware that Celtic had sold Frimpong. He was their right back i believe? Im in two minds about the winter update and starting or not, let me explain why. Logically, the winter update means you have a real squad to manage. So if I was to take control of a club and that club had done some business, it doesnt help the realism of the game that I cant use him and hes helping another team. But...... By the same logic, when I take over a team on the game, I would be taking them over from their position in August, and not their position in January. So on the
  13. Im falling into the "lets start a billion saves" trap..... but id got Celtic on my mind. Anyones thoughts on this? Obviously ill win a lot of games at a canter....but its the resurgence of the Gerrard led Rangers that makes me think in a peverse way.... itll actually be a closer title battle than youd face in many leagues. Obviously the attraction is in the immediate term winning the 10th league title but to really dominate for years to come whilst turning over the squad is attractive. As is doing something in Europe. It seems a hipster thing almost on FM that people alwa
  14. @Ronaldo Beckham @Ewan0404 Hi Both Been a long time since I did an international save. Last one really was probably FM17 and had a lovely little Iceland save. I think the "clicking with nothing to do" bit....unless its changed since then id be like FM Gareth Southgate. Id be going out to the matches watching the players i want to pick in my squad. Id be shuffling round the talent pool and monitoring form. Yes you cant sign anyone, and the games are infrequent but thats the international life. Ewan, i had a suggestion for you. Why not manage somewhere compl
  15. I dont know what the game thinks about this but i wouldnt say they would require the same attributes necessarily. I would say the ML type winger is more of a supporting winger. He would need more solid defensive attributes. The AML winger would require more technical skills, off the ball skills, more ability to finish chances at the back post etc.
  16. This looks like a great thread, and after quite a few one season saves, I think ive found a club that really does need a big rebuild: Galatasaray S.K Cim Bom The board have some pretty lofty goals considering we finished 5th last season, wanting all the domestic trophies and qualification to the Europa League proper. However, I didnt quite realise the situation: Hardly any money A seriously old squad....Like SERIOUSLY old. Many key players in their 30s and on their way down Players who dont want to run and have almost no work ethic Already up t
  17. if you want to avoid the obvious ones from the biggest leagues, I think id possibly go with Ajax, or for a slightly less complete but very exciting team packed with great youngsters, AZ Alkmaar. I always think the german league is very competitive and Bayern could be good for you. Obviously, you have a strong squad, but its not the deepest and youll have to manage it through SIX competitions in a condensed season. It wont be as easy as perhaps it looks on paper to win everything. Another good one for you if you want to win straight away yet still have to scout thoroughl
  18. Are we talking instantly winning things as someone very good?
  19. Why man mark at all? Man City must have some of the best off the ball players in the world....theyll escape their markers frequently. You might be better off telling them NOT to mark them tightly and block the space they want to move into. I do this frequently with opponents who are very fast, if you mark them tightly theyll turn you or get away from you. Stand off them so theres nowhere for them to move into.
  20. Hi Everyone Would appreciate if someone can explain in simple terms what every category of player are in the MLS are? As i understand it, you cant just sign who you want as you are salary capped? And you have so many players from different roster categories? I simply dont get it, and its putting me off managing in the MLS sadly. Help!!!!!
  21. I think USA national team would be a good one on this version. Lots of talent coming through in Europe, several with German connections...... Pulisic, Reyna, Adams, McKennie, Zach Steffen will become a quality keeper in time too.
  22. Hi @DA92 Did you start your Celtic save and is it enjoyable? wondered whether to start an old firm game or whether it would get a bit stale
  23. Just enjoy yourself mate and give it a go. Would have thought expectations will be pretty low with BMG relatively, so youll have time to build. If you dont win everything insantly so be it. Only a game
  24. Germany would say Dortmund, Spain Valencia are lovely, Italy not sure, maybe a Milan type fallen giant save?
  25. Im not sure, im going with Dortmund for a save, but their squad looks far weaker than I thought it would
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