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  1. I absolutely confirm. For years we weren't able to release proper custom activator file because of this issue.
  2. You're right. Upon further investigation, Uruguayan First Div. minimum wages are not right in game. It's been reported. Thanks!
  3. That's not correct. Uruguayan First Division players minimum wage are: * €993 monthly (€776 after taxes) * €598 monthly for players between 18-21 * €498 monthly for players below 18) Uruguayan Second Professional players minimum wage are: * €498 monthly (€399 after taxes) * €299 montly for players between 18-21 * €249 monthly for players below 18
  4. Hi guys, I'm the uruguayan HR and I hope you can help me with this. I'm having troubles trying to activate a whole competition zone, named "Uruguayan OFI Zone". It's an inland organization which includes every state but Montevideo (and its clubs). Uruguayan OFI Zone contains 18 zonal competitions (from each uruguayan state), which are at the same level. The season winners of each zone qualifies to a Cup, named "Uruguayan Copa Nacional de Clubes", which is played on a Group stage, and then a knock out rounds until the finals, all of the stages are played in Home & Away. I tried to activated Uruguayan OFI Zone, its competitions (not all the zones, but some of them), and the Cup, but I failed miserably. Can somebody help me? The resulting file will be released to the scene. I've uploaded a diagram on how the competitions should work ( https://db.tt/U0RufL1A ).
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