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  1. Thanks. This is something that was introduced by me in the past years, but doesn't seem to apply no more, so it will be reviewed to a more accurate representation.
  2. Currently, as far as I can tell, we can't set training ground improvements progression on the db (unlike stadiums, which, as a matter of fact, we do can set them improvements over time), so, when Torque finish their training ground, we will rate it accordingly in the db.
  3. Unless there's a confirmation from the player himself, there's always a chance of being wrong with the names. Sometimes it's hard for clubs to get it right too, as even official sources has errors in the spelling sometimes.
  4. Thanks for reporting. This has been discussed many times. Apertura, Intermedio and Clausura are just part of the Uruguayan First Division championship, so, while in real life there's a celebration, we couldn't find a good balance in game between this an reality. For instance, if we set this stages as isolated tournaments, in game, clubs which battle for the title (Nacional, Peñarol and to less extent Danubio and Defensor Sporting) would consider winning one of those stages as an achieve itself, instead of just a step of to the title. Like Danubio or Defensor Sporting feeling accompli
  5. The dates are set correctly in the db. This issue is because Uruguay start date is set to 2021. According to his social media, his name is Dennis.
  6. Savegames start dates are set to 01/01/2021. It affects the squads compositions, as lots of contracts ending dates are on 31/12/2020, as well as most loan deals. Sorry, no chance to fix that.
  7. It's because the savegame starts on 2021, when contracts and loan deals ending on 31/12/2020 already ran out.
  8. Thanks for spotting. There was an extra 0 in the amount.
  9. All is set accordingly in the db. This is probably a consequence of savegames start date only in 2021.
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