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  1. Thanks. The transfer is already done. Thanks for reporting. There was a missconfiguration which allowed this issue. It's solved now. Cheers
  2. Thanks. I've already reported them to relevant HR's. Can you please provide a savegame to look into? Thanks
  3. At the moment there's no cup, and this wiki entry is based on a news article which was a big, HUGE "IF". This doesn't mean there will be no cup at some point, but at the moment, it's far from being official or whatsoever.
  4. It's working as inteded, it seems. Annual table winner has an advantage over Apertura winner and Clausura winner. So, first, both Apertura and Clausura winners needs to play a semi-final. Then, the semis leg winner plays two matches (home and away) against the Annual table winner. What happened in your savegame is that Peñarol won Apertura, Fénix won Clausura and Annual table. Then, a 1 match semi between Apertura and Clausura winners took place. Peñarol won, but if Fénix have won, then, that was the end of it. So, Peñarol won the semis, and then Fénix won the final legs, so Fénix was the champion, and Peñarol the runner up.
  5. This needs to be addressed by a coder. Thanks for reporting it.
  6. Hi I'm Kaniko, Uruguay HR, so if you find any issues regarding Uruguay data, don't hesitate to post'em.
  7. Hi guys, I'm the uruguayan HR and I hope you can help me with this. I'm having troubles trying to activate a whole competition zone, named "Uruguayan OFI Zone". It's an inland organization which includes every state but Montevideo (and its clubs). Uruguayan OFI Zone contains 18 zonal competitions (from each uruguayan state), which are at the same level. The season winners of each zone qualifies to a Cup, named "Uruguayan Copa Nacional de Clubes", which is played on a Group stage, and then a knock out rounds until the finals, all of the stages are played in Home & Away. I tried to activated Uruguayan OFI Zone, its competitions (not all the zones, but some of them), and the Cup, but I failed miserably. Can somebody help me? The resulting file will be released to the scene. I've uploaded a diagram on how the competitions should work ( https://db.tt/U0RufL1A ).
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