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  1. another bug Uruguayan clubs qualified for Libertadores and Sudamericana Cups appear as European Qualifiers astonishingly...
  2. another bug that I found the Uruguayan Supercup should be played like this "The Supercopa Uruguaya is played between: The Primera División champions (Campeón Uruguayo) The Torneo Intermedio winners In the event the same club wins both the league and the Torneo Intermedio, its rival in the Supercopa will be the Torneo Intermedio runner-up" in my game Nacional won both the Intermedio and the Uruguayan League and the runner up in the Intermedio was Liverpool... however the Supercup draw was between Nacional and the 2nd best club in the Overall League t
  3. will the the playout between the 11th placed team in the 2nd division and the 2nd placed club from the 3rd division appear in the winter update?
  4. Uruguayan 2nd Division uses the Average Points system to determine relegation to the 3rd Division but that is not present in the game
  5. so from season 2021/22 the 60 teams competing in the Campeonato Portugal will be divided into 3 groups of 20 clubs each?
  6. from season 2021/22 onwards are the next changes implemented in the game for the following seasons for 3 Liga and Campeonato de Portugal? 2021/22 - 24 teams 3a LIGA and 60 teams in Campeonato Portugal 2022/23 - 24 teams 3a LIGA and 56 teams in Campeonato Portugal 2023/24 - 20 teams 3a LIGA and 56 teams in Campeonato Portugal from season 2021/22 onwards the clubs in Campeonato Portugal are divided in how many groups in the game?
  7. will the new 3rd Division (starting from season 2021/22) be implemented in the game? with the 24 clubs playing each other or divided into 2 groups of 12 teams? Campeonato Portugal (then the 4th Division) will still be available to play right?
  8. now I get error message "Football Manager 2020 20.4.4-1442341 (epic) stopped working" while the game is loading if this wasn't so pathetic it would be hilarious... can someone please do an update that will actually work???
  9. why is it so difficult to put things back as they were before all these broken updates were released??
  10. you are not alone in this... everything was fine before updates 20.4.2 and 20.4.3 now it is completely ruined and it is just pathetic to say the least
  11. I did all that... nothing works... it won't pass the loading screen before update 20.4.2 I had absolutely no problems how is it possible to ruin everything like this??
  12. is this 20.4.3 update supposed to be a joke??? now it doesn't even load... I get an error message Football Manager 2020 20.4.3-1441365 (epic) stopped working or it loads sometimes just until the tunnel and then it crashes over and over again just put all stuff back as it was before these 20.4.2 and 20.4.3 updates when everything was working just fine this is just ridiculous!!!
  13. why is it so difficult to put things back as they were before these broken updates were released?? so now I will not play anymore the game I bought because of this??
  14. so when will the update 20.4.4 be released?
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