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  1. - try to renew the contracts of the best players, Williams, Muniain, iñigo Martinez, Yeray, Unai Nuñez, with huge Contract Release clause, 150M or more, before the big clubs in Europe want to steel them for 40 or 60M. - you can buy young spanish -not basque- players (15 and 16 yo) to improve your youth teams and develop them for the first team. Is not ideal for the philosophy but the game allows you to.
  2. The official philosophy says: Born or developed in the Basque Country (Spanish of French side) There are a lot of examples of non basque young players who signed for the club because the family moved to the Basque Country or like Aymeric Laporte who was intentionally signed by an affiliated basque team in France to became eligible to sign for Athletic. The main thing is always that every player that reach the first team has to understand how the people feel for this club and that they have to play like if they were fans.
  3. I always liked to do a 3 CDs tactic to take advantage of Iñigo, Yeray and Nuñez, the problem is that without the wingers lot of players for the youth academy became useless, and I thing that no matter which Head of Youth Development you use, it always bring good AMR and AML at the intake. So, I always go to the 4-2-3-1.
  4. Not yet, and also the experience is key to play at the start XI.
  5. You would be surprise. Finally Iraizoz prefered to move to Qatar but I managed to bring Kodro (who was transfer listed) as a backup for Llorente. I bought David De la Vibora 16yo thinking that he will gain automatically the basque 2nd nationality but he didn't so now i'm going to sell him. There is a great block in the middle Illarra, Zubeldia & Merino, plus Elustondo in the defence and of course Oyarzabal in the wing, I'm not using him as an AM C because I will play 4-1-2-2-1 with Berenguer and Oyarzabal as AM L and AM R.
  6. Please let me do this offtopic. While at home I'm doing my anual Athletic save, at work I decided to start an experiment. I've chosen Real Sociedad and I will work with Athletic's philosophy. In the first 20 days at charge I managed to sell almost every non basque player from all the squads without being fired (luckily). The only player I could not rid off is Martin Odegaard because I can't terminate his loan. But he won't be registered for any competition. I just put all them on the transfer list and didn't want to make more money because the idea was to sell them qu
  7. Year. Sometimes I promise them that we're going to win the Champions League, and even if we fail they feel we did great reaching QF or SF.
  8. That's why the first thing that I do when I create the game is try to rise the release clause. The image is from my squad at 2021.
  9. 2nd Season and going up to the Premier! Awesome job using the 19.2.2 and 19.2.3 4231 BEOWULF versions.
  10. Finished 1st season with Sunderland using 19.2.1 4231 BEOWULF. Let's see how it goes in 2nd season in the Championship. Thank you @knap as usual!
  11. For me it's not bad to convert spanish or french or whatever player if you bring them with 15 or 16yo. The Laporte situation, he is not basque, but moved to a basque youth team in France affiliated with Athletic and then automatically was enabled for playing in the first team. Saborit's family move to the Basque Country and I think there's no restrictions if you leave in the Basque Country to enter the youth system. So any young player who moves to Euskal Herria and develop his career there could play for Athletic. In real life they have brought Diarra, who started playing in Ll
  12. Nope, Athletic's transfer policy is for basques and non basques developed in any basque team. It doesn't matter if you have basque ancestry. BTW Forlan's grandmother was basque, from San Sebastian. He admitted that when he left Manchester he wanted to play at Athletic, but the policy I'm pretty sure is basques and non basques developed in the Basque Country.
  13. Have you noticed the database bug with some players (I found 3 from my country Uruguay) that instead of having as second nationality Spain, they have also the basque nationality? Would you buy them? FROM URUGUAY FROM MEXICO There are a couple more from Colombia but they've played at Athletic or Osasuna youth systems so they have correctly set the Basque nationality.
  14. I've finished my last save with FM18. First of all, thank you again @knap for this masterpiece. In 11 seasons, 8 4/5 with Osasuna and 2 1/5 with Leicester I've won: 3 Champions League (2 with Osasuna after losing 3 finals, and the last season with Leicester) 6 La Liga (and you can add the last 3 titles Luis Enrique won with the team I've created) 2 Premier League 6 Copa del Rey 2 FA Cup 2 European Super Cup (Osasuna) 2 FIFA Club World Cup (Osasuna) 1 League Cup 6 Spanish Super Cup 1 Spanish 2nd Division Overview Jo
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