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  1. Ricotero_uy

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Playing my 2nd season with Osasuna, currently 2nd in La Liga 10 points behind Real Madrid, I was playing the Copa del Rey semifinals against Barcelona and lost with my Best XI 4-1 at the Camp Nou and decided to play with my subs team the 2nd leg at home because I have a complicated schedule between and after the two games. For my surprise the subs did a perfect job and defeat a tired best xi Barcelona 5-0. We are in the final against my favourite team, Athletic Club. The tactic works perfect, I don't have most of the possession everygame but all the players are incredible with it. UPDATE: Just finished the league game against Barcelona and the Best XI would also have qualified for the final but with not so much margin. Barcelona players were very tired to create real danger to us, they had more possession and shots but we double the shots on target.
  2. Ricotero_uy

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    END OF THE SEASON REVIEW We got the promotion, won the league and broke all the records (points, wins, goals scored). The only main change from the first half was a big one. Xisco who was the best player in average rating was replaced by free transfered Giuseppe Rossi who went to score 8 goals in 13 matches while Xisco scored 17 in 25 games. We were eliminated at the Copa del Rey by Atletico Madrid after losing both games (2-4 at home and 0-2 away) and had a couple of bad games but the overall results are amazing. Our youth teams perform really well, specially the B team who finished 3rd in their Segunda B group and perform brilliantly in the playoffs winning promotion to Segunda, something that Burgos (the champions of the group couldn't do). U19 with only 3 contracted players until the youth reinforcement in March finished 2nd in their U19 group behind Athletic and was eliminated in the U19 Cup by Barcelona in QFs. I've already signed seven players including Joaquín Arzura from River Plate (ARG) who was on loan in our team with a 1.7M euro clause to buy.
  3. Ricotero_uy

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    18.2.2 the normal version, not the high scoring. Match Prep I leave it Match Tactics, however against the big teams (Sevilla, Barcelona and Atletico) in the Copa del Rey I used Def Positioning. No Opposition Instructions nor Set Pieces. I just try to make the team talk to get all the greens I can.
  4. Ricotero_uy

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    MIDSEASON REVIEW As I promise, here is my review at the middle of the season with Osasuna. The overall result by now is perfect, top of the league and reached the QF of the Copa del Rey after victory against Barcelona, 2-2 at home against all the stars, and 1-0 at the Camp Nou against Barcelona subs (I think Valverde understimate us). This is the Best XI through the first part of the season. Leading the Segunda Division with a good margin. Predicted as 4th at the start of the season, now we are leading the bets for winning the promotion at the first place. We lost a 2-0 advantage at the first match against Cultural Leonesa, then a run of 6 victories before a non deserved lost 1-0 against Albacete. Another 7 run victories before we lost playing with subs against Gijon (2nd in the table) because we saved the first team to play against Sevilla in the 2nd leg of the 4th round of the Copa del Rey. That run also included a 6-3 against Numancia (2nd in that moment) with subs because we had the 1st Leg against Sevilla the same week. After passing the 2nd and 3rd round of the Copa easily we surprised Sevilla at home winning 3-0. We lost 1-0 the 2nd leg and qualified for the 5th round against Barcelona. After a really hard match at home against all Barca stars, Messi, Suarez and Dembele, we went to play to the Camp Nou with the need to win. They used a subs team and Valverde put Barcelona B players in the bench probably expecting an easy win, but at the beginning of the 2nd half we scored and despite they put a lot of pressure on us, their finishing was not accurate and we surprised the Cules. Atletico Madrid is going to be our rivals in Quarter Finals. We brought 3 players for free, Forlan experienced striker, Samu a backup left wing back and Xabi Irureta to give us more depth in the goal, however he won the place and is now our first option. David Rodriguez is our best player so far, and Quique another striker is doing really well. The wing backs, Oier (right) and Carlos Clerc (left) are performing really well. Roberto Torres and loan Arzura are the BBM and BWM. The defenders are the weak part of the team in terms of avg rating, we need to find 2 players for the next season (if we get promoted) to help David García. There are a lot of players running out of contract that will not be renewed. We have secured the transfer of Khaloua for next season, which is going to be I think our only transfer because if we get promoted may be we have interest in better players to sign for the team. I leave here the Stats of the team, don't know if you want anything else of data to compare. The tactic is awesome as always @knap!!! Great job!
  5. Ricotero_uy

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    I'm starting a save with Osasuna in Spanish second division. I'm going to let you know how it works.
  6. For ATHLETIC CLUB BILBAO I use Knap's GOODBYE 4231 and really works. Won La Liga in the first season.
  7. Ricotero_uy

    [Uruguay] (Official) Data Issues

    Yes, sadly he left the team before the relegation playoff final match and we lost it after PKs. He still has contract until June I think but nobody knows where he is.
  8. Ricotero_uy

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    I'm devastated about the transfer of Laporte. Don't know how we are going to manage without him at FM19?
  9. Update of my Sud America save with this tactic. Unbelievable achievement winning the Copa Libertadores and losing the final of the FIFA World Cup against Manchester United. I didn't want to change the tactic, we started losing 4-0 and could score 2 goals to make up the result. Thank you so much for this tactic. This is a really small team in Uruguay, my reputation has been increasing a lot since my Libertadores success, I'm seeing that with the staff that wants to come to my team that are the best of the best 2-3 teams of the country (Peñarol, Nacional and Defensor Sporting). The players from big clubs are starting to get interested in coming but although we have a lot of money in the bank, the board is not allowing me too much to buy. Copa Libertadores FIFA World Cup
  10. Won La Liga with a big margin against the big 3 with Athletic Club. Also won the Europa League after an easy final against AC Milan but couldn't get the triple because I've lost at semifinals against cup winners Atletico Madrid on away goals. Results La Liga Player Stats Starting XI Bench Tactic Let's see how we do in the second season with the Champions League. Thanks @knap for this amazing tactic.
  11. Ricotero_uy

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    End of the first season. We won La Liga with three matches to play. We won the Europa League after an incredible game against AC Milan in the final. Unluckily we couldn't make the triple because we were eliminated by Atletico Madrid at Copa del Rey's semifinals. The Bilbao Athletic has won the Segunda Division B Group 2 and will play the playoffs to be promoted to Segunda. The U19 won their group but got eliminated in Qtr finals by Real Madrid, however they've won the U19 Cup. Results La Liga Stats Tactic Transfers Only Isma López was bought for the first team. He shared time with Balenziaga in the left side. Before playing the second season first match I'm going to make an update of the transfers and news about the save.
  12. Ricotero_uy

    [Uruguay] (Official) Data Issues

    Mariano Miño (14167757) is set to the wrong Sud América team, currently assigned to Sud América of Carmelo (78067784) and not to the one from Montevideo. He should be assigned to Sud América (5512556) from Montevideo which plays in the First Division. https://www.transfermarkt.com/mariano-mino/profil/spieler/538092
  13. Ricotero_uy

    FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    In real life, Athletic has signed young players from other teams but usually those teams are basques. This year there was a situation with Youssouf Diarra (13/9/97) who is from Mali, moved to Lleida (not basque country) at the age of 8, at the age of 17 he moved to Pamplona (Navarra) and in 2017 moved from Chantrea to Basconia (Athletic C team). Those years are considered by Athletic board enough to consider that the player is developed in the Basque Country. Remember, it matters more where the player was developed than if he has basque family. The game does not simulate that, the game only allows Athletic to buy spanish 15&16 yo players and turn them into basques. The reality in the game would be that basque teams convert automatically all the young players into basques, no matter if they are spanish, french or chinese, and then they are able to play for Athletic. Of course that basque born players are available, the issue is with those that didn't were born in the basque country. The trick Athletic does, is to buy players at a young age and develop them in their affiliated clubs in the basque country to make them available to sign them later for the C, B or first team. The most known player that is not basque is Aymeric Laporte. He was signed by an Athletic affiliate when we was a kid and Athletic couldn't bring him to Lezama. That team was in the basque country (inside France), and immediately he was able to play for Athletic. Some people would understand this like cheating at solitaire, but Athletic wants their players to be identified with the people from the Basque Country, doesn't matter where did they born, the idea is that every player that play for the first team know the place, know the people, know how they feel football, and how they feel Athletic. That's the philosophy, IMO. I leave the link to Diarra's news. https://en.as.com/en/2017/06/28/football/1498654135_861421.html
  14. This is how teams used to play in the first years of football. 2 CB, 2 FB, 1 Center Half, 2 Wingers and 3 Strikers. Beautiful!