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  1. Bielsa wanted to improve Lezama (Athletic's training facility) but he had problems with president Urrutia. The last season didn't go well and that lead to his departure. It was a great time for Athletic and he left his mark.
  2. In my save I didn't use him as Striker. I used him as AMR (Inside Forward), Aduriz first and Villalibre second were my first options to that position. He has been playing really well although he didn't score too many goals. His attributes at 3rd season. His stats in my career.
  3. Yes, he has great potential but looks he doesn't want to play for us. I prefer giving the chance to the young lions.
  4. I coulnd't buy him in my story. I think there are a lot of basque players that don't like Athletic because of their original teams are derby rivals. (Real Sociedad, Osasuna) Merino was formed at Osasuna. It takes time and you have to win respect to make those team available for signing.
  5. Club -> History -> Players
  6. Won La Liga and the Copa del Rey. Did a great job also in the Europa League! Thank you for the tactic. I know it's not as effective as Goodbye 3-4-3-0 but for the Athletic players it suits better.
  7. We've done it!!! The Double!!! We have won La Liga and the Copa del Rey!!! An amazing season with a thrilling end. We won also the Copa del Rey after beating Real Madrid and Barcelona in 1/8 and 1/4. An incredible comeback against Real at home and an unbelievable performance at Barcelona after a 1-1 tie at home. We left the Europa League undefeated in quarter finals against Tottenham after losing by away goals. They went to win the title against Manchester United. The players did an amazing performance, specially at the attack. I used Knap's RAW Sienna 4231. At the transfer market I bought Isma Lopez for the first team and 4 hot prospects from Zaragoza and Espanyol. The most hard thing to do was to keep our players from the big teams offers. Have to promise them that we will qualify for the next Champions League and I think I kept my word. But is going to be hard again now that a couple of them want to play with better players and I won't be able to buy any big name next season. The bad news is that Aduriz and Iraizoz (specially Aduriz) are retiring. Iraizoz did a good season, sharing time with Kepa but was not going to have minutes the next season as Remiro seems to be ready for first team action. Aduriz is god, Villalibre was really amazing when he had to replace him, but I didn't want to lose him, at least for some Champions League action.
  8. Thanks! Gonna give it a try in my SAF Challenge.
  9. Nevertheless I'm happy with the results.
  10. I think it's part of the "game". Is not 100% real, may be with top players the % of scored chances rise.
  11. So far my results with Athletic using this version. 5 official matches played, 5 won (including Real Madrid). The team is performing really creating a lot of shots but not scoring all of them. I leave the stats, standings and the formation. Results & Standings The squad stats & the formation. De Marcos is injured but he's the starting DR. Kepa & Gorka will play 50/50 of the games. Complete team stats.
  12. After a winning streak at preseason is time to play for the real points! Let's see how the team performs.
  13. Sorry, didn't understand you. Yes he's real. http://www.inter.it/it/settore_giovanile/under-17-serie-a-e-b Moises Eboko Cordoba. Looks like he's from Valencia, may be as a 16yo you can buy him and he will gain the basque nationality.
  14. Regen are usually young players created by the game season after season. Don't know if they substitute retired players, I think it depends on each country strength.
  15. I started a career with Athletic. I'm going to keep you updated. Bought Isma López as a backup for Balenziaga, Saborit is not good enough and Lekue and Bóveda are better DRs than DLs. Also brought some U17 from Zaragoza to strong the youth team. I'm going to use the 4231 but as soon as we reach max knowledge I would like to try a 343.