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  1. I've just made all the changes. Thank you very much!
  2. Just post it in here and I will change it.
  3. According to the tweet, Livramento has or had Ronaldo as his idol. Shouldn't Ronaldo be set as his idol in the database? I don't have a sub to the Telegraph, so he may have said that it was only in the past.
  4. Could you move this to the All other issues forum? I don't see where this fits in best.
  5. @David Siddallplease take a look at this. This doesn't seem like something research could change.
  6. Ce changement sera certainement inclus dans la version finale. Mais probablement déjà dans l'une des mises à jour de la version bêta. Merci pour les informations complémentaires.
  7. The table for the 87/88 season shows only positions, no points, wins, draws etc. I would assume that this record is taken straight from said table. Correct, @David Siddall? I don't know any solution other than digging into records of who actually had the fewest wins and defeats.
  8. Grazie Teo. I corrected the histories, notified the researchers of players who've left the club and told the AR. This would've flown completely under the radar without your attentive eyes.
  9. Hi guys I am told this should be a feature request. In the Swiss leagues, home trained players (3 years between 15 and 21) and under the age of 21 can be transferred from June 10 until March 31 the next year without restrictions. They don't need to be registered and can be played immediately after the transfer.
  10. I only have one small suggestion so far: when you're managing an NHL team you should be able to say which player can or can't participate in the World Cup. For example IRL Nashville gave permission to Josi and Fiala to play for Switzerland for this years WC.
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