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  1. I have not immediate answer to this. Will check. Thanks for reporting.
  2. I've done these and they will be in the winter update. I've also deleted the 50% of ticket sales as stadium rent for St. Gallen.
  3. I'll take out the 50%, no worries. Just for clarification: using the Stadium rent for balancing the finances is something we do for the Swiss database. It's not a general rule for other researchers. We just found that we cannot adequately reflect expenses in Switzerland and that teams had way too much money after 3-4 season. I'm still not 100% satisfied with how it is, but at least the finances are a bit closer to reality now. As for YB: I'll keep an eye on it. In my saves, FCB gave them a challenge. IRL I'd like to see where YB is without all the injuries. But I'll monitor the situation until the winter patch.
  4. YB and Basel are not that far apart in the data. FCB should be able to challenge YB. At least it did in my tests. The rest of the SL is quite behind these two teams. We use stadium rent as some sort of "equaliser" for finances. Due to the lack of expense-fields, clubs generally have too much money. So we use this field to balance it as much as possible. I do think that the 50% are overblown though. This will be changed for the winter update. The 4m, however, will stay as is.
  5. Hi guys I am told this should be a feature request. In the Swiss leagues, home trained players (3 years between 15 and 21) and under the age of 21 can be transferred from June 10 until March 31 the next year without restrictions. They don't need to be registered and can be played immediately after the transfer.
  6. No, just income, expenditure, balance, transfer budget and transfers is fine. Those figures are looking quite good. You made around £4m profit, boosted mainly by £12m transfer income. In reality, GC isn't going to reel in 12m, but other than that I'm quite satisfied with how it looks. This also is quite similar to when I tested the finances. So it is consistent. Good job and thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the update, Michal! Could you please post the balance, profit/loss at the end of the first season and the transfer budget for season 2? I'm mainly interested in how the financials work out as this is the trickiest part in Switzerland. Although it's good to see the development of the players too (like Alpsoy), but that's a bonus.
  8. It is a lot of work and so many things go forgotten or are low on the priorities list. I'm glad you pointed out some of those things. I'll address those for the winter update if I can. Still unsure about Tarashaj's Determination though. There also are changes made that you can't see on first glance, but will be obvious further down the line. Youth in general and youth intake specifically are two fields who saw an overhaul.I'd be thankful if you, and everyone else playing in Switzerland, could post the financial data after the seasons. Balance, profit/loss, transfer budget and players sold/bought is what I'm looking for.
  9. I am the Swiss Super League Researcher. The only one. There's your reason why there is randomness in some of the players stats. Good opening post, as always. I'm glad when people play in Switzerland. The more feedback on the DB, the better.
  10. I only have one small suggestion so far: when you're managing an NHL team you should be able to say which player can or can't participate in the World Cup. For example IRL Nashville gave permission to Josi and Fiala to play for Switzerland for this years WC.
  11. First of, I'm glad it works out like in reality where GC needs to generate about £3M with player sales to even the books.The general answer for your question about attendance growth is, yes this is realistic. I will go a little deeper though. Until 2007 GC played in Hardturm Stadium and moved to Letzigrund Stadium afterwards. Hardturm was a stadium built only for football while Letzigrund is used as track and field and concert venue. It isn't built just for football therefore it's unattractive. And, from a GC point of view, it is the stadium of the local rival FCZ. A new stadium solely for football purposes was planned way back in 2003 but never realised. So GC has to play in the stadium of the enemy which is not mainly a football stadium. Then there's Zurich itself. It isn't really a football city. It's not "cool" to go to football in Zurich. At least for the most part. And there is competition from Ice Hockey where the local Hockey club has an attendance average similar to FC Zurich but far better than GC. Then there's the problem of GC not being a Zurich club for the most part. GC is located in Niederhasli, 15 miles outside of Zurich. The general opinion in Zurich is, FC Zurich is the Zurich-City club and is also seen as the working class club while GC isn't really Zurich and is the club for the rich. You can see season ticket holders on this graph here: http://blog.tagesanzeiger.ch/datenblog/index.php/4463/die-fan-hochburgen-der-zuercher-clubs There you can see that Zurich City is FCZ country, while in the suburbs it's more GC, especially at the so-called "gold coast" along the eastern shore of Lake Zurich and near Niederhasli, north of Zurich. A lot of fans actually make fun of GC for having such low attendance figures. If you have figures above 10k consider yourself lucky. In fact here's a chart of the attendance figures of the last 40 years: http://www.gc-zone.ch/statistik_zuschauer.pdf (page 2). You see they managed to get above a 10k average only once in 40 years. To your second question, for some clubs selling players worth of £3-4M per year is not uncommon. Basel sold players for £11M this summer plus Mo Salah to Chelsea for about £14M last winter. But that's Basel. They made a turnover of over £60M last year. A big part of that was player sales. Young Boys are privately owned by the Rhis brothers, founders of Phonak (hearing aids, former cycling team). You probably haven't heard of them. So there is no need to sell big but they actually managed to sell players worth in between £3 to £8M in the last 5 seasons. (see here: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/bsc-young-boys/alletransfers/verein/452) FCZ has a chairman who brings funds to the club. This is not reflected in the DB because FCZ generates enough money in FM15 to be realistic. I'm still thinking about adding their president as underwriter sugar daddy. But they sold players for a lot of money. Not every season but still: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/fc-zurich/alletransfers/verein/260 And as I said, GC needs money to balance the books. They have men who provide funds but not much. Look at the sales of the previous seasons: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/grasshopper-club-zurich/alletransfers/verein/504 GC sold players for at least £2.5M almost every year. Even going as high as £8M. Other clubs usually don't have sales in that reagion although on occasion there is one player who is sold for millions, like Oscar Scarione from St. Gallen to Kasimpasa for about £3M in 2013. To conclude, yes those values are realistic. Please keep in mind it's very hard and frustrating to get accurate financial data in Switzerland. Most clubs keep it secret. Only Aarau, Basel and Thun make their annual business reports public. The figures from other clubs are taken from newspaper articles or are guessed. In the case of GC there were multiple articles on their financials because it's a theme every year. I'm asking out of interest, which leagues do you compare and on what level? Because the level on the pitch and the financial level in Switzerland are two different topics. Thanks btw for playing in the Swiss league and making a thread about it on here. If you have any feedback or find mistakes, don't hesitate to contact me.
  12. Hi, how do you cope with finances? I tried to reflect the real life as well as possible. In real life GC needs to sell players to balance the books. From your writing it seems this is reflected.
  13. I have the same problem but I figured he will make enough international appearances to get a work permit in january or next summer. So I loaned him to where he plays the most. Unfortunately he broke his leg 2 weeks in.
  14. Kristoffer Ajer from IK Start is a brilliant young midfielder and cost me almost nothing at the start of the game. Check him out. You might need to load the Norwegian 1st division though.
  15. Great OP. As I was mentioning in the "fallen giants" thread, RC Strasbourg is intruiging. I don't have a lot of time to play right now, so I haven't started so far. But I will in february/march. Early in the 2000's I went to a handful of Strasbourg matches. I live in Switzerland and it's only a 2 hour train ride to Strasbourg. It was the nearest top level club at that time when Freiburg was relegated to germany's 2nd Bundesliga. I always had a good time in the Alsace.
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