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  1. Sorry for the delay. Uploaded as Laurefinwe - GKDoF career bug.fm
  2. My legendary keeper agreed to a player/Director of Football contract after so many years in the club recently. Now, I've just realised that his biography has gone from labelling him one of the worldwide most famous footballers to what it looks like in the screenshot. Apparently his career has spanned -(minus)118 years now, instead of the over 20 years that it has actually spanned. Please, let me know if you need anything else to fix this bug (for the next FM, of course).
  3. Jimbo, you're the Bielsa of my FM world. Loved reading through the search for explanations for your AMR lack of creativity and the research on youth development. Keep it up!
  4. In that same save I just noticed that Peñarol's points in the 2018 season are the record of points in one season: They collected 77 points in that season. Probably the problem is that that was the 15 teams season and then something went wrong when points were logged in the League records?
  5. Has this been put under review or something? I've seen quite a few more examples of very bad offside calls, and I see that I'm not the only one getting these.
  6. Sorry @Alix.Humphries, none of the files I have are from before the conversation with the player. I uploaded the three files though, because you can see how the board confidence deteriorates as the Intermedio progresses: Laurefinwe_Uruguay Primera bug_Oldest.fm Laurefinwe_Uruguay Primera bug_Middle.fm Laurefinwe_Uruguay Primera bug_Current.fm
  7. I'll do as soon as I get back home today. Just noticed that the screenshots were broken, I fixed them now.
  8. Found a bad one playing with Wanderers (which starts at the bottom of the league 'cause of its capital letter). Board expectations: near top half Finished the Apertura 3rd. The Intermedio comes and Emanuel Gularte starts complaining that the team is underachieving. I genuinely didn't understand why. Won 2 of the opening three games of the Intermedio, still 3rd in the overall table just 3 points away from Defensor at the top. But of course, the Primera División's table that the game is taking into account, and that's the Closing stage table in which I'm, of course, bottom of the league because we all have 0 points and our name starts with a W. Some screenshots: I'll upload the save if necessary, let me know!
  9. Thanks Russell, I hadn't considered that factor, although the frequency with which the assistant suggests gegenpress feels a bit to high. I created my own tactic: offensive mentality, short passes, standard tempo, play out from defence, work ball into the box, close down a bit more but never get stuck in, reshape instead of counter press, look for the overlap of both wing-backs, use offside trap, prevent short passes tothe GK... We end up having lots of possession and passes, as well as playing most of the match time in the opposition's half. The tactics screen does show that the intensity required will be somewhat high (pink high), although the gegenpress training week that the assman suggests feels a bit too physical for the way we play, I most of the times change it to Vertical Tiki-taka or Control possession. It would make sense to have the gegenpress week once in a while of course, but right now the assman was suggesting 2 gegenpress weeks every month (unfortunately I can't provide the save any more, I'll try to reproduce this and see if I notice any changes with variations to the mentality).
  10. Minute 85. The off-side call for Rodoni's movement is just absurd, he's meters onside. Not really sure if it's not the animations poorly displaying the players positions at this stage, which would be a bummer. Spartak Moscow - Akhmat.pkm
  11. I don't know if this is a bug or if it is intended to be so, but the recommended training week plan for tactical style is ALWAYS counter-press. We do not play counter-press, we didn't play counter-press in my previous team, however the game always recommends and schedules counter-press when a tactical style plan should be trained. Am I missing something here? 'Cause it feels like I'm missing something here. Posted here because in case it's actually something wrong I'll provide whatever is necessary.
  12. In the 32:24, the ref disallows a goal of Demin due to off-side position of Dijkia. Now, Demin is just one meter away from the goal line and heading the ball straight into the goal, Dijkia in no way interferes with the play (he's not obstructing the GK nor any other defender, he's a meter further away than Demin in the trajectory of the ball, etc.). I'm raising this now because I'm pretty sure I've seen similar goals disallowed in the past (the difference is that now I enabled the replays of disallowed goals and can know for sure when the engine does this). I protested the decision to check if it was a voluntary referee mistake introduced into the game, but no, the FA warned me because the ref's decision was 'correct'. I'll post more pkms when I encounter disallowed goals like this one again if necessary. Ural - Spartak Moscow.pkm
  13. There's no such thing as fast-forward. Your best option is probably to holiday for ten years unemployed.
  14. Disclaimer: this whole post and suggestions are just for the sake of realism in a continent in which transfers are quite different from those seen in Europe. In South America most of newly signed managers get one or two signings promised to be decided by them (depends on the club and its reputation) but most of the incoming players are negotiated by the board and, at best, are requested to have the approval of the manager (I'm writing this from the perspective of a Uruguayan player, so I'd like my fellow Argentinian, Brazilian, Chilean, Colombian and Peruvian football managers to give their insight in this topic). So I was wondering if we can have a more restricted transfer policy for these Southamerican leagues, in which you can bring just a couple of players in yourself during your first year(s) -it could be negotiated in the contract offer maybe-, with most of the signings in your club being adamantly carried out by the Director of Football/Chairman (as in real life, a manager maybe says he needs a CB and the Director of Football brings two or three candidates, of which the manager decides which one he prefers for example). This could evolve over time and as the manager stays in the club/gets a better rep within the club he can have a more direct impact on the incoming transfers. As a side note, the outgoing transfers should follow the same strict policy. I have so far, for example, been able to reject 2+ million euros offers for players of Montevideo Wanderers (which is nonsense, in real life we sold Torreira when he was 17 for bus fare with hopes that he would at some point become the player that he is nowadays, and then we'd grab some of that solidarity money in one of his future transfers). I'm not really sure how reallistically doable this can be though, maybe I'm asking for a too finely tuned feature in this case.
  15. And it's also because none of both players are 100% natural in the role. If you hover over the line it will give you a description of what it means and why it is like that.
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