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  1. Surprisingly, Nacional played the final match of the season (which the game for some reason still thinks will define something) with a lot of reserves! They haven't brought their and the league's top scorer to the match (Thiago Vecino) who I checked and was available. So the pre-match team talk item thinks the game is important, but then the AI managing Nacional knows the season is over and brings youngsters and reserves to play this final match at home. Also, no post-match team talk of congratulations after winning this match either. The Club vision part about the achievement is also broken: Nacional - Wanderers (reserves everywhere).pkm
  2. I finally managed to (almost) complete another season. Champions of the Opening stage, leaders of the Overall table by a good margin, went to play the 14th matchweek of the Closing stage (14/15 rounds) 12 points clear of the second in the Closing stage table. So if we won we were league champions, there was no way that a final would be needed to decide anything. The game acknowledged this by giving me the option of a pre-match team talk, but after I won there was no celebration, no dressing room team-talk option of congratulations for the players, no news item of 'Wanderers have won the league' and no questions related to winning the title in the post-match press conference. It happens every year (with every FM edition I mean). I know getting the game to realise that you're champions in such a complex league system is difficult, but the fact that the game knew that this was a decisive match before it was played and that after that it just continued as if the league hadn't been decided seems weird. Save uploaded: Laurefinwe - Teamtalk prematch for the title.fm The pre-match team talk option is again available before the next (and final) match against Nacional, even though we've mathematically won the league already.
  3. Hey Cristopher. I didn't have a save, so I'm advancing the current season to check it again. Will upload the save as soon as I get to the finals.
  4. It happens the other way around too. Whenever a player scores a screamer his rating ends up being high no matter what happens throughout the match. In the PKM attached Marcelo Palau scores from a good long distance shot in the 5th minute (1:1). He gets an instant 8.3 then. His team ends up losing the match 1:7. Everybody gets the logical very low ratings except for Palau, who ends with the same 8.3 he got for his 5th minute goal. Nacional (PAR) - Wanderers (Palau).pkm
  5. A couple of things more: There's no celebration scene after winning the First Division, even if you win it in the play-offs. In real life, the First Division does not stop when there's an international break, because almost no players from the competition get called to the national team (only three have been called for international duty in 2019, for example: González and Viña to Uruguay, Bravo to Chile).
  6. Indeed, that's the way the championship's defined when a team wins one of the short tournaments and the Overall table. About the stats, I know it's tough to implement given how the game so far takes into account the competitions. If you asked me, I wouldn't treat the Intermedio as a cup, but rather as another short tournament towards the Campeonato Uruguayo. That has severe complications, not only because it gives a spot in the Sudamericana (being a cup-like competition as such), but because in real life it is - for some unfathomable reason - treated by Uruguayan managers as a less-important-cup. Ask @Kaniko Ramone about how many youngsters have had their debut in the Intermedio in the last two years and you'd be baffled by how little respect managers in Uruguay have for it. The Intermedio scheduling in the game however is just nonsense. The whole purpose of the competition was to give clubs matches to play during the Southern winter. Having to play all 7 games in 2-3 weeks to then have 2 months of NOTHING is just stupid. This was reported in the alpha, though... This is my schedule, by the way. With a Sudamericana clash in the middle:
  7. That is not a bug. The first play-off is between the Apertura and Clausura champions. If Defensor wins that, they're champions, if Nacional wins it then you have the 2-legged final for the Uruguayan Championship. It's in the rules. The Intermedio scheduling though is just as bad as it was in the alpha. It was never fixed. The seven matches are played in 2-3 weeks, whilst in real life they were played in over a month. We're getting as much as three matches in one week, which is nonsense considering that then we have to wait almost two full months for the Clausura stage to start.
  8. Deleted my original post 'cause I was reporting something that was fixed in today's build .
  9. Jimbo, you're the Bielsa of my FM world. Loved reading through the search for explanations for your AMR lack of creativity and the research on youth development. Keep it up!
  10. There's no such thing as fast-forward. Your best option is probably to holiday for ten years unemployed.
  11. Disclaimer: this whole post and suggestions are just for the sake of realism in a continent in which transfers are quite different from those seen in Europe. In South America most of newly signed managers get one or two signings promised to be decided by them (depends on the club and its reputation) but most of the incoming players are negotiated by the board and, at best, are requested to have the approval of the manager (I'm writing this from the perspective of a Uruguayan player, so I'd like my fellow Argentinian, Brazilian, Chilean, Colombian and Peruvian football managers to give their insight in this topic). So I was wondering if we can have a more restricted transfer policy for these Southamerican leagues, in which you can bring just a couple of players in yourself during your first year(s) -it could be negotiated in the contract offer maybe-, with most of the signings in your club being adamantly carried out by the Director of Football/Chairman (as in real life, a manager maybe says he needs a CB and the Director of Football brings two or three candidates, of which the manager decides which one he prefers for example). This could evolve over time and as the manager stays in the club/gets a better rep within the club he can have a more direct impact on the incoming transfers. As a side note, the outgoing transfers should follow the same strict policy. I have so far, for example, been able to reject 2+ million euros offers for players of Montevideo Wanderers (which is nonsense, in real life we sold Torreira when he was 17 for bus fare with hopes that he would at some point become the player that he is nowadays, and then we'd grab some of that solidarity money in one of his future transfers). I'm not really sure how reallistically doable this can be though, maybe I'm asking for a too finely tuned feature in this case.
  12. And it's also because none of both players are 100% natural in the role. If you hover over the line it will give you a description of what it means and why it is like that.
  13. I never saw anything like that neither on FM16 nor on FM17, and I played over 1000 hours in both. Weird bug indeed.
  14. I once got hired by Bayern II in FM17 to play the 3. FuBballliga, and B teams -or at least Bayern II- don't share coaches with the first team. Also B teams finances are the same of the first team, so the one indebted for the stadium there should be Hertha as a whole, the B team is not independent (at least in FM17), and you as its manager are never judged by the board for the club's economical situation.
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