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  1. Along the advice you've been given I would say watch the game in full for a few mins until you see how the players move on the pitch and decide if they're doing what you want. Of course you must have a platform to start from so I would think like this. If you want your CM-A to be more of a goalscoring threat, I'd probably look for someone infront of him to create space so yeah I'd probably choose a support duty. If you're worried about them getting in each other's way, you could tell your DLF to move into channels (that's moving in the space between the CB and FB) so you could potentially open some nice space for your CM-A to attack (theoretically, if your DLF gets the ball, the CB and if you're lucky the FB aswell might step up to close him down). If you want your CM-A to be a link-up player between your midfield and your attack, you can use him behind the advanced striker (eventually add some PIs to give him a playmaker-ish responsability) and with the DLF dropping deep, I think there's potential to create some passing triangles which could help you circulate the ball. I'm not an expert btw, so if I'm wrong please anyone feel free to correct me.
  2. There's no PI Drop Deeper, unless you were talking about the PPM or just an aspect of his game. He dropped deep because England's midfield was not able to transition the ball to attack and supply him with passes so (he does this sometimes at Spurs) he drops deep and tries to play others in. Also I believe Sterling was the most advanced player because after the goal and especially after Alli was subbed off, England switched to a more defensive, counter-attacking oriented strategy and tried to use Sterling's pace.
  3. Armistice

    The 4231 Explained

    I have a different dilemma, how would you go if you wanted your AMC to be one of the goalscorers instead of being a deep creator? An attack duty would probably be a more viable option but unless the player has the PPM "Comes Deep to get the ball", I believe the AMC would sit higher up the pitch which could put a bigger burden on the DMs/CMs to transition the ball. Then an attacking midfielder would also need someone to create space for him, right? And another potential issue might be that the IF could run in the same space as the AM.
  4. Armistice

    3-4-3 VS 4-1-2-2-1

    If your current formation doesn't work at all against 4-1-2-2-1 but you want to win at all costs, then why not change the formation to something more suitable? Defensive Mentality already comes with a deep defensive line, you need to think if you really need this TI. There is no one attacking space (your two CMs are very calculated, your 'wide' strikers are looking to drop deep), maybe your right WB because he's got an attack duty, but because of the base mentality, he might not be as forward thinking as you'd like. If it works for you it's great, but you have to understand that some formations are vulnerable to other formations so if you just want to beat the 4-1-2-2-1, test a different formation, as I said above.
  5. Armistice

    3-4-3 VS 4-1-2-2-1

    I think you need to give more info about what you’re trying to do and what teams you are facing and encountering the issues. Going by your Mentality + TIs I am guessing you want a very low risk short passing football. When you create a tactic you need to think how Mentality affects the players mentality aswell, not only the base TIs that come with it. Also why did you choose a Deeper Defensive Line? Naturally think of where a 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1 as you call it) can get a numerical advantage over your 3-4-3. Normally in CM and on the wings. So once your strikers are bypassed, they won’t drop back and help your defence. So the rest of the team (7 players) must keep the opponent’s players at bay. That could work if you’re the stronger team, but if your opponent’s got the better players I think your shape can get easily disrupted.
  6. Armistice

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    Pretty silly to expect England to play great attacking football when the other sides with much better quality haven't done it. As for Kane he'd lead the line for England if the midfielders were doing their job.
  7. There's one thing I would pay attention to, your Mentality + TIs, you used Defensive which is very low risk and have TIs like Retain Possession which reduces through balls so it could lead to having a lot of meaningless possession especially if the AI will adapt a more cautious approach when facing you. You need to understand why Cleon used TIs like Retain Possession in his tactic, and I'm gonna give you a tip, take a look at the Mentality he used and what it does to his overall system. Then take a look at the roles (and their coded PIs) & duties and how these pieces of puzzle work together when looking at the bigger picture.