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  1. Dropping off a bit doesn’t mean you play defensively.
  2. So what’s bad in that? Arsenal should have more than enough to defend against the likes of Bournemouth or Newcastle.
  3. I don’t think the trouble will come centrally but from wide areas. Personally I’d say the central midfielders roles & duties distribution is ok. Do you have Spurs as a reference for the style of football and player roles or just the formation? I’m sure we’re playing wingbacks not wide midfielders.
  4. If you want Ozil’s creativity and Aubameyang’s pace, why don’t you drop off and let the opponent come at you more? At the moment you press & push high up the pitch so you’re likely to play in the opponent’s half so how is Aubameyang pace going to be useful in those situations? Just giving you a slightly different idea.
  5. There really aren't lots of 0-0s in my save. Teams tend to score at least a corner or an indirect free kick. Haven't seen many direct free kicks so hopefully I won't. Ok but maybe you're willing to suggest what I am doing very wrong? Not always, I can understand why the AI wouldn't accept to sell a good young prospect though. But it happens in most of the cases, no matter what player I wish to buy.
  6. If I’m getting banned for this honestly I’ve got no regrets. - goals from freekicks and corners happen every game. - my players need 5-6 good chances to score, the AI will score from one or two good chance. - unfair transfers. If me and the AI have the same player in the same circumstances, I’m lucky to get more than 5m + his transfer value. The AI will ask for ridiculous money and will not settle for a respectable fee.
  7. Wow, I thought my formation was crap, but this is worse.
  8. This is very nice, I like how you don't compromise on things for the sake of it and stick to your game plan. Looking forward to more.
  9. Looks like an overload down the right then a through ball for an attack duty on the left. In FM19 I’ve seen it happening more often (I mean the AI teams do it) than in the other FM versions.
  10. So I tried to sell Tello last night, barely got any decent offer, but in the end had to accept 8m from Valencia. I was happy because I was thinking I could buy a decent striker with that money. After the transfer was completed, I saw Barcelona was given 50% of the transfer because of a clause.
  11. So I took over Swansea, managed to get rid of some big earners and got myself a nice 15m+ budget to buy new players. But the problem is that I barely know any because I didn't play any long term save until now for whatever reason. Please can you help with a list of good Championship players who will fit in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3?
  12. - a big variety of goals come from long shots, set pieces and crosses to the far post. - Barcelona, probably the best possession side in the world, average just around 50% possession in my save in 26 games, wtf? Celta Vigo had 60% possession v them in the last game. - in 26 games, the top 3 clubs scored 40, 42, respectively 35 goals. That’s 1.6 goals/game for the most attacking team. Incredibly low for a **** league like La Liga where the gap between top 3 and the rest is huge.
  13. Thanks. I’ve also read Cleon’s Brazilian Box which has a similar formation but mine doesn’t seem to work at all.
  14. Looks like I'm the only one doing awful. Bottom of the league after 4 games, I can't find any balance in the formation I've been given. Everything is so narrow.
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