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  1. I’ve tried to write this post for an hour now so I’ll just summarize - crossing works but way too many blocked crosses - other roles attempt crosses only to be blocked by the first man - how can we have roles like the winger or attacking wingback so one-dimensional? - why haven’t SI touched these roles in years but they were fussed to add fancy roles with fancy names? - how a Premier League winger acts exactly the same as a National League winger?
  2. The first thing I would do is to always start in simple steps. Who are your best players? Are you playing them in their favorite positions? (I don’t mean where they’re natural on the pitch but where they’d do best based on their attributes, but I am sure you already know this) For example is your playmaker assigned to do the creative stuff in the team? Or is he used more like a box to box? Maybe you told him to be a runner? After you sorted this out, is your formation helping get the best out of them? What would be the first things you’re tempted to change? How will the other roles & duties change in relation to this? Can you afford to be a bit more aggressive with your setup in the league? (considering you’re Ajax) Oh and btw this is an unpopular opinion but I think the ME is not at good as creating very good chances as it was in the previous years. This is coming from someone who is dominating the league in his save and scoring an average of 2.6 goals per game. I’m not saying this because I’m good at this game, not at all. Of course you can ignore this piece of text.
  3. To be fair if the answer to blocked crosses is to reduce the number of them, to me it sounds as if you're indirectly admitting the flaw of the Match Engine. It's not very difficult to spot that there's something going on with FM19 ME. I like how they implemented Play Ball out of Defence this year, the split of Tactical Instructions into three sections and hopefully that they sorted out what had to be sorted before 19.3 patch hit Steam. Anyway, I took a look at Rashidi's old videos of FM17, since people rave about FM17 ME as being one of the best if not the best ME in terms of how attacking football was played. Then I took a look at his FM19 videos. The difference is - let's say it this way - how predictable the highlights were on FM19 compared to FM17. On FM19 I could predict what his players were gonna do, in FM17 I couldn't. And you were saying a few posts above that maybe the AI needs to visit the tactical forum - yes the AI probably needs to visit Rashidi YouTube channel or read some of Cleon's guides because the AI is just as important in this game as any other feature. If the AI is not able to create dynamic or whatever football it wants not only it bats an eye at the current state of the ME tools but it can become increasingly annoying how it can't pose any challenge after you've created a good enough squad.
  4. No mate, what I meant is that the AI is producing similar type of off-target/blocked long shots and blocked crosses as I do AND similar type of goal scoring patterns. This is not about me, otherwise I would have written this topic in the Tactics section. To shed some light, looking strictly at the results, I have absolutely no reason to complain. I'm comfortably leading the Russian league, I've scored the most goals, I'm averaging 2.7-2.8 goals per game, I've conceded only 2 goals in 11 games, I'm leading my UCL group that has PSG (they have a stellar line-up made of Eriksen, Frankie de Jong, O. Dembele, Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva just to give a few names), Benfica and Besiktas (I'm Spartak Moscow btw, not the greatest side either) and I need one point out of the next 2 games to secure qualification to the knock-out round, my best player is the team's and league's top goal scorer, my best fullback is top assists, my front three has goals distributed evenly between them so everything sounds heaven.
  5. Sure, my tactics... But this means the AI has tactical issues aswell and that's on high level like Champions League because they are experiencing exactly the same long shots and blocked crosses like me. Teams like Man City, Barcelona, PSG, who have world class players in their squad and world class AI managers. Also I've always wondered why people who deny these attacking patterns are not bothered to participate to the discussion with some screenshots. Would be nice to see how you doing out there.
  6. Yeah you look at the thread title and think you heard this before and it's all down to YoUr TaCtIcS but I am seriously starting to believe that no matter what tactical instructions you set, the attacking play will look the same. Basically when the ball is in the central area in the final third, it gets pinged between a few players before being spread wide where the fullback will try to dribble past his direct marker. When he gets close to the Byline he will try to launch a cross that gets blocked very often. Rinse and repeat. The ball is again in central areas. One player has enough of this pinging the ball back and forth so he has a crack at goal despite 2-3 opposition players are infront of him and the shot gets blocked. Nevermind he takes another shot. He thinks this time there will be a different outcome. Nope. Happens in 70% of the highlights. If you seeing different stuff please post screenshots. Thanks. Btw this is not a rant topic, I'm asking if people see similar stuff.
  7. Thanks! I’ve read your posts for years now and whilst people like Rashidi or Cleon has taken the spotlight as the FM gurus, your style has certainly something that the other two lack - maybe simplicity? You make things look so easy and flawless in a world of overcomplicated theories and concepts. And that’s a huge quality, at least in my opinion. Keep it up man! Hope you stick around the FM community and maybe you’ll give FM20 a chance.
  8. Yeah the AP comes deep to get the ball, way too deep for my liking, but what's worse is that he doesn't get in the hole when there's an attacking phase going on. He keeps staying deep basically on level with the CMs.
  9. So basically you can set a low/very low LOE with a higher closing down, right? LOE tells the players "hey wait until they get the ball to n point then start closing down" and the Close Down more instruction will tell my players to be more aggressive to win the ball back.
  10. What I wanted to say is on high LOE I expected my players to engage the opposition players much higher up the pitch. The difference between the two extremes of LOE regarding the area where they press is quite similar. Maybe because of the formation defensive nature, right?
  11. Black straight line = defensive line on Much Higher Defensive Line. Red straight line = my bank of four midfielders. Orange circles = opponent with the ball. On low LOE, my players were more reserved to close down ball carriers when they were in positioned like the orange circles. They waited a bit more to engage pressing. Makes sense, right? On high LOE, my players engage the ball carriers when they were positioned like the orange circles. This also makes sense, right?
  12. I’m playing on Balanced, bang in the middle, as I thought it would be best to observe the players behaviour without any extra tendencies from the Mentality. Maybe I should experiment with a 4-2-3-1 or maybe 4-4-2 diamond to have more players in the opposition half.
  13. Yes, that was the point, to start clean and observe how each TI is affecting the team. I can post some screenshots of what I observed in Much Lower Defensive Line v Much Higher Defensive Line. I use the two extremes of each TI so the changes are easier to notice to an untrained eye like mine.
  14. Yeah it should but I didn’t notice that. Players were closing down the ball carrier in the same area of the pitch both on low LOE and high LOE. It’s weird...
  15. Right so what I am doing atm is to play the same match over and over and try different TIs to see how it affects the game. Now LOE confuses me more. Basically what I did was to set my team in a 4-1-4-1 formation (not the old 4-1-2-3) and played around with Defensive Line and Line of Engagement. While the Defensive Line was pretty obvious during the match, the Line of Engagement confused me more. Basically when I tested a low LOE my players were more disciplined in pressing the opponent and waited a bit more to trigger the press. While the high LOE made my players more aggressive in their press in a sense that they didn’t wait as much for the opponent player to get close to him. If my observations are true, then what’s the point of Pressing Intensity? And Counter-Press instruction? These will just max out the pressing to the point where players run around like headless chickens?
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