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  1. Yeah that makes space for an attacking fullback. But he said he got support duties around the SS so my question was made regarding the SS, how do they create space for the SS. The IF cutting inside and taking a CM or hopefully a DM can work but you also have to be wary of the congestion created centrally, I would say.
  2. Well why would you use an Advanced Forward ahead of a Shadow Striker? Did you read the Shadow Striker role description? He's a False 10 so you'd need a False 9 if you want him to work properly.
  3. I would give this a generous bump. I'm looking to put the tactic plan to work these days although I confess I must pick up on the ideas again because I kind of forgot what I was supposed to look for in game.
  4. Ok but why a winger on attack? I have an inside forward who will make runs late in the box, I have a DLF who will drop deep so there’s a good posibility that the winger has no real aim to cross the ball to. How would a winger help me create and exploit space? Let’s take it like this - how would a winger exploit the space the DLF creates?
  5. Ok so I am going to post an example of how to start building the tactic to create and exploit space by using the same 4-2-3-1, where I am stuck and maybe people will help with some suggestions as always. Let's say we face a lot of times the defensive 4-1-4-1s (which means we're usually the favorites to win. Sometimes even to batter the AI). At least we're not playing in Serie A otherwise we'd have seen 5-4-1s. I have highlighted in the pic who marks who. Want to mention the previous talk of AP-attacking striker combination. Against a 4-4-2 the AP is going to be situated between the CBs and CMs like @HUNT3R said so when he has the ball, he would be able to attract a CB away from the d-line to close him down. That means there will be space in the middle of the defence. That's how a playmaker creates space for the striker. I don't know exactly if the mechanism of a striker creating space for the AP what I’m going to tell, but I can only guess that because the striker looks to make runs, he will push the defence which will create a bigger gap between the CBs and the midfield. But now with this 4-1-4-1, we have a DM in the equation who will keep tight on the AP. So the AP will need to lose this marker and then pray that one of the CBs will leave the d-line to close him down so the space can be created again. But has to be down a lot to the playmaker to have a great day at the office to make things happen. Sometimes it might not happen. So we need an easier solution. This is when I’m going to take one of the suggestions given on this topic. Now my striker becomes the space creator and the AMC becomes the space exploiter. So which role + duty will look to create space - DLF-S, PF-D/S, CF-S, T-A and F9. Which role do I want? This is a bit harder but let’s do like this - Do I want my striker to roam? - no. So T-A, CF-S are out. Do I want him to dribble more - no. So F9 is out aswell. That leaves me with the DLF-S and PF-S. I want the striker to try risky passes to his partner and the PF can't do that so I'm going with a DLF. The DLF also moves into channels, so maybe it will be useful. First pattern is drawn. But the more important thing is to integrate it in the tactic itself. Next pattern should be on the left. I have a decent fullback who will like to go forward to do good. So because attack duty make earlier/maybe more runs forward than support duty, I'm going to give the fullback just that. I need the player ahead of him to create the space on the flank tho. That is going to be an IF. I've given him a support duty. That means the IF runs are going to be from deeper. When he runs from deeper it's likely that he will attract the AI's CM on his side (AI’s MCR to be precise) rather than the fullback and probably the DM who will shift more towards the IF. That is good because I want the DM to forget what’s his main duty and that’s my AMC. Btw one thing regarding the IF, because I don’t want him to stay too wide or too narrow, I've chosen a player with Move into Channels PPM. I think Move into Channels should make him move between the AI wide mid and the CM like in the pic. 1. DLF dropping deep/move into channels. That should create some space centrally. 2. SS attacking the space. His Move into channels PI might be problematic sometimes. We'll see. 3. IF cuts inside from the channels. attracts CM/DM. 4. Fullback goes forward. Should have plenty of space. Sure these look good on paper but in reality it can go wrong like the fullback can be man marked by AI’s wide midfielder so that makes it difficult for the FB to pull out the AI’s fullback. That’s what I need to watch in matches. Now question would be what role & duty to pick in CM? Maybe someone who will cover for the attacking fullback? Maybe a DLP who will become an option when the IF runs into trouble and needs a safe pass? Maybe the DLP can also release our fullback so then this decision would be the right one? What do we do with the other CM? What pattern should we build on the right flank and why? These are some questions I need help answering
  6. Yeah I’m thinking along these lines when trying to understand how a tactic makes and exploits space. As for that support striker + attacking AMC v 2 DMs formations, if the striker drops deep wouldn’t he get into one of the DMs marking zone though? So therefore the DCs won’t have to leave the line in order to deal with the striker.
  7. I was reading Lines & Diamonds the other day and I think in the Depth section of the Attacking principles it said "Creating depth will give a central playmaker the space he needs to orchestrate the attack". Isn't this another important aspect of a central playmaker? I mean, let's take this example of 4-2-3-1. Some people opt to use a box to box midfielder, or a mezalla or another advanced playmaker in CM. Then they use an IWB on that side. Doesn't these roles make that player run into the AP's space? Sure you create an overload centrally if anything but is that overload useful? Also it's so important to UNDERSTAND what and why to choose when designing a tactic. People (like me for example) tend to choose specific roles and duties combinations because a guide said so or because it worked for some other people in a similar system. Shouldn't be this way imo. I'm still a long way from understanding what to choose in terms of roles and duties and what to expect in my football style when choosing that. But I'm slowly getting there I think. Edit - let me give you another example. Let's pick the same 4-2-3-1 and put it in a match against a formation that has packed the central midfield. Like a 4-4-2 DM, 4-1-4-1 or even 4-2DMs-1CM-2-1 (or a deep 4-2-3-1). What would you do in this situation? The AP doesn't have the space naturally anymore so he's often around a lot of bodies.
  8. So what I want to talk about is how to make space for certain players in your team, to give an example of what I mean, in a 4-2-3-1 you want to have a playmaker in AMC so I heard people say that an attacking striker who will give the AI defence something to think about will make some space for the playmaker. Or in a 4-3-3 I seen some people use a winger on the side of a CM-A to make space for him. What other combinations are there? A DLF to make space for an IF/CM-A? An IF to make space for an attacking fullback? How do you guys create and exploit space in your tactic?
  9. Is CF-S considered a "False 9". What roles do you usually pair him with when you use it?
  10. No I don’t think it’s fair to make rules out of specific roles & formations. It depends on your setup and how you want your player to play. It sounds basic but it really is your decision if you are pleased with the Poacher and his contribution or you want a different role.
  11. Well I played a few more matches to have made an opinion. What the role description says is exactly how I see it behave in games. His main job is to push against the opponent's defence so therefore he won't help too much in the build-up. He looks a bit isolated because of that so I decided to change the role. Keep in mind that my tactic sort of 'demands' that too, I mean one of the main goals in the 4-1-4-1 (or 4-1-2-2-1 as we all know it) is to use support duties in AML/R so they can drop back and help defend, so the Poacher's on his own even more. Also for the first time in FM19 I've seen my team score some marvelous goals. I will upload the clips if anyone's interested.
  12. Nice read mate. The game can be frustrating, I understand your pain.
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