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  1. This was make it or break it for me in FM19. I've held back any criticism and tried to help as much as time allowed me with bug reports and such, but what's the point when none of them were taken into account by the looks of this new ME. Sorry SI but this is pathetic.
  2. Have you tried the new update?
  3. Armistice

    defending and crazy me

    Go to the match where you noticed the issue and somewhere under the final score you have those buttons to watch the highlights etc, click on Save Match, click Ok, then upload that file here.
  4. Armistice

    Advanced Playmaker & narrow attacks

    Hey @Hugo Mendes Albino, sorry for the delay. As you requested, I've uploaded a couple more PKMs. I haven't done an analysis on these, so please let me know if you need one. I have watched back these two games to make sure the same problems persist and I think you will be able to spot the issues when you watch the game. Tottenham v Club Brugge.pkm Tottenham v West Ham.pkm
  5. Armistice

    Average Gamer Age

    I don’t know why I had the feeling that most people here were in their late 20s. I’m 23, almost 24.
  6. Can somebody enlighten me as why some people want 19.2 so bad to be released? You can play the public beta if you want an update on 19.1.
  7. Armistice

    Advanced Playmaker & narrow attacks

    Cheers @Hugo Mendes Albino. Do you need any more pkms? Also I'm interested what's your opinion on the other issue, the attacking players staying too narrow. I believe it is related to the lack of attacking movement, but not sure if it's completely its fault.
  8. I didn’t know where to post this, what’s more important to have the game move fast between days and load as many leagues as possible? Processor, graphics card? RAM?
  9. So in other words, we can expect some/most of the problems to be fixed for next year edition?
  10. Armistice

    Advanced Playmaker & narrow attacks

    Advanced Playmaker role description says he stays in the hole between defence and midfield and sprays passes. Is he doing that? No. The striker shouldn't drop off in this case because he's on attack duty.
  11. Hello, so I created this thread to highlight some issues other than the "mainstream" lack of attacking movement or lack of through balls in central areas, etc. #1 - Advanced Playmaker I am playing a 4-2-3-1 and using two support duties in midfield. Of course this could be one of the reasons that the three midfielders are sometimes stacked up in one area, but I feel my AP is often is too deep. 02:51 - As you can see, the AP is in line with the other two midfielders. What I want to point out is that my striker, who's a CF-A has no support from my playmaker and realistically only the AML is close to him. 07:59 - A few seconds before this screenshot was taken, Eriksen received a pass from Dier, he held up the ball and the two CMs got past him like in the picture. If you look a couple of seconds in this move, when Eriksen passed it to Winks, you can see my striker miles away from the playmaker who should create for him. Only after Winks passed it wide to Trippier, Eriksen started to make a forward run, but it was too late. 08:43 - Rose cuts inside and you can see that something's wrong in the players distribution on the pitch. Again, midfielders close to each other and the striker is isolated. #2 - Narrow attacks I often feel that the attacking players stay too narrow when the ball's reaches the final third. This doesn't help if we want to stretch the opponent's defense. I believe this sort of "inside movement" where the wide players stay narrow regardless of their role and duty is nothing new in FM, but I do believe there's no reason players should be like this. But more like this. As you can see, when the players stay a bit wider, they create space by pulling defenders out of shape which facilitates through balls from the deeper players. Sure, if that was working. PKM. Tottenham v Cardiff.pkm
  12. I’m not sure where to ask to get more opinions on this, I guess here is the best place given that mods (going to tag you @Neil Brock) look through this and people who are testing the ME are also active. Ok while I was testing the beta I figured my attacking players were very narrow once the ball hit the opposition’s final third. I think you know what I am talking about since this has been present in previous FM editions although now it seems a bit exaggerated. My guess is that this has become slightly worse because now you can set your defensive width and for some reason the attacking players seem to try and play within that range. My question is why SI decided to code these players, even a winger for example, to tuck inside and stay close to the his team striker, instead of trying to stay slightly wider to create more gaps between the opposition’s defenders.
  13. Armistice

    ME1918 / Striker Movement

    I’ve posted something about this when the game was a few days short of being released as beta. I really hope SI add a customizable role like a wide midfielder if they’re not going to tweak how the winger is behaving. There are a lot of times when a winger gets the ball, he tries to dribble through a human wall made of opposition players, isolates himself then lose the ball. I’ve always despised this one dimensional sort of roles. I wish there’s more diversity in a winger arsenal, not just dribble, cross, lose the ball.
  14. Armistice

    AMC (AP-S) movement

    I posted about this in a different thread.