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  1. I don’t think it’s a likely scenario. People will play the game even if they consciously know it’s bugged. Which is a good thing for SI but not so good for the regular player who demanded improvements in specific areas of the game. I’ve said it before, the game generates more profit from year to year so it’s a good indicator that it’s doing its job. Why would they alter their business strategy? It’s only my opinion of course but I feel the gaming industry, just like the modern football, has sold its soul in an attempt to generate as much profit as possible. The passionate vibe has disappeared and it’s now only about the cash, no matter how they get it. Sad (not talking about a particular gaming company here, it’s a common theme).
  2. And why is that? Surely the ME should favor the players who put in a logical chain of instructions to create a tactic, regardless if they play defensive football, counter-attack or attacking football? To me, if the ME favors a style of play over another then it says a lot about its balance.
  3. FM20 sold most copies in the franchise afaik or something like that, it gives a good indication to SI where the player base stands and if they’re satisfied with the game. So of course the majority will always prevail over the minority unless we’re talking politics but that’s for another day What I’m saying is that people - who rightly so - complain about the ME, are in minority. Leaving “negative” reviews is completely normal and happens in every franchise. Why should SI listen to you when they’ve got millions of copies activated each year? The “voice” will be heard only when you make a more informed decision when it comes to buying the game instead of going instinctively. In other words when you’ll stop rushing to buy the game. Until then, happy gaming!
  4. Watching 5-10 full minutes of the game should give a clue why Wigan dominate possession even with 10 men. If you generate low possession %, it can be down to instructions telling your players to be more risky in their passes so they lose possession frequently, or it can be formation related (not enough passing options in transitions), or it can be that the AI is playing a very low risk football which is practically passing it back and forth between defenders and midfielders. I've seen this particularly in FM19 when I was the big dog in the league. Sometimes poor teams were generating better possession % than me so I got annoyed and switched to Full Match to notice that the opponents were passing it like I said and I wasn't giving them a headache due to no press.
  5. Would be good if you could post PKMs with timestamps in this topic so we can provide as much data as we cam.
  6. There is no one crucifying the game, people are having fair discussions based on observations in game and what they want to do/see. Maybe we all should be happy clappers and continously post how great the game is about 4-5 times per day “to counter-balance”.
  7. It’s always been about thinking how roles and duties fit the puzzle together, it’s nothing special this year. You’ve always been punished if you became over-attacking and the lots of “I have 100 shots and AI has 3 and I lost” threads in the Tactics section is a testament to it. What is more frustrating is that you can’t acknowledge that there are different people with different ideas and expectations of how to play the game. Just because you are pleased with how the ME works it doesn’t mean we all have to be. People want more control over tactics, want to see specific patterns happening and the tools can’t replicate that. I don’t know if some of these concepts are alien to you but if you decide to play the game on a superficial level to kill time it’s cool, good luck and have fun. I just don’t understand why you have to post every single time there are people debating the game and say how incredible it is. It is, but for yourself.
  8. I agree that the channels were exposed in FM17 so it was easier to involve the strikers even a lone forward on attack duty, but the point is that in FM20 there are still opportunities to pass the ball to the striker but it doesn't happen. I mean the space is there, just not as much as in FM17 so it's possible to involve the striker, especially when he's given a dropping role (like in my case) and duty. One more thing I noticed when my striker finally got a rare pass from the midfielders, he just passed it back quickly, didn't bother holding onto it like the role tells him to (Deep Lying Forward) as if he was scared of the ball. So a role that should help create space doesn't do that so how are my runners supposed to attack the space when the role that's required to do so doesn't do its job? Noticed this aswell. I felt at times as if I was playing with WB-A when both my fullbacks were set on WB-S.
  9. I made a comparison with FM17 and strikers received 35ish passes per game. That’s double of the passes my striker received in his best game Btw touches in FM are misleading, if a striker closes down the ball carrier and wins the ball, it counts as a touch. Anyway, looked through the games like you asked and while the touches numbers are indeed elevated, the striker still has the least touches in the team.
  10. My DLF has received 15 passes in a match against West Ham United, 5 passes when facing Leicester City, 10 when facing Brighton and 11 when facing Aston Villa. The central play seriously needs to be addressed in the next patch.
  11. Hey, I should start this post with a positive note - the ME is in a decent state considering how early we're into the game and I feel further tweaks can improve it a lot. ------------------- I'm also going to mention something before we look at the analysis. In my current tactic which is the Control Possession preset it feels like my two supporting wingbacks are so attacking that at times it feels like I'm playing attacking wingbacks. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but nowadays it seems to be a bit less distinction between support and attack duties in the final third. Might be wrong I don't know. I'll further test this to see how true it is. Oh and this PKM comes from playing FM20 Demo so I think it took SI a few extra days until they updated it with the latest ME and fixed that attributes bug. -------------------- Anyway. 11:36 - Ndombele takes a shot instead of a through ball to Kane. I think this is a very good example of the lack of through balls. 33:11 - I'd say it's a fair example of a player preferring to pass it out wide than centrally despite the wide pass being more risky. [No pic here] 38:45 - It's FM20 and the players still make pointless headers like this when he's in absolutely no danger here. Why this still happens I don't know. 40:40 - Lo Celso prefers a pass out wide despite Kane being completely free and within a few yards. 49:09 - This one could be down to the player's attributes but I believe there are some dubious decisions taken by the players at times. I am not going to highlight them all, just giving you an example like this where Ndombele has short passing options but he decides to play a more difficult pass for absolutely no reason. 65:07 - Ok initially I thought I shouldn't mark this as it could be the player's attributes in play but I see situations like these too often not to flag it, from different players too. I understand that Aurier's in more space out wide, but Lucas' is a good/more dangerous option. Another example of that 44:11 - Winks prefers a pass out wide despite Lo Celso being free and within a few yards. You could argue that Lo Celso passing lane is closed but so is Moura's. Ok for the next analysis (if there will be any) I'm going to highlight only the very obvious because analysing the whole game is taking a lot of time and it's not my job to do that. Player Stats My striker (Kane) has received only 10 passes in 90 minutes. Just checked the other three games I've played and Kane has received 15 passes v West Ham (A), 5 (!!!!) v Leicester (H) and 11 v Aston Villa (A). I don't know what's the average number of passes a striker receives (maybe @Svenc can help us with some stats) but that's awfully low for a DLF-A imo. Tottenham v Brighton.pkm
  12. How do I get rid of that dark box that's surrounding Match Stats?
  13. @ceefax the cat, @Johnny Ace - what would you guys say if we create a megathread in the bugs section and we all post our PKMs and tactics with details in there and discuss? I’m willing to give this issue one more shot if it will lead to anything, because the game is good (excepting the ME issues) and it’s a bit shameful that central play is putting a stamp onto it. Obviously everyone else is welcome to contribute. Edit - sorry for double post.
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