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  1. Russia definitely on Structured/Highly Structured.
  2. There was an interesting pattern in England’s game after 80th minute I believe, when they were pushing for a win, Walker was often pushing forward from his RCB position, somewhere in the right halfspace, with Trippier staying wide and I think it was Loftus-Cheek who drifted there too. Not sure if that was an instruction from Southgate, but I thought it helped England become more dangerous and if I’m not mistaken that’s how they’ve got the corner that led to Kane’s second.
  3. I would advise you to start with a basic formation like 4-4-1-1 and change things from there. In my experience, going with a strikerless formation, especially if you don't understand how it works, can lead to more issues.
  4. By the look of it, Iceland were playing on Structured, not everyone was involved in transitions.
  5. Hmm I am not so sure it draws another defender out of position because the player cutting in is going towards the central area anyway. That’s how I imagine it.
  6. Well you removed the TIs and got an improvement in results. I’d say stick to that for now and learn how roles and duties work together with Mentality, Shape and formation and gradually add TIs/PIs if you want to create a specific style of play.
  7. Hmm interesting. But if they started with two Inverted Wingers/IFs who stayed wide and cut inside, wouldn't they just dribble in a cluster of Icelandic defenders?
  8. This World Cup has been funny at least for me, I was watching the games of big favorites like Brazil, Argentina (although I support Iceland in this tournament) or Germany hoping they would use their talent and tactical intelligence to slice through deep defences so I can apply some of what I would see in my football manager save since I'm always struggling with defensive sides, yet these sides are performing just as bad as I am on my save.
  9. Wondering what top teams are missing to break those stubborn defences. Yesterday Argentina, now Germany fail to score from open play.
  10. Armistice

    Agentina Vs Iceland. 1400BST ITV

    Just hang in there Iceland!
  11. Armistice

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    Great game, thought Spain shouldn't have sat back in the last 10-15 minutes, but it's probably understandable considering that most of their players have played a lot of games this season.
  12. Sounds like a Structured shape tbf.
  13. I think it should be that way. It's like when you use a specific mentality and you adjust some things coming with it through TIs, like the defensive line. Not sure about locked in PIs though.