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  1. FM17 had the best ME a FM could possibly have until now. FM19 ME is below FM18. But FM19 features are probably up there with the best.
  2. Ok. So testers test, some private beta guys/girls also test. Then public beta guys also test.
  3. Ok so what is the FM testers job then? I’m simply curious, nothing more.
  4. So you’re telling me there are people who spend hundreds of hours doing testing for free...? What do these people do for a living? Who are they exactly?
  5. I haven't played since the release of 19.2. Uninstalled the game this month.
  6. I also doubt 19.3 will contain any substantial ME updates. It will likely update the transfers in January + tweaks to league bugs. Personally I knew this year’s edition is done when those few people did lots of testing in the public beta before 19.2, submitted pkms and the only thing they did was to come out and say this is the best ME they have ever released (lol) and the so-called bugs are long term, so personally I think they’ll hold the fixes for next year’s edition to convince skeptics to buy the game again.
  7. Usually the last patch is more about January transfers, not sure when was the last time they have made major tweaks to the ME.
  8. I simulated half of a season in FM17 and I’ve seen in a couple of matches more through balls/passes inside the box than in 2 months of FM19.
  9. I mean the player attributes database, is there any way to export it and use it in FM17? In other words, have players in FM17 have the same attributes as in FM19. Thanks.
  10. Yes there are improvements in the ME compared to 19.1, as FrazT said, the pressing has been tweaked, passing directness has been toned down aswell and the wide players stopped dwelling on the ball instead of crossing.
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