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  1. Hi, haven't had time to read the reviews but can some of you tell me an unbiased opinion on the ME? Is it SIGNIFICANTLY improved compared to last year? Which isn't a lot in itself as last year's ME was a mess imo. Also can we download demo now or wait until full release? I forgot how it worked last year.
  2. The headline features have not convinced me to buy the game this year, unfortunately. I mean obviously my expectations were lower due to the pandemic but how much does has that really changed the whole picture in terms of what SI could have delivered? Almost everyone I know works remotely, including programmers, and for them not much was changed in terms of the work load.
  3. Just get on Football Manager 17 mate. It's a good decision even if you'll lose all the progress you've made so far.
  4. According to Miles, FM20 is played by a record number of players. Sales went great this year so absolutely no reason SI will alter their strategy to comfort what some tiny minority is complaining on the forum. It is what it is.
  5. One of the reasons this game has gone to ****. This obsessive crusade to replicate real life stats.
  6. I don’t think it’s a likely scenario. People will play the game even if they consciously know it’s bugged. Which is a good thing for SI but not so good for the regular player who demanded improvements in specific areas of the game. I’ve said it before, the game generates more profit from year to year so it’s a good indicator that it’s doing its job. Why would they alter their business strategy? It’s only my opinion of course but I feel the gaming industry, just like the modern football, has sold its soul in an attempt to generate as much profit as possible. The passionate vibe has di
  7. And why is that? Surely the ME should favor the players who put in a logical chain of instructions to create a tactic, regardless if they play defensive football, counter-attack or attacking football? To me, if the ME favors a style of play over another then it says a lot about its balance.
  8. FM20 sold most copies in the franchise afaik or something like that, it gives a good indication to SI where the player base stands and if they’re satisfied with the game. So of course the majority will always prevail over the minority unless we’re talking politics but that’s for another day What I’m saying is that people - who rightly so - complain about the ME, are in minority. Leaving “negative” reviews is completely normal and happens in every franchise. Why should SI listen to you when they’ve got millions of copies activated each year? The “voice” will be heard only when you ma
  9. Watching 5-10 full minutes of the game should give a clue why Wigan dominate possession even with 10 men. If you generate low possession %, it can be down to instructions telling your players to be more risky in their passes so they lose possession frequently, or it can be formation related (not enough passing options in transitions), or it can be that the AI is playing a very low risk football which is practically passing it back and forth between defenders and midfielders. I've seen this particularly in FM19 when I was the big dog in the league. Sometimes poor teams were generating bet
  10. Would be good if you could post PKMs with timestamps in this topic so we can provide as much data as we cam.
  11. There is no one crucifying the game, people are having fair discussions based on observations in game and what they want to do/see. Maybe we all should be happy clappers and continously post how great the game is about 4-5 times per day “to counter-balance”.
  12. It’s always been about thinking how roles and duties fit the puzzle together, it’s nothing special this year. You’ve always been punished if you became over-attacking and the lots of “I have 100 shots and AI has 3 and I lost” threads in the Tactics section is a testament to it. What is more frustrating is that you can’t acknowledge that there are different people with different ideas and expectations of how to play the game. Just because you are pleased with how the ME works it doesn’t mean we all have to be. People want more control over tactics, want to see specific patterns happening a
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