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  1. Even the best real-life managers cannot convince their wingers to track back enough, situation in FM is completely opposite Our Raumdeuters on Very Attacking mentality can't control their urge to follow their fullbacks. Diego Simeone would love this game
  2. Great thread Johnny! The way you display your AMCs' actions through GIFs is so helpful. I've been experimenting a 4-2-3-1 DM Wide and loved it. Unlike the classic version, the formation is more forgiving in terms of unleashing full-backs' attacking potential and makes you able to play a less aggressive pressing style combined with a direct brand of football. Actually i mostly copied it from the AI, Schalke's manager inspired me . When i was trying to choose the right roles for my AMC and DMs, i've noticed ,(not considering their defensive behavior), that the AM(s) is just an "advanced CM(s)" and the DM(s) is a "deep CM(s)". Do you agree with me? They're just slightly different in individual mentality and starting positions , of course. Their movement and positionings are more or less the same in the final third imo. I remember you mentioned how the AM(s) stays deeper than you expected in one of your comments.
  3. I guess he meant roles like DLP(s) or DM(s) with hold position PI. A defend duty player is insufficient to provide attacking support enough in a 4-2-3-1 Deep imo.
  4. Does direct-attacking football become obsolete when you get to a certain level/reputation? Is it impossible to unlock cautious opponents with this brand of football? I've been recruiting players who are suited to direct-attacking since 4 seasons. Extreme mobility, high work rate/determination/aggression/bravery, good jumping/heading. We enjoyed great overachievements. The opponents don't give me much space anymore. Do i need to switch my playstyle to a disgusting short-patient style?
  5. I'm aware of deficiencies of this setup. It works well versus bigboys or a classic 4-4-2. I just wanted to know the rule of thumbs to create space against defensive teams with a DM. But your suggestions are spot on, thanks. Deep-runners give them a dilemma and sometimes mess their compactness. I agree 100%. Drawing them to your half is a useless idea. What i understood from answers is that there are two key methods to solve this problem: 1. To make a tactic that contains nice movement. 2. To have talented players.
  6. Those formations are so effective, it's true, i eventually want to play a 4-3-1-2 after a few seasons. It requires a top-quality player group (what tactic doesn't eh ?) This article displays a detailed way to solve a 5-4-1 with a 4-3-1-2 variant. Of course, i have to consider my tactic as a whole. I just wanted to learn if there's a theoretical approach to unlock those certain formations. Your AMC thread intrigued me to start this save. So thanks for your contributions And i agree. I avoid to exaggerate TIs. Setting everything high and activating so many shouts makes more harm than good, especially on positive mentalities which everything are already higher. But i don't think giving space to defensive teams is beneficial. They play on lower mentalities and use 4-5 defend duties, so they aren't willing to come if it's not safe.
  7. Thanks for the advices. What do you think of having both AM and ST on support duty? Would that congest the middle and make them occupy the same space? Or does catching the DM 2v1 with two support duty players create an advantage? It seems good on paper but i wanna learn how it is in practice.
  8. Yeah, it's the biggest challenge for a big team imo. I remember a pre-season Guardiola interview. He was asked the thoughts-challenges on the upcoming season, he didn't say anything about top-6 teams or "Liverpool is so tough" , he just said "We need to find a way to unlock stubborn defenses, those teams which play 5-4-1, 6-3-1..." If even Guardiola struggles to do that, it's so normal for us mere mortals It's funny man, i just wanted to enjoy a game. Suddenly im reading articles on Spielverlagerung Good old prime Real Madrid... Hmm, makes sense. I think AP is a relatively static role (at least in the older version i play, he has "Hold Position" locked in). Using a Treq may lead to some interchanging movement. I can imagine something like this, correct me if i'm wrong; Treq roams all over the place and pulls the DM out of position. Forward drops deep to AM strata, a CD follows him. A wide forward exploits the space created by that. Or the DM holds his position, Treq creates an overload somewhere freely. Deep runners and deep-holders (???) are lethal. But it's tricky to use them in a top-heavy system like 4-2-3-1. IMO so many people make a mistake of sending all players to advanced areas (Double IFat, Double WBat etc). My team's most effective movement usually comes from existence of CM(de). Someone passes to IF, opposition midfielder closes down, IF passes to free CM(de) and he sends it to rushing FB(at).
  9. The thing i hate about common guides is: they mostly show how to create space against a simple 4-4-2, which is easiest to figure out; Place a player between the lines, CB steps forward, someone exploits the space behind. But i struggle to find a way in my mind to open pockets of space against 4-3-3 DM-Wide, 4-1-4-1 DM-Flat etc. Yes, i occasionally win matches against them but i don't know how i do it. Wide overlaps are useful but they put the team in a vicious cycle and whole match goes like a crossing show. Number 10s and strikers that drop deep get marked out by the DM, i cannot convince opposition CBs to step forward and wide forwards attack a clogged zone as a result of that. False 10-False 9 combo works sometimes but i've noticed that it creates confusion, not space. Really, how to create space versus those formations regardless of the tactic i'm using? In the first season, i used to draw my opponents to our half and attack them through devastating fast-direct transitions. My personnel don't have good technical abilities but they're too fast and hardworking. After a couple successful seasons, teams no longer give space behind easily. I need some movement and attacking patterns to create space. My roles and duties were assigned to exploit high opposition d-lines. I usually see this kind of situations and my players fail due to lack of space.
  10. I think "Gets into opposition area" and "Gets forward whenever possible" PPM combination would be better than arrives late into box. You need to create space in the middle and give him time for his runs. Couple of ideas ; I'd use a striker role that holds the ball up to gain time and moves into channels to attract a CD to create a gap in the middle. So your best bet will be DLF. Playing with slightly wider width helps to stretch opposition defense a little bit more. Though normal width in positive mentality would work too. Roam from position PI will benefit him by giving him more freedom to find pockets of spaces. And of course, if you want to have someone like Lampard, you need a player that is in his caliber
  11. I felt like they leave themselves isolated so often by going wide instead of dropping off into AM strata, especially while i'm using 4-1-2-3 DM Wide. Maybe my expectations from the roles are wrong or unreasonable
  12. Is the "Move Into Channels" a contradicting PI for striker roles that drop deep (F9,DLFs,TQ)? Does the instruction cause them to be in higher positions than they need to? I've tried to observe it by watching full highlights but couldn't figure out tbh
  13. Yeah that's the main problem My raum has became the player of the year in my current save but that doesn't matter if i don't see the patterns and movement i want
  14. Great posts and images Johnny, thank you. Those were the best explanations on MIC and Raumdeuter issues. I tried to make the role working for countless times, even made a topic on forum but never understood what was wrong. IMO, if one wants to create the intended movement using MIC, it can be implemented better with central roles rather than wide roles. DLFsu(mic)/CMat for an example.
  15. Thanks for the answer. Your reasoning sounds like creating havoc and chaos at the opposition half with tempo and press then finding the net. Probably one would need all-around great players. They must have high speed,technique,intelligence,physicality. Then i give up my desire to play like that
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