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  1. Would argue that it transitions to a 2-4-4 in attack, with both Fullbacks and wingers hugging the flank, especially given some of the games + analysis done. He's more flexible than Sarri, so I'd understand the tactical adaptions in some games against some teams, that may cause the confusions. Either way, fair debate👍🏿
  2. Decent, but I'd argue he uses both Fullbacks to the max. Shape also assumes a diamond in most transition of play. But a flat 4-4-2 can pass for a fair interpretation. However, with two attack duties, upfront, there's a disconnect. Maybe your Treq drops to AMC strata, but he assumes the AMCL spot to (a) Create an overload on the left (b) allow the STRC enough time to pick good position to exploit. Can also utilize a support role (DLF/CF) to avoid isolation of STRC. Also, don't really understand the need for that many TI's. Little or less can help you spot important tweaks to make. PI's & 'coded' movements can offer you the necessary movements, if needed. left flank might be a key input. BBM? Like the role, but all that roaming + a DLPsu can be a very aggressive combo. Maybe DLP on defend & CM on support with PI's? Great post, lets see how you progress.
  3. Not an expert, but if I'm your opponents I'll target your left area. "Look for overlap" increases the mentality of your Fullbacks coupled with An aggressive winger is dangerous. Cover- stopper really does nothing to mitigate how aggressive that defence is. Feel sorry for your DLPd against top teams. Also, if it's an overlapping/underlapping tactic, why not get a good runner? Maybe Mez/CMa? & Thats just on the overview. Intricate things like your TI combination + PI's are a bit confusing. Maybe start with as little as possible in terms of instructions.
  4. The concern is not even the roaming effect of the Fullbacks, it's more 'how many are given license to go forward'. I've used two, but I set two CM's on 'holding' roles. That way, they'll be available, both flanks, when a counter attack happens. Can use one player to mitigate the effect(a Half back's role is primarily to allow WB/FB to push ahead.....) Also. As for 'what roles', I'd prefer you experiment for yourself. Suggestions should be much more 'dynamics of play' than 'role changes' which may/ may not work according to the gamer's desires. Dynamics: If your wide players tuck in, allowing the Fullbacks occupy the width, more predilection to (WM/WP/IW) than ( W ). TI's also have effects, so keep em veryuch, minimal and build from there(once you've noticed what you want from basics) English a bit flawed. But you get.
  5. Drop the wingers back. Change BWM(s) to a playmaker on 'hold position', to dictate play, bring the ball out & recycle the ball won. Too much movement in defense (fullbavks), are you not concerned about it?
  6. Fair enough outlook. That's why there's a tactical forum, ayee. Might be a bit Cliche, but 'playing to the strenghts of your players & Team' isn't a bit off the mark. I don't expect you to completely dominante teams like FCB, using a decent side, like maybe Swansea, even though as the person playing, you want that 'unrealistic advantage' so to say. Seems you're already someone that likes soccer, or have watched soccer games, so you must've seen teams you like. Nothing sweeter than getting a tactic you created yourself, than running with downloads, so I won't suggest roles. FM can be a bit complicated, but after a lot of tests & studying other people's tactics on this Forum, you'll get the hang of it. Big hint: Try recreating styles of teams you fancy. Klopp's Liverpool (I'm a United fan, despise Liverpool, but you'd have to admit, they play, at least last season, a good brand of soccer) or Pep's style. Find your Dynamics by working with theirs. Movement of players. Who moves, who stays, how often, how rare. Why does Walker join to Make a relatively tight 'back 3' & Mendy(weak link, really) does what he likes. Fit these players in the role you like. Watch it play out, make tweaks, repeat...till you get the Dynamics you're 'comfortable' with. Buy players to fit your overall vision, the BOOM. I know it's not simple Maths, but it's a good overview. For example: imagine having fullbacks that do whatever they like(roam from position default PI's), you wouldn't want to be the CB's there. So a HB, who acts as a 3rd CB might do alot to help(to an extent). 2nd hint: Quality players/Top players will deliver, regardless. Good luck.
  7. That's actually the most aggressive defence I've seen on this forum. HB must have been an option to mitigate the freedom of the two fullbacks, ayee? Two CWB's & one on attacking duty, wow!. CB's must be pissing themselves when a counter attack springs up. Reason for stopper/cover Being? Wouldn't want to be the DLPD in the tactic, cause I'll be tasked with holding the fort (which seems everywher, at the moment) & playmaking duties.
  8. 1. "They don't look like the Napoli..." Might just be that all round quality players are not the same. Not trusting Morata to execute a good Mertens/Higuain role or Willian to be my Callejon (maybe Pedro can, but the running back challenge he does is too wierd). Kante tries, but a little more push will do. Barkley/Kovacic/Cheek all missing at least an element in their game to replicate the job Hamsik did at Napoli. Jorginho=Jorginho. Azpi is suffering. Clearly see how they depend on Hazards quality to raise the team from average (which they clearly are, to top qualify). Chelsea are over performance by a country mile., To be honest. Bottom line, the lines & Dynamics of play are the same, but the pace & Technicality with which they are executed cannot be achieved at this moment in time. 2. I also had the same reaction when you assumed Kante played the Hamsik Role. Nope, he plays the Allan Role. Still adjusting, to be fair, but Jorginho had kind words for him & encourages their new found partnership. Hope this helps.
  9. 1. Your 'passing between players in Midfield' when AMS might be as a result of an isolated be striker. Maybe a more supportive role (s) can make him a closer & easier option. 2. Right wing can be more aggressive with the winger and more conservative with the FB to encourage earlier penetration to the box, over there. 3. I get the 'strong base thing' with CMD-DLP(s). Maybe give one the option of Choosing to either move or stay with 'CMS- BWMs' and then keep one on proper holding 'DLPd-BWMd-CMD'. The fear is that you've left too much gap between Defence and central area so as not to be caught by counter. A gap that a DM strata would have presumably covered. But your use of the WM only reinforces your pressing & defence and makes you 'worry less' about that. So it's 'hold-link-shuttle' you can prioritize in your 'CM-Am-CM' Midfield. Bad English but hope it helps.
  10. Oh. Thanks very much for the feedback. Expecting positive results in your save.
  11. My favourite of all your threads is the season 2 one. Looked beautiful & solid. Question: If you're considering a double DM formation, won't it limit movements obstruction of your Reg towards that area(to an extent). I mean won't he be like a hindrance of complete movement in that area? Asking to get answers, to be honest. Cause most people, on here at least, set up with their defensive or holding MF in the CM strata & play their RPM/REG in another or lower.
  12. 'Wingers stay wide'. I probed okereke about his narrow play so that's already covered. The CM's in the Dynamics of Peps's play, actually go wide. Attacking half spaces, & like De bruyne last season from deep, goes wide & delivers crosses. Occasionally cuts in and shoots(mezzala like behaviour i.e Chelsea 1-0 last season). Maybe you can explain it better. Just for understanding sake.
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