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  1. Use a generic AM on support & play on his TI's to get the pressing you desire. With specialist roles you expect specialist treatment. What you're asking your 'advanced playmaker' to do is, to be a master with the ball & a bull dog without(would Ozil, for example, do such? Messi, sometimes, not everytime. Dybala?) Sometimes attributes(workrate) might help, but that's about it, really.
  2. Wow. So many 'In-possession' TI's. If i were a player in this team I'd have assumed you didn't want us to even kick the ball. I like the shape, bar the ST disturbing the playamaker from doing his job(let him be free. Poacher, AF, anything). Also, if you're using an AP, I've found that you need a runner in the middle, or he'll occasionally 'choke'. Give him options(CMsu, BBM? Anyone). Attacking fullbacks(both). Actually not against that. Are least you know where you'll be exposed. That 'regroup' TI won't help, either. Distribute to fullbacks is also weird, considering you want them as attacking outlets. They can do less on the build up and you can maximize your playmaker in the build up. He'll come deep, use your 2 CB's as shield, CM as easy option...you get the drift. Then there's the fact you're willing to 'press'. How good is your team, compared to the rest? Hope you'll consider tinkering against teams, at least. Good luck. Hope it ends up an interesting save.
  3. The 4-1-4-1 deep is a really interesting shape. Can be very good and aggressive if used right Questions: 1. What are the overall attributes of your players and why do you feel you can pull this off. 3. Some TI's are a bit too much, i don't understand Suggestions: TI's Possession: Maybe take off the overlap? Transition: can take everything off & just put Counter(if your players can/are good enough to operate a good Counter press, then use that) Out of possession: Do you have the sort of defenders to operate a high line? Watch games as you tweak this one. I'd rather you fix this, yourself. Players: There's a lot of support in wider areas from your middle(Mez & BBM, both roam, but still have the option of Vertical runs, occasionally). Might i suggest some changes? Your RCM can be A CM on attack. He'll make those lateral runs and your RMW can be a winger on either at or Su (with get forward PI). A FB on support(DR) can play behind them Nothing wrong with Mez(LCM), but it'll be easier combine him with an Inverted winger out left who you can tell to sit narrow and roam. That way you choke the channel in that area and allow for a WB on attack to overall that area. It'll also drag opposite teams players to that area, and allows your CMat to exploit the space left. Your striker can be a DLfsu/TMsu, toggle between both. Let's not leave your 'lone/link up' alone. Finally: You can reduce your DLpde closing down to less. Let him stick to his area while others pursue the oppostion. Watch games and make tweaks, too.
  4. 1. I'd like to ask what was the intention of setting this up(from your TI's i can assume what you want) but i can't really tell. 2. I'd advice you go through some interesting threads on here to nick of some ideas. A 4-2-3-1 is a top heavy tactic as it has 4 players usually pushing into the opposite 3rd & usually has a 'shuttler' running from deep in attack transition & covering the back in defense phase. Usually a calmer head sits & holds the middle, recycling possession and allows for everyone to push ahead. It's a tactic most don't venture cause it makes it hard for peeps to recover if ever a loose pass/shot/drink is made. You'll usually find space in the middle left by your players that the opposition will exploit. If i were the opposition team, i'd : 1. Enjoying playing against your middle pivot(You don't have one to be honest). No ones sitting. But pairings that could work can be "DLps - CMde" or "DLPde - Carsu" etc. One holder or two, at least. 2. Your striker will be isolated(occasionally) because of the role & duty. Can be helped with a striker on support duty. 3. Defend wider? Maybe watch the games more, especially, on Comprehensive to make additional changes.
  5. This may rank as my top 3 of your Threads, so if it eventually stops here, know that you've done so much for the community. Hope you can start FM19 so we can steal more of your ideas😂. Joking. Last question: I see you've used a Halfback in a couple of your formations. I've avoided the role because of the issues it caused in FM17. I've confirmed from friends that it(issues) still persisted in FM18. I just want to know how you've got the Halfback working for you, if the issues still bother you & how you utilize it(HB) in your tactics. This will be really helpful for me & i believe, others.
  6. To be honest, & i know this is a stretch, but if you want Kane to be top player, play him as the RMD.
  7. I think you've actually set-up in a pretty decent and solid way. I see the complaint, but the set-up is designed to get the best out of your RMD.
  8. This looks solid. I have this problem with DMde and his closing down leaving my defense isolated, at times, but i'd imagine you're stable in that department.
  9. Okay. Liked the post cause you, at least, took some advice. Still, how well is your build up? Do your Central Midfielders contribute to bringing it(ball) from out of defence. As @Rashidi said above, & I quote, 'You fail to control your own defensive third----', maybe you can make your CMd more involved in build up? Maybe change the role to something that both sits in front of the defence and also brings ball out, rather than having your defence keep making mistakes? How about you increase the closing down, to retrieve lost balls. You're getting there, don't worry. Keep taking the positive advice, positive conversations & build your tactic.
  10. I personally, like the 3-4-1-2 shape(Your shape, above looks beautiful) and I agree with everything @Experienced Defender said, above. I also understand @Cadoni 's skepticism with employing the shape. You shouldn't be too discouraged. But you must know that the width is a weakness of your shape. Also, But to employ such a shape, you must consider the attributes of your WB's especially their stamina, positioning, stamina, dribbling, crossing, pace & acceleration attributes, as they'll be bombing up & down, acting as both primary & secondary sources of width. If(especially Positioning) is low then I'd expect that in counter attacking situations, you'd get easily ripped apart by opposition wingers or Fullbacks or 2 v 1 situations out wide(if your opponents are really mean). Also, maybe the AM role mitigates this, but maybe the deep runner can combine on the DLfsu section rather than at the right hand side? What are your PI's? You also said you wanted a possession based tactic. LOE? Tighter marking can be avoided, too. You can increase the urgency of the closing down, however. Exploit the middle to increase the risk, there. 'Distribute to Fullbacks' is a bit risky to me. Your Fullbacks should be allowed time and space to push forward in the build up. Maybe, take it off? Pass to space, might also help. Question will be by how much? You can also test a DM - DM combo in DMde & Vol(su/at). There's so much much you can test, but it depends, really, on your teams quality and how it adapts to your tactic. Keybis to keep testing, till you get your fix/desired play. Hope you understand my Statements. Good luck in your save👍🏿.
  11. Like it, but the issue is the movements of the IWB's. As pointed out in another thread(I apologise, as I can't remember which), when two DM's are played, IWB's assume Regular WB duties. Your screenshot even says the same. There's also no way to mitigate this by playing, one directly up top the other, except in an asymmetrical form, but it'll still force one of the IWB's into assuming a WB duty. Not saying that's the core of tactic ('there must be 2 IWB's in the initial tactic'), no, there's so much than that. But if it works with that principle or movement, then we'd need a tactic that enables both IWB's to work. Hope my statement is understandable, though. I see you've made huge strides with your tactic, though, congrats 👍🏿.
  12. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Huge fan of your work. The Ajax/Sacchi threads are gems. Hope you never run out of ideas. Quick question: if you identify that your Center-backs have cover/stopper qualities, what PPM's do you usually train them on to fully maximize them. At least, what you like to use, not necessarily, the best one to use, for each type of defender. Hope you can understand my question. Thank you.
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