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  1. The Egyptian king

    Can I ask how that right flank is doing?seems there's a lot of movement there,especially considering how aggressive your tactics are going. 2.don't be too stuck up on recreating "roles" .maybe balance the overall tactics,then be keen on adapting to their movements and positions. Maybe with ox you stick to CMs and offer him the "movements" you want. Bobby might be good as AMA because even as I love the CFs role ad it produces goals,Ama might give you that relationship with salah you need.IFs can also be a blank space to work with for salah and with a few movements configuration you can then move with it. Honest opinion.apologize for the English.also a rush suggestion.
  2. I didn't want to try it too given the the aggressive nature of a DMs(he has "tackles harder" as a fixed ppm) and wanyama ain't no calm person. but it worked in the end.but I play with opi's sometimes or against very pacy strikers.those odd through balls come once in a while. For your question, I made Alli that Dlf because of the finishing attribute he has.i did not want to waste it.eriksen took the Ams.. It's not plug and play though, but you'll enjoy the balance in movement to start with.achieved 50% conversion rate. Some games though.... Annoying. My English is not very top...ill inbox you any further improvements or changes. You can inbox me your views too.
  3. I also had an issue with this.headache working it. But I found something that worked but you'll have to use a standard mentality and a very fluid shape.considering the attributes spurs players have, you'll have success with it. Not plug and lay though. Af. Dlfs Ams Wa. Wa Dms. Dlpd CD. Cdco. CD Sks Ti Close down much more Tighter marking Prvnt short keeper dstr Highest line Play out of defence Low crosses More expressive. Pi Sk =dstr to playmaker,quickly Dlpd =close down much less Dms =fewer risky passes,get further forward Ams =hold up ball, get further forward,direct passes Dlf=direct passes, dribble more, move into channels. Af =roam It's a 3-4-1-2 that offers you 4 passing options in the building up to avoid the opposition press and makes it easier for your gk to distribute out. The wingers are in the CM strata to force a high press without the ball. Ams starts the press from top and together with the Dms,dlf and CDco forms multiple diamonds to outnumber the opponent in the middle and dominate when attacking also offering passing options. Your issue might be the DMs role as I don't really favour your "dier and wanyama" options. Too mistake prone. But it works. 💪
  4. No Tactic is Working

    A hint would be to use a well explained tactic on this forum as base for yours. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! 3-4-3 Is the most compact I've seen and a 3-6-1 formation can be manipulated to your benefits.especially due to numerical advantage in the middle. I've made a 3-2-3-2 DM2 from it and I just did not alter any of his TI's. There are other leaders here that'll vuide you through. Also observe the game play and watch out for the constant mistakes that occur to cinceede.And see if you can work with the Opp. Instructions to check the opp players. The tactics here work. Just maybe your not too much "plug and magic".working Your Own tactic Is the real joy in it, IMHO.
  5. It would help if you posted the tactic you have opted to use. I will go ahead and assume you're using him in a play making role,and If you're referencing "Xavi" then a "deeper lying play making" role.as long as you have a holding midfielder behind him with greater positioning attribute,he'll be fine...what you ought to be concerned about would be his work rate,stamina and balance (maybe pay attention to his agility too) as these are attributes that'll help determine how well he'll track back and hassle opponents.
  6. Absolutely great tactic and I just want to applaud this.I'm a man Utd fan and the 07/08 era really stamped fear and created a huge gap between us and every team in the league. Sad that city are doing what they are doing at the moment though. I will just like to ask,why so many PI's though.did you try to simplify some at least?.during your experimentation. Your interpretation isn't bad at all.But I think he was going for the rather more accurate interpretation of the tactic which is the assymetric set up underlined in the image he got from the website.
  7. Send to an affiliated team for work permit and pray after 5 years be becomes eligible.😊 What I'm doing with maximilianao Romero
  8. I do not disagree that both roles will operate differently in passing and delivery. My only concern was with the "he does not deliver risky passes often".This he can.if configured on ppm or PI. I do not disagree with this as I have a working 3-2-4-1 DM2 tactic in my Present FM17 load that utilises this.and my illustraton above was pirlo as opposed to how Ozil or Thiago will operate in advanced areas. So I do not disagree.I only just wanted to point out that frequency of risky passes is a possibility with DLP or any other play making role.
  9. Whether the player plays risky passes or not can be configured in the PI's.so I don't really agree with most that say "less risky passes". Pirlo for example was given license to be adventurous with his passing and maybe we can argue that he was A regista or a roaming playmaker,he still was the playmaker from deeper positions,hence,deep lying playmaker. Go through the Game's generated or fixed PI's for both roles and observe the movement's of each to tell the difference for yourself. Sorry my English isn't perfect.
  10. Nurturing the next Pirlo

    I will really love an update on what kind of tactical set up yould use to make your Regista flourish. Most people argue that you can get the true feel of this role in a counter Structured system(which most times,if not always,accompanies a 5-1-2-2 kind of formation).Im used to fluid systems and I understand the thinking behind making the system to be structured with direct passing for him to act as the "sole" playmaker.I just want to see if you can get a balanced system that works for it.
  11. Not the same to be honest. At Barcelona,especially the 10/11 era,Sergio busquets was utilised as a HB in the sense that he plays almost as a third center back in the build up and functions as a holding midfielder as the ball moves onto the opponents half. Major difference in this city team is that the "split" in build up is not really sought out as the f ullbacks don't bomb forward as much but rather sit narrower in the center of the midfield,forming a kind of "bank of 5". Summary: Busquets=HB Fernandinho=DLPD or DM Depends on your interpretation really. My English is not so perfect.I apologize.
  12. The Firmino

    A shadow striker with "roam from position".
  13. Poche's 3-4-2-1

    Fair enough. But maybe go for a supporting role for your striker.He looks Like he'll be isolated much.Hope he isn't. And maybe moving your wingbacks to the CM strata might do a bit of improvement.
  14. Poche's 3-4-2-1

    My personal suggestion would be to go strikerless. Amsu SSat apsu CM DLPd WB WB CD CD co CD PI DLPd=close down much less. TI Attacking very fluid More direct passing Work ball into box. Hope this might help. Blessed.