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  1. Average in-game ratings and to some extent, player reputation. Your teams performances in competitions also count. To your other question, Yes he can. All you need is a boost in the above and voila,
  2. Don't believe that is what OP was going for(a pointless asymetry). He even said it works. Plus, generalised statements like what I was replying to and debunking is what we ought to be against, especially, if no real data has been generated to prove it. There's also a debate as to there being no ultimate definition to what is a "more" balanced or "true" as it concerns setting up tactics. There's a thread here were people use one CD in their tactics and still get results. Is that a "balanced" tactic? Or even a logical one?. But that is a rabbit hole I wish not to enter. The OP asked f
  3. But he said the tactic actually works. So rather than throwing it off, just maybe suggest a tactic like he's asking, no? There's also no real data to assume that none- Assymetric tactics give "better results" than asymmetrical ones. None. Better results in goals? Number of wins? What? Also, "balanced" tactics can be made to be less vague. Balanced in roles? Setup according to style of play? I think ad ice should always be clear, especially according to what people request.
  4. No middle runner. Teams will eventually adjust to it.
  5. Mezala on attack in a 4-3-3. You'll have to protect him on the wings, because he lacks workrate.
  6. Not an attack on you(if you perceived it as so, I apologize). I'm simply addressing your statement that the game will interprete some real life teams tactic based on their defensive shapes(in this case 442). I'm just saying that 4-3-3 's and 4231's defend as 442's, too.
  7. Not really. In FM, especially when you use a mezzala in a 4-3-3 or an attack duty AM in a traditional 4231, you'll find that your team presses in a 442.
  8. Hmmm... It is technically a front 4(CM-a included). Even though I see the argument of multiple recievers(DLF(a) and WTM(s)) it does not disprove that it keeps players in decent proximity to themselves, thus enabling ball retention and more player interaction as against if the striker were to be an AF(a) or Poacher(a) and the players coded to hit risky passes just search long for him. The argument of the IWD-de? He'll overlap the IF-su when the spaces opens up(would be different he used a W-su), so he really isn't static. Even the DLP(s) will attack space on occasion. Also, risky passing
  9. One is a ball magnet(RPM) with less defensive attribute requirements (attribute wise, not necessarily by PI adjustment) the other is simply a shuttler(BBM-su) with some defensive attribure requirements.
  10. These are really good questions. Regarding my setup, I use a formula of duties(attack, support or defend) to determine what flank a player occupies. A flank for me can have only one attack and one defend duties. But can have more than one support duties. My Left back in any of my systems is always a Complete Wingback on attack duty. I, personally, love the role and I pair him with a DLPde and an AP-su on LW. For the BWM-su, on his flank I have an IF-su and a WB-de. I build up with TEAM INSTRUCTIONS "play out of defence + distribute to fullbacks". (A little bit off-point)The buil
  11. Biggest advice is to use one when you want him to do a job within a specific area, whilst pairing him with a good DLP, either defend or support, depending on the structure of your team I use one in a very aggressive 4231 and I pair him with a DLP(de). The idea is to have two defensively astute players covering each flank, with the deepest being my DLP(de) to serve as a magnet and press resistant enough to build our play up. Because of how eccentric he can be, good Holding midfielder will facilitate your BWMsu.
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