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  1. I hear you. It's an interesting take. I think the game tried to mitigate this by making Fullback roles more aggressive, at least they seem so compared to '19, so they cover up the space left, early. But i think an IW delays before the "Inside tucking effect" you refer to. I just don't see it done frequently, in real life(CM's going as far as hugging the line. Except maybe in tactics without wide players, 4-3-2-1, 5-2-2-1-2 etc. But i understand what you mean. I do.
  2. Hmmmm. Post the tactic(picture) so people can help you out.
  3. Why? If i may ask. Why the touchline, specifically?
  4. I think mine was a switch from a 4-4-2 to a slight asymmetrical one, in game(just moving my ML to an AML position). Bournemout save. Created too many chances but was losing bare games. Decided to lessen a lot of instructions & make the switch. Helped us to a 4th placed finish. Good save. Also, i noticed our possession numbers balanced out when my fowards (wide attackers) where on supportive duty & my LOE went up. It made sense why.
  5. I hear that & i somewhat see it. But OP asked if it were a "deal breaker". Just clarified that it isn't (as it isn't).
  6. Off the ball is not a deal breaker for a deep lying playmakers on defend. It's not even amongst it's "attribute requirements", both desired/required. On support? Yes.
  7. KDB & Muller are totally different players. Comparing them in terms of output is a stretch. Muller has always had decent stats by FM standards for time. It is not unusual that some of those would be low for this version considering some should decline with age. There's also the fact that he is limited in certain areas. The role requirements for most areas he can or should play in, he can't essentially fulfill due to lack of pace & dribbling. He can play there, but you will see a better effect if he had those attributes.. SS, RMD, TQ & AMat to name a few. Your best bet is to play him as PFat. There is no real complaint there. Davies has a Ceiling. He develops. Into those attributes you ask for. Again. plus, 17 is really fast, especially for potential.
  8. I assumed you wanted a possession set-up or fix. Didn't know it was specific to the 3-5-2. I can't help. Sorry. Think others can work it out. I have seen it get done. Just think it suffers, eventually. Watch closely.
  9. The 3-5-2, especially one that (a.) Does not utilize wide players (b.)Has too many players deep, is not designed for high pressing possession systems. I am assuming this thread will eventually get closed because you wrote it before in another one, but before that, try other formations. Please.
  10. Looks good on the screen & might be a close or very close replication. However, FM is very unforgiving when your flanks are exposed with a semi aggressive holding midfielder covering the backline. Your entire left side is vulnerable. Your ST is isolated & Your AP has no early support from either your wingback/CM. I think it does look good. But it'll get punished. You will have to go for what is more realistic by FM standards.
  11. Genuinely curious. Have you tested all of the advice? Because personally there has been so much here. Do i get decent possession stats? Yes. Do i think it should be difficult with teams that are top tier against park the bus teams? No. It is just horrible that something like this occurs, where even the "Tiki Taka" presets have to be "tweaked" to obtain decent possession stats. The truth is, threads like these have become too common. Has the game ever been perfect? No. But this is too overwhelming to boil it down to just "your tactic". Again, the 4-1-4-1 Not being as possession friendly as a 4-2-3-1 is just confusing. Of course it is difficult to replicate a prime Barcelona/Liverpool press, but forcing individual pressing by 2 CM's is usually helpful. Sure your one ST gets "bypassed" easily, but you're less open in the midfield area. If your 2 wingers push hard on the opposition Fullbacks, you cut out the passing lanes even more. I have seen people on this forum achieve decent possession numbers with 4-1-4-1. The dominant issue is usually chance conversion. Overall, it's a disappointing issue that will continue to get heavy criticism, as it should. My advice is that you keep tweaking and watch more of BustTheNet videos(at least, before we get 21). There are other creative, but that's a good place to start when it comes to "pressing".
  12. I won't push it, because it'll derail from the focus of the original post. I, however, don't agree. But i understand.
  13. Variety doesn't necessarily have to boil down to players roles. -> Attributes -> PPM's -> Personality, etc. All play a huge part in how a player executes a role, thus, offering "variety" to a position. So there's no issue with playing to AF or F9. They'll play it differently.
  14. Of course there are some holes in the tactic. Especially, given the number of "counter-attacking" footy, however, I don't think using two of the same type of player is ,essentially, bad. Both might have different attributes/PPM's & will execute the role differently.
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