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  1. 1. Your 'passing between players in Midfield' when AMS might be as a result of an isolated be striker. Maybe a more supportive role (s) can make him a closer & easier option. 2. Right wing can be more aggressive with the winger and more conservative with the FB to encourage earlier penetration to the box, over there. 3. I get the 'strong base thing' with CMD-DLP(s). Maybe give one the option of Choosing to either move or stay with 'CMS- BWMs' and then keep one on proper holding 'DLPd-BWMd-CMD'. The fear is that you've left too much gap between Defence and central area so as not to be caught by counter. A gap that a DM strata would have presumably covered. But your use of the WM only reinforces your pressing & defence and makes you 'worry less' about that. So it's 'hold-link-shuttle' you can prioritize in your 'CM-Am-CM' Midfield. Bad English but hope it helps.
  2. Oh. Thanks very much for the feedback. Expecting positive results in your save.
  3. My favourite of all your threads is the season 2 one. Looked beautiful & solid. Question: If you're considering a double DM formation, won't it limit movements obstruction of your Reg towards that area(to an extent). I mean won't he be like a hindrance of complete movement in that area? Asking to get answers, to be honest. Cause most people, on here at least, set up with their defensive or holding MF in the CM strata & play their RPM/REG in another or lower.
  4. 'Wingers stay wide'. I probed okereke about his narrow play so that's already covered. The CM's in the Dynamics of Peps's play, actually go wide. Attacking half spaces, & like De bruyne last season from deep, goes wide & delivers crosses. Occasionally cuts in and shoots(mezzala like behaviour i.e Chelsea 1-0 last season). Maybe you can explain it better. Just for understanding sake.
  5. denen123

    Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

    Also see the case of a Raumdeteur of no full back systems. Or even an AP on the wings that'll vacate space completely. Car should be able to work even when the AMR\L strata is filled. If the winger doesn't move or assume the high positions then the part of his work(Car) that covers the defensive responsibility out wide can be nullified in such case and he'll just ssume the central position in such instances (becomes more just B2B in this case).
  6. denen123

    Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

    Personally, the car role should be able to work if you see it more as space vacated to be covered than just the idea of the role itself(central wingers). A winger on attack(am strata) will be more focused on attack & assume a higher position on the pitch. Say he looses the ball, it'll take a longer distance to cover(can be subjective to certain tactics) but with a Car the effect is nullified to an extent as he'll curtail attack till the wingbacks assume proper defence position. Hope I make little sense despite my English.
  7. Question: There's emphasis on why you wanted a 'narrow play'. But then you still want width with the movements of the central wingers. I'm asking to understand, please.
  8. Agree with this,100%. My issue is that the IF(even with stay wider) instruction, does not hug the touchline. Still plays in the half space region.
  9. Great stuff. Any issues with the BWM out of place often?
  10. I really appreciate that you've got a good overview of how they played(even though its just one of their games). Still impressive. Would love to see how your matches go. I considered it a striker less in one of my initial posts. But i think Giroud played as a DF. Suggestions: Maybe move Treq to the left so he plays off the striker & not congest the area or offset the strikers play while doing his own work. Also, I do get why Matuidi would be a carrilero. But I think griezman & kante's positions can be left to anyone's interpretation. Also, I see why you'll see it as Defensive mentality(I remember disputing against Control). But I still feel its Counter. Good luck.
  11. Great thread. Really. Maybe this has been asked before, but why "pass to space" + "shorter passing". Doesn't it defeat purpose. Also, why Lower tempo? Knowing Sarri Napoli, even though they have occasional patient build up, they love to play quick passing to the front.
  12. Welcome. Yes, I initially said it maybe a striker less, but with the inclusion of Giroud(all physical & all) it might not be. Its down to preference. Still believe matuidi was a cross between DW/WM. Simply because he regularly occupies the wings and marks out the opposition. He comes narrow, occasionally, I agree. But WM & DW are coded to move narrow during play, so its still ideal. Le facteur X. I like that. Would never have known if you didn't explain. I've never really pinned him down to be BWM or ANCHOR, simply because, he has added a new dimension to his play since joining Chelsea. No longer just 'winning balls'. He stops play, makes darts with the ball out wide & through middle & switches flanks. I just used anchor in my thesis to force pogba going forward. Simply a case of balance as opposed to 'perfectly fitting all roles'. France never played control. Quick incisive passing from front to back, with the occasional hoof to Mbappe's corner. Not even going to tart with that very deep, ugly & annoying defending. Hazard & a few Belgium players wee noted to have complained about their play. Negative. They never wanted the ball. When the had it they were in a hurry to offer mbappe to relieve them of it.
  13. So sad Belgium lost. Martinez has to be questioned on his choice of Dembéle & why De bruyne not play F9 again? De bruyne was terrible. Don't get me started about Lukaku choking again. Fellaini got too carried away. I like witsel. He should be playing in a tougher league. 'Complete player'. The idea behind their set up was good but their main players didn't show up bar Hazard, who I thought was immense. Congratulations to Deschamps and his boys. Conclude by saying, Kante is a certified baller. It's coming home.