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  1. The tactic looks alright. Just remove "more urgent" & set it to "default". Give the closing down to your ST, both wingers and both CM's. Leave the rest on default. Try it, for more consistency.
  2. Maia Savic Henderson Diawara(after intense training) Giagliadini Niangolan Ruben Nevez (after intense training) Jirginho. All are excellent options.
  3. Pressing blocks: Essentially, LOE + Defensive line. The ideal is to have both, somewhat close to each other. If the opposite beat the initial press(LOE) you want your defensive line to be close enough to avoid space exploited by opposition. Like a "press trap/box" where they fall into and are congested/compressed. Lower LOE + Standard DL ----- Higher LOE + Higher DL, etc. This is not without either using Counter press or not, because it interacts with the instructor too. How you set up really matters or else your team will be everywhere.
  4. Not really sure about your tactics, in general. Plus the having Toriera as your playmaker(which he essentially is) seems a bit confusing to me. Split block: Making use of 3 to 5 players to do the pressing rather than the whole team. Reduces defense craze situations. In your team, you can pick the ST, Wingers and both CM's to "close down more" and then keep the general TI on default or standard. However, this does not mean you won't concede. If you don't have the right players with right attributes, you're in big trouble.
  5. How about a support duty striker. Dlpsu/CFsu/PFsu and playing "narrower" against teams that i assume(by your use of bus parkers term) defend narrower seems somewhat counter-productive
  6. MCR/RB will attack the same space. If you play it on 3D, you'll see 2 dots on top of each other.
  7. Hey chief. Glad this thread has continued. Question: Do you have a certain pattern of in game tweaks? Like if you're winning and there's pressure what do you do? I know this can be tactic specific cause it might not work for another tactic, but I'm guessing you have some tweaks you are used to, right?
  8. Considering how every keeper becomes a De Gea/Oblak when in 1 v 1 situations, I'll join the others and say, invite these one on one. The dangerous goals are usually mistakes from throw ins/shots from the side.
  9. I don't treat it as a fixed rule cause I've watched a couple of Rahidi's videos where he's also added the instruction to a RDM( his 4231 deep 2DM) or even to CM in his Liquid I've used the it a 4231 wide for a DLPd too. It really depends on how you determine balance from observing games.
  10. Too many instructions + lack of penetration from middle(BBM doesn't count) + your entire from 3 isolated(sideways passing 2.0) + Your in possession instructions? Overkill.
  11. My little understanding of it( split press): Making use of 3 to 4 players in your forward plus defensive areas to "close down" more while keeping the general pressing intensity on the default or even less. It'll prevent your center halves from behaving crazy.
  12. Although, there are no set rules, I'll agree with everyone's advice to you. Just wanted to add, that too many instructions just confuse and don't help when you're to make tweaks. Start with the basic instructions for how you want to play. People have used due playmakers in the CM/together role i.e, the legendary Ozil Barca tactic and it has worked, plus still works(different ME, i know, but no massive effect to be overly concerned). Balance your tactic, operate a split press and tweak when you play sides of equal and less quality. Hope it is helpful.
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