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  1. The Firmino

    A shadow striker with "roam from position".
  2. Poche's 3-4-2-1

    Fair enough. But maybe go for a supporting role for your striker.He looks Like he'll be isolated much.Hope he isn't. And maybe moving your wingbacks to the CM strata might do a bit of improvement.
  3. Poche's 3-4-2-1

    My personal suggestion would be to go strikerless. Amsu SSat apsu CM DLPd WB WB CD CD co CD PI DLPd=close down much less. TI Attacking very fluid More direct passing Work ball into box. Hope this might help. Blessed.
  4. hemorraging goals

    General belief is that the number of "very creative" players is limited,so getting quick crosses in and having bodies in the box should get you the desired results.
  5. Try dropping your defensive line to deeper or slightly deeper in those games and increasing tempo from "normal" higher. Since I dunno your tactics,I Wong put a guess in whether you should play "CoUnter" mentality or not.so just try the initial advice.
  6. 4123 DM tactic

    Zlatan is slow😊.but illd prefer him to Lukaku In that role all day long
  7. 4123 DM tactic

    Yhhhh. It's a reasonable twitch I often used.(play wider and increasing the tempo to higher) also came up during those times.Lukaku lacks alot to be your F9.maybe give him the Cf (s) role will improve it.even that makes me rethink.I always used dribblers and creative men there. Richairo zivkovic Gabriel Barbosa Malcom Leo. To name but a few.But in further matches,let's see how it goes. Against bigger teams too I always make the twitch.but against teams I ought to be destroying or teams I'm having "19-0" on shots, I compress with higher defensive line and offside trap.making sure my CB's are marking those strikers well.Bailey and Jones have pace so no problem tracking back.*look for overlap (maybe).
  8. 4123 DM tactic

    Yhhh. 1.I noticed you're having a good day at defence from the above.22 shots to zero. (Its the reason I hate using IF (a).unnecessary shooting.but if they're natural strikers like your setup with martial there it'll be good.Also I think its because its west brom. 2.illd suggest you adjust the defensive line to slightly deeper to draw out compact or defensively sound teams.if you face athletico or spurs,you'll get my point.west brom scoreline would've been more if this happened.invite them in,then go for the kill. 3.I've never liked using this and my 4-4-2 diamond because it usually was the "easy way out" and I never really understood it to be fair,intill now.it's why I was working on my 4-5-1.I love using Target men,advanced forwards and defensive forwards(call me old school,but the idea of a big strong man stretching opponents center halls just gives me goosebumps😂😂) and im looking for a way to get me one in my 4-5-1 format. 4.Lukaku as false nine?.can he dribble?whats his passing range?determination,flair,First touch (😂😂im a united,and we always get the stick for this),Technique?.Get Dybala!!Get Dybala!!!.That's the most important role in your team and you give Shikaku?.his passing would come from his target man set up,with flicks and small touches,but against "men" he might falter. My up in your game is the passing percentage,82%,maybe when you get a lukaku replacement,then there will be an up. Good to see progress,get henrichs or convert a "total player" in that right back role.Valencia does not cut it for me.read more on @o-ozil posts and please more updates. BLESSINGS FRIEND👍.
  9. I always opt to play it safe by offering him the ppm:1.come deep to collect ball. 2.SIMPLE PASSES. 3.dictate tempo 4.one two's No need wasting possession.😊.my issue used to be against teams like athletico and spurs that have solid defensive base and "one shot" attacking setup.but adjusting the defensive line set me up for good seasons.now I'm trying other tactics though.@o-ozil gives the best reviews to learn from if I may say.
  10. Can I first say I noticed your overload of the opponents final third.maybe push your DM (bwm) to the CM strata and offer the dlp(d) role.hence you can still utilise two cm (s). One striker poacher and the other Cf (su).then you can make a decision to Give your Am the Am (su) role and PI :hold up ball.he'll still operate as a proper Ap.Control and fluid is aggressive but it'll be good to use. 👍
  11. 4123 DM tactic

    My good friend.I'm apologise for not responding earlier.personal issue. I would suggest you take a look at the articles suggested by @o-ozil to fully understand how to play FM and use fewer instructions to achieve great playing styles and results.I was able to see the loopholes in my tactics here. Check the link below and read on all his other suggested articles (especially the cruyf article: Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid) - Tactics, Training & Strategies Discussion - Sports Interactive Community https://community.sigames.com/topic/397755-peps-barcelona-very-fluid/ And How to Play FM: A Twelve Step Guide - Tactics, Training & Strategies Discussion - Sports Interactive Community https://community.sigames.com/topic/295001-how-to-play-fm-a-twelve-step-guide/ So a good 4-3-3 should probably take a solid look of Sk (su) Wb(a) Cd (d) cd (d) Wb (a) Cm (s) dlp (d) Cm (s) If (a) if (a) F9 (s) If(a) PI :stay wider. Dlp (d) PI : close down much less, Reason is to achieve zonal marking so the winning of the ball is stretched across the pitch. Sk (su) PI:distribute quickly. Control Fluid.(you'll understand when you go through the suggested articles.) Team instructions Mixed passing. Mark tighter. Pass to space. Play out of defence. Low crosses. Close down more. Mark out the wide players and strikers using my previous guide. I can imagine the present Liverpool side on this though with Bobby as F9. This should work because you have gundogan and De bruyne that can play cm (s). Work rate is desirable here though as there's really no difference with a box to box MF here but for higher technicality required(wijnaldum is certainly no kante,but there is a common work rate and mental attributes.) I wanted to achieve something new and that's why I over experimented.a more cautious approach has been taken here😊. God Bless my friend.👍 More updates👌
  12. 4123 DM tactic

    Haven't had time to play the game more.But I'll make time so I can work on the new formation and make iterations on newer ones. 1.someone gave me alot of advice however and I'll just drop it here.He said my AP will work more in getting players into the game if there's a runner in the middle.CM (a) I guess.may be pair him up with a CM (s).it's a fair point especially if the CM (s) gets the PI:hold position and CM (a) is allowed to shoot alot and move into channels.also advices on an IF (s) with PI:roam and stay wider to stretch opponents and give room for the CWB (s) to operate.then the initial 9 instructions you had,he said just take off look for overlap and add pass to space.then finally all CWB (a) should be CWB (s) with PI:cut inside. Swk(d/a/s) Cwb (s) CD CD CWB (s) Hb (d) Cm (s) cm (a) If (s) Ap (a) Af (a) It is valid but I'll find out results in a few weeks and send my views and maybe you do too 2.Back to our initial formation.yes when you have your results you tell me.I don't like 10-13 instructions as I think its too much and players my just get too worked up about it (how I feel my friends😊),and this forum is where I want to learn to simplify instructions.await your updates. Blessings 👍
  13. 4123 DM tactic

    Okay I see. 1.balancing out the midfield with attack might be worth considering seeing as there are alot of attackers and less in the midfield. Maybe use a CWB(s) to partner with the Raumdeteur (I never really know the full spelling).Maybe PI :cut inside with ball. 2.I never touch specific instructions of the opposing fullbacks as I always aim for aggression against them regardless.I concentrate more on wide players and strikers. 3.I noticed the instruction against CB's were "normal" on intensity.leave it on hard. 4.Memphis Depay has some level of passing,so why close him on "normal"?.as long as any of passing teamwork crossing vision or finishing is 14+ then I always leave it o "Hard". 5.To break down teams,I've employed 13 instructions in the past but I offer 9 to people to see how it may balance out and then workout ways to improve my other developing formations. Retain possession. Mixed passing. Prevent shorter keeper distribution Tight marking Highest defensive line. Offside trap. More expressive. Roam from position Run at defence. Pass to space. Look for overlap. Close down much more/more. High tempo. "Pass to space will make use of your roamers". Very fluid shape will engage your entire team in both defence and attack phases.I love the halfback role,but FM has made a bad move in not providing the split when passing from the back.The defenders usually come narrow to cloug the middle which is not ideal when passing out.Very fluid should be used alongside control mentality This will improve your crossing and attacking play significantly.I'm rushing this on my way to work so I apologise. 6.Your centre backs are more or less tracking your strikers.for a two striker case,the right Is challenging your left and the left, your right.comparison should be done accordingly.to see who marks who you can click on the player during the game and check "mark specifically opponent bar".whoever name shows up in the enclosed,top bar,is the man that us being challenged. 7.I'm seeing alot of issues I had with this,so I'm glad you were able to try this out. 8.the way you set up positional is spot on.it's the specifics during the game that you might need to read on more.this is needed so your slower but top,notch CB's or all players in General ,don't get caught out. 9. formations take time to work though,be on a watch for the "closing down" familiarity to know if the marking is becoming fluid. 10.on attacking duty,I think the AP will most likely loose the ball often,from the wing.firstly even as he sits narrow he is still bound to commit centrebacks and fullbacks and on risky passes in the final third,he is bound to cause loose balls.I've considered leaving him on PI:roam and get forward.It worked in my FM12 saves where he'll act like a winger sought of and then cut inside to drive in killer balls. 11.i suspect that David Silva uses left though,and if he does then maybe play the entire formation to get him cutting inside on his left. If he uses left, AF RMD AP(D.silva) So he'll cut inside from the right,much like an inside forward and wig a player like Silva,the rest is piece of cake.This will do alot of good as I've used coutinho & panic here in an FM16 load and it was profitable.whether he uses eithe or not,is not really the issue.get him playing where he can double as inside forward and AP as tops. If he uses left foot,play on the right flank,if he uses right foot,then play on the left.play to his inside forward potential. I know it'll pay off now.👍👍 Good luck and blessings man.meeting about to start.
  14. 4123 DM tactic

    Try any of the two and also tell me the effect. Blessings my man👍
  15. 4123 DM tactic

    I'm always trying to learn on this game and there was a time it really upset me that I conceded a lot of goals and most were crosses.but I good mate of mine helped me out. THINGS TO CONSIDER. 1.CREATIVITY: ON BOTH GENERAL AND SPECIFIC VIEWS Teamwork Vision Passing Crossing Finishing are all attributes to consider.14+ signifies good.below signifies bad.note:if any of the attributes is 14+ then the player is creative.he is a threat😠 2.Pace+Acceleration: ON A SPECIFIC VIEW: comparing and contrasting these two attributes,between your player & that of the opposing player, will accommodate you using slower players at fullback areas,especially if they are legends and you cannot afford to loose their attacking play. (Had a problem using lahm and dickman as both were slow,the latter had potential to be pacy but started slowly).I'm not an expert at telling which of pace or acceleration should be a pedestal for who is faster.so I sum both of them.If the sum of my player is the same,greater than by only one or less than that of the opposing player,then I click "never" On the tight marking bar. If his sum is greater than that of the opposing player by at least 2 then I tight mark. ON A GENERAL SCOPE: fast players have pace,acceleration or both on 15+. Players that are all speed and no creativity,closing down intensity should be "Normal".creative players should be closed down "Hard". If a players preferred foot says "Right only or Left only" you close/select "Left or right(specific)".when preferred foot is "right or left" then choose "weaker foot" option.For "either" you choose "either". SETTING OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS ON TACTICAL SCREEN/POSITIONAL MARKING: Before you start a game/match this should be done on your tactic screen(OI) When creating a tactic,this should also be done.it is stressful,but it should be done so that when you want to now enter into a game proper,you'll only alter specifics. (Select all option or rundown is not available here,so your finger will hurt.ouch😧). The layout is usually (1)Tight marking-(2)closing down-(3)closing down intensity-(4)weaker foot. STC/STLC/STRC (2)Always-(3)Hard-(4)weaker WINGERS/WIDE MF/AMC/WINGBACKS: (1)Always-(2)Always-(3)Hard-(4)weaker foot. CM/DM/AMCR/AMCL/CB/FULLBACKS/Keeper: (2)Always-(3)Hard-(4)weaker foot. MARKING DURING THE GAME/SPECIFIC PLAYER MARKING: This happens during the game as you are offered the opportunity to mark out opposition given the formation presented. First you must know who is marking who. Your wingers usually challenge the wingbacks,fullbacks or wide midfielders of the opposition. While your fullbacks usually callenge the opposition's wingers. Your centre backs usually mark the centre backs(do not forget,your holding midfielder is like a 3rd CB,he usually marks the STCR or the opposing CAM.always tight mark CAM and never ever ever tight mark a striker,even if your CBs are faster than him by a large margin.If they are slower,however,put it on "never".) If you have read the top of this write-up,you'll find it easy to mark opponents specifically. Watch out for substitutions too,to know if you should alter specifics,or leave the positional to operate.If you do no alter the specific marking,the positional marking (which you have set from your game tactic screen,before the game/match) will operate. Any problems you have you can ask me. God Bless you my friend😊