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  1. I really appreciate that you've got a good overview of how they played(even though its just one of their games). Still impressive. Would love to see how your matches go. I considered it a striker less in one of my initial posts. But i think Giroud played as a DF. Suggestions: Maybe move Treq to the left so he plays off the striker & not congest the area or offset the strikers play while doing his own work. Also, I do get why Matuidi would be a carrilero. But I think griezman & kante's positions can be left to anyone's interpretation. Also, I see why you'll see it as Defensive mentality(I remember disputing against Control). But I still feel its Counter. Good luck.
  2. Great thread. Really. Maybe this has been asked before, but why "pass to space" + "shorter passing". Doesn't it defeat purpose. Also, why Lower tempo? Knowing Sarri Napoli, even though they have occasional patient build up, they love to play quick passing to the front.
  3. Welcome. Yes, I initially said it maybe a striker less, but with the inclusion of Giroud(all physical & all) it might not be. Its down to preference. Still believe matuidi was a cross between DW/WM. Simply because he regularly occupies the wings and marks out the opposition. He comes narrow, occasionally, I agree. But WM & DW are coded to move narrow during play, so its still ideal. Le facteur X. I like that. Would never have known if you didn't explain. I've never really pinned him down to be BWM or ANCHOR, simply because, he has added a new dimension to his play since joining Chelsea. No longer just 'winning balls'. He stops play, makes darts with the ball out wide & through middle & switches flanks. I just used anchor in my thesis to force pogba going forward. Simply a case of balance as opposed to 'perfectly fitting all roles'. France never played control. Quick incisive passing from front to back, with the occasional hoof to Mbappe's corner. Not even going to tart with that very deep, ugly & annoying defending. Hazard & a few Belgium players wee noted to have complained about their play. Negative. They never wanted the ball. When the had it they were in a hurry to offer mbappe to relieve them of it.
  4. So sad Belgium lost. Martinez has to be questioned on his choice of Dembéle & why De bruyne not play F9 again? De bruyne was terrible. Don't get me started about Lukaku choking again. Fellaini got too carried away. I like witsel. He should be playing in a tougher league. 'Complete player'. The idea behind their set up was good but their main players didn't show up bar Hazard, who I thought was immense. Congratulations to Deschamps and his boys. Conclude by saying, Kante is a certified baller. It's coming home.
  5. Pogba= vol Kante= anchor/DM(d/s) Mbape= winger Matuidi= DW/WM Griezeman/Giroud would be down to preference, especially given that they play a fairly structured counter attacking soccer with defenders defending(umtiti/Varane). Striker less? Maybe.
  6. Question: 1. Might you consider a lower block tactic, seeing as your Central CB's(Diet excluded) are slow? 2. Most of the good 4-2-3-1 tactics I've seen on this Forum are two CM's deeper(anchorman, Segundo volante) or two top holding MF's(Central midfielder on defend duty, Deep lying playmaker). Maybe check @Cleon 4-2-3-1 thread for more clarity on this issue. 3. Screenshots, describing your team with & without the ball(transition stages) might be helpful. Who's missing, what's lacking...etc can help. Don't give up on the tactic just yet.
  7. I honestly agree. I'm the type, clearly, that bothers about the movements of the opponents & such. Doubt I'll change anytime but I'm however, impressed by your direction & looking forward to more of your threads. Well-done.
  8. Okay. Lastly, Are you bothered with the amount of shots on target your opponents had(5)? You had a little above them(6). Considering you're a good side in the league, I would expect more potent sides to bury chances better against you. Also, much of what you've shown is your team with the ball. The shape without should be equally as important.
  9. Its because they had the basic already covered. De bruyne dropping deep so they can outnumber the opponents in midfield. It also helped that they were trying so grd to get neymar on the ball(because Fella, Munier & Toby occupied that spot for easy interceptions). Wouldn't be quick to say "a Martinez Masterclass" because I think Thierry Henry made the changes. Lmao But the major change was Kevin playing upfront. They'll probably use the same setup against France to Neutralize Mbappe's movement.
  10. Few suggestions. 1. Have you considered reducing the number of TI's you have?. You can still achieve he possession play with lesser(roam & narrower especially. I feel like if you have a RPM, why all the players need roam?) 2. Your two CM's are too tight to themselves. They not attacking the half spaces when one has the ball(like one goes wider or makes a run out forward or something. 3. Why didn't opt for an AF instead of CFA?. With the CFs and multiple playmakers I figured a center forward playing on the backs of CB's consistently might help. Sorry for the English & typing.
  11. @ö-ozil did something of this nature. It can be a blue print for tonights game.
  12. De Bruyne was utilised as a false 9 in my opinion. Seeing as most of the counter attacking runs were initiated by him. Both Lukaku and Hazard, stretched the pitch whenever he had the ball, creating options for him to pass & their movements made it difficult for the fullbacks to deal with. Lukaku as Raumdeteur? Wasn't merely finding pockets of space and easy flick ons like a muller/Dele esq player. Held ball up made runs. Cut inside(saw a bit of trickery here & there). Wide target Man? Maybe? But he did more than what a Mandzukic type does for Allegri. Maybe WTM but that'll affect the F9 a bit. inside forward might do.
  13. I get what you're saying, but I politely disagree. Had he dropped Ozil(German best player for 3 years) & Muller(Captain), he'd have been crucified by the media. Sticking to a majority of the players that won you your first trophy is the safest option : 1. They obviously, buy into your philosophy. & quicker, if new ones arrive. 2. The experience that comes with it is also guaranteed. is it the right option? After 4 years, those 25+ players become 28+ players & loose a lot of leg. I assumed, that with his Confed cup experiment, he'd integrate the team with those youngins more. Only Draxler & kimmich had a certified starting spot. Old players were tasked with "heavy, full throttle, leave your flanks open soccer". Unbelievable.
  14. They have those replacements. The issue, as with every other previous winner, is that he is afraid of replacing too much. Afraid of backlash.