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  1. Increasing training intensity + coaching quality mitigates this, to a level. However, some players just hate to train.
  2. I agree with @Tsuru on the tester he suggested, above. Of course I used my regular pressing and passing tweaks, but it does give a good base to start with.
  3. There's no hard rule. I use a Dlpde and an Apsu on the left flank of my tactic (4231). Coupled with a CWBatt on that flank and automatically, I keep the ball well and It forces my left flank to be the primary direction of attack.
  4. Asides the Leganes game, you've lost against teams that are stacked. Get better players. You're doing fine, atm.
  5. In situations of crisis, "trust in the youth". Kidding, but still... Good to rotate in a star young player (especially if you have other good players that can manage the slight upset, for a while, in the starting 11). Also, rotating the injury prone player has also being helpful. Major problem might be his match fitness, but you can monitor that, as well.
  6. Dropping the intensity of match and other trainings, help. Individual training load and medical conditions can also be monitored. However, an injury prone player will always suffer. Might be mainly, minor, but get someone who is a good back-up player to be ready to fill in, when that happens.
  7. Martial is technically gifted enough to come deep and start plays. Maybe, not the most clinical or consistent, but him and Greenwood are technically gifted enough to do it. They do it often. A good example is Martial's performance against Man City. Dropped deep and caused havoc there.
  8. Average in-game ratings and to some extent, player reputation. Your teams performances in competitions also count. To your other question, Yes he can. All you need is a boost in the above and voila,
  9. Don't believe that is what OP was going for(a pointless asymetry). He even said it works. Plus, generalised statements like what I was replying to and debunking is what we ought to be against, especially, if no real data has been generated to prove it. There's also a debate as to there being no ultimate definition to what is a "more" balanced or "true" as it concerns setting up tactics. There's a thread here were people use one CD in their tactics and still get results. Is that a "balanced" tactic? Or even a logical one?. But that is a rabbit hole I wish not to enter. The OP asked for a better way to get Messi to play at optimum. Thay should be the focus. Role change? Tactical tweaks? Instructions tweak? Yes, very good. Not unproven theories/generalised statement asymmetrical shapes or what not.
  10. But he said the tactic actually works. So rather than throwing it off, just maybe suggest a tactic like he's asking, no? There's also no real data to assume that none- Assymetric tactics give "better results" than asymmetrical ones. None. Better results in goals? Number of wins? What? Also, "balanced" tactics can be made to be less vague. Balanced in roles? Setup according to style of play? I think ad ice should always be clear, especially according to what people request.
  11. No middle runner. Teams will eventually adjust to it.
  12. Mezala on attack in a 4-3-3. You'll have to protect him on the wings, because he lacks workrate.
  13. Not an attack on you(if you perceived it as so, I apologize). I'm simply addressing your statement that the game will interprete some real life teams tactic based on their defensive shapes(in this case 442). I'm just saying that 4-3-3 's and 4231's defend as 442's, too.
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