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  1. Blaspemy.. those sound like principles of play.. kind of like Pressure/Cover..
  2. Forget even dribbling.. short passing play out of the back.. THEY SHOULD.. it is a 3v1 right there and maybe a 3v2 if #21 jumps in. The problem is #4's movement to get into an actual passing lane Vertonghen can use.. he stands there like a schmuck instead of moving and playing the simple 3v1 rondo every player is taught at U12 to get out of that situation and really play out of the back. 3v1 and 3v2 are taught for exactly THIS reason.
  3. I started with a similar system and process and found myself tweaking the FBs a bit. Maybe back DL down to CWB-S (I actually went all the way down to FB-S on DL and CWB-S on DR because my DR was making most of the errors related to my analysis).
  4. Beyond this thread being pure gold.. going through the same exercise myself. I LOVE your views for analysis.. totally stole them.. well done.
  5. Yep I'm abusing it.. I'm in the can this ME even get close to what I want to do and then I'll build my team for real to do it the right way.
  6. Did you use the Gets Further Forward PI? I'll be honest.. what I've been doing is playing with the editor on so I can totally tweak player PPMs and provide full tactical familiarity to try stuff out until I get what I'm looking for. I saw the same issue you did and I believe the Gets Further Forward PI and PPM made it much better during build up.
  7. #7 received the ball from the right side from #6.. here is the move before #7 receives it in the middle Extremely Wide TI and I know I was messing around with the Hugs Line PPM trying to get maximum width as well. Both ML and MR are W-S with Get Forward
  8. #11 is Winger on Support with Gets Forward PI he doesn't start to make a run into the box until Pulisic is about to cross.. otherwise he stays that wide even when we are camping in the final third. Even here isn't bad.. ball central at top of the box look at the positioning of #10 and #11
  9. Yeah I had to ditch AML/AMR and do this as well. It will keep the width in the final third. I did a test to figure this out and broke out the editor and even added hugs line PPMs and still could never get the AML/AMR wide in the final third. If you want that from your winger they have to be in the ML/MR slots.
  10. Agreed on the tendencies part.. I didn't start with these passing instructions I started from the base and tweak based on what I see watching highlights on full, I tweak the instructions until I see the play I want.. I started at normal passing instructions and watched repeatedly my players kicking it long and also followed this thread.. look at his analysis of passing instructions and the resulting combonation of what gave him the best results -
  11. How exactly is my tactic reducing risk and through balls? I'm playing on attacking, with the pass into space TI, and the player in question has the PI take more risks.. Much shorter passing controls distance not risk and lower tempo controls how much time they spend on the ball making a decision.
  12. I watch the game on full.. the runs are being made but the balls aren't being played. Wingers are tight in the final third when in the AMR/AML slot not wide.. need to move them to the MR/ML slot to keep width in the final third. I get what you are saying and if I was looking at the tactic on paper I'd react the same way.. it is how it actually is represented in the game watching on full match highlights where you see the issue. The players and the runs are there.. the decision and the balls are not.
  13. Best bet is tight marking TI and PI and individual man marking if you are after a particular position.
  14. if you are using wingers you need them in the ML/MR slots because in the AML/AMR they don't get wide enough in the final third.
  15. Yes if you remove Play out from the back they actually play out from the back and pass it to your goalie instead of play hoof ball. I've been following your other thread since I've been trying to recreate the build up part of Pep's Man City and saw the same stupidity you did. I started with these base instructions: Every single player also has the Pass it Shorter PI.. it's getting better but still not how I think it should play. This ME is really screwed up and whatever they did at the end of beta never made it through QA. Mario Gotze Passing in RPM role - Has PI of Take More Risks + WBIB + Pass Into Space.. hardly any passes into the box..
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