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  1. Adding fuel to this. It does not work. The only way to get this to work is to set marking every game. STCL should be able to be set to man mark at DR This works: This does NOT work and should have the exact same behavior as the above instruction: I mean how much testing do you need on this? It's really easy to see just watching a game on Full..
  2. This.. just change the AMR to something like a W-Su (IF and MEZ will interfer and be in the same space or you can have your CM-A there if you want)
  3. In addition to having the above problem I also get both teams in white even when I export the video and that works and upload to Youtube manually. Any updates on this one?
  4. I'll leave the match engine analysis to the experts.. but in the real game it isn't strange. I want you to tightly mark your defensive assignment across the team (distance between you and them while marking.. the opposite would be to give them space because you are afraid of them beating you 1v1 or for speed). Offside trap should only affect the back line and whether they all step together to play someone offside. In soccer terms it shouldn't have anything to do with individual marking assignments.
  5. Change the F9 to a AF-A and play it on Control/Flexible.. CML is MEZ-A and CMR is MEZ-SU (agree on the playmaker effect). MR IW-A and RB FB-A. Yeah definitely need STC as an AF-A to get the Aguero effect of dropping deep.. little flicks and layoffs to the MEZ and spinning to attack the box. You need to the attacking of the crosses when out wide too. I tried a DLF-A but the AF-A does the role better.
  6. Run of play.. no corner.. here is a great example of defending from the "front" Both my RB and LB have "Mark Tighter" player instructions and I'm using the Team Instruction "Use Tighter Marking" - I would have assumed that use "Offside Trap" would mean running a Flat back 4 and staying in line with my defending partners.. well at least that is how we teach it at U13.. This is a perfect example of when the line should step up and play them offside before the ball is played as soon as the LB starts to close down the ball and leaves that dangerous 2v1 on the outside.. As soon as Calogero moves to close down Struna.. the entire D line should step forward to play Favilli (right winger) and Palmieri (left winger) offside.. but no they drop even though the Team Instruction "Use Offside Trap" is selected.
  7. Watch the highlighted RB on this counter attack from a corner.. 3v3 in the back I get that.. but it is his movement and covering defending I have serious issues with and would not happen in any real game! Transition moment as the ball is played out to the right side and the counter begins.. notice the RB has already started to drop reading the transition Issue #1 - what happened here? Why is the RB recovering in the middle of the park and leaving that guy completely unmarked.. really don't think we need another defender marking the guy in the middle or standing on top of the other defender.. things that make you go hmmmm Seriously.. what is he doing? He is a RB I don't care if it is a counter either.. he doesn't need to be standing on top of the other defender.. I swear if his acceleration wasn't 15 he would get run over by his teammate Issue #2 One would think that Paolo should be the guy to close down Favilli here too.. he has a nice angle to close down the crosser and has decent acceleration and speed and has run with Favilli since the break out.. but you would be mistaken... it would be the guy BEHIND the crosser that is going to close down.. ARE YOU FOR REAL HERE?! P.S. Who exactly are the two guys at the penalty spot marking? The phantom must be at the opera again... Notice the GKs position in the above.. it's important.. So this situation is an early cross situation or in GK terms a 3 goal situation. The GK #1 responsibility is to prevent a shot from going in.. the #2 responsibility is to prevent this cross from going right across the six yard box.. his positioning in the shot above was pretty good. He has good anticipation and acceleration.. he should attempt to come make a play on that or he needs to be going immediately to #3 which is far post.. he moved 1 maybe 2 steps? I doubt that... Oh yeah what exactly are the 3 defenders in the box DEFENDING?! The exact same space? And yes I score a ridiculous amount of goals on these exact same stupid defending errors by the AI.. must be our tactics..
  8. This isn't patch specific.. this "feature" of weak side and fullback defending sucking in a back 4 has been in the game since FM 16 and is a huge flaw with the match engine in my opinion... defenders in real life would not exhibit this behavior not even in youth games.
  9. Merry Christmas !

    No seriously where is the download link! Merry Christmas!
  10. It's based on Knap's Goodbye 3-4-3-0 tactic with a couple role changes. I had success changing his tactic with the AMC playing as a Treq as well and mentioned that to him. Not sure how original or ground breaking this is since everything including the player and team instructions are based on Knap's work.
  11. Well to be fair.. I know how to do it with team instructions.. what I'm trying to do is identify exactly how to do it with the DLP-D role with Player Instructions and never really understood the difference between the two instructions. But in essence I agree with you and the TC is way to vague and it has taken me way to many Rashidi video's, trial and error, and reading this board to get a handle on tactics period. And yes I understand I need the roles to get the attacking runs Cleon.. I have those.. RMD-A, CF-A, and a BBM with Get Further Forward. What I'm trying to do is isolate the person playing those balls to my DLP and just have everyone else play it a little safer. I'm playing the lower league challenge and signed a gem of a DLP that I'm trying to get full value out of. I definitely have a vision for how I want my team to play and get frustrated trying to find the mix of roles, duties, and instructions to make that happen. It's coming though...
  12. Thanks Cleon.. so a combination would be longer passes into space then? So to play into space beyond a high line I'd probably want both More Direct and More Risky to a DLP Defend in the DM slot?
  13. So how specifically does the match engine interrupt the Player Instructions More Direct Passes and More Risky Passes? The descriptions both talk about risk so it doesn't help much. I believe I've always heard Rashidi talk about More Risky Passes meaning that more through balls are played so does More Direct Passes mean we look to move the ball from back to front quicker? So specifically I'm putting this instruction on a DLP-Defend in the DM slot in a stock 4-3-3 so would he look to spray the ball wider to the wings and striker more if I added more direct passes but those balls would be played to feet? More Risky Passes might still spray the ball to those players but look into the space behind the defensive line maybe so they could run on to it? Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. I'm curious on what exact effects "creativity" have as well. So it says "additional vision and flair" is that dribble more and more risky passes? How does this translate into instructions and who gets those instructions?
  15. Remove Play out of Defense and add Work Ball into Box and try it.. seems to be much better for me. Another tweak I like is to change the AMC to a Treq seems to give a little more link up.