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  1. You can try the Inverted Winger with stay wide PI or dropping the Winger to the RM strata so he starts deeper before going into to the box. You have too many people supporting play and expecting passes to feet but no one making runs (This combined with dribble less and WBitB makes your team sterile when they have the ball). Also, much shorter passing already decreases the tempo so you're letting the opposition recover their shape. Those are some things i can think when seeing the tactic. Try to tone down some instructions and see if this helps your players getting the ball in better positions.
  2. I think the problem is you have a disbalanced system and too many instructions that are overkill. You have 4 attacking player in an already attacking mentality, and multiple instructions that just make it even more risky and contradictory with each other, and a system too easy to defend because you have the same roles in both wide areas. When you cm (s) finds the ball everyone just starts running, he doesn't have enough support. I would first think what kind of style i want to really play, starting more simple and watch from that what does my team do. I don't know your players but th
  3. Yes, that was my main tactic before i started integrating the 4231. Now i'll get back to the 433 to see if i can find other solutions without changing all my system.
  4. Thank you, it feels nice to disscuss things in this forum, i will now try to understand more things and getting back to my initial tactic with some of your explanations. Will get back here after some matches to give you my experience.
  5. Thanks, that makes things more clear to me. My initial tactic was more cohesive and had instructions for a progressive possesion but somewhere i deviated too much from that tinkering too much. Will try some of these ideas with my initial plan and see what happens. I have another question now, what i saw most of the times when trying to create a good possession style, was that my front 3 were too static and the midfield just passed between the lines too ocasionaly. How can i make them move more inside and outside of the area?
  6. Okay this makes some things clearer, thanks for explaining the thought behind the instructions. Will try some of these and see what does my team do. I have some questions though
  7. Okay i understand that. I was trying to create a vertical tactic that can hold the ball and create something when teams are defensive. Tried to play short passing + lower tempo + offensive mentality but my players where just too tame with the ball, no penetration or too slow and the striker was just non-existent without crosses or set pieces. With direct passing i found that they have good interplay sometimes but they most of the time make a cross to the Striker or the wide forward. How would you play a offensive tactic without making it hoof ball? I have great creative, technical an
  8. Doesn't the TQ want runners because he often drops deep and roams from position? How would you do this with him as a lone striker?
  9. Yeah, i think Messi can't be replicated in the game but Trequartista is the closest role to the way he plays, just the goalscoring part is really hard to make. Updated with english screnshots.
  10. Okay i understand the ambiguity of my questions i'm sorry. Just thought it would be a good topic for disscussion. I know both my tactics aren't bad but i want to understand more of the role because i don't use him that often but i'm kind of intrigued to see what can happen. I normally use this tactic against teams that use a central AM and no DM so he is a bit free, but i see him sometimes or too deep or too lost. This one is more against 2 Strikers and teams without AM and with DMs I play direct because was seeing my team too soft with the ball and with no pene
  11. Bumping to see if anybody is interested, if not its okay.
  12. Hey guys, i'm having a bit of trouble fully understanding the Trequartista role and have some questions about how to get the best of him. If the TQ is central as an AM, how do you use the roles around him to create space? And what about his other positions (ST and AML/R)? How can he adapt to different playstyles like a heavy attack, possesion, counter attack, or low block? What are the most important attributes for him to affect the game in a more proactive way and why? How to adapt his positions against formations that heavy mark him (Formations with a DM or with 5 at the
  13. I'm currently playing with Dortmund with a 433 (41221/4141) in my second season, i really think they have one of the best squads to play attacking football, too much talent and young quality, that can evolve into a scary machine if done right. I'm going to try to explain why did i chose every instruction and role (So maybe it can spark disscussion and ideas from everyone else and even help me adapt and make it better) Currently my team plays like this: I'm playing in Attacking because i want my team to have the ball, be vertical, get it up, press high and try things like dribbling, s
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