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  1. Humor me and switch the F9 to a Treq.. I think it will reproduce things better and give the role the more attacking mentality it needs to replicate Messi. This and the poor striker movement from FM 19 is one of the reasons O-zil went SS-A with roaming for his recreation back in the day.. also the role was pretty much created to replicate Messi. I think the movement of the Treq role in the striker position is really good in FM 21 too.
  2. So I approach things very much like @04texag (awesome post btw!) using tactical styles to tweak things.. so what you do is copy your tatic to the other slots and then load up those other tactical styles or modifications. So I have all 3 slots filled with "essentially" the same tactic just with different tactical styles applied to them. This trains your players and helps eliminate the fluidity issue. Not sure if it still applies but one way to learn your preferred tactic quicker was to copy your tactic to all 3 slots and it helped get your players more fluent in the tactic.
  3. 442 and variants (442 diamond, 4411, etc.) are really solid this year. First glance I think the DLP(D) and the IWB(S) will find themselves in much the same space.. I'd either swap your fullback roles or swap your midfield roles... not to mention your left flank is pretty exposed. I've had good luck with the WB(S) instead of the FB(A) role and find they overlap at the "right and safe" time without even using the overlap instruction and I've since stopped playing with overlap right or left because playing my wide players in the ML/MR strata I really want them to have that extra individual ment
  4. Yeah I felt that struggle at one point and going attacking and a bit higher tempo seemed to help a bit. I had to reduce some roles to support roles and really focus on the roles that I wanted to go with Very Attacking mentality with. I also messed around with Float Crosses because of Haaland and Low Crosses when I had a striker like Werner playing in the #9. In general attacking from wide and cutting back to the penalty spot seems like my primary goal path from build up, but both the aboves do a really good job at countering as well. Late runners from midfield and shooting from the top of
  5. I have two shapes I'm currently working with.. seems like 4411 and 442 diamond wide are the more ideal defending shapes this year that we can build a solid 2-3-5 and 2-2-6 attacking shapes from. I'm pretty settled on my 4411 (2DM) shape but have been dabbling around again with my first strikerless shape and dropping that "creator" role in the CM space. Here's what I'm currently running.. The above is a really solid formation and I went 12 matches in a row on my Chelsea save without conceding a goal and the majority of the games I didn't even concede a shot on goal. This is the
  6. @04texag I think I know how @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! feels now.. this makes me want to cry..
  7. No way! Actually I need to dig it back up but @Cleon had posted a long time ago about how Ajax used to recruit all strikers into their academy and then retrain them to other positions including centerback. I've been taking South American (and Portuguese) strikers and turning them into attacking wingbacks for years in FM. Especially if they have any kind of tackling, crossing, work rate, bravery as base attributes to build on.
  8. What?! There is nothing wrong with having a world class right back.. Reece James has been the highest rated player on my squad the last 2 seasons and has become invaluable both offensively and defensively. So I fixed my conceding goals issue after that frustrating Tottenham game and then the 1-0 loss to Man City.. as you see we exacted our revenge with a 7-0 destruction once we started to open things up. That 0-0 draw with Liverpool was the best nil nil draw I've ever seen..
  9. So yeah just as I post this and take screen shots from the game my team again can't finish.. we dominate the game and generate plenty of chances to score with a 1.64 xG to .12 xG.. result? We lose 1-0 on a Lo Celso free kick.. Tottenham's ONLY shot the entire game.. We got Jose'd
  10. Yeah you aren't wrong in your assessment and it appears with the latest patch that it's even more pronounced without someone in the striker position. What I saw was that it compacted the space in the midfield because you don't really have anyone stretching the back line to create that space in midfield to operate (which is the strength of this approach). So I was more defensively solid than you and while I didn't give up many goals at all you are correct that it wasn't scoring enough for my liking (although in general I'm feeling like my boys are finishing fewer chances right now.. not sure
  11. Dortmund kid.. he's a beast in the game. I loved him in FM 18 too and you are right he is a really good Total Football striker.
  12. Fair enough but there are so many variables that go into player development.. Training Facilities Training performance (praising and criticizing them too based on performances) CA vs PA (do they even have the capability to improve) Personality Training Schedules and Training Load Game time So outside of game time which of the above don't you totally have covered?
  13. Under 18 training matters Over 18 and game time is what matters - BUT only if they have good performances.. so these players that aren't developing what has there avg ratings been? They also need to get at least 20 games a season
  14. Inspired by the free 8 role Pep used with Silva and DeBruyne but I think it replicates how Frank played pretty well too. I'd remove the Shoot Less Often for him though since he did have a pretty good outside of the box shot on him.
  15. What you thought I was joking? I had great success with the below formation and really figured that the next evolution would be what I posted above.. ultimate high press/camping tactic.
  16. I agree with @sherifdinn_.. those attributes are the perfect base for a "Dribbler" role. Doesn't necessarily need to be a winger/inverted/inside forward (think me putting Pulisic in the midfield) but having a player that can create on the dribble is essential and that guy fits the bill. I've found Treq training really enhances the stats you want for that player.. I like to think of them as my dribbler creator so PPMs like runs will ball often, tries tricks, and plays killer balls as good ways to develop them. I just checked again and another really good role to build him for is a
  17. They dribble the ball in the half spaces and it leaves space in the center for the Treq and the other Shadow Striker to attack.. it isn't like that instruction makes them dribble out into the wide channels.
  18. He needs to play games.. so either work him into the first team to get regular games or loan him out for regular games. The games need to be at a higher level than he has currently played at.. so if he is a U23 player he needs to play senior games.
  19. Yeah the trick to do that is first you set closing down to "Slightly Less Urgent" and then with that set you go in and set the Close Down More instructions in the PIs and once you are done you go back and raise the Pressing Intensity TI to Extremely Urgent. Same trick works for short passing as well.
  20. Yeah I've since switch my CML and CMR to Carrilero's as the Mezzala's roaming got our counter shape into a pickle a couple times and the Carrilero does a better job defensively, recycling possession, and looking for the killer balls in the channels to the SS, AP-A, and balls out wide to the maurauding fullbacks. I've gone more for a Liverpool-esqe Total Football replication over a City.. I'd contend it's more Bielsa without the individual man marking element Here is my current shape: PIs are consistent across the tactical styles so I don't change them outside of maybe so
  21. Yep so my approach is to create a top 10 list of countries and focus there first.. so top of my list is Brazil. From there I look for clubs that have exceptional youth recruitment. Now this is just my opinion.. but I feel that the idea is that the juniors come through our academy and not the affiliate's so I think it would be my club's youth facilities and junior coaching that develops the player so I just focus on youth recruitment for the affiliate club. So in my case I went for Sao Paulo because they have exceptional youth recruitment.
  22. Yep that's exactly right.. I'm specifically targeting countries that have high youth intake numbers to setup affiliates so I can bring them into our academy via youth intake. The board request option for affiliate is this option: Here is what it says and this is the newest affiliate I've setup from South Africa @retrodude09 Check out this post.. explains a lot about country youth ratings. I pretty much use that list as a priority system of affiliates to setup for players to come through youth intake - https://dictatethegame.com/fm21-guides-newgen-guide-for-countrie
  23. Yeah I love newgens.. here are three that I'm already giving first team minutes to: This guy came through my youth intake from our affiliate in Brazil and looks to be my long term replacement for Reece James.. My playmaker of the future..
  24. Aim higher! So I had a pretty successful second season and we only lost the community shield but won the rest including the first of hopefully many Champions League's. So this season was spent mostly as a tactical experiment so I was pretty glad to secure as much hardware as we did. Season started out with a 4-1-4-1 shape but I still wasn't happy with how we pressed high or built out so I started trying a few things. The season was marked by 3 tactical phases that we learned from as we went. The first was a decent run with a wide 442 diamond.. While the form
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