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  1. Definitely strong defensively too.. haven't conceded in 11 games in a row. Here is my current 433 iteration that I'm pretty happy with My main IW-A has 7 goals and 6 assists in 9 games Main AP-A has 1 goal and 5 assists Rotating 2 different strikers right now and one has 4 goals 2 assists in 9 games and the other has 3 goals 2 assists in 9 games
  2. @04texag Humor me and try this.. Go back to Cautious and set passing Directness to "Standard" and tempo to "Higher" - I was struggling with the same issue and tried changing the mentality but found that just raising the tempo seemed to do the trick. I'd also recommend your IW-A have "Take More Risks" - should give you AP-A, RPM, and IW-A with more risky passes to help unlock the defense a bit.
  3. So I've found the following set of midfield roles to be decent for build out.. call it the Silva and De Bruyne roles although I still would like to use a MEZ. If you want the extra man in build out you can change the De Bruyne role to RPM in the CM strata but I found this seems to work better and don't have any problems building out with back 3, fullbacks, and GK. Maybe against a high pressing 442 I might change to RPM to get an extra man (7v6 instead of 6v6) Creates the below build out shape which is much better.
  4. Exactly except we don't see that step forward like we would.. even defenders with 18+ anticipation don't do this behavior, which is what you would expect there. The problem seems to be that the use of the offside trap instruction actually freezes that back line when the ball is played and doesn't let them drop in a situation where they should.. i.e. no pressure on the player on the ball about to play over the top. I had noticed this in prior versions, but it appears to be much more pronounced in FM 20 than previously.
  5. Nope this is an engine issue in my opinion.. CM strata STARTING position is what is wrong.. they should start high and drop IF necessary to support. One of the key principles is breaking lines of pressure with passes... can't do that if you aren't positioned there to begin with. Watch on full highlights and you will see the issue. Agreed but I also think there is some really bad logic in the engine with your defenders holding their offside position even though the ball is being played over the top. Coaching real backline players you teach them to read if there is pressure on the bal
  6. I've been trying to create variations of Pep and positional play for the last 3 versions of FM. I have found that Pep's system at Bayern seems to be the best system to actually get a close replica in the game for. I like you have found that "Be More Discliplined" and "Dribble Less" where keys to this, but I did take the Cautious inspiration from you and switched from my usual Positive.. definitely made a difference. What surprised me was that you also play without "Use Offside Trap". I've found that this makes me ALOT less vulnerable to balls over the top.. although I do adjust between Sta
  7. ML/MR provide width.. FB-S are better versions of IWB that don't roam and hold position sitting narrow. Goal was to recreate Pep's 2-3-5 attacking shape at Bayern. MR is the Robben role. Still messing around with the AM-A position but definitely need it in the AMC level because that player drops way to deep in build up in the CM strata.
  8. Bump.. found through a "Moneyball" search. Trying to create a system to maximize selling potential of my youth academy but I can help you with some of your stats calcs. You want to look at Dribbles per 90 and Key Passes Per 90 to evaluate wingers and generally I use this for most attacking positions. The below dashboard came from an old stats assessment conversation on Discord awhile ago.. Here is the dashboard I use in the game: Depending on your system I look at Asts/90, Ch C/90, DRBPG, K PS/90, CR C/A for my wingers. DRBPG and K PS/90 being the key stats for are they cre
  9. Was messing around trying to find a perfect formation for how I wanted the game to play.. end up on a VERY similar formation and then went looking for this. Defensively SOLID and good going forward.. ideal formation and works sub top very well.
  10. I always do tighter marking on those players what I don't do is close them down as fast.. the idea is if the player has better anticipation they can jump the pass and are in a better position to stop the ball from getting to that player at all and if they aren't in position the last thing you want them doing is trying to close down and getting taken out of the play. But in general yes you are correct around attributes.. work rate goes a long way for AMR/AML players especially. Positioning is often overlooked as well. Sometimes a 3-4 month positional training at defensive winger can help.
  11. Yep.. You are even numbered on the wings.. meaning you have a FB + AMR/MR/AML/ML against their wing and fullback Add Opposition instructions to the opposing team LB/RB for tighter marking and closing down Add Mark Tighter PI to AMR/MR/AML/ML You are outnumbered on the wings.. meaning you only have a FB and maybe CM against their wing and fullback Add Opposition instructions to opposing team LB/RB for closing down Make sure the CM has close down more PI Drastically reduces the issue on the wings and lets you do it without having to
  12. Did you end up playing a higher line and pressing a bit more (at least Standard LOE with High Line and split block press.. front 5 with close down more)? If so try changing your Striker to a PF-A combo'd with a DLF-S. Can your #10 dribble? If so move him to the CM and change him to a AP-A so you have a line of 3 CMs CAR-S, AP-A, MEZ-S with the HB behind. Change the LB to CWB-S and add overlap left instruction. Instead of man marking to prevent wide.. which I'll assume is their fullbacks joining the attack just add Opposition instructions to close down the fullback that is attacking (if bo
  13. Not a huge fan of your strike partnership.. why the TM-A over something like a AF-A? I run a pretty similar system and I have my playmaker in the hole at the AM position - play a T-A there and have my front 2 set to Roam and my DLF-S to go wide. I would really get the LB into the equation so I'd add Overlap Left and change the AP-S there to a Carrileo to support the width and connect with the dropping DLF-S.. nice little overload there and then look to stretch the defense out and go back other side with your TM-A (I'd change to AF-A or I run a PF-A there because I high press with mine). I'd
  14. @LiamNCFC - Oldie but a goodie - It's all about managing the transitions.. so to counter you need to have player roles that exploit the transition WHEN you win the ball. So need roles that have an attack duty. You also then need to think about how and where you get those players the ball.. can be long balls to flanks to run on to but doesn't need to. If you have a really quick player that can dribble he can also be the outlet.. so a role that allows him to be higher up the pitch, in space, and then get him the ball on the transition and get him support.. it's about layered support as
  15. Switch sides of your DLP-S and BBM-S. Idea is overload the right side and attract them to your playmaker and hit them on the otherside with your IF-A and BBM-S. I'd also mess around with the Overlap Right TI if you want to get a bit more aggressive.
  16. Is this a correct representation of your formation? If so I'm not a fan of your right side and frankly I would switch the roles of your fullbacks. Your DLP-S will provide you a bit of cover so personally I would change your RB to be the FB-S and your LB to be the IWB-S. I would then also add the 'Overlap Right' TI to change his mentality (Balanced->Positive) without having to change his role to attack keeping your defensive solidarity. So it would look something like this.. you end up with a nice 2-3-5 shape when you are attacking. Solid against counters and movement from
  17. I do I have a couple avenues I look at for longer term analysis. One of my main "dashboards" is for this view: I use this view to analyze each of my players and in this case it's for attackers. I have a similar one to analyze for defenders as well. I use this to evaluate how they are playing throughout the season and it helps me identify players to play in specific positions. Now this does map to my team DNA a bit so I care about things like Dribbles per 90. Club DNA is high press, vertical possession, and Brazilian swagger. I literally identify and train up a player whose job
  18. My boys all have high aggression and bravery... they don't get skinned... they get colorful cards!
  19. Like @Experienced Defender said I always start a match watching on full for at least the first 10-15 minutes until I have things looking the way I want before I shift to comprehensive or extended highlights. Big games I watch the whole thing on Full and just speed up the normal play. I recently started a little cheat sheet for my tactic (4-1-4-1 DM Wide.. so a normal 433) that I'll share as a way I evaluate what's going on and how to respond: Do they press or drop off when losing the ball? Press = Regroup TI Drop = Counter TI (I have attacking roles that can exploit
  20. Hence the "Roam From Position" PI instruction for the front 5 and the desire to have a Fluid shape.. this will cause movement.. moving the defense and creating places to penetrate. Either in wide positions or centrally. Remember sometimes that "penetration" is a shot as well. I have both my AP-S and BBM-S score some great goals from the top of the block lately because the ball movement CREATED the shooting lane for the "penetration". I clipped a really sweet goal from a game that I'll get up on YouTube that shows the vertical build up I get. The possession with PURPOSE.. moving the defens
  21. Have a very similar team make up and deliberately. Key is pass and move... so let's unpack that first: Support roles with one attacking role in the front 5 (I like to end up with a fluid shape so my fullbacks are also on support.. more on that at the end). Use Get Forward PI or PPMs to get more runners forward... personally I like a BBM-S with Get Forward PI to be my midfield "attacker". So something like this: CF-S IW-S T-A AP-S BBM-S Now make sure you set your IF-S and AP-S PIs to "Roam From Position". I als
  22. Bump.. Read this.. all of it.. don't focus on the tactic.. focus on what the changes will DO on the pitch. The trade off concept is simply fabulous and is the key to unlocking and ENJOYING making tactics. The aha moment for me was learning how to control the transition moment of winning the ball ("When Possession Has Been Won" instruction): Counter? - Defensive doesn't press you RIGHT when they lose the ball.. they drop off. If they drop off good time to counter (if your system is setup to leverage a transition.. i.e. attacking roles) Hold Shape? - If you get immediately COUNTER-P
  23. So be careful.. tempo is how fast you move the ball, i.e. make a decision. It doesn't mean you play more direct passes and depending on the risk level AND decisions attribute (yep with you here big time) it will be where they go with the ball. Passing instructions both at a TI and PI level control the directness of passes. Lots of Pass it shorter instructions for most of the players, especially those in the back (all 4 in the back have pass it shorter and the A (D) role does take less risks so a solid 5 keeping the ball and circulating it. Do they go "direct" to a wing if they are open.. o
  24. Did you try it? Based on exactly how you described you want Busquets to play the A (D) role fits it better. Also there is the added benefit of him sitting deeper for recycling possession and preventing balls into strikers so defensively it's more solid too. I mean you recommended Plays Simple Passess and Runs with Ball Rarely PPMs.. I know what you are trying to create I've been working on trying to create variations of Pep since FM 2016. This year is the closest I've ever gotten. And remember it's possession with a PURPOSE. The Hit Early Crosses is in there as a default starting spot be
  25. Long time Pep follower and current coach.. I think this is the first FM version I've come this close to being able to recreate Pep tactics. Although this feels like a cross between Pep and Klopp it creates some really attractive football. Kudos for getting me down the right road. Check out the midfield as I think it works a little better than yours. PF (S) changes to a F9 (S) depending on player in the role. Close Down More and Mark Tighter on IW-A, IW-S, MEZ-A, and DLP-S If the team we are playing against plays with an attacking RB we Man Mark the IW-A on it (s
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