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  1. Another Bug i found is this We still have Role Sutablitiy circles in PI's Panel. Does these go to GUI section ?
  2. I agree i was feeling tired as well after an hour itself previously i could do with 3-4 hours straight with out any issue. Hope some skin comes out.
  3. This is Pass combinations of all players in entire match Usually it used to show all the players but now i think its bugged. In which section should i raise it ?
  4. How your Attack players vs Support players are performing. In FM 20 i often feel Attack players are just too extreme thus shooting from weird areas where as Support is conservative.
  5. @bigmattb28 , @gunner86 , @toffee71 I thank you guys for the successful thread every day you made the hype and kept the fun keep on going. And thanks for every one else who contributed as well. Im thanking you earlier because I have to go out in next 2 hours and might not return before beta releases
  6. Romano : FM 22 pre release thread contracts agreed between members Here we go soon
  7. https://steamdb.info/app/1263850/ Check this link. You can see when its released it will show you a public node.
  8. @bigmattb28 We are just few hours away now. So best to give Chuck norris some respect
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