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  1. Its basically a 3-3-4 ,The base of Guardiola i found is from here, he used this to fight the teams which sat deep https://tompaynefootball.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/analysis-of-guardiolas-barcelona-part-two-the-3-3-4/
  2. ferrarinseb

    FM19 new player roles?

    I agree with Rashidi we need roles only when we get fixed most of the Tactical instructions and a bit more fine tuning the roles. We also need AI to be better so that it can use the current roles better and able to make better decisions than now.
  3. I'm beginning to think that the Long shots aren't exactly long shots but could be too powerful passes/ crosses. in the Final third they are trying to be too powerful because most of times i see players near to the ball direction but it seems that due to its power the ball end up straight to out of field. It could be me guessing as well
  4. when player gets boxed so that he back passes it to one of his team mates to restart the Attacking phase , right now in game when player doesn't see any opening forward he just shoots, So im asking is it possible to tell him to back pass when there isn't option to go forward so that we can restart the attack again instead of loosing the possession with an option of back pass
  5. can we have an option of Backpass and shooting instead of player shooting to where ever he feels like when he feels there isn't any option when a simple back pass is available for him . Like shoot less often/ More often having an option to Back pass / Shoot at possibility.
  6. ferrarinseb

    How can I improve this 4-3-3?

    Might switch one of IF to Winger and IF duty to S or you can change both IF(A) to IF(S). Also Instead of AF either of DLF(S) or CF(S) might help, as AF(A) will be completely neglected. Why you are trying to exploit the flanks ?
  7. I guess its bad luck, If you have less training intensity and having rotation as much as you can. Generally players get tired and injured despite having 90+ Fitness. So see how much match load each of them are having. and if possible rest them from training between match to match for your key players in crowded match weeks.
  8. First of all if the players have less match sharpness they are prone to injuries, Check it out first. Then if you are using heavy training intensity it might cause you to have injuries, Keep checking Medical Center Risk Assessment tab time to time. See what kind of Injury Susceptibility and Match Fatigue they have for those who has injuries, if they have high try to avoid high training and giving rest as much as you can.
  9. ferrarinseb

    Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    You tried this as it is? I mean no changes in Tactic ?
  10. That's interesting. If he was able to sign with less wages then there should be some sort of Attribute connection (might be Business ?).
  11. Simply put he works as Scout just has ability to negotiate the deal nothing more based on your experiment. I hope we get some difference for DOF as well like we saw with Data Analysts and Sports Scientists between FM 17 and 18. Where in 17 we had just plastic roles but in 18 they are certainly defined with attributes.
  12. I agree, it works both ways. But as you put given the quality of Barcelona / Madrid / City / Juventus/ PSG (teams i tested ) wouldn't even have that sort of Shot attempts, which is why i felt it could be the mentality ladder might be forcing them to have that shot instead of assessing options.
  13. I agree and i do have most of my goals from inside penalty box that's not the point im making here. If we observe the video's uploaded in the thread and from what i saw in the game in some cases. We get long shots which are mostly not even required but players try them time and time again. Some times you feel they have much better options but still they go for the Long shot hence why i felt mentality ladder might be causing them to Force that shot instead of trying another option
  14. Could be the mentality ladder is root cause Some how its consistently giving the all 3 Duties at Final third to Shoot as top priority, Or all the duties become into Attacking Duty at final third thus forcing the attacking moves i.e shooting mentality at final third
  15. I know im not tactic expert but im planning to switch back to FM17 if the players still shooting mindlessly near box time and time again after the next patch.