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  1. I'm looking forward to whether they fixed ai ball keeping at the back also whether posession calculation matches how they get calculated like real life rather than current chess clock version.
  2. I hope this will be the logic to fine tune the ME. Often i wonder how the old DB Say FM 16/17/18 will work in the Current ME.
  3. It does take time. But as i said not right now but soon they need a New ME. The current one might not have enough in tank in the future. Its also delicate balance though as changing a New ME might / will result issues so fixing them and bringing as much good as it was as old (Current) one will be the tricky job. We often think the ME is bad but to bring a new one from scratch to current level is tough task. But i trust SI make the right decision if and when they decide to go for new ME.
  4. Does FM need a new ME it does. The ME either getting too complex to manage to get best out of it with out having issues else where or it was getting close to its limit in terms of Features it can add / build / Develop. A New ME might be required not right away but soon.
  5. Carrying out the last year's SI Forums BEST thread With less than a month to go for the Official release. Its time for Some BETA speculation All the questions about beta can be asked here Let the Fun Begin
  6. I'm hopeful but I have to see some match day to get an idea. And obviously nothing is better than watching in your own monitor. The new animations we have in my opinion reduced the response we used and expected to see, which we had in the past. If this new blending system can get it back match engine might be a different beast.
  7. I think we lost the balance in the graphics engine 3d one which has updated models but they are certainly not enough with the animations produce. We lost the fluidity we had in pre fm 18. Can they get the balance and fluidity they can but how long it takes is the question. What all I hope from match engine and graphics engine is that graphics engine showcases what match engine calculates. If we see a player makes a 1 v 1 and miss it. We want to see what was the actual cause behind it whether it was wrong decision or bad touch or fear of being closed down by defender. Same for many situat
  8. I think right now the Mentality / D line all other things are adjusted in numbers in both editors. But for more Ease of Doing how about we change it to how we see in Game In Editors (both PGE/IGE) we have Manager Mentalities set between 1 to 20. But if it can be changed as Very Defensive to Very Attacking it would help the Players to adjust it easily rather than doing guess work as a start Same for Other Attributes like D line , Lines of Engagement, Width. There is no Attribute which covers Defensive width in both Editors. So i hope streamlining them to get close to what we see in TC
  9. Then as he mentioned if they want to interact they can create Dev Diaries and release them in YT/Twitch/Insta/Twitter. They don't need to come and check here on what the video is discussed by posts. Given the feedback is taken the good feedback can be given to Devs about their Videos just like how it goes by forum members.
  10. If I play high line I want my cb's to step into opposition half when the play is getting closer to box. They often come inside the half way mark but majority of time they will just stay out of it. That leaves the gap between cb and dm strata. I hope they step into opposition half more in fm 21.
  11. This is from this very thread. The 2011 one looks real pitch and give you the feeling of being in the match or you can call it natural. Where as in 2021 one it's just not natrual and gives the feeling of odd. The Environment of match day should be closer to 2011 one.
  12. If you show this two images then every one will think the bottom one is recent one. I really don't know why the pitches are changed that every one almost like turf of plastic covered by grass.
  13. I would like to see more Players stats in the game to show case what players are doing on pitch. Short passing 1. progressive passes / Successful progressive passes 2. Back passes / Successful 3. Side passes / Successful Long passes 1. progressive passes / Successful progressive passes 2. Back passes / Successful 3. Side passes / Successful Dribbling Progressive with ball take on's Tackles 1. on feet 2. Ground Pressure 1.Successful take on 2. Unsuccessful take on Pressure / Tackles
  14. Its really interesting and great work. I would like to see player vs player comparisions say Letizia and Kimmich in terms of their performances. To see what exactly Kimmich did or what Letizia.
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