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  1. IF(A) is kind of the role i see as do one job, Attack the box be it dribble or Shoot. He can do the other things if you create options though. DLF(A) in your system can be not having any options if you don't service him enough. See how your Team is exactly when you reach the box. From the roles and your PPM of Winger it should be some thing like IF(A) DLF(S) W(S) CM(A) With IF(A) and DLF(S) in the box where W(S) and CM(A) lurking in or around the box.
  2. Your WB(A)/ W(S) both doing the same thing on the right flank. Both hold the width. Be it a bit dynamic like your left side. Eitehr IWB(S) instead of WB(A) to let your Inside channel gets overloaded or IW(S) instead of W(S) to let the player provide width when he get the ball and cut inside as soon as he get it. Unless ofcourse your W(S) has cut inside from right or cut inside from Both wings PPM. take out Counter and see whether your players are getting into box zone or not also take out Play fro set pieces. In your present System DLF(S) - IF(A) and CM(A) are only goal scoring threat. Just see where they often end up when your team reached final third.
  3. DM and BMW are both destroyer type roles. CM(A) BBM(S)/BWM(S) DLP(D) this might benefit you if you are using the same setup as shown earlier
  4. Kenny Daglish , Ronnie Moran, Bob Paisely, Ron Evans in order. Now where are the Bonus Points Looking forward to your new guide
  5. Defensive Line : I think The current Defensive line setting is good but it should be improved. It should be come as Training Module like Attacking Patient etc. High Defensive Line, Lower defensive Line with all kinds. Its not that easy in real life to change one to another. Teams prepare before for the changes and still some times we see players unable to adjust for it. So i suggest a Match Preparation module in Def shape with asking Different D Lines to train before match and a Main module of Training with D Line setting to train the team for the season Mentality : I think Mentality should be allowed to train as a whole Club structure than in tactical shape like now. We can call it as Club identity than tactical condition. Manager attacking can be also seen as Manager Idenity a Higher atttacking manager will have higher mentality where as lower manager will have balanced or Cautious mentality. In basic of training we will be asked what sort of mentality we want to train the players with and this reflects the entire club (First team/ Reserves/ U23/ B team/ U19/ U18). To change the mentality at any time we need to train it first. how many mentalities can be trained is another question that can be discussed.
  6. Their Inclination of keeping the ball here is what the AI feels is its best chance to win/ draw the game and i feel they know what are safe passes which is why they won't let the ball out of their Defensive zone. I agree with you though. Its really hard to bring the ball out of pressure, Also in FM they aren't bringing it out either, The ball just stuck in the back where every Central defender in the team which starts / switches to cautious or lower mentalities can easily rack up 90% successful passes with atleast averaging 85+ passes. As i attributed its down to double layered Mentality Structure (Team mentality + Player Role/Duty Mentality) If both are telling them to do not take risk then they aren't going to take it.But they can play the ball because passing is easy. There is no Hesitation on touch control for incoming ball, There is no control correction when the player touches the ball and there is no decision making hesitation before they look to pass it forward. They can play with both feet quite easily even though one of them is weaker foot some of which are in FM 18/17.
  7. IMO its not team mentalities the AI uses but the effects with changes in Role mentalities under the Selected Global Team mentality creating a Double layer of Choosing Too safe option for AI which causes AI to Protect Center - Completely let Wide flanks free to run by Wingers/ Full backs Less Pressing - No Pressing means players can ease past even after LOE Drop Deep - Allowing Players to get near to the box giving the false sense of we are dominating the game. Less Closing down - They only tackle when the player is near to them and with AI sitting deep Players with ball are only avilable when they are close to box which causes fouls ergo setpieces coming into effect The Mentalities on a whole changes too much under hood and i believe if they let doesn't let that many changes it can help to have better game management by AI.
  8. A really good idea and to expand a bit on your idea. Primary Recruting directive : Look for technical players/ Intelligent players etc which is already in the game but for defined positions. Like CB's physical or Technical CM's intelligent or creative etc.
  9. He has average decisions, But explosive speed i say he will fit the Winger role either in Support or Attack . You can play him as W(S) or W(A) who can play like IF(S) with his Cut inside PPM's. Add knocks ball past or Likes to beat repeatedly and Tries killer balls. He can be a Valuable Scorer / Creator with out actually Using IF(S) or IW(S).
  10. I feel that Given the Roles and Duties already having Different mentalities to make them work differently. This makes the Changes of Mentalities when the Global Team mentality redundant A Role and Duty should have single mentality across all the mentalities to make it play the same way and how much of risk that player should take dictated by Global Mentality. This is an example of current situation. As you can see Having Different mentalities in different Global mentalities is going to make the play so passive. A Defensive BPD should look to play the ball forward but what happens now is Defensive Mentality on Global Mentality and Very Defensive player mentality means Player allways choose to play the safest possible pass which is highly likely the back pass than a forward pass. With a Single Mentality across all Global mentalities a BPD with say Positive mentality given he looks to play riskier passes compared to other Roles will look to play the ball forward than backward. How much forward will be dictated by the Global Team mentality and this will reduce the Amount of passive play.
  11. @Josh Brimacombe-Wiard Its so good to hear this. I believe there is another reason for this as well and i would like to add that. When they go defensive the Mentality of Players in their Roles is like this Cautious Very Defensive Very Defensive Very Defensive Cautious Very Defensive Cautious Cautious Very Defensive Positive Defensive This is the Chelse formation of 5-1-2-2 which lined up. Now if you look at this The team mentality is Defensive which means less counters as you said. What i feel is the current situation asking player to make safe pass (Defensive - Team mentality) and much more safe pass( Very Defensive - Player mentality) and now where is intention the forward pass. Thus ball is consistently staying at the back line. I think the Player mentality shouldn't be changed with Global mentality thus allows teams to choose how to play will be easier to adjust. Also another thing is no support duty striker has Positive mentality to take a bit more risk they are all on balanced even on Very Attacking mentality.
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