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  1. Thanks for info It seems that they changed the squad status to star / Regular and Squad player. Will they be reflected in contract's or just be in Coach/ Scout reports is yet to see.
  2. What's the Difference between standard edition and Arsenal edition?
  3. Agree. It should be reworded as Promised for Contract talks rather than Contract renewal. So if talks are held they can be successful or Unsuccessful shouldn't determine the Promise but whether Manager (AI/Player) started talking with agent or not.
  4. Sorry forgot to Quote the post above you. What you said is same as i said. If i confused you i apologize for the confusion
  5. No What ever Public beta goes through only the ME the developers feel best will be released to Main version.
  6. Different. Lets say Full game ME as Standard, Public beta is where you can see changes through out and Some times it gets Better than Standard version some times it gets worse.
  7. I see that this is first of all down to Expectations set and other factor is some times the Sugar Daddy Bonus. With Guardiola having the style that never works for AI since FM 18 means that he will get fired. If they get a Coach who will play in the style of Direct then he will stick to it. In real life no way City will fire Guardiola after he finished 3rd in 16/17 or LFC for Klopp finishing in 4th in 17/18. But in FM it will happen. There are certainly issues with how Presidents / CEO's expectations are set. But biggest issue is as Rashidi said AI able to replicate the systems of their real life counter parts.
  8. I agree with every thing what you said. In my save players complain about Quickness training as well and when i set them up they will come with Unhappy statement. It takes ages to go for Unhappy with training to go with Had felt he needs to do more quickness training. Once fixture congestion kicks up the player will start Need Quickness training. If we assign quickness training as Additional work out. He will feel its unsuitable.
  9. I certainly agree with this. FM 19 Beta as we got it smacks FM 18 and current ME by a wide margin its only issue is lack of central Through balls and Movement in final third. There is certainly a beast of ME hiding in between the lines of Code. If they can really get that out is what we are looking forward to. FM 18 has no curl and its Long shot issue kills most of enjoyment.
  10. For FM 19 i tried this in beta. SK(S) BPD(D) L(S) BPD(D) DM(D) W(A) DLP(S) MEZ(S) W(S) DLF(S) DLF(A) In Possession : Shorter Passing / Play out of Defense / Slightly Slower Tempo / Fairly Wide / Work the ball into Box In Transition : Distribute to CB/Counter press / Hold Shape / Out of Possession : Higher D Line / Standard LOE / Prevent Short keeper Distribution / Use off side trap. Also its a Attacking Version of 3-5-2.
  11. @goqs06 Not at the Moment trying to implement it in various iterations but wasn't finished yet. In FM 18 the closest i got is to , For FM 19 i want to adapt it but given the current situation of ME. Its on Hold. SK(S) CD(D) CD(C) CD(D) A(D) W(S) DLP(S) CM(A) W(A) SS(A) DLF(S) Tried to put both Wide Players in AM strata but with open space its too easy for Opposition to cross and Score, particularly this is employed against small teams who sit back are very much prone to the Direct ball and quick counter attacking. So Pushed them back to MC strata. I tried with WP(S) / DW(S) / IW(S) depending on Opposition. Some times pushed WP(S) to CWB(A). Instructions for FM 18 are Control / Flexible Play out of Defense / Mixed Passing / Retain Possession / Higher D Line / Close Down more / Work the ball into Box.
  12. They are forward compatible (19.1.1->19.1.2)but might not be backward compatible(19.2.1->19.1.1) for now. Backing up your save is recommended
  13. Hamsik also had least touches except GK. Edit : I just don't understand how can this change up things up side down with just one PPM.
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