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  1. You have just given the starting point for the FM future versions when they decided to add / revamp the Media element even more.
  2. Well written and we could surely benefit some thing more from this. Training is most important factor in any football team success and its about Time FM revamp the training system.
  3. A question about weight, Is it possible to make players to decrease their weight?
  4. Many would love to see a Piece of PPM's and their relevant Attributes @Cleon Hope you do some thing about it in the near future
  5. Revamp Training System

    I think as far as of now The Training is OK. I think this is where the problem lies mostly because in the season of 10 Months the effect of training to come only 2-3 months later means its some what wrong. Say 4-5 or 5-6 weeks would be better as that would also gives us the information about who fits into that Training regime and who doesn't quickly. Also instead of Attacking and Defending. We need to divide them even more than what they are now like subsets so that particular set can improve a small or medium set of attributes over the entire team Attacking Training - Build Up / Passing Control ( taking the control in Mid field by passing and find your team mate) / Finishing Defending Training - Reform into Defensive shape / Tackling / Crowding ( 2 v 1 or 3 v 2 )/Winning the ball Having the Build up / passing control helps the players First touch / Vision/ Passing improves whilst having Reform Defensive shape and tackling improves Positioning and Tackling. not exactly like this but some sort of Division to current Simple Attacking / Defending will help us to find the right training regime and makes us more involved. Also instead of setting a System for one week entirely it would be better if we can adjust it day by day Process.
  6. In Game Editor Not showing up

    Glad to hear it
  7. Thank you, Hope it gets sorted out soon
  8. Did as You told @KUBI Even uninstalled the game entirely by deleting these two folders C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018 C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018 and reinstalled it to clear up the things, but it didn't work at all
  9. @Neil Brock the IGE seems to be a problem as its not showing up. I bought it via Steam Page, I hope you guys look into that.
  10. In Game Editor Not showing up

    Thats wrong why you should pay it twice buying it via steam or via the game should be the same
  11. In Game Editor Not showing up

    The IGE not showing up. Please some one from SI staff look into that
  12. FM18 Regens

    Pretty much, There is always issues and pretty much we have a full new cycle kick started with more core features. I think it might take even FM19 to fix the issues we have in FM18 that doesn't stop me playing it. The more they refine the better it will be. I think many (even me hate the new UI designs) as it completely made hard to get on with it , but it takes time to sort them out give them time we had not even 2 weeks since beta arrived which we shouldn't forget, as Game officially releases tomorrow.
  13. Curry for 2 - The 4132

    Great Thread will check out for more updates. Looks like you guys are having fun with this edition than before.
  14. The 4231 Explained

    Great Article again
  15. Guess thats why im struggling as well at Barcelona. Turan got an offer from Utd (which is shocking) but given he was good enough to be in squad due to injuries i tried to give him contract He asked me he needs to be Captain which i disagreed and he made a hell out of why he doesn't had a new contract ( for a rotation one he needs a Captain ). I accepted Utd offer of 30 M$ and team Messi came to me why you sold an influential player. I was like WTF , In real life he was on the verge of leaving the team.