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  1. Tried it , It didn't worked. What worked is removing the Launch option completely. I left it empty and then the in game prefereneces recognized the Location. I don't know why it was altered in first place though.
  2. I fired up Fm 21 since last update today and my user -data location got defaulted and no matter what i do i can't change it My Launch option is same as the Location i gave here. Its empty in location path so i choose my folder here and set the location and quit the game as told in user - data location changes guide After the Reboot as you can see the Folder location gives Empty as it was before. Now hot to fix it can any one help me?
  3. So 108 passes less and yet the team has only 4% less possession? When this will change?
  4. Will the Posession calculation be fixed for final patch atleast? I don't think its realistic with current chess clock system where a team making 15 -20 passes in 30 sec time frame where as other team make only 6 or 7 passes in the similar time frame but had more posession just because they had the ball at their feet.
  5. This i feel is big problem in terms of squad building hurdle for AI as teams are forced to sign high reputation players not taking how a squad can be complete. Majorly high reputation players are forwards/ Midfielders so this was creating a bit of issue with teams buying players they don't need and ending up losses. Also in real life i don't think there is a club who can ask to sign high reputation players every season. where as in game clubs like PSG , Barca, City, Real , United and probably few more constantly asking this philosophy.
  6. If i train a DM who i want him to learn a bit of defensive side in defensive Unit with no Positional Training only his defensive Attributes will be targeted and vice versa if i put in Attacking Unit. Is that it @Experienced Defender
  7. I was trying to be a bit more aggressive and tried a No CB type version recently. My Problem is This is a normal 4-3-3 with Wing backs pushed to DM strata The Off side trap is where our CB's who is our last players in the Half. But when i tried to push my CB's into DM strata I have no problem with having more balls behind me but why is the Off side trap doesnt adjust to where my last person in my half is but stays where Suppossed CB strata is? Shouldnt its called as offside if the player is beyond the last person in my half why its giving extra advantage ?
  8. A really good thread i would like to add some information i read on Pep Barca articles https://footballbh.net/2017/12/01/201011-barcelona/
  9. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year Folks. Lets just hope we never ever have to face another year like 2020 ever. Stay Safe
  10. Will SI change how the Posession is calculated in this FM to reflect how its calculated like in real life i.e OPTA where its no.of passes than time on the ball ?
  11. I don't exactly know what happened here but 1. I played a Friendly against Austria Wein and it shows 3-0 There are 2 issues i found 1. In this match i scored 2 goals not 3. Almada second goal at 59th min is shown up on stats but it never happened. Man Utd v Austria Wien.pkm 2. When i tried to watch this match in View match from Main Menu. I got a different result altogether
  12. Its really brilliant skin but i just wish that The Low Training rating needs better color to see. Its now hard to read at first glance. If there was any change that i can do please instruct me to do so. Thanks for the brilliant skin again
  13. I think the issue only araises if we give Specific Pep talk like Defenders, Midfielders, Attackers and Individuals than Entire Team Pep talk. This is the only way to stop not having morale drop for now.
  14. I don't know what happened but since last update. I was stuck here for a while after i done my pep talk. First it stuck here Now here Where should i post this?
  15. Thank you for your effort @Krysler76
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