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  1. Some times it's better to have a new save to find differences types given lot of changes happen. How much of download size is the current patch ?
  2. I feel you are asking too much on Defensive section. would be better to start with WB(S) instead of CWB(S) on right, WB(D) instead of WB(S) on left. Also given you want less from LB might be taking out Overlap Left and keep Over lap right will help to achieve what you want from your Wing backs. Already Positive means the Players look to go forward more so you will be leaving lot of Space to be covered by DLP and CB's. If LB gets caught out of position these 3 have to contend with Counter attacks.
  3. The customers pain is that as the time passes the less time Dev's can focus on 2020 as they had to shift the focus to FM 2021 again. March Winter Patch is the probable Dead line for it. So i can understand displeasure given the state of things that if the Winter patch doesn't make it better then 20 might not get any more updates to fix it. Why not using Public beta to test what they are trying to achieve. Last year i believe SI did used it extensively to improve FM 19.
  4. How would AI approach its Opposition Instructions? Would it follow their Asst Manager recommendations?
  5. If you don't make the runs, You can't split the Defense When Weigl had the ball before he made a long ball to 9, The #7 should be on the shoulder of 3 or atleast running towards 3 and I don't know who is on the left side but he should be doing the same to 2. And one of 6 and 28 should be near the AI DM whilst other at between the DM and CM line.
  6. Sorry to see you go @herne79. All the Best for future endeavours.
  7. I agree, Which is why i think take the Mentalities out of the game. Though ,I know it will be gigantic change given how Mentality is tied up with almost every aspect of ME.
  8. I feel we can get rid of Mentality but in a way that the game entirely set on Balanced. With Tempo Dictating how much faster the ball will move forward. The only thing Mentality Judges is risk taking, Which can be done via Player Roles and Duties.
  9. Yes, Its an Issue reported in FM 19 as many teams out passed Big teams in the First builds (i think, I didn't had time to give it a shot). My Question is if a team has more passes then should it be called as more posession. Which answered that Amount of Time on ball is used to calculate Posession rather than no.of Passes.
  10. But why its like this instead of Following how its calculated in real life? Is there any explanation of why this way is choosen in the past about the calculation of Posession?
  11. isn't having no.of passes is how the real life calculates the Posession of the team?
  12. I don't get this. If i have more passes completed then shouldn't i get more Posession? How did i end up with 49%. How is the Posession actually calculated in game?
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