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  1. I guess its bad luck, If you have less training intensity and having rotation as much as you can. Generally players get tired and injured despite having 90+ Fitness. So see how much match load each of them are having. and if possible rest them from training between match to match for your key players in crowded match weeks.
  2. First of all if the players have less match sharpness they are prone to injuries, Check it out first. Then if you are using heavy training intensity it might cause you to have injuries, Keep checking Medical Center Risk Assessment tab time to time. See what kind of Injury Susceptibility and Match Fatigue they have for those who has injuries, if they have high try to avoid high training and giving rest as much as you can.
  3. Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    You tried this as it is? I mean no changes in Tactic ?
  4. That's interesting. If he was able to sign with less wages then there should be some sort of Attribute connection (might be Business ?).
  5. Simply put he works as Scout just has ability to negotiate the deal nothing more based on your experiment. I hope we get some difference for DOF as well like we saw with Data Analysts and Sports Scientists between FM 17 and 18. Where in 17 we had just plastic roles but in 18 they are certainly defined with attributes.
  6. I agree, it works both ways. But as you put given the quality of Barcelona / Madrid / City / Juventus/ PSG (teams i tested ) wouldn't even have that sort of Shot attempts, which is why i felt it could be the mentality ladder might be forcing them to have that shot instead of assessing options.
  7. I agree and i do have most of my goals from inside penalty box that's not the point im making here. If we observe the video's uploaded in the thread and from what i saw in the game in some cases. We get long shots which are mostly not even required but players try them time and time again. Some times you feel they have much better options but still they go for the Long shot hence why i felt mentality ladder might be causing them to Force that shot instead of trying another option
  8. Could be the mentality ladder is root cause Some how its consistently giving the all 3 Duties at Final third to Shoot as top priority, Or all the duties become into Attacking Duty at final third thus forcing the attacking moves i.e shooting mentality at final third
  9. I know im not tactic expert but im planning to switch back to FM17 if the players still shooting mindlessly near box time and time again after the next patch.
  10. If you felt FM17 that way just take a look at long shots ME thread in General Discussion which makes you feel 17 is far better.
  11. 1. In my view I don't think its composure or Decision or Shooting attributes its just that when they are in long shot attempt zone (lets call it that way) they shoot no matter who it is whether its Messi or some 6th and lower tier team player. 2. Is that when they reach that said zone do the Shoot at sight is activated automatically? 3. Can SI just make the player to dribble more into box when he reaches the long shot attempt zone to inside box or around it but not in the long shot attempt zone and see how they react to that and /or how many attempts they made to shoot. 4. Some times it looks like they wanted to pass but shoot it with much more power than required which counts as Shot than pass, Some times they want to shoot but feels like they didn't turn or didn't turn enough to make it a shot. What Attribute count in this kind of situation was it decision or Composure or Agility or technique ?
  12. Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    Did any one tried this one in FM18 ?
  13. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    DLF(a) AP(s) IF(a) MEZ(s) CM(s) DM(s) WB(a) CD(d) CD(d). WB(s) SK(d) Is it better to have SS over DLF. so that i can attack the space instead of trying to bring out the Forward tracking back i.e Attacking empty space instead of vacating it if needed?
  14. With the above display its pretty clear that combination of either or both shooting accuracy and Decision making is the culprit of the problem, no amount of tactical adjustments / tweaks will make sure that its not going to happen. I don't think we had this sort of long shots in FM17. Might be some where deep in mentality at final third be the culprit which forces the unrealistic long shots.
  15. I think its shot accuracy problem underlining that when ever a player reaches the outside of opposition BOX area whether its from a corner or from a Pass, He decide to shoot despite having options and Shoot it carelessly to any side he prefers. I feel its might be down to calibration of Mentality settings when the player reaches the Area of just out side of box so he feels he can score the goal with a long shot.