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  1. My data is also small sample size but i thought its slow as well. Its not just for Young Players, its every one. I barely see a 2 or 3 Increase in Young Players and 1 or 2 at max in other players. In other hand Old players are loosing their Physicals at first but slightly slower than Previous years where we often see a Old Players just gets finished in matter of weeks. But i will see whether it sticks or not. If it does then i would be really happy.
  2. In Training Happiness Details Players saying "Thinks he should be doing more Quickness training" does it mean they want Quickness as their Additional Training Focus or want the Quickness Training for entire team. Its getting a bit confused
  3. Did any one tried the Persuade to leave option for the player? It seems its not working.
  4. Ah thanks for the Info, Was thinking was it a bug or choice like SV / MEZ/ CAR roles where special positional requirements are needed.
  5. Is Libero only works in 3 Man Central Defense but not in 2? Also on training part Is Training a player for different duty work for any one else. GK can be trained as SK(D) but not SK(S) why is that?
  6. ferrarinseb


    Isn't IGE often comes out on release day i.e Nov 2nd this year. Same for Pre Game Editor
  7. When we will get some more info any Time line for that ?
  8. ferrarinseb

    Turn off loading music

    In Preferences of Main menu. You can see Music which has a tickbox
  9. I agree with you. All i just want to say we have to see how its implemented in game, Given they are changing training Could change the way of how it effects on pitch.Till now we have only fitness training in Global along with Physical aspects for individual training. With more options i feel we have to wait how they all group into bigger effect. I really hope to see that changes to desired effect.
  10. I think we need to wait until the release to see the effects. Given this is 1st time they are implementing , Might require balancing at first. But hopefully we get the Balance, It will feel wrong to see players having the extreme stressful tactic week in week out with out any Issues with Energy levels and Injury levels
  11. well now you put it like that Agreed just saw that Roam from Positions is gone. I think for Play for set pieces they might hang around near the box to win a FK or PK for longer duration's than expected.
  12. Wondering whether retain possession option taken out from TI's.
  13. No Barca under guardiola is pure Control with slow tempo, keep the ball and make an opening.