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  1. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    May be AC Milan i think they have a lot of potential to work with as the start of FM18 save. PSG is another one but i feel with the signings they made this season its going to be easy one for league with their Potential. Milan offers the Perfect scenario as they had still to fight against Juventus domination and European Fights with a high potential team.
  2. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Any more info on when we might get informed about New Features. iirc FM 17 has a Storage requirement of Minimum 3GB.
  3. 4123 DM tactic

    Yeah i was thinking of having to go higher def line but i was worried that i might be trapped so didn't felt i need to take the risk particularly given the Defenders are very nervous for most of the match. But will try to see what i can do. Lukaku is good for me so far and i also have Zlatan who fits to DLP a bit more than Lukaku.
  4. 4123 DM tactic

    Check PM when you can buddy. I will try your suggestions in next match. About 22 most of them are Free kicks which flew past the bar. But at Away when the tactic is familiar with other teams its getting hard to get goal chances My entire forwards decided to have a off day i believe. the Away matches always made the life a bit harder than i liked to be. But some times in season this sort of things happens. Will try to push defensive line deep.
  5. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    oops sorry for wrong post in wrong topic Any way Is there any news on When we might get Features reveal. Pre ordered already though
  6. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Don't know this is possible for 2018 but i hope for future we get More Training Involvement than just setting Team and Individual training. more Interaction with Players and Agents who aren't in your team, the current one is a good start with promises/ Negotiations improvement of this would be better like Asking a Player Agent of his availability to move to our team before we start negotiations with his club and what sort of role and how we would use him in the current/next season and future seasons. Ability to give a player the role of Super Sub and Very Important squad status in which the team will keep him fresh for most important matches instead of asking him to play every match. Free Roles with out instructions for all positions if possible Forgot to add if its possible to change League rules dynamically would be good along with TV prize money increase as the league reputation increases
  7. 4123 DM tactic

    As i told you already this is from the MUFC save will test this later in MCFC The way they moved the ball around is much better. Still i think we can continue with this and improving as the matches go. I only marked DR/L and MR/L showing the striker weaker foot.
  8. Ah ok so that only effect how long he will keep the ball and his decision making makes where to pass the ball by giving the player ample time. I thought of it increases the urgency of taking the ball from defense to attack with move forward quickly hence push forward
  9. Ah yes this is what i asked last time thanks again. So this is what i understand the mentality means risk the higher mentality the higher they take risk which increases the tempo. But we can slightly adjust how much they can push forward by lowering or upping it is that what it does
  10. Do having a low tempo for any mentality means they take more time to get forward instead of rushing towards goal Say Lower Tempo with Control mentality
  11. I think i slightly poorly worded about more tactical freedom. I'm speaking that in sense of having some free roles that would give us a bit more freedom to get a bit more understanding other than that i agree with what you are saying. we need to know what it is going on slightly better
  12. Ah ok, So the Squad personality only for Player Development mostly which gives us Clue about how the development can be in that particular team. About last point i always choose the Players in Youth / Reserve teams to play with my tactics.
  13. If im brutally honest i would take a easy winning for a version or two against AI if that is what it needs to Improve the entire tactical set in interface and new possibilities to implement then they can again come back to be fairly competent in Thinking aspect to fight against User managers. Freedom is really important then comes clarity, if we have more freedom in aspects we can clearly try to see what happens which gives alot of clarity and clear information that further helps to understand the concepts. For me i dont have much knowledge of the game only FM 16 and 17 are the ones i played which i played over 2000 Hrs in combined versions. I feel that many are still struggling due to lack of Tactical knowledge and information of what does What which is a big problem as the game beneath it is really massive and enjoyable for those who clearly understands which are few or even very few.