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  1. ferrarinseb

    [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Excited to see them , release it when you are satisfied and thanks for your hard work
  2. Only Brazil in last 20 years passed Group stage after winning the title previously
  3. Amazing to see Swedan topping the group and Germany getting Knocked out.
  4. Now im confused. So if Sweden and Germany Wins then Mexico gets Knocked out Due to head to head?
  5. Agreed but to an extent other teams tried to break the teams down to grab a goal. This match is really horrible.
  6. After all the exciting matches we had this France vs Denmark match surely ranks at bottom, wonder if there will be any match which can be top this one in this tourney.
  7. ferrarinseb

    Agentina Vs Iceland. 1400BST ITV

    Seems that Argentina has no Defense.
  8. did he booked for the handball ??
  9. ferrarinseb

    Could we be about to have a World Cup Eve TWIST?

    we did have a Drama, I guess hierro will take the reigns until end of World cup , Wonder how the morale in the team right now
  10. Take a bow . Your idea's are bang on the target and must have for FM for future.
  11. Its basically a 3-3-4 ,The base of Guardiola i found is from here, he used this to fight the teams which sat deep https://tompaynefootball.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/analysis-of-guardiolas-barcelona-part-two-the-3-3-4/
  12. ferrarinseb

    FM19 new player roles?

    I agree with Rashidi we need roles only when we get fixed most of the Tactical instructions and a bit more fine tuning the roles. We also need AI to be better so that it can use the current roles better and able to make better decisions than now.