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  1. In the tactics screen there is a new item as well Intensity right beside Familiarity , Did any one noticed that?
  2. That sort of Physicals at 22 seems too much and then the Determination. If that sort of player is available in real life teams will surely go over 300M$ like candy to grab him. I feel some sort of restrictions or procedures should be there in order to restrict how much OP the Physicals for Regens are getting in every area instead of only some areas which determined by Player height and weight. I dont know whether its Possible or not to simulate in Regen creation time as lot of factors might be involved in.
  3. Any more info on when we might get informed about New Features. iirc FM 17 has a Storage requirement of Minimum 3GB.
  4. oops sorry for wrong post in wrong topic Any way Is there any news on When we might get Features reveal. Pre ordered already though
  5. Don't know this is possible for 2018 but i hope for future we get More Training Involvement than just setting Team and Individual training. more Interaction with Players and Agents who aren't in your team, the current one is a good start with promises/ Negotiations improvement of this would be better like Asking a Player Agent of his availability to move to our team before we start negotiations with his club and what sort of role and how we would use him in the current/next season and future seasons. Ability to give a player the role of Super Sub and Very Important squad status in wh
  6. Ah ok so that only effect how long he will keep the ball and his decision making makes where to pass the ball by giving the player ample time. I thought of it increases the urgency of taking the ball from defense to attack with move forward quickly hence push forward
  7. Ah yes this is what i asked last time thanks again. So this is what i understand the mentality means risk the higher mentality the higher they take risk which increases the tempo. But we can slightly adjust how much they can push forward by lowering or upping it is that what it does
  8. Do having a low tempo for any mentality means they take more time to get forward instead of rushing towards goal Say Lower Tempo with Control mentality
  9. Ah ok, So the Squad personality only for Player Development mostly which gives us Clue about how the development can be in that particular team. About last point i always choose the Players in Youth / Reserve teams to play with my tactics.
  10. Thanks for the info. Another stupid question what is the squad personality , I took over City and it shows that Highly Ambitious and i took a look at other teams Arsenal - Highly Professional Man Utd - Highly Professional Barcelona - Professional Real Madrid - Highly Professional Bayern - Highly Ambitious Juventus - Very Determined PSG - Highly Ambitious these are just some of the big teams but what is actual Squad personality would be best to thrive for if there is any. Would the Squad personality helps to lure youngsters and other big p
  11. A Question about Staff , Will it help if i have Same Tactic (preferred) for main staff like Assistant Manager/ General Manager / HoYD Say If HOYD has same tactic preference will he bring the youth players fitting to my tactic
  12. Thanks. I think i didn't ask it clearly. Say if i have a Attacking Mentality with low tempo does that mean that team goes some what cautious approach or do they go for attack when ever possible instead of trying to wait for opportunity
  13. Thanks for the heads up, I can say it helped me in some aspects. Though i still cant get my head around over some fine details like which is better for long run / short run in creating a brand of Football (the guide clearly helped me here as i want to create my own brand instead of a tactic.) I would like to see how Tempo in the game determines with different mentalities i cant find it any where. I always take the Mentalities as terms of risk the team is willing to take but does the tempo changes it with how much they take risk or its just only intensity of play style
  14. Is it Possible to create a Defend mentality tactic with having more of Choose the right moment to pass or strike , More often that not in both FM 16 and FM 17 ive seen counter/ Control/Attack mentality tactics. What sort of things are required to look for a defend mentality tactic to work
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