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  1. If u stick to formation u like and bring right players for each position u got fantastic result with it too;)
  2. This is 4123 and 4231 my preferred set for home and away, this showed me bit better results with small teams, and tff removed 4123 anyway. I do play instant result as well so it could work bit different for You. Using this with total underdog like Fortuna Dusseldorf I went for standard mentality, but against teams 14-18 I was using attacking home or away. Testing it with mid team like Newcastle I go for attacking mentality vs teams 10-18 home or away. If used with proper strong team I would only go for standard mentality against teams 1-4 home and away.
  3. got cl spot and german cup with no transfers, med pred last. slight tweak of beowulf 112pts. Away knap beowlf tweak.fmf Home knap beowlf tweak.fmf
  4. 424Beowulf112pts. Its unstoppable especially at home, I'm using it with small club at home but away I'm dropping one striker to DM with anchor role and short passing in PI's. Great job Knap!
  5. second season in top division, still no transfers but i will have to allowed them in january as we lack talent in our under18. I have tweak Your v2 for home games too, u can see on the picture that it can also work away(bruggia was 2nd place) beat them with great possesion. hope u don't mind the link for that tweak, if yes i will remove it home.fmf
  6. despite very good season im not happy that our academy dosen't produce any good players, i have no striker that could score more than 5 goals
  7. 5th season, first in top division and still no transfers only original squad!
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