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  1. White Europe

    Southgate Inspired 532 / 352

    add normal download link please, can't get it from steam
  2. won the league in last match,won the cup too, notransfers
  3. White Europe

    Argus 451 Knap FM 18

    i will keep tweaking it, its not ready before i win bundesliga with wolsburg;)
  4. White Europe

    Argus 451 Knap FM 18

    getting boring with most of the tactics in worst fm ever;) so,i keep tweaking tactics of fm master = KNAP, #this is what im trying now 541 http://www.filedropper.com/541adef
  5. the best 442's this year, great job Knap as always!
  6. White Europe


    threat 1 for almost all away games with control mentality, for easier matches away i was using threat 3. For home matches mostly threat 3 and threat 2, all matches played with instant result. conceded loads but its because players quality i think, and score most goals in the league. good job
  7. im using two versions from OP always control for home, and counter for away i don't change anything
  8. White Europe


    tactics have great potential