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  1. champions with two games to go volante home anchor away
  2. have won the league in first season with my own 4141 tactic, for the second season choose your volante after seeing that crazy 32 clean sheets, so far so good
  3. White Europe

    ASH 343 Knap FM 18

    in two the second season now, didnt bring big transfers but its going strong in CL
  4. deeply honored, will test it soon;)
  5. White Europe

    Southgate Inspired 532 / 352

    add normal download link please, can't get it from steam
  6. won the league in last match,won the cup too, notransfers
  7. White Europe

    Argus 451 Knap FM 18

    i will keep tweaking it, its not ready before i win bundesliga with wolsburg;)
  8. White Europe

    Argus 451 Knap FM 18

    getting boring with most of the tactics in worst fm ever;) so,i keep tweaking tactics of fm master = KNAP, #this is what im trying now 541 http://www.filedropper.com/541adef
  9. the best 442's this year, great job Knap as always!