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    Legia Warsaw

    threat 1 for almost all away games with control mentality, for easier matches away i was using threat 3. For home matches mostly threat 3 and threat 2, all matches played with instant result. conceded loads but its because players quality i think, and score most goals in the league. good job
  2. im using two versions from OP always control for home, and counter for away i don't change anything

    tactics have great potential
  4. FM18 GOODBYE 4231 Knap

    i usualy test tactics with underdog, mid top, and top class and all test on current patch gives worse result than before.
  5. FM18 GOODBYE 4231 Knap

    well they always said that, i dont know hmmm maybe i will have to do more testing
  6. FM18 GOODBYE 4231 Knap

    i think that 18.3.3 patch messed up 4123 and 4231 tactics, can't make it work as before
  7. FM18 GOODBYE 4231 Knap

    no, only those two
  8. FM18 GOODBYE 4231 Knap

    its Your tactic, i only changed mentality and team shape
  9. FM18 GOODBYE 4231 Knap

    great season, undefeated in the league and won CL, no transfers in 2 years
  10. FM18 GOODBYE 4231 Knap

    second season underway, still no transfers;)
  11. FM18 GOODBYE 4231 Knap

    this is the season with chelsea, with the only changes to team shape to structured and mentality to standard. 4231 home and 4123 away
  12. yeah it works this time. Thank You