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  1. second part of the season our defenders went on holidays, still good 2nd place
  2. cerber v2 plus away tweak only against teams 1-6 away... should i change to v3 if this is doing so well
  3. well all changes are in few post above, but i will if thats not a problem with TFF. original is much better, this is only to defend. 361 Cerber V2 by TFF.fmf
  4. cerber doing very well in My QPR test save. For away matches VS teams 1-10 im droping left winger in to CD cover with same PI's as other two CD, and left WB on Attack
  5. Ok so after incredibly good first part of the season AI done everything to stop Us, which is good! winning the league so easy with team med pred 13. and no transfers its not fun. very happy with defensive side of it, We could score bit more with better strikers for sure. Very good tactics in overall
  6. Great stuff! So solid at the back,We are media pred 13. Blood away, punisher home
  7. My feelings are the same its much harder to finish 2nd with Cardiff scoring over 100goals like last year, its more realistic this year. I have nearly finish my Crystal Palace test its looks like we will finish in top 7, which is great for team predicted 12th and with no transfers, SS later.
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