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  1. You don't say... After all the previous posts...
  2. Unless you have the money to buy better players now, then not... Training doesn't offer too much of a progress towards the Work Rate attribute. Look, don't worry too much about the team comparison. It's just there to give you a basic idea of "where's your team currently standing". If you have a player in a key area (such as DMC, MC) and he has a good Work Rate attribute, you shouldn't worry too much about the rest of your lads. But, generally speaking, it's better if you have players with a good Work Rate attribute in every area. Combined with Stamina, Team Work and Determination (of course there are more attributes to consider, such as the hidden ones for example). Work Rate is one of the important attributes to consider, because a player with a higher Work Rate will...work harder for the team! Importance of Work Rate within your team (in that order): 1-DMC, MC 2-DC, DR/L 3-AMC, AMR/L 4-ST 5-GK (Of course, the importance changes a little if you use a different formation, like the 3-5-2)
  3. By buying players with a better "Work Rate" attribute, than the ones you currently have... But really, if your main players don't have a bad "Work Rate" attribute, don't do anything, because the "Team Comparison" takes into consideration all of your players (if I am not mistaken). So, if your winger or a sub striker lacks in work rate, you shouldn't worry too much. Although, your long term goal should be to strengthen your team in every area....
  4. Attacking Midfielder-Support? With "Roam From Position" PI. If you compare the "Important Attributes" for these two roles, they are almost the same. But I wouldn't expect him to drop that much deep, unless there are specific TI's for that. EDIT: The PPM "Comes Deep To Get The Ball" will definitely help.
  5. Or, England lost one of the four qualification places for Ch.League in his save. There's a news item if such thing happens, he may have missed it.
  6. I think it has to do with the winner of Champions League/Europa League, I am not sure. If an English team won it, they automatically qualify for next season's Ch.League, despite having finished 5th-20th in the EPL. Then the 4th in the EPL qualifies for Europa League. Did something like this happen?
  7. You don't like the fact that I am pointing out an obvious flaw of your work at SI, regarding the attribute distribution in the newegen system. All you people do that. "In favour of SI, even if they are wrong"... What about valid criticism? With examples? I'll stop now with this matter, as I realised that I am not the one who's arrogant here...
  8. So, I created this very good template, I kept the original numbers, just swapped them, and the only thing you have to say is "You're not taking into account the "cost" for attributes."?? Forget about the 18 off the ball. Make it 14 and make the Teamwork 14. How is that now? If you had to choose between the original newgen Vitor Pinto and the one where I distributed the attributes via the notepad, who would you buy?
  9. Of course. But isn't it a shame to have newgens with amazing potential, like the following: and then wonder "why did they distribute more points in the useless (for a striker) attributes such as corners, free kicks, marking, tackling"? Why not distribute them like this?
  10. What do you mean by "obvious flaws"? A 15y old central defender with 8 for off the ball, but 4 for balance and 6 for bravery? A 15y old winger with 8 for acceleration, but 10 for positioning? A 15y old striker with 12 for free kicks, but 8 for finishing? Yeah, that's the FM I like...
  11. That's exactly what I'm talking about. If the devs have a template for a 190PA newgen, don't distribute his points to the less important areas (corners, free kicks, marking, tackling). At least not in the rate it is now. Of course there will be a 190PA newgen who is also good at corners and free kicks, I get that, I understand, because it's realistic. But the rate this is happening right now, is pretty bad... EDIT: If you still do that, what's the point in the 190PA?
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