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  1. The second image doesn't include PA at all, just the players. Anyway, I kinda hijacked this topic. Thank you for your time .
  2. I could have replaced those images with images from newgens and the effect would have been the same. Bad attribute distribution. True, but you end up with players who have a higher value in their "important" attributes. Take for example a "researched" CB: -Higher values for Heading, Marking, Tackling, -Higher values for Aggression, Anticipation, Bravery, Composure, Concentration, Decisions, Positioning, Teamwork, Work Rate, -Higher values for Balance, Jumping Reach, Strength. This happens the majority of the times. And a similar thing happens when researchers assign the hidden attributes. At least for the Important Matches attribute, as we can see from the following image (taken from this topic and transferred to a spreadsheet): We see that, at least for real players, the higher the PA, the better the Important Matches attribute is. But such thing doesn't happen with newgens, why? And to be more exact, because someone would say "it's not fair to compare 25y old with newgens", here's a comparison between 15/16/17/18y old real players and newgens (taken from the same topic): Here we see a completely different distribution of the Important Matches attribute between real players and newgens. Why? That's not the point. The point is that their attribute distribution is not the same as when a player has his values added by a researcher.
  3. I don't know how hard would it be to include that button in single mode but not in multiplayer mode. If it is that hard to do, then sure, no Undo button at all (because we agreed, in mp mode someone can cheat, and cheating is not acceptable in that mode). I can accept and respect it if you "fight" with reason. But if you say stuff like "I may be tempted with that button, so no", then no, I can't accept such irrational points, sorry. Sure, I too would prefer SI to spend their time in improving other (more important) aspects instead of that button, but that's not the point in this section of the forum. Here, people just make suggestions, it doesn't matter if one is "more important" that another.
  4. But you are being irrational for saying "I don't want a cheating button". Don't use it if you don't want to, no one forced you to use it! Let others play the game the way they want to.
  5. My reason for wanting that button is explained in the previous posts. Someone else may want that button for another reason, you don't know that. I only speak for myself here.
  6. Can't disagree to that. But I also have zero problems in having that button in general, for people who want to cheat or undo something else. While you have a problem for some reason, and I guess it's because you want SI to act like your parents because you said that you "may be tempted" with that button...
  7. That's what you don't seem to understand. It's not "regret", it's "why the **** did the game assume that in the first place"? If the dialogs were clearer, I wouldn't have chosen option B to start a war with the other manager for example. I'm not against doing mistakes such as "I paid more than player X deserves, how stupid of me". I'm against mistakes that you made because the game isn't that clear, like in conversations or press conferences.
  8. Assuming FM18 is the same as FM17 regarding the newgen attribute distribution (haven't checked FM18 newgens yet), why are the newgen's attributes so badly distributed, compared to the original players? Please have a look at these youngsters who had "0" in their attributes pre-game and the attribute distribution the game did once I started it vs my attribute distribution (taken from this topic): Aren't you using the same system for distributing attributes to newgens? Is it me, or their original distribution is bad and has nothing to do with the "researched players"? Come on, we all know it's true, the researchers try to balance the attributes for a specific player, at least most of the times. But the newgens are unbalanced, at least most of the times.
  9. No, I think you misunderstood me . I'm not interested in starting a war with other managers. I'm only doing that when managers from rival clubs underestimate me in the first place, or I simply don't like them from real-life. The reason I like the "Undo" button suggestion, is because I sometimes start a war with another manager but I didn't want that in the first place. But the dialog options are not the best and it was their fault for that, not mine.
  10. You already have "cheating buttons", one is "Save" and the other is "Load". And tbh, you are calling the Undo button "cheating", I call it "correct some things, because my original intention wasn't that of the dialog's". Yes, some people will use it to cheat with contracts, etc. and I don't care, because that's their game, not mine. Ok, let me ask you this, because I can't understand you. If, IF the "Undo button" is implemented in the game, ARE YOU GOING TO USE IT? If not, WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH? Fine, but the dialogs should be corrected/improved, because atm you can't really say what you think, you have to choose from a specific list. And it's not crystal clear that an option can start a war between you and the other manager.
  11. Because not everyone is the same. I sometimes am an **** who wants to say bad things about the other manager, because he manages a rival club. I deliberately want that, what can I do, I'm a bad person. It is a deliberate bad outcome, because it's more negative than positive. Bad outcome=negative>positive Good outcome=positive>negative Sometimes I do that on purpose (see the start of this post). But sometimes I don't want to start a war with the other manager and the dialog options don't really help in achieving that. It ends as bad outcome, and that's something unexpected. Or, I shouldn't say "unexpected", I should say "expected", because I know the dialog options are not the best and will lead to a bad outcome, but you have no other choice the way they are now. So, you are basically saying "SI, take care of me, because I can't control myself with that temptation". Is that what you are implying here? ... Sure, why not?
  12. If he makes 10 international appearances after you signed him and he is still at your club, then yes, you have to pay the 100m. If he makes less than 10 international appearances after you signed him and he is still at your club, then no, you won't pay anything till he makes 10 international appearances. If you sell him before he makes 10 international appearances, you won't have to pay anything. If you sell him and then he makes 10 international appearances at the other club, you still won't have to pay anything. Clauses that are not completed while the player is at your club, will be deleted once he moves to another club, with the exception of monthly installments and percentage of next sale/profit. In fact, clause like these are a good way to make some profit. Although, since the AI is not that intelligent, it's more of an exploit if you do it. For example, 5m up front and 100m after 50 league goals. You then sell your player before he scores 50 goals--> huge profit. Anyway, it's your choice how you play the game .
  13. Really, you don't have to search a lot to find it. In fact, quoting Seb Wassell from the link you posted: Also, if you have a look at those 2 topics: https://community.sigames.com/topic/403056-something-needs-to-be-done-regarding-youngsters/ and https://community.sigames.com/topic/401745-youngsterswonderkids-unable-to-develop-into-complete-players/ , you can find similar statements. Especially from researchers. So, one's conclusion can be that "it's variation/diversity that improves experience". Sure, many said that it's a system and like all systems it can definitely be improved. But the point is that the original database is an excellent work (from people that work for free, it's worth mentioning that), while the newgen attribute distribution system has nothing in common with it, and it is in fact not so good work.
  14. I think that's one of the reasons we have that negative stereotype about British people (can't say it here, it's about sexual preferences ). People in England in particular. I mean, I had to shave from the age of 12-14 if I recall correctly. Ok, I wasn't the majority, but if you come to Greece you'll see many 16y/17y old bearded teens . P.S. I do hope it's not offensive what I wrote (because we live in a "politically correct" world now and I don't really know the English rules towards political correctness). But you can clearly understand that, me being here, means that I don't believe in such stupid stereotypes. If it is, please edit it?
  15. I'm sorry, what do you mean by that? What "hasn't been said"? Unfortunately, that's for someone else to do. I've stopped playing saves once newgens take over the world, because of issues like in the OP or the attribute distribution. Although, I will gladly check a save and compare things, should someone give it to me.
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