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  1. What's your manager's value in "Adaptability"?
  2. Some questions: -If you go to C:\Users\User\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\set pieces and delete all those files, do they still appear in-game if you also select "Reset to Default" and then create new ones? (backup first before delete) -Have you tried creating a copy of the downloaded tactic you use, by having the downloaded tactic in slot 2 and start copying the instructions in slot 1? Does it work? -Are you trying to set the set-piece takers the day of the match? Have you tried any other day with no match?
  3. Also, does the "Size of Text and Images" affect matches as well? Maybe not if the SI staff didn't suggest it, but you could give it a try with the Zoom In (125%). Preferences->Overview (under "Window Mode & Resolution")
  4. +1 But. Currently, in FM, you have to hire at least 9(!) coaches (2 for GKs, 2 for fitness and 1 for each of the 5 remaining categories) to have a decent training quality which is totally unrealistic (which team IRL has so many coaches?). Since it's that way in FM, then it means that in order for us (as managers) to know how professional a player is, we should assign ourselves in all 9 categories so that we "watch him everyday". Otherwise, if you are not involved in, let's say Tactics, Attacking and Defending training, how would you know for certain your player's Professionalism? By only watching him in Strength, Aerobic, Ball Control and Shooting? So, it's not 100% knowledge. You know what I mean? Now, if we speak in terms of "we are in all areas by default like IRL", then yes, we should know our players Professionalism. But I proved that, technically, FM's way implies that we can't know a player's Professionalism for sure if we don't watch him in all areas, so to have a definite opinion.
  5. +1. Except Flair, where you either "have it" or not... Never understood why a tutor can't alter a tutee's Aggression for example... And let me expand the idea by suggesting that a tutor can alter a tutee's "Important Matches" attribute. Of course it's realistic and I don't understand why it isn't already happening. You can already alter someone's Determination, Ambition and Professionalism (current system), why are you unable to alter Important Matches?
  6. It won't be a bad addition, but since it will slow my game a lot, I would prefer if there is an option to tick/untick in preferences(or somewhere else) like: Keep the same penalty takers order for every match Display a pop-up for penalty taker in-match Same could be done for corners, free kicks and throw-ins. Total of 8 separate options to tick/untick. Very useful for penalties though. If I had that option for penalties, I would have definitely used it.
  7. I like the idea as well, but I also agree with Barside.
  8. +1 and couldn't agree more! Awful addition in FM17, AWFUL!
  9. Agree, although I don't know if it's already implemented by offering a different squad status like Majos Trajos said. I don't know. Would you like to touch the trophy someday or...? <---from a Barca fan
  10. +1 to the OP. It's way better to combine some of them, instead of having to wait to give the next shout...
  11. Sorry to bump this, but there's no need to create a new topic and I couldn't find an answer for FM17. In FM17, is it better if you have more physios? Suppose you have 1 Head Physio and 3 Physios, all with Physiotherapy-20. If the board allows you to hire up to 8 physios, is it worth it? And if yes, is it worth it if you hire more physios but with less than Physiotherapy-20? This site explains what physios do, but it doesn't say if more is better.
  12. I agree and disagree with the OP. Messi's/Ronaldo's don't appear every year. And by having being trained in the best facilities in the world doesn't necessarily mean that you'll become one. Just because Real Madrid spent £40m for Vinicius Jr, it doesn't mean that he'll become a top player. He's 16y old. We can't know such thing. Also, by making -8 to -10 players pre-game to have an in-game PA of between 130-200, means that the game will eventually balance them out, because you can't have world-class players, it's unrealistic. So, it's almost similar to the current system where you'll still get the 145PA player, you'll still get the 165PA player... But, the current PA system is somewhat restrictive. For example, a youngster with -8PA pre-game gets a 155PA in-game and that's it. But that isn't fair, because IRL, a player's ability can be affected by many factors. Who's to say that an 18y old with 120CA will reach a 145PA? Who's to say that he won't reach an 135PA or an 155PA? There needs to be a change in the current system. I don't know what changes can be done, but you should think of something a little bit more realistic. Maybe, if we, as managers, meet certain requirements when developing a player (all these will be under the hood), will cause that player's PA to see an increase by 10 points at max, or the opposite. Why not?
  13. If it's any comforting, I had a totally corrupt savegame in FM16 and it's probably cause I merged the files
  14. @kingrobbo I'll keep them separated . Thank you very much mate for the new information of the day