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  1. Okay, have a look on what other people had said on the matter: This (I highlighted the conclusion, taken from this): Since Amaroq's quote is from 2009, I'm not 100% sure if it applies in FM18, and if yes, if all parts of it. This also (taken from this): This also (taken from this): If you were wondering about player development in Playable, View-Only and leagues that are Off, have a look at this quote (taken from this): Have a look on these topics, more questions are answered there.
  2. Haha, you certainly know how to please your followers . Mangala looks good .
  3. When you think to yourself "hey, despite being Greek, I speak english fluently" and then you see those alien words .
  4. Nooo. And got injured against Olympiacos? Our fav club? That guy scored the goal that knocked us out of Europa League Quarter Finals in 2011/12. Sell him asap please . If your board allows it, try to arrange away friendlies in counties like: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Japan, and maybe with some clubs from Angola, DR Congo, Zimbabwe. Was always a good income for me . Keep it up .
  5. I'm so relieved that it's "Yes" everywhere . Thank you very much for answering, appreciate this . Hmm, that would require some thinking. Perhaps, program the AI to make the most out of scouting? If it's not already doing something like that? For example, the scouting team of a particular AI club, is analyzing player development from 3*-5* reputation clubs, with no intention of signing those players, only so to understand their personality. Make this as a 6-month, 9-month or 12-month period of research, and once it comes up with results, the AI can use them to their advantage. I
  6. Yes, my test was almost imperfect. I'm planning to do a new one and post it here when I'll have the time. Comparing loanees from other teams with the help of Genie Scout. There are about 120k players in total in that save, so I think I'll find many with similar characteristics to compare. Although I do believe that the conclusion will be the same, similar development in playable and non-playable leagues. Yes, correct. Sorry for my english, I'm Greek and not that fluent. It's true that we sometimes exploit the progression system. But I'm wondering, If we can do that, can't you (th
  7. Your query inspired me into a lil bit of research, because I would also like to know the answer to that question. So, managing Olympiacos in FM17, my aim was to compare a player loaned out in a View-Only league team vs a player loaned out in a Playable league team vs a player from my club. Unfortunately, from the 90 leagues in my save, the 75 are playable and only 15 are in view-only mode. The worst part is that the players I've found for the comparison are in a league (Cyprian) that is completely off in my save. But I guess, it's not so bad at the end of day, because I'm gonna compare a pl
  8. Mate you are very brave for doing this. Vaduz is an acceptable challenge, but Liechtenstein as well ? Good luck from me. Following . P.S. I hope you meet again with PAOK next year. Revenge is gonna be sweet .
  9. That was it. Board expectation is the one that matters for this kind of team talk, not media prediction .
  10. Which option did you choose at the beginning of the season? Avoid relegation or battle for mid-table finish? (forget about media prediction for a moment) If it was the former, then your choice in the team talk was right and this is one more example that this area (interactions) needs a lot of work. If it was the latter, then you picked the wrong option in the team talk. Because the researchers haven't set a standard value, they left it to "0", so the game generates one for the player, randomly. Yeah, one more area that needs a lot of work (attribute distribution templates)..
  11. Thank you. Yes, it will require more work from us, but the way I see it, training (and everything that is included in it, be it general training, match training, etc.), justifies it 100%. It's one of the most important areas in football and has to become more realistic in FM. Adding the 4 areas (Def.Pos.,Att.Mov.,Att/Def Set Pieces) in Tactic Familiarity Levels, would make them useful. I mean, let's be honest, how many of us here ever used "Defending Set Pieces" as match preparation? Less than 10%. What about "Teamwork"? I believe the same percentage. Utilising them somehow will provide a
  12. I think we can all agree that training in FM hasn't evolved that much, or as much as we would have liked. Therefore: Part 1-General Training, Match Training, Match Preparation, Tactic Familiarity Levels and Intensity. Training should be split into 3 areas: General Training: focuses on attribute development. Match Training: focuses on getting our players familiar with our tactics. Match Preparation: focuses on preparing our players for the next match and getting our players familiar with our tactics. 1) General Training: The categories will stay the same as they are
  13. Besides that, do you think that some of the rest will help in @91427's case? Like, for example, the "Arrives Late in Opposition Area"? I'm basically asking because I've never used it, but it sounds kinda logical to make the winger stay out wide, and not get involved much when the ball is in the opponent's penalty area.
  14. You are welcome. But as I said, these PPM's are contrasting to the winger's role, but I think they might help in your case. Before you start with the PPM training, wait for an answer from a mod.
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