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  1. Even though it's much more than Mental attributes, it's complicated. In my hypothetical scenario (you vs the opponent striker), some of your mental attributes are increased only when you face him. And it isn't even an absolute (that it will always happen against him). It's very complicated to be added to FM, because it would require many calculations. Unless you or someone else has to say something, I would like you to close this please, all my questions were answered (I have no problem for someone to re-open it, contact a mod)...
  2. Well, sure . It's not like it needs a study. We all know that if we are experienced with something (whatever that is), we can do it a little bit better the next time. Sure, if we talk about more complicated things like playing football in CL, it's not certain that we will always do it better. I think some people here are confused. They think that, when I'm talking about a "small bonus", I mean that suddenly your player is gonna become Superman. No, I don't mean that. In FM, there are hundreds of variables for calculating the outcome of a match. One of those should have been "experience". Just a small percentage, 0.5%, I don't know how much, but it should exist. I know someone who can confirm it. Let's see the following quote: Now, @HUNT3R (and sorry for the poke but we are getting nowhere here ), would you say you are more experienced now, than you were 10 years ago? Is it true that experience also is responsible for helping you reading the game better now? Would you say that, because of you experience, there are some situations where you can deal with them better? Like for example, you remember that opponent striker from some years ago, so you can position yourself better against some of his shots. If yes, isn't that because of the experience you accumulated throughout the years?
  3. It's not my belief, it's not a belief. There is a thing called "experience" in life. It exists in football as well. Let me give you an everyday example (not about experience), cause it seems to that it's nuclear science for some people here: Let's say you move abroad to play for a team but you don't speak the language. You'll face some issues on the pitch, for sure, wouldn't you? Now, let's say you speak the language. Wouldn't that be a small bonus for you? Wouldn't the fact that you speak the language, make you understand your manager's tactics and communicate with your teammates, therefore perform better? Experience translated in FM=Small Bonus. Mostly mentally. And FM attributes can quite depict that. But it exists irl and should exist in FM. End of argument.
  4. It definitely helps if you read the descriptions of every role in the Tactics->Player panel. Also, if you hover your mouse over a Team Instruction or a Player Instruction, it tells you what it does (if you didn't know by now). But for me, the most important thing is the thread pinned at the top. And it's basically the start for understanding things better (if you haven't checked it already).
  5. Besides the example "teams from the same league face each other in a continental competition", continental experience matters for every other team. Example: some past Olympiacos players have so much experience in the CL because they played every year in it. It's not the same as a Slovenian team which plays once every 10 years. And it doesn't mean that because of it, those past Olympiacos players will perform better, but they will have a small bonus for sure. And even if it doesn't matter for teams from the same competition (let me try to agree with you here), IT MATTERS FOR EVERY OTHER TEAM! What's your problem? What do you want from me and you make me repeat things over and over again? Are you suffering from any disability that makes you incapable of understanding basic things such as "experience in a competition" or experience in general?
  6. I'm considering posting something the following days, but it's kinda difficult, it would probably require a new attribute, so, what are the chances for something like that? Close to zero. Is there any other option? To up some mental and hidden attributes? But experience is not just "Consistency", "Important Matches", "Pressure", "Determination" etc....
  7. They are different. It's different story. No. You sound like you misunderstood me. Experience can't all of a sudden make a player perform better. It's just a small bonus. And it doesn't have to do with important matches only. For example, a veteran with 500 appearances in League X has so much experience, he faced all the other teams so many times, he knows how to handle situations better. It doesn't necessarily mean that he enjoys big matches (the "important matches" attribute). It doesn't necessarily mean that he will still perform well against that team that suddenly bought 5 star players the summer (the "pressure, on the pitch" attribute). It's just a small bonus. Mostly mentally. But the FM attributes can't depict that very well.
  8. Really? Do you think that everything revolves around England and the EPL? There are 150+ nations with leagues. Do you think that a CL match is the same as a league match in countries such as Holland, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, etc.?
  9. Experience is this: Player X has played so many matches in his life, than knows how to approach situations. Obviously, you find that in older players. Now, if a footballer in FM has very good hidden attributes, it doesn't mean he is experienced. It means that the has very good hidden attributes. If FM doesn't make that distinction and only equates experience=mental and hidden attributes, then for me it's wrong. But it exists irl. Sure, it doesn't mean that, in competition X, someone experienced can for sure perform better than someone inexperienced, but it's still a small bonus for him.
  10. I'm sure Herne79 can give you a whole tactic, because I can (and I'm not Herne79, I'm waaay more inexperienced), and because I play something very similar to what you want to achieve. But the reason he didn't do it, and the reason I'm not going to do it, is because first you have to understand reason#3. But, since it takes some time to complete it, I'm gonna tell you a PPM that will definitely help with what you are trying to achieve here, no matter what TI's or PI's you choose: "Plays One-Twos". It's the definition of "pass and move". But be careful, it's not for everybody. For example, it's not suited for a Central Defender (logic) or a defensive midfielder, it's suited for more advanced, attacking players, like the ones in the flanks or the AMC. You can start from there, and after some time you can choose who else can benefit from such PPM. In the end, if you don't really care about understanding things and you just want a tactic to have some fun, pm me and I will give you instructions and advice.
  11. First of all, thank you for taking the time to reply . Well, I just wanted to know if experience (with whatever it consists of under the hood, be it a sum of mental and hidden attributes or whatever) is included in FM, and if yes, if it gives a small bonus (%) in various areas, with most important the calculation of a match outcome. And sure, there are plenty of lower league footballers with experience, but there isn't just "experience accumulated from many league appearances". There are many types, like "Champions League experience", "international experience", etc. For example, you could have a 25y old with much more experience in CL than a 30y old. Is such thing separate under the hood or the only "experience" in FM is "mental and hidden attributes"?
  12. Finally. Very glad a mod replied . No, I'm not saying it should matter more than everything else. I'm saying, experience alone should be a small bonus (% in the code) for players over 30y old who have a lot of appearances, played in important matches and can handle situations better than a fresh youngster. That way, we won't always try to sign as many youngsters as we can and FM will be more balanced than it is now. Because, let's be honest. Most FM users (including me) don't rely on experienced veterans, but try to sign as many youngsters as we can. I was checking the average ages for the top 5 leagues in Europe, from a quick search (taken from this): Number 25 (Villarreal) has an average of 26.42y. You can understand that, the 75 other teams in the top 5 leagues have an average age of over 27y old.
  13. The problem is that you think than only Mourinho and Conte exist in this world and you can only give examples based on them. Well, guess what, there are over 150 nations with leagues, and let me tell you, most managers IRL will use the more experienced player in an important match and the promising youngster in easier matches. At least 90% of times. No, personally I can't, because I manage Olympiacos in Greece. What I can do though is to make a very good team of under 26-27y old players that can reach the latter stages in CL and dominate in Greece. When IRL, this thing would be impossible. What's genie scout have to do with it? What's your opinion on the fact that most FM players try to have as a young squad as possible (including me) and don't really care about a 30y old guy who is more experienced than a 20y old? What's your opinion on the fact that "experience" is not depicted as it should?
  14. You go manage a club IRL, use the "17y old Santon" and let's see how you do. Fired before Christmas... Thank you. Well, regens are already toned down. I mean, I've been b....ng about the regen attribute distribution for a long time. Exactly!