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  1. You are welcome my friend. And I also didn't know about the "you end up paying more with installments" till FM14 or FM15 (can't remember). But that's logical. Every product has installments (don't know if they use that term for regular products as well) and if you agree to pay in installments you end up paying more, because of the "convenience" the corporations offer you. "You don't have to pay us now customer, pay in installments". Me too. If I had to guess, I would say it goes to the other team, because they offer you some "convenience", like corporations which sell products do. But if that's the case, it means that the same thing happens when I also sell a player in installments. I will end up receiving more, right? Why then doesn't it show the information on the "make offer" panel like it shows when I make an offer to buy a player (the transfer budget deduction info)? There isn't really something better than paying with cash upfront and selling in installments (particularly selling in 48months all the time, because of the FFP). Do that when you reach a strong financial position. Till then, buying in installments is somewhat useful, if you don't have enough funds at the time to buy a player.
  2. I got this message: If that's the case, why was he "progressing very well with his preferred move training"? Info from a day earlier: Is it because he is not familiar with the "Midfielder-Right" and "Attacking Midfielder-Right" positions? Because I did the same training to a left defender with "Awkward" in both "Midfielder-Left" and "Attacking Midfielder Left" and he succeeded: What can I do now? He has 0 for "Midfielder-Right" and "Attacking Midfielder-Right" positions and Versatility-12.
  3. Let's see the different options. Suppose you want to buy a player for 10M: Let's check the same for a transfer of 60M: As you can see, buying players with installments is not a good option. You'll end up paying more but I am not 100% sure if that "more" is going to taxes or to the other team. Someone from SI has to confirm. If it is indeed, I am not 100% sure if there is more tax you'll have to pay at the end of the season. I would guess, you pay taxes for each financial year, without counting the next 3 seasons. Obviously, after a season had ended, you can check how much taxes you paid and make an estimation (not 100% accurate). Regarding the interest. What you have to do in order to generate income via interest, is to move the slider all the way to the left (more wage budget). That way, you'll see an "Interest" income each month in your finances panel. Obviously, the more wage budget, the more income via interest. At least that's what I've read somewhere else. Although the information says this: "Amount of income the club has received in interest on their bank balance". Let's see an example of my season's transfers so far (28.12.2016 ingame): I have calculated myself, a tax of 9M for this year (as seen in the previous "transfer expenditure"). This "tax calculation" is nothing more than what I'm about to pay in addition to the 12months installments. But, it could be, that all this "more" you are paying if you buy players with installments, isn't tax but amount you pay to the other team! This is my tax so far (28.12.2016 ingame): Let's see my bank balance, wage budget, and my interest so far (28.12.2016 ingame): As you can see, I only make 150K each month from interest with so much wage budget and so much bank balance. Now, are you willing to sell with cash upfront and not with installments, so to double or triple that figure, or do you prefer that "petty" 150k/month and the standard income from installments? Personally, I prefer that "petty" 150k/month and the standard income from installments (so to counter the FFP). But I think the interest rate is different for each club/nation. Obviously, the bank can't give me the same interest rate it gives to Barcelona or R.Madrid, right? But that's what an SI staff has to confirm. Hope that helps. And sorry for the long post and if it confuses a little bit, I am not Brittish. P.S. I'm far of 60M too. Most I sold so far is 4M upfront-24M in 48months. Most I bought is 4M upfront-18M in 12months. Although I am the type of person that loves the financial aspect of this game and act like a jew to this stuff . EDIT: Additional Info. If you are planning to buy players with the intention of selling them after 1-2 years, or have them as backups all the time, it's very wise to offer "After League Appearances" and "Minimum League Goals". That way, you can reduce the amount of cash you are paying upfront (or in installments). After League Appearances= You will pay the other team the amount you agreed, after the player made that appearances. -Works with: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Attackers. Minimum League Goals= You will pay the other team the amount you agreed, after the player scored that amount of goals. -Works with: Midfielders, Attackers. Let's see three ingame examples from my first year: I hope it's not confusing. If you sell the player before he reaches the amount of league apps or league goals you don't have to pay his previous team anything. "Just a bad deal previous team of my player X, sorry, not my fault".
  4. You are welcome. I also didn't know about FMT, although it was there .
  5. When you buy a player on installments (12m/18m/24m/30m/36m/42m/48m), you end up paying more, cause of the taxes. These taxes don't go to the other team though. Same for when you sell a player. With installments, the other team will end up paying more, but that money won't go into your balance. It's better to buy players with cash upfront, because: A) You don't pay a lot extra on taxes, as opposed to the installments method (well, you still gonna pay taxes, but less than with the installments method). B) You pay them, you are done. It's better to sell players with installments (48months in particular), because: A) You will have a fixed income every month, thus increasing your "Current Season Profit/Loss". Say, you sell a player for 60M in 48months installments. Every month you'll get 1.25M. That's 15M every year. You have a fixed income of, no matter what happens, 15M each year for the next 4 years. B) No FFP troubles cause of A. C) Say you are looking to sell a player for 60M upfront, but the other team doesn't have that amount. They may accept to buy your player for 10M upfront and 50M in installments instead of just 50M upfront. Someone would say it's better to receive the cash instantly so that you'll have more wage budget, thus more interest. Ok, but what about the next year? What if you didn't plan correctly? What about the FFP? "Current Season Profit/Loss" is for each year. That's what the FFP is calculating, not your balance. Just because you have a balance of 100M, doesn't mean that your president can take all that amount if you have FFP problems. There is a standard amount he is allowed to invest. That's why selling in installments is a good method of keeping your club healthy. Now, depending on what team you manage, you may have to buy players with installments for the first years. Ok, fair enough. I also do that because I am not Barcelona, I am Olympiacos. But I make sure that I also sell with installments so to balance it out a little bit. When I make my club rich though, I stop doing that. I pay upfront, I sell with installments.
  6. I am only going to give you the basics on how to trigger counter-attacks: A counter-attack is triggered when the opponent (or you, works both ways) commit more men forwards. When a counter-attack is triggered, it overrides any tactical instructions you set. Any tactical instructions you set will be used for the rest of the time. So, how to trigger a counter-attack? -by having your men stay deeper in order for the opponent to commit more men forwards and, -by closing down less so that more opponents will have to attack you (since they won't be able to find spaces to exploit). Which TI's do not help with triggering a counter-attack? -Use Offside Trap. Only effective with a higher defensive line. -Prevent Short GK Distribution. You want the opponent to play his game. -Retain Possession. You want the opponent to play his game. Which duties do not help with triggering a counter-attack? -Attack duties. By having your men stay higher up the pitch, it won't help with triggering counter-attacks. There is also this guide regarding counter-attacks: It may be the best one out there.
  7. Then you should probably try a tactic with a defensive mentality. That way, you will still focus more on the defensive part, but occasionally create counter-attacks. Not as often as you would with the counter mentality, but still... Regarding the formation and instructions, I could give you my thoughts, sure, but I've never tested something like this, so, it will be based on "with some luck, I may be right"... You know what I mean? These things need testing on the pitch. Maybe you should try different set-ups with FMT, since it doesn't have tactic familiarity levels. You can setup your tactic and test it from day one.
  8. Give us some more info. Are you going to play the whole match with this (contain?) tactic, or are you looking for a tactic to employ after you gained the lead? I don't feel like a contain tactic will help you for the whole 90 minutes, because of this: Eventually, your team will crack under pressure, right?
  9. Does anybody have any experience with Manolas from Roma? I want to buy him for next season but he will cost me almost my entire budget and will become the highest earner. Will play alongside Mammana who is my Ball Playing Defender so he fits perfectly the "strong centre-back" profile I want him for. One thing worries me though. His technical attributes. Am I going to experience crazy sh.. or something similar to the rl Manolas? (Managing Olympiacos, FM16)
  10. Let me quote from about the "Gets Into Opposition Area": "The player will be more likely to enter the opposition penalty area when your team is attacking. This can allow him to receive the ball in threatening positions close to the opposition goal more often. It is similar to the Gets Forward Whenever Possible, but even more offensive". So, it's more likely he does that instead of "runs with ball often", cause it's more "simple", right?
  11. @Argonaut What if you train your player with the "Gets Into Opposition Area" ppm or the "Gets Forward Whenever Possible"? Have you tried that?
  12. @jonomagloneoI don't have the answer to all your questions, but I know these: -Versatility is the most important attribute to consider when retraining a player to new position. It is a hidden attribute, which you can only see with a 3rd party tool (like genie scout). Sometimes in a scout (or coach) report you will see something like "Can play in a couple of positions". This means that the player can learn a new position faster than someone else. -It's easier if that player has "competent" to the position you want him to be retrained, and harder if it's "awkward". It means it's gonna take more time. -If they are in the youth squad and you don't have full control of it (you have another manager there), there might be a problem. I have a right-footed with the "Inside Forward-Left" position natural. I am retraining him as a Winger-Right, but the U20s manager keeps playing him as an inside forward at the left flank. You might wanna make sure that the new position isn't "overpopulated" with other youngsters familiar at it. -You have to remove any additional focuses only if the player's workload is very heavy. Otherwise, the risk of injuries is increased. And keep in mind that FM tip: Remember that your youth players are still developing and as such will tire quicker. Be considerate with your workloads when devising youth schedules. Forget about that advice only if your player has high Natural Fitness, Determination and Professionalism. -As long as it is the position you want, it doesn't matter what role you choose as training. At least that's what the mods have told me in another topic. -As for your last question, I am not 100% sure.
  13. So, your advice is: -Mixed Crosses, -No PI "Cross Aim At"? Leave it at default?
  14. I just need them to aim at my striker 9 out of 10 times. How could I achieve that?