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  1. Thank you very much mate . And sorry for the very late reply, I was banned for a couple of days (for stupid reasons, let's forget that). Actually, that's knowledge that was passed onto me through searching this forum. Really, there are many explanations out there. The problem is that all of them are into different topics and not combined into one. Hmm, no. Playable vs View Only will affect that. Here it's explained in more detail. But for people's convenience, let me paste it here as well: So, for example, if you set the Greek League to "Playable" and the Spanish League to nothing, after some years (but still I think maaany maaaany years), the Greek League will be in better condition than the Spanish one. The "Full Detail" option will affect the "realism" of the results in the leagues you chose it. Finally, let me give out some results regarding regens. I compared the regen production in leagues that are Playable vs leagues that are View-Only vs nations that don't have those two enabled but have the "Load Players From Top Division Clubs" or the "Load Players From Top Clubs" only and nations that have no option enabled, nothing at all. It's not that extensive, but just to give you an understanding. (Here you can find my setup (it's towards the end).) Now, let's check the quality of the regen production in the "less important" nations: And last, the regens from the "important" regions:
  2. So, to summarise @jusinho9: -Set as "playable" as many countries are "important" in Europe. You chose Germany as your main country, so make sure you also set as playable, at least the first division from most European countries (with some exceptions if you like). -Set as "playable" all the leagues from Germany and the countries that could create regens with German as second nationality (Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Greece). -Set as "playable" the important S.America leagues (as many as you like) with the exception of Peru. -Set as "playable" the Mexican league and if your pc can handle it, the USA league. -Set as "playable" the S.African league, if your pc can handle it. -Don't set as playable any Asian leagues. If your pc can handle it, add China. Only one league from the "lesser important" nations is fine. You don't have to add the 2nd or the 3rd divisions for such nations (like Belarus, Colombia, etc). -You should at least copy my setup regarding the "Load Players From Top Division Clubs" and other options and then build from there (add more if you like). Here (it's towards the end). -I chose most options for Greece, you will do the same for Germany (and as many more countries as you like, but this will add more players, even the crappy ones). -Choose only "International Players" for nations that you don't care if they progress. -You don't really have to use a "Larger" database. Medium will do just fine. In fact, with medium you'll have more transfer activity (with small even more). -Set to Full Detail, only the most important leagues and cups. Don't overdo it because your game will be very slow. And "Full Detail" doesn't affect regens, only the "realism" of matches. I can't think of something else atm. Of course, the previous is just my opinion. You can do whatever you like and if you add extra leagues (like the claassen ones), your DB will get bigger in size. But also, the risk of crashes is greatly increased. Someone who plays, for example in Brasileirao, shouldn't choose the same setup. My advice was for you only, because you will manage in Germany. EDIT: Sorry, . Egypt isn't added in the original game. I meant S.Africa. Bolivia is also not added in the original game. I meant Peru. Japan is also not added in the original game.
  3. No, I mean this: Look what I have done with Premier League, despite the fact that I only(and will only) manage in Greece. That is the "Full Detail" option. By setting a league to "All". I did the same to some other leagues and cups, because they are important (ofc my main leagues in Greece): Now check what other people had said on that: I wouldn't & don't bother with it. The clubs shouldn't always fail as they'll get grey players who are of a similar standard to what you would expect at the club based on their rep. I used the following advice from Cougar2010 for the African, Middle Eastern and Oceanian countries and some unimportant European countries: How many newgens are you going to buy from South America? 10, 100, 1000, 10000? Countries still produce newgens even if they aren't active, just not as many as they don't have to fill domestic squads. Same with African countries, sure there might be some grey players in some International squads but thats better than the gameworld being filled by newgens that you don't use.
  4. Let me add something. If you want "exotic" players, you should only add more leagues from countries you may get a feeder club, for financial gains. Like Japan, China, USA... If you have a player in your club from, let's say Japan and you also have a feeder club from Japan, then you increase your profits. EDIT: And it's not even necessary to do that, because I am sure you will get a regen without adding those leagues as playable. View-Only will do.
  5. Ok, first some thoughts: That's correct. If you "Load Players From Top Division Clubs" for a league that you didn't set as playable or view-only, after some years, those teams will be full of grey players. One example. Suppose you didn't set the Egyptian League as playable or view only. But, if you choose "Load Players From Top Division Clubs" for Egypt, then the teams in first division will have as many real players as possible. If you choose "Load Players From Top Clubs" for Egypt, then, not only the teams in first division will have as many real players as possible, but also other Egyptian teams. How many more teams? Depends on the reputation of those teams. At least that's my take on it. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Naaaah. What's 1 very good regen per year(or maybe less) from, let's say, Egypt? Does it matter to you? For me, no. Well, that's your choice, but, is it really so important? Do you prefer to load Azerbaijan, Iraq or Singapore so to get some staff but add more players(the crappy ones in particular) and make your game slower? That may sound "not a big difference" to you, but, have you considered the leagues you'll set to Full Detail after you set up the database? Because "Full Detail" will make the game slower but more realistic. (Setting a league to full detail will make sure that matches are played in the match engine and are not calculated just by reputation). Are you only going to set Germany to Full Detail? Finally, let me help you a little bit more with some questions. How are you imagining your save? What do you want from your save? What do you want from Europe and S.America in terms of progress and what from countries in N.America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Oceania? Do you care about the progress in Middle East, Asia and Oceania? Personally, I don't. I wish I could, but my computer can't handle 200k players. That's why I choose some countries from those continents.
  6. Butland and Rulli it is! If I get a good youngster I'll sell Rulli. Thanks again. EDIT: Ofc, De Gea is a lot better, will keep him for 1-2 years and then Butland.
  7. Sorry, but the questions never end! Are there any things I should add via the pre-editor that FM missed? Such as clauses? Agreed transfers? Any changes that weren't included in FM16?
  8. One more thing, what could I do regarding the GK? Yes, De Gea is very good, but I can sign Rulli for the 2nd season on free. Is there any good English GK? Or Brittish? (and not very old)
  9. Thank you very much for the advice @sedge11 and @Chapman7. Last thing to search for is the wage and FFP structure in England.
  10. I always play with Complete Wing Backs, but was thinking for Wing Backs this time with Utd. And if you check Wing Back on Support duty, Dribbling is listed as a less important attribute. Dier has 8 in my save... (FM16) Yes, but what's the alternative? Dier-Pogba-Wilshere? Actually, I forgot to mention my Rooney issue... I don't want to p1$$ Utd fans, but I don't like him in-game. I don't want to get stuck with him till he decides to retire... Any...suggestions? I guess it's down to luck. These are his injuries so far in my save: first season: 29 apps, second season: 34 apps So, with a lighter routine he'll be fine I guess.
  11. Thank you very much for your time. I checked your suggestions: -Clyne is actually a lot better than Holgate. But Holgate would make a good back-up. I think if you buy him in the first transfer season, he is 18y old and can become TaC. -Dier is very good, but not actually a DR. He lacks in Dribbling and Passing. A good role for him would be Anchor Man (or DC, but Utd has many and better alternatives) and in front of him Pogba and Wilshere in a 4-1-2-3-1: APa-Wilshere---DLPs=Pogba Ad-Dier Herrera is very good but as I stated, I was thinking of an English based project. -Henderson is a lot better than Prowse. Wilshere is also a lot better than Prowse as an AP. One interesting thing by checking the pre-FM Editor, Henderson has Utd as favourite club with 25%! -Rashford is indeed very good but you have to wait for a couple of years. Wouldn't it better if I have Kane as my main striker and Rashford as his backup? Or train Rashford as an IF (Depay's backup)? -Tuanzebe, Ro-Shaun and Gribbin look excellent prospects. -Also, what are your thoughts on Wilshere?
  12. Hey. I kinda lost motivation in my Olympiacos save and maybe I will abandon it, not sure yet. I'm considering the alternatives and since I always liked Man Utd, I'm thinking about starting a save (FM16). But, since I am Greek, I don't know what's going on in Manchester. Some questions: Is it ok if I'll try to buy Stones, Clyne, maybe Henderson(there is also Pogba who is TaC), Wilshere and Kane so to make the club English based? I am thinking about (well, after 2-3 years): GK=De Gea (or Rulli if I sell De Gea for money) WBs=Clyne---CDd=Jones---BPDd=Stones---WBs=Shaw DLPs/d=Pogba---BBMs=Henderson APs=Wilshere IFa=Dybala------------------------IFa=Depay TMa=Kane Is it too much of a risk if I don't have a BWM but instead Pogba(as DLPs/d) and Henderson(as BBMs)? Has anyone tried something similar so to have a look at? Also, what's up with wage budgets and FFP in England? Someone kind enough to explain that to me?
  13. Man, you have a TI that I had set and was making my players not creating chances (crosses, risky passes), but recycling possession. It is called "Work Ball Into Box". Remove it please. That TI is responsible for not creating chances. Check some of the responses in this thread. Do you have PIs such as "Roam From Position" and "Moves Into Channels" so that, your more attacking players will create space for others? Also, I see too many playmakers.
  14. Yes. But, my possession is only at 60.53% because I swap my control tactic with my attacking tactic while in a match. The attacking tactic is so not in favour of possession. It's very aggressive. If I could somehow make my control tactic a little bit more aggressive (by having more crosses) I could only use that for a whole season without the need of swapping tactics.