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  1. Yeah. I would stay away. I would accept to do that, only if: 1) We would ALWAYS gather in a house to play FM. 2) Each one of us will have one copy of the save and each time we are about to play, we would paste it in the folder (if there are changes it's easy to check).
  2. You can't... You could check the registry keys, but, only if the other guy is not an "advanced" pc user and have not deleted them (only uninstalled fmrte/gs). I am not that advanced, so, can't figure another way...
  3. If you are fine with that, who am i to argue? It's your save... Still, i think, saving one time per month, is more safe.
  4. Two weeks isn't enough, sorry. He could easily load and play again the last 2 weeks...
  5. Ok then, agree to save 1 time per 2 months... If the other guy is patient enough to play the same games again(!), risking (because you won't have the same results), fine, let him play again the last 2 months... Now, if you will never meet each other, then yes, there is no way to tell (don't know if the mods know another way)... But if he's a friend you visit, you can check his game status.
  6. If you go to FM->Game Status, the first line is "Game Name" and in parentheses it says how many times the game was saved. What you could both do is to agree to save on certain times, let's say, one time per month. Problem partly solved.
  7. @Wellingman if you want to make money from friendlies, you have to play AWAY friendlies and choose the right country. There are specific countries where you can get crazy amounts! Let me give you some examples. -Away Friendly vs CS Constantine (Algeria) -Away Friendly vs Raja Casablanca (Morocco) -Away Friendly vs CS Sfax (Tunisia) Now let's check my finances before and after the away friendly vs CS Constantine. Countries that offer lots of money: -Algeria -Morocco -Tunisia -Japan -China -USA -Australia -Canada -Some Middle East countries -Some African countries But it really depends on which team you manage. Managing Olympiacos(Greece) atm and got the figures you saw. If you manage a low division team, I guess your board won't let you arrange a friendly that far. A team like Barcelona will get x2 the amount i got from these friendlies. Also, you can see that, when arranging a friendly it says you will get the same amount in "Fee" and the same amount in "Income". It doesn't work that way. You get exactly what the amount in "Fee" is and some money for "Income". So, to sum it up, it's better to play away from home. EDIT: Btw, the figures are from FM16, but it works for FM17 the same, i guess...
  8. Well, here's the deal. I have this guy who is my main AMC, Advanced Playmaker->Attack and i want his dribbling(now at 15.0) and his passing(now at 15.2) to reach 16. When that happens (15.8 at least for both attributes) i am going to teach him to try killer balls often. Hahahaha
  9. You are 75% right. I give the other 25% to myself cause i am arrogant Anyway, I've seen some improvement:
  10. Do you know what i realized just now? If he had at least 2 assists, none of this would have happened. No need for a thread, no wasting your time... You are right about some things though. 1) I never "watch his good and bad situations for the last game", too lazy to do that. 2) I don't use "smoother chit chats". I just praise everybody at the same time once a month and criticize anyone who hasn't played well, a striker who hasn't scored goals or a winger who hasn't provided "plenty" of assists. 3) You are right about preferred moves. It's just that, because i am dealing with, let me say "kids aged 20-24" who can, for example, see their dribbling go up one point, i prefer to have a player's dribbling going to 14 from 13 and AFTER that i am going to teach him a preferred move, because most of my players have heavy workload. Anyway, thanks for the advice.
  11. Ok then, i guess, i have to treat him like a child in 3rd grade because of the "faulty" dialogue, "go Felipe, you are doing great!"
  12. I don't think so. The game doesn't even recognize that you are about to get 12m for entering the group stage of Ch.League and is giving you a negative projection (even though you will participate in the group stage). You have to wait till the last Wednesday of August to get the money and then to check the projection (although i rarely check it). So mate, don't expect your reasonable request to work in game.