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  1. So what happens often is that my international youngsters (U-21, U-20, etc) are often locked into their respective youth teams even though they will be first team players in the senior squad. When I check the schedule, the youth tournament is finishing about a week after I have to decide the preliminary squad but about a month or so before the senior tournament starts (so they can play the senior squad tournament) but I cannot register them. This is worse in North Africa since there are so many different tournaments (Islamic Solidarity Games, Mediterranean Games, Arab Cup, etc) I know that if they are in your main squad, the youth managers cannot select them but sometimes you have to drop them because they were injured, suspended, etc. Sometimes you want to select them in the youth squad (Olympics) but forget to move them over and suddenly you have lost your CdM qualifications to the worst team on the continent
  2. Claassen you are back, that is great I have a tiny request if you plan on doing Africa this year, if you can make it so the Coupe COSAFA uses B teams or something (because otherwise it clashes with CdM and CAN causing major scheduling problems). If you don't plan to do it, then just ignore this request
  3. Lol Emery is so bloody overrated in the game, always ends up number 1 on the hall of fame in my saves
  4. Pretty sure the Swiss league histories are (or were, maybe they were patched) bugged
  5. I did this with Turkish nationality, and the second nationality shows all players with either first or second (or third) nationality as Turkish, so you can use that and then sort by nationality
  6. hey @pikawa94 nice work! is there a chance that you can remove the gradient in the top bar or will that come with the skin?
  7. Hey thanks for this! Do you plan to do the third and fourth divisions or is this finished?
  8. Is it not confirmed already? http://www.bonde.com.br/esportes/futebol/primeira-liga-aprova-e-londrina-entra-no-torneio-em-2018-423048.html
  9. Will you be adding Primeira Liga? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Primeira_Liga
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