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  1. Could you send me all the kit info you have its so i can make the kits in fb style design please mate
  2. Were's the kosovo data issues topic?

    1. Stephen Davidson

      Stephen Davidson

      Hi Kevin.

      Here you go: 



  3. I no how to make kits the thing i struggle with is on how to make the templates if you could make a video on how to design or make a template from scratch and also bending lines
  4. Who's helping with the research for kosovo and do you need any more help with it?

  5. Any chance you could make a video on how to make kit template
  6. Will kosovo be in fm17?

  7. If i had the time i would of made the kits in the fb style because these are awful
  8. They will be in fm17 as long as they get accepted next month
  9. Just to let you know, the East Riding Amateur League folded over the summer. What happened to all the teams in that league?
  10. Any chance you could add these leagues mate i can help out with info if ya need it Humber Premier League Division 1 East Riding Amateur League
  11. I like alot of the ideas suggested but this is the one i hope they put in the editor soon
  12. Being able to add new nations from scratch rather than changing CIS or pre ireland
  13. When you mean kits do mean colors changed in the editor or kits made from scratch?
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