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  1. Once the game is out and the editor is made available i will be making kosovo leagues playable.Also the only reason why kosovo clubs wasn't in europe on fm last year was they didn't have licenses to play in europe.
  2. We don't have time now to correct this due to the amount of work we would have to do but hopefully in the future yea
  3. Here you go 5863d30460d5f_kosovo16-17mark2_91E20DE5-5683-4BFA-A68B-F7F71356D3A0.fmf @cel1234 this is the new file
  4. It's hard to no exactly the right abilities for the players in kosovo due to not much information out they for this but glad you like the file
  5. The ireland pre 1922 problem will try to sort it out over weekend
  6. Shortly they will be a kit pack for the liga e dyte clubs
  7. So happy its released now hope everyone enjoys the file
  8. I had the same with my kosovo file with the patch before the 17.3 patch one Now it works fine with the latest update
  9. Could you send me all the kit info you have its so i can make the kits in fb style design please mate
  10. I have sorted it now it was the cache folder what needed deleting. You can delete this topic now.
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