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  1. In the latest update Malmö FF have 69 000 0000 Sek in sponsor money. (Malmö FF 70,3 MKR)
  2. International matches and the home reputation are updated by each country's responsible researcher.
  3. There will be no more data updates for FM21. We are now working with FM22. If you are interested in the economy in the game you are more than welcome to join our research team. As you know the biggest problem in the last games is that Swedish teams get to rich to quick, so to give the clubs more sponsormoney would only make the problem bigger. Contact me if you are intrested or want to give me information about all the clubs sponsorships money. ( per.antonsson@yahoo.se)
  4. We are fully aware of that , the transfer did happen after our deadline.
  5. Both transfers was after the deadline for the first winter update.
  6. The teams are correct for all divisions for the 2021 season . Do you have any other update loaded ?
  7. This is the new rebuilt stadium. What is wrong ?
  8. Most clubs in Sweden signs contract to the end of November, ( Some big clubs signs to the end of the december) . If the clubs reach the European cups they sign short terms contract like Östersund did in 2017. https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/gPaml1/skriver-korttidskontrakt--for-europa-spelet
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