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  1. this is actually a good question, why in hell I want to train my strikers on marking tackling etc... the training should have let us decide what we want to train and not giving us templates of roles.
  2. with all of this, yet i see people calling to simplify things and not to overthink. how what you type is simplify things up? Overthinking about who to cross how to cross, if the striker is lone striker how to cross, look for spaces to exploit, look to control areas (love this statement), look at your full back, look at space space to exploit and not to give to much space to the opposition, look at your CDM look at your husband, look at your wife, look at the assistant manager that he isn't giving you full of BS advices, look at your GK that he doesn't have a bad day in the office, but most importantly look at the opposite team so they won't have a good game. all the advices you write here doesn't help in the process, you can all type what ever you want on what to look on or giving advices, but it's clearly that the game is so pathetically random and scripted in a way where if you set roles and duty "properly" you will get a good result for you (who said there is a proper way to set roles and duty IRL?, there is no one way to play football IRL, but if you set duty and duty in "unappropriate" way, the ME will get you screwed). I already tested by myself how pathetic is the ME and saw that changing one duty can change the entire match, this is pathetic and undeservedly penalty for the casual user.
  3. 61 shots, looks realistic for me. 20 on target, chievo gk gets ratin of 5.9 (being sarcastic, but i wont be surprized the chievo gk gets low rating even if he had some decent saves). I can easily predict fm logic. And it doesnt matter if those were 20long shot on target, the gk still need to have a good day to stop 20 shots and to be able to handle the pressure of overal 60 shots in game. This is a horrible gaming experience.
  4. how do you call Simon Francis jumping reach in game? joke? 12 jumping reach, this guy is quite good on air IRL.
  5. I could have prove it, but everytime it happens for long a long term it get out of the nerve and I start telling to myself "why do i need this garbage game to get out of my nerve", and i just rage quit and all the proves isn't there anymore. and we are talking about sitters being missed, not shots in general (shots in general can be long shots which i don't care and no the main topic here even though that sitters also count as shots after all).
  6. You give me a post from 2012, how relevant it's to FM17? (if it's relevant it's an absurd that nothing have changed from 2012). and why defend duties give more defensive stability than let's say support? i.e full back on support is already deep, full back on defend will make him even deeper and will support attacks only if my team is camping on the opponent half. so how good is that?! IRL and in game it's possible to defend like Luxemburg did (like we saw against France), but this approach can handle this way the entire season? look at burnley recent results, do you saw them in the last matches? they are able to get result against man city, man united, but what happened against newcaslte? crystal palace? huddersfield? last time they played united they lost 1-0, lost to livepool, teams realised that more conservative way of play needed to be played against burnley. but in game, only the team that goes Par the bus the entire season get's result, and the other team get's frustrated with chances (AI or user it doesn't matter). but when you go conservative and you won't get results and you post here that you don't get result with your tactics, you get people to help (with really good faith) and you get advices than you need to add more support and attack duties. becaue this is how managers approach and tell their players how to play. it doesn't feel right that the user will get penalize for choosing one support duty more, but incase you make it defend duty the ME will react differently and make your team look better), it just doesn't feel right.
  7. you still don't get it, svenc? ok, one on one being missed multiple times IRL, we all know that and we also watch football. But it doesn't make sense that A team is missing while the team B have one shot and get one goal without having this real life missing statistics for team B, it's not balanced and it's quite annoying. it's happening more than it happens IRL. don't give me more of the same posts you are posting because it doesn't represent atleast my personal experience with the game (not talking now about RL, we are talking about the game), and you treat the game missing taps in like this game is so perfece and has no bugs.
  8. It's not a game breaking and me personally didn't said it's a game breaking, but it's clearly annoying to watch and not enjoyable. And to someone who ask about if he should buy the game or not, i gave him my opinion and also my thoughts about the game worth. and my 2nd suggestion is to try out the demo, and to see if he really bother with long shots issues or other issues that he might notice by himself (there are obviously other issues, but I gave only one because it's the most noticeable one and in my personal opinion also annoying and not enjoyable to watch).
  9. The most enjoyable part should be the ME, to watch it and analyze and as a manager to react to what I see. If the ME animation cannot offer it, how is that a manager game? if the animation isn't accurate how i suppose to analyze? i.e. A player wins the ball, and suddenly he stops running toward the ball and the opposition player just runs at him and steals the ball. Now, i saw many people here saying it's an animation issue which make sense, how as a user i suppose to analyze such issues in football terms? The game is in a very bad shape and this issue is also not new and was already in FM15 (in FM15 i just started to play the game, so i don't know if it even was in previous releases). 3 years this animation issue couldn't be fixed? you can add this as another example of @El Payaso frustration. but with all the respect to you, @KUBI you are just a mod, so you canno't do anything so it's pointless.
  10. sorry, but how would you define the long shots issues (which already been reported)? feature?
  11. Beides the fact that it's going to be release in full version in the next month which is a valid reason to wait, it's also overpriced atm and I would wait for the price to drop. I don't think it's worth the price atm (especially after reading the flaws the game have in terms of players decisions and long shots).
  12. None of us is a tactical expert, if we were we would not have been playing FM. but it's a shame that there are players who want to learn the game and are constantly failling to understand it and it's not like they didn't made any effort to understand it.
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