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  1. Got an update this morning. Is there a fix list? thanks
  2. Why is there no u23/18 tab on the left hand side of the screen like in the previous versions? Makes it difficult to check on players and promote and demote them. And fixtures etc. Has this now gone?
  3. Has the 12:00 kick off in the premier league been fixed to 12:30 on the game in the new 20.2 update? Thanks
  4. Why hasn’t the 12:00 (should be 12:30) ko time in the Prem been fixed?
  5. Why are the Saturday games 12:00? Researcher has had a shocker here haha
  6. Saturday prem games should be 12:30 not 12:00 has this been fixed?
  7. Premier league 12noon sat fixtures should be 12:30 also the europa league teams who play on Sunday’s play at 3pm. It should be 14:00 ko or 16:30 (sides can request this also) not 3pm anymore on sunday also noticed my fixture list in the league is exactly the same in the second half of the season (as per other users post)
  8. We bid at the same time but he I was told 144m at best which was too much and days later they signed him for 55 Like I say this happens all the time, with various players I’ve been quoted extortionate amounts yet another club seems to sign them for a lot cheaper
  9. PSG bid 177m for pogba in my save after the second season One issue I have is that when I’ve bid for players for example Havertz they wanted 144m that was the lowest I could negotiate, yet a week later he signs for Real Madrid for 55m This has happened with many players. Bug?
  10. I'd pressed continue, as it was matchday for various sides. Then once they'd processed I clicked continue again and that happened. So in affect i'd not done anything.
  11. Update: So I played from where I last saved the game. And no surprise, a few games later it crashes again, however the error is different. This time I did get a crash dump. I've uploaded it here. https://ufile.io/n4gfl
  12. Hi yes there doesn't seem to have been one generated. I just got a crash message and the game then quit.
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