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  1. Some fantastic advice there I was just wondering do people use opposition instructions to mark certain players etc as I read somewhere it can have a big negative effect on your defensive structure as it can pull your players out of position
  2. Thanks for the reply appreciate all the advice given looking at the rolls and duties you have explained that was kind of what I was thinking and I will definitely have a look at that. The only problem I have all my wingers like to cut inside so this could be a issue on the right flank Regarding the transition TI do you think it's best to leave this alone even though I want my team to press the opposition can I do this through players Pi? Also what do you think regarding short passing with a higher tempo?
  3. I think that's unfair as I was told my right side was to open and where my goals were coming from and in previous posts I have explained my thoughts and why I play the way I do so it is thought out. And for my last game I changed my RMD to a winger to stretch the play I switched My wb to a full back for extra cover and made my ap not so attacking I switched my tempo up a notch as the tempo before was to slow and drop my defensive line down a notch as my defence couldn't handle a high line so how am I not understanding my team and my logic I changed certain elements of my team to make it more defensive but also tried to have more attacking threat which was suggested in previous comments so I don't know how you come to that conclusion when we kept a clean sheet for the first time in ten games and scored 3 goals but hey I'll keep looking for that magic formula
  4. Again many thanks for all the advice and I guess im showing why I only played and didn't manage in real life and I love to learn about this game.
  5. So after the changes a great 3-0 win but very concerned Brentford had 20 shots even though only 5 were on target. Also my striker gave away possession a lot,as I said im not very good at looking at the sats and being able to see whats right and whats wrong so ive posted some screenshots from the game and would to hear any thoughts or advice.
  6. Hi Summatsuper Many thanks for your reply.im just loading my next game v Brentford and I'm going to try a couple of changes from the advice given. My RWB is now a FB on support My RMD is now a Winger on attack My AP is on support My Attacking width is set to wide and my tempo is set to standard Ive ticked dribble less and the only other change is defensive line is set to standard Brentford are bottom of the league with 1 win in 20
  7. This was the original tactic that got us 3 promotions any views?
  8. Many thanks Sporadicsmiles I think I have become confused as I had a tactic that got me to the prem from league 2 in 3 seasons and in my first season in the prem I survived and finish 11th. When I came onto the forum and explain how I was playing people were telling me it was already wrong as I was playing a possesson game with a high tempo and people were you can only play short passing with low tempo etc and if you play wide on a possession game you will the lose the ball more as the players will be further apart. Maybe I should of stuck to my original tactic and just tweeked it. The trouble is ive confused myself so muchi don't know what to do. I have taken your comments on board and this is what im thinking any views?
  9. So had a look at the goals conceded and as you can see its from crosses and placed shots is it just to simple to say I need to find a way to tighten up on the wings or is there a problem through the middle?
  10. Thank Rashdi I will definitely give it a try do you think I'm missing something and should make my right side a bit more defensive as people have said it's to open? I will post a screenshot later but after looking through my last 40 games I'm being told crossing is where I'm conceded most so I will have a look at that. Hi MP I'm going through a few seasons as I'm of work at the moment so probably getting through 10 hours a day play fm lol 😂 Ive gone through a few players as in my first season we got lucky and had to get better players as you can tell from my first squad it was really weak and I think recruitment wise I think I've done ok and I would of been silly not to go for them when they were available
  11. Hi summatsupeer the only one really is underperforming is barbosa I did buy him as a striker but I think he's a bit lightweight up front on his own and most of the foreign players actually have experience in England What I'm frustrated about is the fact we won 2 out of 16 then came on the forum got great advice applied it to my team and actually looked into my squad a bit more and then went on a run of no defeats in 11 and 6 clean sheets then it all happens again when I've done everything everyone has suggested it can't be just the fact that the AI is suddenly playing differently and that's why my form goes of a cliff.
  12. Hi Herne thanks for your reply it's hard to know what isn't working and what is when your form suddenly disappears we played Derby off the park and won 3-1 then got a fantastic 0-0 with Chelsea then the next 2 games it's liked we hardly know each other can I ask how would you go about looking at what's going wrong? Herne looking at my tactic can you see any weakness that I'm missing The style of play I like is possession football,defending from the front getting in opponents faces and trying to exploit the spaces Regarding the right flank I can see your point but I thought Ap on support would stay in the cm area and with the rmd roaming I thought that would occupy there full back so my rb would have spaces to exploit Would it make more sense to have the right sided full back on defend or support or change the AP? In regards to managing my expectations I think I'm very realistic as in my first season I expected us to get relegated as we had no money to spend but going into the second season as you can see the difference in the 2 squads is so different and mid table should be ok and that's what I don't get as my first season we had no right staying up. Regarding changing my tactic I do subtle tweeks here and there but if you have players that are good enough for mid table you're form shouldn't be so hit and miss How many times in real life do teams change formation for example my home team has changed formations twice yes I get you may need to be more defensive,attacking etc but you shouldn't have to keep chopping and changing formation
  13. GK DEFEND FB SUPPORT TO GIVE SUPPORT ON THE LEFT FLANK 2 X CB NOTHING FANCY WB SUPPORT TO ATTACK THE SPACE LEFT BY THE RMD DM DEFEND TO SHEILD AND SUPPORT THE BACK LINE BOX TO BOX SUPPORT TO ADD SUPPORT TO THE ATTACK AP TO LINK UP WITH RMD IF SUPPORT TO CUT INSIDE AND DRIVE AT THE DEFENCE RMD TO FIND POCKETS OF SPACE AND DRAG THE DEFENCE AROUND PF SUPPORT TO PUT PRESSURE ON THE BACK LINE TEAM INSTRUCTIONS Control possession to try and keep the ball Attacking Width Narrow to keep the players nearer Shorter Passing and Low Tempo In Transition didn't use any as didn't want my team to lose shape Disribute ball to the defenders Out Of Possession Higher Line To me it seems pretty balanced
  14. Right tin hat on and I know this will upset some people,but I feel this game has become way to hard,there dosent seemed to be ant rhyme or reason why your team can play like Barcelona one min and then play like a pub team the next. Where other versions you could look at A,B or C and find a reason why your team isn't playing the way it should and unless you get the game like Rashdi,Cleon or Herne there is no hope. Following on from my other thread im off work at the moment so can put a few hours into FM. I came onto the forum as I was really struggling with F.G.R. teamand got some great advice and read Hernes excellent thread on possession football and spent hours reading different tactics and watched videos of FM 19 and thought great ill use all this advice. So fast forward putting all these thoughts into my team who at that stage had 2 wins from 16 dead and buried at the bottom of the league and heading to the championship. So armed with this knowledge I put it into practice and as you can see the turnaround was insane with 1 defeat in 11 games and 6 clean sheetsmaking us rise from bottom to 11th. Then the usual happens for no reason our from falls of the cliff and nearly get relegated and this with the same 11 same tactics etc. Yes I expected to lose to Liverpool,Man utd and Man City but we gain a draw against Chelsea but look at our other results and then look at the previous 11and this is why im so angry. How can you play liked Barcelona for 10 games and then play like a pub team? Even if as people say the AI tighten up or change the way they play your team still wouldent be as bad.Fast forwar to this season and taking Exp Defenders advice in pre season didn't make a raft of changes most of the players stayed and we had a great pre season and hey presto were off again with 2 wins in 14 and this after watching videos and reading all the advice. Im not saying we should be winning the prem but this really dosent make any sense given the fact in our first season we finish 11th and this was our first 11 on the last game of that season. GK Joe Hart Jon Joe Kenny 40 prem games played Kyle Bartley 20 prem games played Cameron Vickers 12 prem games played Kevin Wolze 0 prem games played Yosuke Ideguhgi 4 prem games played Daniel Barlaser 0 prem games played Ben Thompson 0 prem games played Akagi Gogi 0 prem games played Salmon Rondon 120 prem games played Keanan Bennets 0 prem games played So without Rondon and Hart that's a combine total 78 prem games and we finished 11th,fast forward to this season and this is the team. David Soria on loan from Porto Jon Joe Kenny 65vprem games played Jemerson 80 games for Monaco and 2 caps for Brazil Cameron Vickers 80 prem games and 53 caps for U.S.A Tyrone Mings 75 prem games Jefferson Lerma 83 prem games and 29 caps for coloumbia Youke Ideguchi 59 prem games and 12 caps for Japan Hamaza Choudhry 108 prem games OX 150 prem games and 39 caps for England Marko Pjaca 100 games for juve and 46 caps for Croatia Gabriel Barbosa 60 games for Lazio plus 4 caps for Brazil and yet with this team we have 6 wins from 35 games. I know people will say its the tactic but again after reading hours upon hours of advice this is the team
  15. Thanks MP yes when I saw he has a balanced mentality I did have second thoughts but I feel he could offer something different in the last 15 minutes of a game
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