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  1. Hi so taken the advice and still got problems attacking wise Defensively sound again only conceding 32 goals in the premiership but drawing 15 games which is frustrating I did some testing over 4 games going from balance to a attacking mentality scored more goals 10 over 4 games but defensively very shaky So I’m in a bit of a conundrum with my tactic finishing 6th in the premiership is fantastic but the football although defensively sound isn’t the most exciting to watch So do I risk being more expansive and risk conceding goals as I can’t find a balance between the 2
  2. Many thanks sporadicsmiles thats fantastic advice i have posted a screen shot of chong do you think he is okay as a inside forward and what do you think of my 2 cb? Smith rowe has been amazing this season with 16 assists and links really well with the winger and your right i dont want to rip everything up as its going well but would like to push on and get into the top 6 I have been thinking about going from balance to postive at home as thats where alot of draws have come from and i have only lost 3 games away all season so maybe im missing something there. Lordlup i know cros
  3. Yep definitely agree with you regarding Stones and Henderson I have been over the moon with Pickford though 16 clean sheets this season and it’s quite difficult getting people in due to my reputation
  4. Thanks Zabyl no and I guess counter would make sense as Chong and edwards are super quick The only problem I have is when I experiment I seem to lose the tight defensive structure I have Like I said I’m really happy with the tactic and it may be I need better players to turn the draws in to victories. I have played fm for a long time but what I think and then try to implement it into fm is a whole different ball game
  5. Hi thanks for your replies most of my goals are from through balls and ive posted some screenshots of my strikers and where the goals come from if that helps cheers
  6. Hi i am just after some advice on my Bristol City save as defensively we are fantastic only conceding 27 goals in 31 games but going forward we are struggling to score and i just wondered how i can create and score more without losing my great defensive record? I have tried my lwb on att and rasing the defensive line but we become to open and ive even tried to up the tempo but it all seems to me ending up losing my good defensive shape. I know we are overachieving and have had some great results but the save is becoming a bit stale as were not improving its always betwe
  7. Hi i am now struggling with my lower league save and just wondered if you can help. I won 3 straight promotions but due to a lack of finance and players not willing to come to my team im stuck with most of the same players that have won my promotions so now there really not good enough for this league and i am trying to find a way i can get the best of what i have. As you can see the season started well but for reasons i dont understand my form has fallen off a cliff and im really struggling to buy a win. As you can see things started well but things have imploded. Ive post
  8. Many thanks for your reply would you recommend fb on support I did think it would cause problems defensively but apart from playing the big sides it doesn’t seem to bad but I will definitely look at that Could you also share your thoughts on my tactic as you said you could see some problems many thanks
  9. This is my base tactic when i have face the bigger sides i have moved aml and amr down to ml and mr slots to become more solid but still having problems
  10. Morning everyone,just need advice on playing the big teams in the premership. In my journeyman save i have taken a job in the prem and to be honest my team is very good and have some great players and the last 2 seasons we have finished 4th and 3rd which is fantastic but to take my team to the next level i need results against the big teams ie Man City,Liverpool etc but its not just in fm21 ive struggle against the so called big teams. I write this as i have just played Liverpool and managed to hold on for a draw but got battered they had 23 shots to my 1 so was just wondering if any
  11. So after reading so much about Leeds Utd and there style of play and coming to the end of my journeyman save i thought could my one love Bristol City play this way. So after many nights reading the internet about Beliesa i set about trying to play his way.I honestly didnt think it would be possible with my team as were quite weak in terms of determination,work rate etc,but the results have been incredible and the some of the football is a joy to watch even if sometimes you have to close your eyes when your team is defending. Here is some screenshots and maybe this is my new way of pl
  12. I play on positive mentally and to be honest we didn’t do to bad in our first season in the championship we went unbeaten in our final 6 games and finished 10 points clear of relegation. We drew 18 games but only won 5 in my last 3 seasons I was playing on a lower tempo which was working brilliantly I switched to a higher tempo as teams weren’t coming out to attack and it seemed to work ok To start with I want to play a possession game and it was working great and I’m really happy but I’m unsure what way to go now as our 1st season in the championship was a struggle even though
  13. The 2 midfield positions are rcm Carrillo and lcm is attack
  14. So after finishing my journey man save I have taken the challenge of FGR and we won back promotions to the championship where my tactic stalled and we just avoided relegation. I know it’s probably most of my players aren’t good enough at this level but I have no budget to replace the players so I’m just wondering peoples view on my tactic and let me know if there’s any weaknesses. I know the right flank looks vulnerable but I haven’t changed the tax for 3 seasons now and my thinking was what’s not broken don’t try and fix it. So my tactic is Sw k rwb att. Cd defend c
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