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  1. So after watching England last night I was wondering could we copy Englands formation and tactics and as I love a back 3 and wing backs I thought I would have a go on on fm18 Now this is all guess work and haven't tested it yet so no idea if it works and any feed back would be great So looking at England last my take on it would be SW GK defend 3x cb on defend 2x CWB ATTACK 1 DLP DEFEND shielding the back 3 now the front 4 is where I'm not sure at the moment I have gone with 1AM SUPPORT and 1 TREQ with 1 FALSE 9 and A POACHER Team instruction again not sure was thinking standard and flexible with short passing, close down more and higher tempo and playing out from the back like I said at the moment it's a very much work in progress but would like people's views
  2. So after a very long and emotional weekend finally finished the challenge The big question is does few ti and pi work At the moment I'm undecided as to finish 8th is great but playing my usual style I finished around the same spots but playing this way it is easier to spot what is going wrong and the players seem to play better All in all happy with the season as I was predicted to go down and the board expected me to finished 15th so to finish 8th is fantastic and the problems I found conceding goals may be down to me not being able to sort it out as I still conceded from crosses and balls over the top but even playing my normal style I still struggle with this.So the stats are Pld 46 won 20 drew 9 lost 17 scored 65 conceded 64 points 69 finished 8th 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 caused me the most problems I conceded 41 goals from placed shots but scored 40 I conceded the most from crosses 12 and 12 from through balls but crosses and through balls is where I scored most of my goals
  3. Hey right reaching the business end of the season with 6 to play and amazingly we sit 12th and only 7 points off the play offs. What can I say about my last block of ten just more frustrated and shouting at the pc The first 4 were horrific but the last 6 we played liked Real Madrid just can't understand why as I'm sticking to the challenge My last game of the block of ten was against Brentford and we played some of the most amazing football I've seen and won 3-1 where in my second game in the block of ten played Leeds and lost 4-2 and it could of been a cricket score it was that bad Anyway here are the stats Pld 10 won 5 drew 1 lost 4 scored 18 conceded 17
  4. Thanks Herne I'm not the best at identifying what is exactly wrong but a couple of things I have noticed is we can be suspect down my right side this could be because my right back is not the most quickest and balls over the top again it's maybe cause both my cb are on the slow side. If we defend high crosses we are great low crosses can cause a problem I was thinking of dropping my d line but worried if that would create a gap between my defence and midfield as I don't play with a fm. On to my next block of ten we're progressing slowly and with 16 games to go we may sneak into the top ten my last ten are Pld10 w 5 d 3 l 2 scored 17 conceded 16 we are looking solid but in this last ten we're hammered 5-0 by wolves and lost to mk in the cup
  5. So to update on the last ten games it's been very inconsistent we were headed towards the relegation zone at a 100 miles an hour but steadily improved to be unbeaten in the last 4 with draws against sheff we'd and hull with wins against boro and Preston which on paper should have been my toughest games. Some stats Pld 10 won 3 drew 3 lost 4 scored11 against 12 points 12 we conceded most from headers and through balls so if anyone can throw some light on this that would be appreciated With conceded headers I don't understand why as my cb are monsters At the moment we sit 14th
  6. So first 10 games played and its been a bit hit and miss with home form being fantastic but away form being worse than awful At the moment im not convince its any worse or better with few pi im going to play till the end of the season to see how it plays out here are some sats like I said away form is where we have struggle and any tips would be great.My final game away at Norwich I did play with an extra midfielder and it did makes us more solid and we won 2-1 so this may may be a way forward anyway heres some sats. Home PLD 5 won 3 drew 1 lost 1 scored 10 conceded 4 pts 10, 99 shots 35 on target opposition 40 shots 17 on target Away PLD 5 won 1 drew 0 lost 4 scored 5 conceded 10 pts 3, 48 shots 26 on target opposition 73 shots 28 on target So as you can say I need to improve away from home at the moment I am 11th I am tipped to go down but the board expect me to finish 15th so not to bad any feedback most welcome
  7. So this challenge has caught my imagination as im very guilty of using lots pi although I do only use a max of 3 ti so was interested to see how this would work. So taking the challenge I will use my beloved Bristol City and the board will be happy if finish around 15th which seems pretty reasonable. I will try a safe 4-4-1-1 on standard/flex or fluid system and knowing my squad its not bad in terms of size but the concerns are up front and in goal as we are very weak and with not much money to spend this may be my key problem. So the 2 team instructions are short pass and close down more and the 5 pi are lb,rb close down more,lm cross more,cm hold pst and af shoot more. The one thing I have notice is with so many less pi the players seem to do more of what I want them to do and you studied the game more as if im losing after 65 mins I normally start changing pi or ti in the hope something will change but this way you really have to figure out whats going wrong and already I notice my dlp was sitting to deep and we were getting over run in midfield so changed him to cm on support and we look more soild. Well pre season is over and not to shabby pld 6 won 3 drew 3 lost 0 scored 7 conceded 2 although most of pre season was against Spanish teams so not sure how to judge this. Only areas of concern are not enough shots on target so maybe moving my ap from support to attack might be worth looking at. Ill update in blocks of ten but quite excited about this challenge and im also going for less oi to.
  8. Right going to try this one as I'm guilty of using to many pi normally only use 3 ti so will be interesting Im using my beloved Bristol City the board expect 15th in the championship Ive gone with a safe 4-4-1-1 as it's a system I know well on standard/flexible system and the 2 team instructions are short pass and close down more while the 5 player instructions are gk short kicks,lb and rb are close down more,lm close down more,cm hold PST and AF shoot more. I will update as I'm just starting pre season just drawn 1-1 and beating Pompey 2-1 at half time
  9. Just to update this has been one of the most enjoyable saves I've had with fm manage to get fgr promoted to league one with only 7 defeats and some of the link up play has been amazing especially down the left hand side not sure how long the good times will last as being fgr nobody wants to come to us but I managed to convince niko kranjcar to sign for us think he's confused who we are anyway here's to league one survival
  10. player instructions are WB-fewer risky passes,close down more 2X CB -close down less-fewer risky passes FB-close down more-further forward-stay wide INVERTED WINGER-further forward-sit narrow-roam from pst-cross less-mark tighter-tack harder-fewer risky passes DLP-direct passing-more risky pass BOX TO BOX-get forward more-fewer risky passes WINGER-mark tight-tackle harder-direct pass F9 LEFT-mark tighter-tackle harder-short pass F9 RIGHT mark tighter-tackle harder-more direct passes-shoot more the left hand side combo is a joy to watch sometimes
  11. Yep that was the position I was a bit unsure of also on my left side do you think it's a bit risky with the wb on attack with the left midfielder cutting in I've watched it on 2d just to checked but I'm not sure we have only conceded 29 in 23 games so it doesn't look to bad
  12. Hi, no the only team instructions I use is short passing,close down more and play out of defence I think I may have miss judge my squad at the beginning of the season
  13. After taking my beloved Bristol City as far as I could thought I would try a new save with Fgr as there my hometown club. So looking around the squad first thing that hit me was this is going to be a tough gig as there was no money to spend and really only had 3 players that were ok. A flying winger from W.B.A on loan and 2 strikers in Reid and Doidge and prediction was to finish 21st so not filled with any confidence thought we would keep it simple with a bog standard 4-4-2 and if we made mid table I would be happy. After 8 games we were 12th and it was one of those tactics where it was ok but could do better moments so after searching the web I came across a interview by Lee Johnson explaining the tactics and how he beat Man Utd in the league cup. His tactics were to keep it tight and try and make an advantage in the middle of park so he explain he played 2 false nines,overloaded the left hand side of the pitch and on the right played with a very high winger to stretch the play in 4-4-2 formation. So with a couple of days off I thought could I transfer this to Fgr in fm 2018 with no idea if this would work. So after studying Lee Johnsons tactic this is what it looked like in fm GK DEFEND LEFT WING BACK-ATTACK 2X CB -DEF FULL BACK-SUPPORT LEFT MIDFIELD-INVERTED WINGER DLP-DEF BOX TO BOX MIDFIELDER-SUPPORT AMR-WINGER 2X FALSE NINES TEAM INSTRUCTIONS STANDARD AND FLEXIBLE Now I had no idea if this work or not but the results have been just phenomenal and crazy since the change we are unbeaten in 15 games riding high in 3rd place 5 points clear went to Charlton in the second round of the fa cup and won 5-2 and in my last game just beat luton 7-0 after being 5-0 up at half time with 22 shots 14 on target. Just wondered if people think this is a fluke or is it and ive heard people say that new teams are allowed a lot of space as ai teams look to attack you so there is a lot more space in your first season just wondered what peoples views are?
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    Ah that's a good comment I think I am being a bit cautious I am predicted to finish 8th so maybe I'm better than I'm thinking I am so do you think I should let my team play with a bit more freedom maybe at home and do you have any opinions why my first half of the season is so poor to the second half of the season but surely I must be doing something right to only have one defeat in my last 19 games and conceading 5 goals