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  1. Hi everyone just wondered if people think this is a bug? Im just coming to the end of fm20 and the amount of draws in my league look a bit high just wondering what people think? All teams have played 41 games so far Cardiff drew 16 Fulham drew 17 West Brom drew 14 Leeds drew 16 Wigan drew 15 Bristol City drew 16 Stoke drew 22
  2. Morning just put a few hours on the beta version of FM 20 and I have to say I’m really pleased like the new features especially the club vision even though my board want promotion to the prem in 3 seasons ouch!!! The only bad news is a trip to pc world as my laptop can’t handle fm 20 apart from commentary on match day which is a shame can’t even watch 2d as it lags quite badly so think I need to upgrade my laptop but other than that think the game is good
  3. Sorry I meant there left side typed it wrong Thanks for your advice my team isn't playing counter attack football it's just if I can get them down my right side and they lose the ball with how quick my winger is it's a great strategy for attack
  4. Hi just need a bit of advice as I'm messing around with tactics and need some help going forward. My strongest side of the pitch is down the right where my rw and rb are nearly world class so my thinking is locked down the left and make the opposition play down our right where my right winger can kill them on the counter as his pace and acceleration is frightening So my question is how do you get the opposition to play down a certain flank im thinking maybe man mark the left back and my striker man mark there left cb so they have no choice but play to my right side and I'm also thinking much higher loe but this is where I need your help how would you achieve this style of play
  5. I feel your pain, I once nearly lost my job as I went through a ten game run where I couldn't win for toffee and I was getting so frustrated trying to find a way somehow of getting that win. With the clock ticking and the time for work fast approaching I got the win and then the dreaded feeling we all have can't stop playing now we all know what happens close the laptop after a win and when you come back you don't recognise your players so I decided no can't go to work so spent the next 2 days off work trying to figure out tactics after tactics!!!! Was it worth it YES as we won our last 4 games and stayed up Sometimes I feel you need to be a brace man opening the world of FM
  6. Thanks for everyone's advice. For a change I've decided to give my players who won promotion only bringing in 3 players At the moment it seems ok won 8 lost 9 which depending on your view isn't to bad as we're sitting 9th Ive stuck with my same tactics home from is excellent it's just the away from I'm struggling with just about to tweak it when we beat the team in the bottom 3 away 4-1 so not sure what to do now
  7. Hi snorks thanks for your advice you would set up a defensive formation is that still based on your current set up just a bit more defensive?
  8. So just wondered what people do when they win promotion? Do people make lots of new signings in pre season or do they go with most of the squad that won promotion and give them a chance or does it depend what league you have won promotion to. As there's a big difference in England from winning promotion from league 2 to league 1 than championship to the prem and how about tactics do people change the way they play just find it really interesting how players go about winning promotion
  9. Hi Experienced Defender many thanks for your advice I will input that into my tactic later With the cb is it best to leave there closing down on standard
  10. Im using my fave formation and I normally play possession football but as the 2 strikers are pretty good and that is where we are strongest I thought we could sit deep and play on the counter with direct balls to the attacking 3. Im using a back 3 with 2 dms acting as a screen of 5 forcing the opponents to play wide and hit crosses as my 3 defenders are tall with good heading skills. In transition the idea is to hit long balls in the channels for my front 3. The problems I have is playing a dm a good idea when im playing counter attacking football and im not sure of the front 3 roles and duties. Also my lwb is more attacking where my rwb is a bit more conservative and im still not sure if I should go for a low block or a high block. Any feed back would be helpful.
  11. So after staying up on the last day of the season again I feel I need to change direction and play the football I want and to hell if I get relegated doing it as im not enjoying the save at the moment and if I use my own way of playing I hope the love will come back. So this is the tactic im using and need you advice and help.
  12. Thanks Herne I think you're right as I've played football at a good level but trying to implement what you know into the match engine is completely different
  13. Thanks crusadertsar how are you finding Porto tactics in your game?
  14. Thanks for the comments it's just the first time I've ever used someone's else tactical thoughts although I'm still using the basic principles I look for in my players If I survived this season I'll probably go back to my way of playing just nice to get people's thoughts
  15. Hi so I've posted on here over the last couple of days about all the problems I've had in Spain with my Marbella side and it's been fantastic all the help I have received so many thanks for that. Now I should be really happy because I was reading someone's take on Porto side from around the 04/05 season and implemented that into my side and it has worked wonders and we have pulled away from the relegation zone. Now I'm not enjoying the save as I'm feeling that I'm cheating by using someone's else's ideas so the question is should I stay true to my beliefs and probably get relegated or should I stick with the fact that I've found a formula even though it's not my ideas so what would you do stick or twist and has anyone else been in this situation?
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