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  1. Hi Still need some help regarding this set up
  2. Definitely may need to look at the wingers as having a look on 2d when they cross I only have one player in the box to aim for but I want to stay true to the playing style and have 2 wingers anyone have any thoughts
  3. After watching my beloved Bristol City play I have been having problems trying to play there style in FM18 and would like some help from the community to see if I can produce there style in FM18.After many attempts I still cant get it right and just wondered if anyone can offer advice. Now in real life Bristol City play a 4-4-1-1 looks like standard back 4 but the full backs push up.The central midfielders have one that sits deep and one that almost plays like a box to box with the 2 wingers staying wide and they never cut in.Up top they play a attacking midfielder whose job is to roam and cause havoc with a target man whose job is to hold the ball up and lead the line. Style of football is to play fast aggressive one touch football,I would say the passing is a mix of short passing but never direct they also don't play with a high line as the cb are quite slow but very good in the air.They defend from the front and the am and target man seem to man mark the opposition cb with the wingers man marking there full backs.The closing down is very aggressive as soon as the opposition have the ball the players are in there face but I would say its more in the opposition half as when the opposition cross over the half way line its all about keeping shape.They also like to keep the width narrow and compact Now to produce this in FM18 is giving me a headache especially up top as when I tell the am to man mark the cb I find he wont drop deep when were defending which means we get out fought in the middle.. This is how I see it in FM18 and this where I need the community help for advice. GK-DEFEND 2X FB SUPPORT 2X CB DEFEND 2X WINGERS ONE SUPPORT ONE ATTACK POSSIBLY IN THE ML/MR SPOTS 2X CM ONE DLP DEFEND AND ONE BOX TO BOX 1X AM SUPPORT 1X TM ATTACK STYLE OF PLAY CONTROL NOT SURE ABOUT THIS, WITH FLUID TEAM SHAPE HIGH TEMPO NARROW WIDTH NORMAL DEF LINE CLOSING DOWN MUCH MORE WITH GET STUCK IN AND TIGHT MARKING EXPLOIT THE FLANKS WITH MIXED PASSING WITH RETAIN POSSESSION NOW THERES A FEW IM NOT SURE ON SO ANY ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT
  4. Afternoon all I'm just after advice on what people do when there team gets promoted do you add one or 2 quality players or do you stick with the players that got you promoted and hope there good enough for the step up. I read in a guide somewhere that to many changes in pre season to your squad isn't great so just wondering what other players normally do
  5. 3 at the back

    With playing 3 at the back what instructions do people give there 3 cb I was thinking cb-stopper cb-cover cb-stopper or is it better to have all 3 on cb defend
  6. Morning I have just got Bristol city promoted to the prem and about to start my first season and just wondered what people would do if it was there first season in the prem after promotion Im asking as I only have 20 million to spend so not going to be able to some super stars although I have managed to get Sturridge and Walcott on dress so this is my dilemma do I abandon my 5-3-2 control,fluid system for a 4-3-3 and build it around these 2 players Another reason why I may drop the 5-3-2 is of the worry I may get done on the wings with the extra quality the prem sides have So just interested in people's views on what they would do as I'm caught in 2 minds weather to carry on with my 5-3-2 or shut up shop play 4-3-3 with a defensive/structured shape
  7. I watch all of my reserve teams games just to see how youth players are coming along For example in my reserve games I notice Arron smith banging them in but being only 17 I was unsure if he could make it into the first team took a chance and now he's a regular and that was down to watching reserve games
  8. Who are you all managing and why?

    I'm into my 3rd season at my beloved Bristol City and doing okay now and I've finally managed to get a 5-3-2 to work and the promise land is within touching distance I'm top of the championship with 14 games to go after getting battered by Norwich in the play offs last season First 2 seasons were tough as no players fancied the bright lights of the West Country but this season I've managed to bring in Phil jones,Chris Smalling and Dwight Gayle but he's very poor but the 2 freebies i got from random Eastern Europe have been miracle workers Watch it all go pear shape now as we are punching above our weight
  9. Help

    Hi I'm having problems putting this bug forum Ive carried on my beta save into the full game but my 2 players that are supposed to be in my first team squad have disappeared completely Its still saying there are in my club but there not listed in my first team so presumably this is a bug
  10. Yep over the last 2 days takes almost 2 minutes to make a tactical sub and almost 3 minutes to get back to the home screen after the match has finished
  11. FM18 - game speed

    Hi does anyone know if the match speed will be back to normal when the full game release is out tomorrow Never had a problem with my laptop on fm 17 but since the update the match speed is a nightmare taking almost 2 minutes to make a tactical change before the match starts again
  12. FM18 - game speed

    Do we know if this is a bug as I'm still having real problems with the match speed still taking almost 2 minutes to make a sub before the match plays again
  13. FM18 - game speed

    Really spoiling the fun at the moment took almost 2 minutes to make a sub and almost 3 minutes from when the match ended to get back to the home screen 🙄
  14. Fm 18 still problems

    Thanks that makes feel better I was beginning to think the game was bugged
  15. Fm 18 still problems

    I know it happens but it seems a lot in fm and I get all players have off days and couldn't score if they were out there all day but in fm it seems to happen quite a bit like I said I can accept a defeat when the team plays well or I get the tactics wrong etc and the thing is you know it's going to happen