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  1. I play on positive mentally and to be honest we didn’t do to bad in our first season in the championship we went unbeaten in our final 6 games and finished 10 points clear of relegation. We drew 18 games but only won 5 in my last 3 seasons I was playing on a lower tempo which was working brilliantly I switched to a higher tempo as teams weren’t coming out to attack and it seemed to work ok To start with I want to play a possession game and it was working great and I’m really happy but I’m unsure what way to go now as our 1st season in the championship was a struggle even though I was happy to survive considering I couldn’t buy anyone. I normally don’t have attacks all down one side but when I was tinkering with the tactic it was producing some lovely football down the right
  2. The 2 midfield positions are rcm Carrillo and lcm is attack
  3. So after finishing my journey man save I have taken the challenge of FGR and we won back promotions to the championship where my tactic stalled and we just avoided relegation. I know it’s probably most of my players aren’t good enough at this level but I have no budget to replace the players so I’m just wondering peoples view on my tactic and let me know if there’s any weaknesses. I know the right flank looks vulnerable but I haven’t changed the tax for 3 seasons now and my thinking was what’s not broken don’t try and fix it. So my tactic is Sw k rwb att. Cd defend cd defend lwb Support Dm defend iw attack. Lw support Pf att Team instructions higher tempo standard passing higher def line much higher engagement slightly more closing down
  4. So this is the tactic and it works really well against teams who come out to play but I need advice on breaking defensive teams down many thanks
  5. I know this has been covered many times before but I need some help in breaking teams down. In my journey man save I have landed a job at one of the big teams. Im really happy with my tactic and we only had one defeat last season but it was the draws that killed my title challenge and I need some help with how I break teams down. Against the big boys who come out to play the tactic works really well but I’m finding teams now just play 4 at the back with 2 dms and it’s an absolute nightmare and I think I have tried everything known to man but I’m still struggling to break teams down so I’m looking for some advice many thanks
  6. Hi everyone just need some advice regarding my tactic I am very happy with it and as you can see we are getting great results I’ve managed to qualify for champions league and won the europa league. Now I will know everyone will say what’s wrong but we simply don’t score enough goals and draw far to many and I would love to try and break into the top 6 and I just wondered how I can score more goals with this tactic but still be defensively as good as we are and I just wondered if anyone has any advice thanks
  7. Ok this my version I take it this the latest version
  8. It maybe that I’m confused but when I load my game it’s saying that my version is 20.3 but I’m pretty sure when I restarted steam it said 20.4
  9. Thanks I may be confused as I thought after the match engine update the latest version was 20.4
  10. Hi advice needed,I restarted steam to get the latest update and everything was fine until I turned of my laptop. Since turning the laptop back on my fm save has gone back to the original 20.3 version and no matter what I do I can’t get the latest 20.4 update so does anyone have any ideas many thanks
  11. I agree radenje I have played a lot through the holidays and the one on ones is getting ridiculous Im very tempted to do a test save with a big club just to see if I’m right or not I think fm is a fantastic game and have played it for years but this match engine is definitely not the greatest
  12. Hi thanks for all the replies so after tinkering I think I have cracked it I starting playing a high line to try and pin the opposition back but after so many draws and nearly getting the sack I notice that teams were basically sitting deep and being so defensive all most every formation I came up against was a 4-5-1 or a 5-4-1 as we are the best team in the league So after playing around with the tactic I now play standard defensive line with lower line of engagement with less urgent pressing and my back 4 on less pressing and front 4 on urgent pressing Ive never played this way before but now unbeaten in 16Still not 100 percent happy with the tactics and no idea if this will work in the premiership but I think I will avoid the sack now so thanks everyone for there advice By the way what do people do with tactics and transfers when you get promoted as I’ve got a good track record of getting to the. English premiership but once there I really struggle and always jump ship after 2 seasons and never really get the chance to build a project
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