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  1. Sounds good. I will start a save with your file asap. I'll let you know if any issues comes along.
  2. @Travis Bickle I just thought you didn't do the seedings and sorting of this season's groups as you listed it as a known issue and as far as I can see you haven't updated the file since? And okay, I see what you mean. Good thing it's just cosmetic but it bothers me more than it should. Don't mind me though, you have made a stunning job with this.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. Do you think it's possible to solve the cosmetic issue with the leagues? And when do you reckon the update with second division seedings will be out? Just so I know if I should start a game now or wait until you release the next update. Sorry for the many questions.
  4. I was referring to this. I don't know if you have fixed it yet, I just assumed it was an issue. Also you wrote about a problem regarding squad registration which I would like to know more about if you can elaborate? I know you say it doesn't affect gameplay but it makes me a bit nervous tbh.
  5. Sounds problematic to be fair. @Travis Bickle Maybe you should streamline the file a bit to make it easier to play with? The problems you have listed yourself, e.g. the history thing with winners of the second division, makes my OCD crazy. I would personally prefer a simpler system which just "works", but I know that you try to make everything as accurate as possible. Thanks again for making this file and please don't see this post as negative.
  6. Has anyone checked whether or not it’s been fixed?
  7. If you thought that was bad, look at this creature who just spawned into my new save
  8. As long as it's playable I think most people will be happy even if it isn't exactly like the real structure.
  9. Beautiful skin. A shame it doesn't fit MacBook resolution, but it's understandable.
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