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  1. I see the pattern for the tactics remain largely the same. Is there a list of MUST HAVE attributes for these tactics to work or is it more of find players that fit the specific role?
  2. What I really love about this is that you touch upon how deceiving the tactics screen actually can be. I feel like it causes a lot more problems than it probably should. Great post
  3. Got a few things regarding the discussion about player roles and under the hood mechanics. Here goes; So what determines a roles creative freedom? Is it the attached indivdual intructions or the role itself? E.g. I use 2 attacking midfielders, one an advanced playmaker on a support duty, the other an attacking midfielder with the exact same player instructions and also on a support duty. Will these 2 attacking midfielders have the same amount of creative freedom? If so what does each player instruction do? Will the 'Hold Position' player instruction instruct your players to rarely do forward runs? Will More risky passes increase creative freedom for players with the designated player instruction, while fewer risky passes will do the opposite, namely reduce creative freedom for that player? So basically my question is how is creative freedom and forward runs etc. allocated?
  4. I need to question this. An attacking mentality doesnt mean you only want to score goals, and doesnt necessarily increase the risk of conceding goals either. It is simply a wrong interpretation of how the attacking mentality works. The same goes for the comment about no possession, it doesnt necissarily give you 60 % + possession but it definetly doesnt mean the mentality condones less possession. Like any other mentality it depends entirely on your tactical setup. Regarding this, I dont see why you cannot use an attacking strategy for 90 minutes for an entire season? I personally almost exclusively play on an attacking mentality with every team that I manage, whether I am relegation candidate or the best team in the league. Again it is just about your tactical setup and having the right attributes to carry out the football you want your team to play.
  5. Would be cool if you could actually see an overview of counter attacking goals. Similar to the way corners, free kicks etc. are counted.
  6. I understand where you are coming from, but as previously stated I do believe the choice of strategy is somewhat irrelevant in the sense that you on the base of selecting one of the 3 highlighted strategies wont increase your chances of counter attacking, but rather the instructions within a given strategy. I have a hard time believing the ME will take into consideration which strategy you use, and then based on that makes a decision wether or not a counter is occouring. But thats just whats makes sence to me.
  7. I am not sure about this, and hopefully someone will correct me if I have understood this wrong, but the ME doesnt make your team more likely to create a counter attack if you are playing in the 3 mentioned strategies (Defend, Counter and Attack), its just the basic template of selecting these strategies which makes it seems like it triggers more often. Like if you play on a counter mentality the default settings will favor counter attacking more than if you were playing on control. Its not like the ME calculates with what strategy is being used, but what instructions are being changed, removed or applied to your given tactic. It just so happens that counter has better default settings than lets say control, to actually make a counter attack occur.
  8. This.. What kind of changes have they made which differs from the 2015 version?
  9. Hello everyone Does anyone know if you are able to track how many counter attacks youre creating during a game? I mean with the introduction of prozone I find it hard to believe that this isnt existing, but yet I have troubles findinding anything regarding counter attacks. Thanks in advance
  10. I really need some kind of advice to set up a tactic which focuses on playing direct, but not sitting deep. The idea of tactic is something like what Pellegrini does, with fast going forward play. I dont necessarily want to have the ball that much, I want to make most of it when I have it. So which attributes, roles, formations etc. suits an attacking playstyle, and how do I encourage my attacking players to create space with runs etc.
  11. Okay, thanks so far. So I made the tweaks you suggested, and at first I was doubting whether I should swap my 2 cm's around, because the idea was to get my CM (a) to act like a second striker, and he did to some point. But anyway I wanted to try your suggestions, and I did rewind a few of my latest matches to see what else seemed to be the problem. I found that my striker wasnt high enough up the pitch, which I guess was due to the balanced philosophy, so I changed it to rigid, and it worked out how I expected. Also after swapping the cm's around I found that he would sometimes track out wide, and leave space for my IF on the right, which creates some unpredictability to the way I play. It all went quite well with these changes, although I found that I had not enough men in the box for when I was on the ball and not countering, which lead to poor play, therefore I also changed the left IF's duty to attack. Now my tactic looks like this. The effect was there immediatly, I decided to watch the next 5 games after the Celta match with the tweaks to see how it was working, and it turned out I got my first win of the season against Espanyol. An relatively easy win against Espanyol and Granada (conceeded a late penalty), and a game against Atheltic where they were dominating me completely, which was actually how I wanted it to pan out, although they never had any real great chances despite their 24 shots, and about 5-8 on target. Against Valencia and Betis, I was generally solid, but due to my poor players I assume, I wasnt scoring on the chances I had, and that should only get better as I get better players and a more fluid tactic. Thanks so far, if you have any comments or anything else regarding helping me create better chances when in possesion of the ball, and NOT countering I am open for suggestions.
  12. Aight, I have reached this point where I finally admit I need help to tinker and tweak my tactic, because something is completely wrong. So here is my tactic. So the idea from the way I've setup things, are I want to sit deep and invite the opponent into my half, from where I wanna limit the space they have on the ball. But when I am not countering I dont wanna rush the play upfield, I'd rather wait for openings in the opponents defence. I dont mind not having possesion, and our main threat should come from counter attacks. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance
  13. Ah thanks all of you, it has been a nice help. I will definetly use Cleon's post as a guidance, for what i should look for thanks.
  14. I wanna change the way i approach in Football Manager. Normally I will just pick a style of play I like i.e. counter attacking, and try to implent it, sometimes to great succes, but mostly to failure. I've already read pretty much every sticky on these forums, and tried to stick to the basics from them to not fall way off line. This time I wanna try something different though. I wanna try to figure out a playstyle that fits my teams strenghts and my players attributes, but the question is, how do I know which attributes fits which playstyle, do you just use whatever you feel like and think is helping a given playstyle, or do you have a site og link where you check which attributes suits which style of play? Secondly, can you from the limited squad comparions page draw out an overall playstyle from the limited information you get regarding your players average attributes? Thanks in advance
  15. Alright, Ill check out your post in the other thread, thanks for sharing this kind of gold with me
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