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  1. Ok this my version I take it this the latest version
  2. It maybe that I’m confused but when I load my game it’s saying that my version is 20.3 but I’m pretty sure when I restarted steam it said 20.4
  3. Thanks I may be confused as I thought after the match engine update the latest version was 20.4
  4. Hi advice needed,I restarted steam to get the latest update and everything was fine until I turned of my laptop. Since turning the laptop back on my fm save has gone back to the original 20.3 version and no matter what I do I can’t get the latest 20.4 update so does anyone have any ideas many thanks
  5. I agree radenje I have played a lot through the holidays and the one on ones is getting ridiculous Im very tempted to do a test save with a big club just to see if I’m right or not I think fm is a fantastic game and have played it for years but this match engine is definitely not the greatest
  6. Hi thanks for all the replies so after tinkering I think I have cracked it I starting playing a high line to try and pin the opposition back but after so many draws and nearly getting the sack I notice that teams were basically sitting deep and being so defensive all most every formation I came up against was a 4-5-1 or a 5-4-1 as we are the best team in the league So after playing around with the tactic I now play standard defensive line with lower line of engagement with less urgent pressing and my back 4 on less pressing and front 4 on urgent pressing Ive never played this way before but now unbeaten in 16Still not 100 percent happy with the tactics and no idea if this will work in the premiership but I think I will avoid the sack now so thanks everyone for there advice By the way what do people do with tactics and transfers when you get promoted as I’ve got a good track record of getting to the. English premiership but once there I really struggle and always jump ship after 2 seasons and never really get the chance to build a project
  7. Hi I’ve had a few days off work and I have read a lot about fm tactics on the net and I keep reading and that you’re tactics don’t need a lot of team instructions or player instructions if you have a logical set up So my question is what if we are managing a average English championship club that is middle of the road with no danger of being relegated and play offs would be a great achievement what formation/set up would we use and has anyone had any success with no ti and pi instructions?
  8. Hi yes that’s my set up is there anything wrong that I’ve missed ti is very minimal
  9. I was originally playing a 4-3-3 with a dm but I keep getting hit over the top even though d line was standard probably due to my Xbox sakho not having great pace So I tried to be more compact to be honest it’s working defensively but scoring is now a major headache as I’ve drawn my last 4
  10. Sorry mentality is positive now I’m not sure playing this attacking is the problem as I guess it makes the passing and tempo a lot quicker as I read that the more attacking the mentality the more direct the team becomes?
  11. Hi the fb attack is on the right and I sometimes switch to wb support for away games
  12. Sorry meant to say that my lcm is either a mezzala or cm attack still really struggling and I haven’t got a clue why as I think my roles and duties are well Balanced any advice would be gladly received
  13. Just to add there’s not many ti standard passing,standard sometimes quick tempo high d-line high engagement standard width and that’s it any advice would be great
  14. Hi everyone I have to say this fm 20 is one of the hardest I’ve played and I’ve played all the way back to champ manager days Now I’m no expert but got a good track record of getting teams promoted but this version I’m struggling sorry I can’t post a screenshot of my tactics as I’m away from the laptop At the moment it’s 2021 and I’ve taken over at Newcastle who have recently been relegated to the championship and I’ve overhauled the squad and brought in 6 players and the team is ranked the best in every stat and statistic and promotion should be a formality but I’m struggling so much and I have no idea why as this squad is the best in the league We have proven premiership players but can’t get a tactic to gel After blowing Derby away first game of the season we have lost our next 4 and seriously need help My formation and tactics are a basic 4-1-4-1 sw support Fb attack Cd-defend Cd-defend lwb-defend Dm-defend lw support Rcm-dlp support lcm-cm defend Rm-Inverted winger attack pf support not many team instruction apart from high d line and high engament
  15. Hi experience defender when you’re struggling how do you analyse what’s going wrong as that’s where I struggle
  16. Hi experience defender played a few games last night tweak a couple things with your advice and went 5 unbeaten but now no win in 7 and I have no clue what is going wrong as in that 5 unbeaten run I beat Stoke away 5-0 and beat Liverpool 3-0 at home and now even at home form has fallen of a cliff This is the thing that frustrates me about fm things can go wrong so quickly and there’s no reason why i get that i was expected to be in a relegation battle but to go unbeaten for 5 games with 4 wins on a spin then not win for the next 7 is really strange I would understand it if I had of change players and gone crazy with tactics but to me I have a good balance in my tactics fm driving me crazy again
  17. Many thanks experience defender for taking the time to help I’m gonna play a few games tonight and use your instructions and see how it works
  18. Thanks I look forward to your advice later
  19. Hi experience defender I played with early crosses as my striker has incredible pace I was hoping if I can get a cross in early he might catch the opposition pushing out I also played wide as my wingers are my best players but if I played more narrow would we be more compact Its a tricky one as at home we are doing really well but just can’t pick anything away from home Maybe I should change tactics away from home and go 4-1-4-1?
  20. Yep we are predicated to finish 20th but I’m reluctant to change as my home from is really good I’m just wondering if I can use the same tactics away from home but make it more solid
  21. Hi experience defender I use balanced mentality and my iw is on support
  22. Thanks, so you think I should use the pre set counter tactic with a desperate line and what would you suggest with line of engagement?
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