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  1. NabsKebabs

    The Kings of Counter

    that's gotta be the coolest system I've seen on here.
  2. I actually reckon it's your tactic. You had a great start to the season though so I could be wrong but I think it may have been a lucky run. Basically, your tactic looks as if everything depends on Matic. If he has a bad game/loses form your whole tactic looks like it will crumble as your two wide men are on attack and the CF(S) even though will drop a little deep is still gonna roam and looks isolated anyway. So basically the midfield and attack are completely isolated. So basically, you need to reconsider your roles and duties in my opinion.
  3. Your roles and duties have better balance.
  4. Matic and Pogba aren't great options for a two man midfield. Matic is very slow and Pogba has terrible positioning. I expect good sides to smash this tactic, especially down your left flank.
  5. 1. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your system - such as what spaces it should control and where it could be exploited 2. If you're not controlling or exploiting space, and possibly being exploited yourself, it's definitely time for a change.
  6. Yep really just depends what you're trying to achieve with your overall tactic...just make sure one of the players is moving into channels to either create or find space or they could get in each others way.
  7. If you use an attack duty AML/AMR, the carrilero can be a good choice to provide cover to that flank.
  8. Why is Carrilero only specifically for wingerless systems?
  9. Positioning and off the ball most important for me. As for my favourites, I like first touch, vision, dribbling, balance, agility and acceleration.
  10. NabsKebabs

    Quarterfinals: England V Sweden 15:00 BST BBC1

    it's coming home
  11. NabsKebabs

    Quarterfinals: Brazil vs Belgium

    Random thoughts Belgium lucky to win that...Brazil were just not clinical enough and also had some bad luck - possible penalty not given, unlucky rebounds in the box Neymar was shockingly bad....I'd love to know how many times he lost the ball Costa brilliant Courtois...is it just me or is he only good because of how tall and freakin long his arms are....ok he is good but my god his reach is insane.
  12. NabsKebabs

    Quarterfinals: Brazil vs Belgium

    It's interesting to see how wide on the right Lukaku has drifted...obviously to exploit the space Marcelo leaves behind.
  13. NabsKebabs

    Quarterfinals: Brazil vs Belgium

    Neymar trying to do too much on his own.
  14. NabsKebabs

    Quarterfinals: Brazil vs Belgium

    Best defensive midfielder in the world without a doubt for me. Passing/vision - average Dribbling - average Off the ball running - average Long shots - average Just lacks a bit of excitement to his game unfortunately.