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  1. Yep, people always over complicate shape. For me, it's simple. If I want fast transitions or counter attacks, I go structured. This is because less players will be involved in the attack but the ones that are will be on a higher mentality. If I want to throw more players into the attack, or camp in the opposition half, I'd go fluid. Attackers are more likely to hold up the ball, drop a bit deeper and wait for support. If I'm unsure or just a want a balance, flexible is the way to go.
  2. I've finished my season and it sure was fun using Aubameyang as a poacher. Arsenal were predicted to finish 6th at the start of the season and I managed to get them to 3rd, one point off Man City and 4 off Man United. PEA finished the season with 46 goals in all competitions from 51 starts and 5 sub appearances. It's safe to say he was the teams main goal scorer as the next best was Lacazette with 12. He was unstoppable in the Europa League with 12 goals from 10 starts and 2 cameos. Funny thing is he finished second top scorer in the competition with Andre Silva of AC Milan scoring a massive 21 goals. In the Premier league he reached my target of 30+ goals despite missing 3 games due to injury. He again came second in the top scorer leaderboard with Aguero notching one more than him. I mainly used a 4231 but also used a low block 4411 quite a bit (that system destroyed Man City 6-0) and very occasionally a 4312. I'm thinking of playing another season as two of my most creative players in Ozil and Mkhitaryan both missed large portions of the season through injury.
  3. @herne79 gonna be cool to see how we both go using Aubameyang at different teams! That 5 goals against Bayern is insane! I managed to beat City 6-0 with an Aubameyang hat trick (similar situation with Pep pressing high up the pitch and using complete wingbacks). And funnily enough I was also using a 4411. Only just looked at the stats of the match and I don't think I've ever dominated such a good team so convincingly in terms of shots and chances created: Aubameyang's shots:
  4. As someone who has been stuck on what to do next on FM, this challenge sounds like some good fun. I don't use poachers that much but in a recent Milan save of mine, I developed Cutrone into a pretty insane poacher and really started to appreciate the role. For my save, I've decided to go with my favourite team, Arsenal. I've been holding off on doing an Arsenal save with the new database because I never use the Winter Update because I feel it's unrealistic to start a save with a squad that has players who were transferred in the middle of the season. However, this challenge has given me the perfect excuse to start a save with the Winter update so that I can use record signing Aubamayeng as my poacher. I am going to try and get him atleast 30 goals in the league.
  5. Individual Player Mentality

    Actually, structured shapes are more suited for counter attacks/fast transitions. As attackers are more likely to bomb forward earlier and do their own thing. And you almost certainly wouldn't roam from positions. Roam from positions is more suited to breaking down a defensive team. If you want to camp, fluid is generally more suitable as it allows for more players to be involved in transitions. That said, you can still camp playing on structured if you don't wan't to over commit numbers into attack. That is infact an ideal situation to play "roam from positions" - if you are trying to camp on structured.
  6. I don't really check it either, as long as you understand what overall mentality does and how shape redistributes that between the lines you're all good.
  7. How can I improve this 4-3-3?

    Currently your front 3 are all on attack duty. You've isolated them from the rest of the team. Reconsider your roles and duties to allow for smoother transitions.
  8. Short passing TI + more direct PI = mixed passing. Check for yourself.
  9. I think this could work.
  10. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Asensio is the wizard of the squad for me! 4312 is good but can be vulnerable on the break if you don't set it up correctly. Locatelli is a fantastic DLP for me! I noticed you're a gunner too! I brought in Elneny because he's transfer listed in the first season. And in the third season I bought Fabregas and Walcott for free!
  11. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    My 4312 is a good system. I also played with a Christmas tree formation but I stopped because Silva and Cutrone became so good. My Christmas tree/4321 looked something like this:
  12. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Hakan is basically Milan's version of Ozil (just considerably worse). I really like him though. Such a technical player. Andre Silva is an awesome overall player. Kessie is a beast. I like to play a variety of systems so I'm not going to suggest a formation/team. Again, not sure if you read about my Milan save but I used 4 different formations (all have been by Milan over the years). Perhaps you would enjoy doing something similar with Milan. Whatever you do, I'm more than willing to help you create tactics (I can set up a decent 4231 with ease and I don't usually like 3 at the back but will be able to help).
  13. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I like them except Kalinic and Borini(lol).
  14. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Just to clarify, are you saying you don't want a load of money to spend? Because Milan are actually a good save then. If you read my posts above, I have had a great save with Milan, only spending relatively big in the season where I went for the CL and won it.
  15. Asensio??

    In my AC Milan save, he is the magician of the squad. I usually play him as an AP(s) AML in a 41221 (433). Also sometimes play him as a AM(s) in a 4312. And occasionally a WP(s) or WP(A) in ML in a 442. Stats (I've had him for two seasons, paid £27m, possibly £32m): 2019/20: Serie A: 27 starts, 3 subs. 10 goals, 2 assists, 4 POM. 7.31 rating. CL: 4 starts, 3 subs. 5 goals, 2 assists, 1 POM. 7.65 rating. 2020/21: Serie A: 35 starts, 1 sub. 5 goals, 11 assists. 4 POM, 7.40 rating. CL: 13 starts, 2 goals, 4 assists, 3 POM, 7.70 rating.