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  1. Moving forward to the second season, It's pretty clear where changes to the squad are necessary: Out: Mustafi is the biggest priority out as I could hardly fit him in my plans. Xhaka has no future in the squad considering the development of Guendouzi and Willock. Ceballos will go back to Madrid as his loan expires, never really got the best out of him anyway. Was a squad player for me. Martinez will be leaving to Galatasaray on a free. Simply not good enough to be back up to Leno and this weakness of the squad was exploited towards the end of the season as Leno picked up a 2 month injury. In: A new centre half is simply a must. A backup GK is also essential. Midfield depth may be required. We mainly played a 4231 last season with Ozil as a Trequartista. He was decent however I think the way forward is to shift to a 433 with Willock as a Mezzala. Laca and Auba are both wanted by Madrid, will listen to offers but only after big money. Nketiah was young player of the season in the Championship, while Nelson, Smith-Rowe and Martinelli all showed good signs of development. A big issue is that the squad really lacks leaders, not easy to address.
  2. Just finished my first season. Actually made no signings the whole season as I wanted to give the squad a chance. We had a terrific season considering the squad: Premier League: Board Expectation (Qualify for Champions League) Second (83 points, 7 behind Liverpool) Squad simply wasn't strong enough to beat Liverpool to the title over 38 games, however it was very promising that we beat them both home and away. Europa League: Board Expectation (Reach Final) Winner (1-0 vs Wolves) We had a magnificent run overcoming the likes of Valencia, Leipzig and Lazio in the knockouts on the way to the final. FA Cup: Board Expectation (Reach Semi-Final) Runners up (2-5 vs Man City) Disappointing to get hammered in the final like that considering we beat them twice in the league. Carabao Cup: Board Expectation (Not important) Quarter Finalists Knocked out on pens by Swansea The only transfer out that was made was in January. Saka was showing good signs off developing but then was asking for a big contract that I couldn't give to him (mainly in terms of the playing time he was after). City came in with a bid in January and I was able to negotiate it to £30m (£40m) which is a great profit on an academy player. Fans' Player of the Season 1. Bellerin 2. Pepe 3. Guendouzi Young Player of the Season: Pepe
  3. I actually looked at that but for some reason didn't notice the RAM was 16GB! Thanks for pointing that out mate!
  4. Thoughts on this @Smurf? Budget is $2000 AUD https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/laptops/asus/asus-rog-strix-g531-15-6-120hz-full-hd-gaming-laptop-i7/393863/
  5. I'd play Ozil as a Trequartista, his "comes deep to get ball" PPM makes him become more of a DLP when played as an AP(s). I'd also put Aubameyang as the left sided striker due to his "places shots" PPM and I'd prefer to use him as an AF as it's more aggresive. When played on the left, he can cut in on his favoured right foot and place shots. I would also change Laca's role to something a bit more simple such as DLF(s) since Ozil will have the freedom to roam as a TREQ.
  6. Have refrained from commenting in here but now I feel I have to get involved. That is just utter nonsense. Your changed worked well because you did what the likes of @Rashidi and @herne79 have always banged on about. You got your roles and duties right. You're just plain deluded if you think changing shape from fluid to flexible is what actually made the difference.
  7. Play out of defence + pass into space. The caveat is that some teams may just be really defensive and not come out to press.
  8. Attacking WB's and CM's can definitely be used to overload one side of the pitch. They will just be more risky than if they were on support.
  9. This shows you have a decent understanding of which players suit which duty. And there is no rule about how many you should use. It's simply depends on how you want your team to play. So first think about what suits your players and suits the style you like or want to implement. Then worry about how many of each duty you are going to use.
  10. I honestly wouldn't recommend that at all. Counter attacking is about attacking space, more attacking duties than 1 is quite an obvious thing to do in a counter attacking tactic imho. Also, the AI is poor tactically, there's no reason why we should be copying its tendencies.
  11. Your defenders have very low jumping reach for a deep system such as the 4141. Do you concede a lot from crosses?
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