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  1. Pass into space can be deadly against attacking fullbacks
  2. Your defenders have very low jumping reach for a deep system such as the 4141. Do you concede a lot from crosses?
  3. The roles of the side midfielders are very attack minded - mezzala, box to box and rpm all roam from position. Try using more defensively solid roles such as carrilero or ball winning midfielders who will offer better protection to the flanks.
  4. Everyone is on defend or support except your striker on attack. He's likely getting too isolated.
  5. @Joey Numbaz I'd start the game as normal mate. United look like they are going to be playing very defensively so it's really only Lukaku who you need to worry about. Isolate him and there's no way forward for United. You effectively have 3 players staying back at all times (Anchor man, Half back and BPD) so they should be able to deal with Lukaku. A ball may go over the top but as far as I know those 3 players have decent mentals so I think that's the risk you have to take.
  6. That's much better. CM(A) and IF(s) actually makes sense to have them close together. Will allow you to overload the right and create acres of space for the RMD coming in from the left. Another option is to use Mezzala instead of CM. That way the mezzalla drifts wide while the IF comes inside. The CWB could be a bit of an overkill. WB(A) would do the same job without the roaming. Also, your right sided central defender better have anticipation, concentration, positioning and quickness because he will be defending a very large space with the right sided fullback and right sided CM bombing on.
  7. DLP should work ok, especially if he has switch ball to the other flank cos then he can look to find the RMD more often. My only concern would be that the RMD and CM(A) are attacking the same space. Would consider turning the CM(A) into a BBM just to arrive a bit later in the box and give the RMD a bit more space to operate.
  8. I'm just not sure what you are trying to do here tbh. Emery's 3412 clearly didn't work too great. So why are you trying to emulate it? Or are you just trying to create your own version of the 3412 for Arsenal?
  9. The issue with this tactic sticks out like a sore thumb. You are playing a deep formation that naturally has a challenge of supporting the striker. Then you have gone and given the striker an attack duty, while everyone else is on support or defend. You're much better off putting your striker on support and adding an attack duty or two from deeper positions.
  10. I think the is the biggest ME issue in the game currently and explains why Man City seem to underperform so much in the game. It would be absolutely fantastic for the game if this gets sorted.
  11. Sorry but that has nothing to do with it. The issue is pressing in the game. Defensive teams are able to knock the ball around at the back because multiple players press the ball in high press systems. This always leaves other defenders free to keep knocking the ball around. What should happen is usually 1 forward goes the ball and others cut off passing options to the other defenders. You've completely missed the point as the issue has nothing to do with how many men defend behind the ball.
  12. I disagreed a lot with you on the previous page but I agree there is clear issue in the game where defensive teams keep the ball too well against teams like City. And this is infact an ME issue more so than an AI tactical issue. It occasionally happens to me aswell when I play 433. 4231 naturally presses higher so it doesn't really happen when playing that system. This has actually been acknowledged by SI. I think its down to the poor pressing in the game, where multiple players press the ball too aggressively rather than one guy goes to the ball and the others cut off passing options.
  13. So will my scouts actually have anything to do if I let the DOF take care of transfers?
  14. I could use the option where I am in charge of finalizing the decision in order to prevent absurd decisions such as stockpiling 3 or 4 left backs for example. Yeah I would no doubt still have a strong edge and as you say, it is natural to want that edge as that's the fun - winning. If I were to pick a top team like Arsenal, I think doing the DOF Challenge would only have a minor effect and I would still be very successful because of the strength of the current squad and my edge in tactics and training. However, if I were to pick Cardiff or Huddersfield, I'm not sure how long it would take to win big trophies like the PL or CL. I could probably the league in around 3-4 seasons if I was in charge of transfers but I genuinely have no idea how long it would take if I wasn't in charge of transfers at all. Maybe close to 10? I suppose it would just depend on how good/useless my DOF is. The major concern being I could end up getting very bored of the save if it's too static.
  15. I'm at a stage where I'm finding the game too easy. Tactically, I can take on the AI without any issues as the AI's systems have no complexity to them and the AI can be quite predictable in how it plays out. The opposition team reports that come in to the inbox before the game mean you can do your homework on your opponent in less than a minute. And squad building I think is the major exploit in FM. This is how most people have success in the game, they simply make better transfer decisions than the AI who has no idea what it's doing. I actually really enjoy tactics and don't care much for squad building. I enjoy solving the puzzle of utilizing whatever players I have at my disposal in the best way possible. So, I think the way forward for me is to not bother with transfer decisions to make the game more of a challenge and instead assign them to the director of football. This is how most of the big clubs actually operate irl these days anyway. I've got a few questions before I get started with this: 1. If I assign DOF to sign players, will he sign players recommended from my scouts? Ideally I'd like my scouts to have a big role. 2. Can I assign some rough criteria ie we need a midfielder or we need a leader? 3. If my DOF's preferred formation is 442, will he try to sign players that are suited to a 442?
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