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  1. can't stand it. Really enjoyed 17 and 18 but it's unplayable atm for me.
  2. Not enjoying the ME...the freakin long shots are ridiculous.
  3. @Seb Wassell then it looks like there is an issue in the game. Where either match preparation is infact carrying over, or it's incorrectly displaying it on the UI as doing so. Here's an example from my Bournemouth save: Before the tottenham game (1st December) I worked on the following areas which impact the upcoming match: Team bonding (teamwork), Set Piece Delivery, Defensive Shape. Before the game against Newcastle (5th December) I worked on teamwork (teamwork and pressing). And my next game is against Leicester (8th December) where I've decided to work on attacking movement (passing). According to you, I should then only have an impact on attacking movement for the next match. However, according to my weekly training review received 1 day before the game against Leicester, all of the areas highlighted in bold are being worked on:
  4. It's fair enough to have an opinion but in some cases it can just causes confusion. For a question like mine, an opinion isn't a great way of answering for that very reason.
  5. Regarding match preparation, for how long does it carry over? For example you could work on attacking movement in preparation for a match, but it will actually carry over in to the next match aswell (you can see this on training report). So for what time duration does it carry through?
  6. Exactly, Pep even said that he hates tiki taka or possession for the sake of it. His game is all about overloading one side of the pitch, then quickly switching it to the space on the other side. This is why if you actually watch City, the vast majority of their goals are scored from cutbacks or crosses. Not through balls as many people assume.
  7. @Rashidi can you please edit your post so I'm not incorrectly quoted as saying that And yeah, as I said you haven't changed style at all. I mean on FM18, when you were playing as Kingstonian in the PL you played your last 2 seasons exclusively on overload mentality. You were playing this style when you were a club in the european competitions aswell. So I'm not sure where this idea that you are a tiki taka type of manager is coming from.
  8. Not the best of starts but as you say not too far off the pace. Hopefully you can string some wins together and get into the top 4!
  9. Rashidi hasn't changed his style at all. When he plays lower league, he always plays more direct.
  10. looks good to storm the championship, however, I'm not sure it will do very well if you get back up to the PL, the flanks could easily be too exposed.
  11. Will be following mate...good luck. Since FM have removed Arsenal's Club philosophies for this edition, such as "play possession football" and "develop players using the youth system" will you be looking to create your own philosophy or anything like that?
  12. Preliminaries and Pre-season The club is considered rich and has a very strong overall balance with a solid transfer and wage budget. In terms of expectations in the competitions from the board: Qualify for Europa League Reach semi-final of FA Cup Reach final of Europa League Carabao Cup is not important One of my first moves was to bring in another coach as there was one more spot left. Club legend, Dennis Bergkamp joined our coaching team. Regarding the squad, the only area where I felt the squad needed to strengthen was at CB. The quality of wingers could be better but there are some young player with good potential and my plan is to play with a narrow system as the main one to start with. Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck both had 1 year left on their contracts and the DOF signed both on till 2022. I'm happy with Ramsey but no so much with Welbeck. I don't particularly mind him signing on but that's a big wage he's on for a rotation player. Upon, having my scouting team look for a CB, I shortlisted the following three players as transfer targets: In the end, my DOF managed to sign my first choice candidate, Matthijs De Ligt, in what looks like a great deal. Only Carl Jenkinson has left the club on a transfer, after I added him to the unwanted list as he was clearly surplus to requirements. 2 players went out on loan. The DOF did a god job with the loans, ensuring both players will get first team football. Pre-season went OK. It was a bit of a mixed bag of results but that was to be expected considering a large portion of the squad spent some time on holiday from the world cup, rather than training and playing with the team. Going into the season, we have no injuries apart from captain Laurent Koscielny who was already out for several months. Going in to the first game of the season, away at Burnley, the main tactic is the 4312 This is the base tactic. Some roles/duties will be tweaked according to personnel and situations in the game. The instructions aren't shown because they will be very dependent on the opposition, in some game we may look to play a high press and work our way into the box while in others we will sit back a bit more and look for faster transitions. I'm unlikely to park the bus and play the low block though, a midfield press will be used regularly though. De Ligt will be eased in to squad at the start, as he hasn't played a game with his teammates yet.
  13. With Arsenal, and many other clubs these days following a model where there is no real as manager as such, I've decided to do an Arsenal save where I'm more of a head coach than a manager. In order to implement this into FM, I will not be handing everything to the DOF as this is not actually what happens IRL (there would be a lot of meetings between DOF, coach and other board members) and it would likely result in some ridiculous decisions being made in the save (as many people have experienced when giving too many responsibilities to DOF). So my main objective in this save it to keep things as realistic as possible while involving my DOF and chief scout as much as possible. Speaking of which, please meet my DOF, Raul Sanllehi and my chief scout, Sven Mislintat. Both joined in late 2017, as Arsenal began the process of moving to a new model of operating, in preparation for the exit of Arsene Wenger. My main responsibilities will be the following: Hiring/Firing the assistant manager and other coaching staff. I will not be hiring/firing the non-coaching staff (scouting and medical team). Planning general training and setting up individual training. Creating tactics and managing games (including opposition instructions etc). Handle team talks, tactical briefings and press conferences. The scouting and transfer strategy: The chief scout is completely in control of all the scouting responsibilities I will set the general focuses and short term focuses for the chief scout who will then set the assignments to the scouting team accordingly. This allows me to target specific types of players that I feel will improve the squad I will then review the players my scouts have found in the assignments and add players as transfer targets when I want my DOF to make a bid. If for example, I want to sign a left back, I may create a group of 3 candidates in the transfer targets and order them in terms of priority. From there, the DOF takes care of everything to do with the transfer fee and contract negotiation. In terms of selling players, the DOF has the responsibility of dealing with bids. I may transfer list or add players to the unwanted list if I want the DOF to offer him out. The DOF is also in charge of contract negotiations for first team and youth players. In general, I will avoid overriding the DOF wherever possible, unless a completely absurd move is being done.
  14. I'm thinking of doing a DOF challenge where I basically don't worry about transfers but rather focus on training and tactics. I still would prefer to have some decent squad building for the future of the club though. So if I request the philosophy "sign youth players for the first team" will this encourage the DOF to sign these type of players? And if he doesn't sign those players, will I be judged by the board despite not having control over it?
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