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  1. Yeah, 4-1-4-1 is intresting option. Definitely I'll think about it. One more question: What about a high won matches, such as 7-2 against Stoke (last season) or 6-1 against Southampton (this season) where Sane played on the left and Sterling on the right? Wingers were wingers(A) and fullback were IWB(S/A)?
  2. What if Sane plays as Winger on the left and Mahrez plays as IF on the right? Does Mendy still stay wide? i think Mendy goes half space and become inverted back. Fight fire with fire.
  3. I am a huge fan of Pep Guardiola. His Manchester City is the best Premier Leauge team I've ever seen and I want to recreate his tactic. Everyone knows that wingbacks are cutting inside the midfield, wingers stays close the line to remain width and ofensive atacking midfielders are moving into the halfspaces. It is the mix of typical short passes when in possesion and counterpressing + counter in transition. There is also high press when team has no ball. Here is my interpretation: I am not sure about midfield trio roles. And team shape IMO should be fluid, but unfortunately, FM prefers flexible. What would you improve to make this more realistic and effective?
  4. Hi! I'm trying to create manchester city tactic. What role would you set for De Bruyne and Silva? Mezzala (S/A)?
  5. What mentality would you use in Rinus Michels Total Football tactic? Control? Standard? Or maybe Attacking?
  6. I'm not sure, but i think i want to see "shortlisted in scouting".
  7. 2 questions. 1. How to check my wishlist in FM18? I can't find it. 2. How to turn on/put in downloaded filters?
  8. Can someone recommend good 4-3-3 posession tactic?
  9. Is very fluid style appriopriate for high pressing tactic?
  10. I will consider Anchor Man, Defensive Midfielder, Halfback and BWM, but I really like DLP(D) like Busi, Alonso or Weigl, so I would to leave this. So maybe should I change DLP(S) to BBM?
  11. Is AP(A) - DLP(D) - DLP(S) midfield trio good for 4-3-3 possesion fluid style tactic?
  12. What player traits Marco Van Basten has got?
  13. What defensive corners set pieces would you recommend for counteratacks?
  14. LeonardSnart

    Arrigo Sacchi's 4-4-2 (Very Fluid)

    Wouldn't Shadow Striker be a better option than Advanced Midfielder?