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  1. What mentality would you use in Rinus Michels Total Football tactic? Control? Standard? Or maybe Attacking?
  2. I'm not sure, but i think i want to see "shortlisted in scouting".
  3. 2 questions. 1. How to check my wishlist in FM18? I can't find it. 2. How to turn on/put in downloaded filters?
  4. Can someone recommend good 4-3-3 posession tactic?
  5. Is very fluid style appriopriate for high pressing tactic?
  6. I will consider Anchor Man, Defensive Midfielder, Halfback and BWM, but I really like DLP(D) like Busi, Alonso or Weigl, so I would to leave this. So maybe should I change DLP(S) to BBM?
  7. Is AP(A) - DLP(D) - DLP(S) midfield trio good for 4-3-3 possesion fluid style tactic?
  8. LeonardSnart

    [FM17] Return Of The Legends by David

    What player traits Marco Van Basten has got?
  9. What defensive corners set pieces would you recommend for counteratacks?
  10. LeonardSnart

    Arrigo Sacchi's 4-4-2 (Very Fluid)

    Wouldn't Shadow Striker be a better option than Advanced Midfielder?
  11. Does Dribble Less team instruction colides with Dribble More of inside forwards?
  12. Yes, I did. My DM (DLP - D) has 18 decisions. His tackling atribbute is 15.
  13. Yes, he has "has a competetive streak". That explains everything, I didn't think it's important. And yes, he regularly drop condition quickly during a match. When rest of players have condition 68/69 at the end of the match, he sometimes has got 61/62, even at 70 minute. Natural fitness - 13. Yes, I do. He never had "Jaded and could use a rest". No, only he is affected. I think it's some kind of bug. All I want to add is he is not very old (29) and I often use higher tempo and closing down much more. But i don't think it matter. I use averge team cohesion training and free days after and before match.
  14. Why defensive midfielder who has 16 stamina gets tired very quick? And why he receives yellow card/ 2x yellow in almost every match if he has got only 12 agression?