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  1. I would love to interact with humans, but these interactions are poorly programmed and often defy even the most basic human common sense. This aspect of the game has been problematic for many years, and it's consistently forced upon us year after year without the option to disable it. Delegation is not a viable solution either, as it still results in unwanted consequences. We need an option similar to FM Touch, where there are absolutely no interactions, or at the very least, where they have no discernible effects. I work as a software development manager, and it's quite perplexing to see a software like FM with persistent bugs that are not resolved and are repeatedly carried over into future versions. I wonder if there are key performance indicators (KPIs) in place for the teams responsible for specific modules. If a module consistently introduces problems, the team should be held accountable, and there should be a change in leadership or even a complete overhaul of the team. Furthermore, SI's internal quality testing procedures are also questionable. There are glaring and obvious bugs that can be easily identified by simply playing the game for half a season, yet these issues are not detected internally and are instead reported by customers during the beta phase. Once again, it appears that there are no KPIs in place to assess their work quality, leading to the same recurring issues year after year.
  2. The chances of that happening is lower than Luton winning the premier league
  3. No, the ME always changes after the beta, and there is no change list made available to us, so nobody knows what has been changed. Somehow, over the last couple of years, the full release ME has become worse
  4. It's getting worse every year and this year it's too annoying and has led me to discontinue playing the game entirely
  5. It is but I will have to manually select the instructions for all three Defensive, Middle and Attacking Third all over again and that's kind of cumbersome to reuse in other save/club or sharing it to friends.
  6. Agreed, the whole media and player interactions defy common sense and very frustrating. One fringe player in my team who's not even in substitutes complain about lack of strengthening in the front and almost the whole squad is unhappy about that despite the team is top of the table and there was no transfer because the club has 0 transfer budget. IMO, FM will be much much better by removing the entire player and media interactions and it's effects from the game.
  7. Post your saved corner routine over the bug tracker here, https://community.sigames.com/bugtracker/football-manager-2024-early-access-bugs-tracker/match-engine-and-set-piece-creator/set-pieces/
  8. For example, I have save an attacking third long throw routine. When I load this routine in another save or club the instruction is not restored. It's being set as work into box instead of long throw.
  9. In FM23 I can disable them under Staff Responsibilities - Advice and Reports but in FM24 the checkboxes to toggle enable or disable are no longer there.
  10. The match engine has two major part, the first one calculate all the decisions and actions taken by all the players and also the ball physics, locations and etc from start to finish. This is the most complex part in the entire FM, any tiny changes in this part will have a chain effects in everything from number of goals down to number of individual dribbles. This is where even a simple change of inside forward cutting inside more with the ball may cause unrealistic statistics across the board. Let's just call this the match result engine. The second part is the visual rendering of everything on the pitch, the players, the ball, referee, crowd, stadium and etc based on the results generated from the first part from start to finish. Let's call this the match animation engine. When you play a match in FM, the full final result is already calculated by the match result engine and then all the actions and outcomes are replay by the match animation engine. If you change something during the match the full result will be calculated again started from the minutes you made changes. In FM2025 I would expect the match animation engine to improved significantly. I am not sure about the match result engine though, i doubt SI will completely rewrite this module in Unity3D C#. Most likely just having Unity3D to call their existing C++ match result engine DLL.
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