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  1. Couldn't find it in the interface settings. Was it gone or it's hiding somewhere?
  2. Fifa 20 is not a football management sim. When there is a new Fifa Manager then we can make comparison. And you can only improve by competing with better competitors not by competing with garbage, influenced by garbage and in the end become garbage too.
  3. IMO, at least FMT should have a one click no-nonsense go to next match button.
  4. In order to do this I need to click Home, click My Profile, click Go On Holiday, click Return from holiday on date and click the dropdown to select next match. 6 clicks...
  5. Game will still stop if there are events like player complains, player offers and etc.
  6. Allow FMT to load editor files so that we can play custom leagues, include custom players and etc...
  7. QFT. FFS, SI needs to start fixing important gameplay issues and stop adding pointless and broken new features like social media, press conferences, fans interactions and etc every year as marketing gimmicks.
  8. I remember reading somewhere that the assistant will not make any role or duty changes but only substitutions if the holiday option "Use current match tactics" is selected.
  9. I think this test is far from conclusive. There are too many factors that could affect the result such as player preffered moves, injuries, consistency attribute. Moreover, one season sample size is too small. Reload and replay the same season for 5 times and we will get a somewhat clearer picture.
  10. There are no dump files in Football Manager 2019 Touch\crash dumps folder. Windows task manager shows that FMT is not responding.
  11. FMT crash at loading after updated to 19.3.5. Same problem after re-install and verify game cache.
  12. Same error for me after updated FMT to 19.3.5. It always crash with this error at the loading screen now.
  13. Hi Seb, could you answer this please. 1. What does FM consider to be a "big match"? Does this just apply to Cup games and matches against a club's rivals? Would it include games against clubs with significantly higher reputation (all competitions)? Does the game consider that we are 1st and 2nd, making games against title and promotion rivals "big matches"?
  14. Waste of time. Should just remove this entirely.
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