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  1. Running FM Touch in PC. Accidentally changed to Console skin and after that the game is stuck at game controller config screen. Trying to click preferences to change skin but the option is not responding to clicking now.
  2. Reminded me of Larian Studios who constantly update their game for years and even release a definitive edition for free. Worthily earned them huge game sales volume and perfect game review score. That's the company we feel glad to support.
  3. russell9

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    VAR mechanism in the game is fine but VAR cut scene is unnecessary and should allow to be skip.
  4. Same here. Need editor file support in FMT so I could play custom league.
  5. russell9

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    SI should just add an option to skip the entire animation. Problem solved.
  6. russell9

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    Why disappointed? Someone disable VAR in his own game doesn't affect you at all.
  7. russell9

    Let us disable VAR in FM19!

    What about FM Touch? Is it possible to disable?
  8. This is what FM has been doing for the past few years, 1. Introduce new "exciting feature" as marketing gimmick. 2. This new exciting feature is either a rehash or reskin of existing feature or it's mechanic is poorly done/unrealistic/broken and etc. 3. This "exciting feature" will then left in it's broken state and never be bother again despite numerous complains from users. 4. Then next year, introduce more exciting feature (marketing gimmick) to sell the game. 5. Years after years, there we are the game is full of "exciting feature" in broken state.
  9. I agree, this is the kind of feature that does not add any fun to the game but frustrations and we are forced to participate.
  10. Why not just add an option to disable player interactions and etc in the full FM? Let the user choose what they want. From software engineering standpoint it should not be difficult to add such options.
  11. Same here, would happily switch to FMT if loading editor file is supported.
  12. The problem with FMT is it does not support editor file and thus I can't play custom league.
  13. Agreed. The game has certainly gone backward. Core issues like unrealistic tactics/match engine and player interactions were never fixed but things that doesn't need a fix like UI and scouting were being tinkered and became worse. Well, sounds like FM19 is gonna have some positive changes on the match engine!?
  14. Nailed it. And one more thing, the UI in FM2018 is terrible!