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  1. Hi Seb, could you answer this please. 1. What does FM consider to be a "big match"? Does this just apply to Cup games and matches against a club's rivals? Would it include games against clubs with significantly higher reputation (all competitions)? Does the game consider that we are 1st and 2nd, making games against title and promotion rivals "big matches"?
  2. Waste of time. Should just remove this entirely.
  3. Will there be any ME updates for public beta before 19.30 officially release?
  4. Will throw ins being patch before 19.3? I reported the issue on last year November during 19.1 and expected it to be fix in 19.2 but sadly nothing were being done about it. Here's the bug report thread, https://community.sigames.com/topic/459680-throw-ins-exploit
  5. It's not rocket science. Just try as many tactical combinations as possible until you found the combinations that favor by the ME. The numbers of tactics with so many combinations posted by him confirmed that. Anyone with enough time on hand could brute force to create such good tactics. SI developers probably has their own super tactics generator where the program will automatically try thousands of combinations to find out the best combinations.
  6. Guys, what's done is done. It's absolutely no point in talking about the past now, it brings zero benefits to the game. Continue criticizing SI on anything done in the past only bring frustrations and demoralize the development team. SI is like a football team in a run of bad results now and they need encouragement not criticism. I think SI has realized that their development team and testers have not done a good enough testing job where key issues were only spotted by the customers after release. And therefore they organize this open beta so that they won't repeat the history where key issues were not identified until it is released to customers. So, let's concentrate on providing feedback on the latest version of the game. Anyone has any other opinions not related to the latest state of the beta version should open a new thread and talk about it there.
  7. For example, Eden Hazard will be on holiday until 6th August 2018. How could I cancel that in the editor?
  8. The public beta is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work!
  9. Found a throw in exploit from one of the downloaded tactic. Basically someone near the left or right edge of penalty box will receive long throw in and nobody will mark him resulting in free pass or shoot to goal. I have attached the image that illustrates this situation and the tactic that consist the setup. 1416030289_GurusLightningBolt.fmf
  10. Same here, everyone in my team score goals except the strikers even when my team won by large margin. Tried 4231, 442 and all kind of playing styles and different team but the strikers still impotent. Does not happen to me during beta.
  11. In the holiday options dialog menu, the return from holiday on date's default value is always next week. Is there a way to change the default value to next match?
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