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  1. Nailed it. And one more thing, the UI in FM2018 is terrible!
  2. You mean successful and unrealistic tactics like 3 strikers in FM18 and strikerless in FM17.
  3. Terrible UI design change which should have been reverted back to old design but SI simply ignore it.
  4. russell9


    Not a fan of download tactic but your test did accurately reflect formations favoured by the match engine. SI should have done similar test internally to fix imbalances before release.
  5. Top of the chart are mostly 3 strikers but well at least there are some high ranking 442. Not too bad
  6. So now the answer has changed from your tactic to AI's tactic? How can you prove it? Can you see AI's tactic? The formation and each player instructions it use?
  7. UI is the biggest disappointment for me this year follow by the ME after 18.1x
  8. What's that has to do with sliders? It would be just a generic role like CM-Su or CM-Au where there are no hard coded preset instructions.
  9. russell9

    Good teams IRL seem to be awful on FM18

    This issue has been brought up last year October and nothing has been done.
  10. We need more tactical freedom not restrictions. Something haven't used in real life doesn't means it won't work at all. Look at google's alphago it was using strange tactical moves that human go players cannot understand but it actually works.
  11. It's just sarcasm mate. All of us accept this is a blatant bug except some who you can see their standard answer "IT'S YOUR TACTIC".
  12. Obviously wrong thread. 100% sure it's your tactic you should post this to Tactics, Training & Strategies Discussion
  13. russell9

    FM 18 - Worth it?

    If you have FM17 just forget about FM18. Terrible UI and everything else is inferior than FM17. The match engine was actually a little better than FM17 in 18.1 but somehow they managed to made it worse since 18.2+ patch. FM17 is pretty good they should have improve an already good version but instead of focusing on fixing what's not right in FM17 they decided to mess with the UI and keep adding more useless features while introducing more bugs and quirks.
  14. There are no ME changes. None, nada.
  15. The thing is 3 strikers formation can even win L1 and Championship easily with Portsmouth with 100s of points. Not only promotion. If you run a tactic test among 523, 433, 442 and 4231. 4231 will always show worst results.