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  1. Software quality has never been about what system development methodology you adopt. It is the amount of commitment you are willing to put in to meet a certain quality before you release it. For example, this known issue Key Tackles, Clear Cut Chances, Dribbles, Key Passes etc. All Broken https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/545514-key-tackles-clear-cut-chances-dribbles-key-passes-etc-all-broken/ If you treat reasonable accurate statistic as a minimum requirement in your product release and you are committed to it then this issue should never pass the quality assurance before release.
  2. I highly doubt there will be any improvement on set pieces. It's been bad for a long long time and every year upon release there will be exploit set pieces tactics that let's you score unrealistic goals, EVERY YEAR!
  3. Hi, please refer to attached screenshot. Click to view the match report does not work on the schedule screen, it's not clickable. I think either the click event is not triggering or the match is not saved at all.
  4. I am not able to view any previous matches in the schedule screen, not even the last one.
  5. Need more test but so far there is improvement as the GKs are not as effective as in FM20. Their goals are fewer and their ratings are lower. That's a good sign.
  6. Your screenshot is showing players not from original Liverpool squad, there must be some transfer done. I would suggest to disable first transfer window. Also, your penalty taker is Milner so you should change to both GKs, it will boost them to perform better after scoring a penalty. Btw, did you play the friendlies too or just holiday? Friendlies should not be holiday or skip too or both GKs will always be substituted and will not have enough game time to gel with the team and will not perform well when the league start. Lastly, your tactic screen is showing different tactic name than mine. Either you have rename it or you did not load the tactic file at all but just copy the team instructions which means you will miss out the player instructions.
  7. Save has been submitted to SI, if in game editor was used to make the GKs godly then this thread would not have exists anymore. I hope someone from SI who have analysed the save could comment on this. How did you play out the match? If you holiday, the assistant manager will always substitute both GKs and they will have no chance to perform. Also, which year is this Liverpool in? I notice many players who does not belongs to original Liverpool team. For anyone who are trying or plan to try, I suggest these settings for the optimum environment for the GKs and the team to perform well - Pick the best team in the league. - Pick a tactic that can consistent win and provide enough chances for the strikers. - Do not holiday or skip the match to prevent assistant manager substitute them. You shall not substitute both GKs too no matter what rating they got in match, they may have a rating of 4-6 throughout the whole match and then boom, they score goals in the last minute. - Do not allow assistant manager to handle instructions to prevent any instructions set for the GKs. - Do not make any transfer which may disrupt team cohesion. - Set training intensity to minimum to avoid injuries. - Set both GKs as first choice penalty taker. If you would like to use the same tactic in my test just download this plug and play instead of manually set it based on tactic screen. https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=395691
  8. My conclusion is the root cause is never the tactic or style, it's individual player's position/role familiarity and key attributes being severely underrated in the player performance calculation (player able to make himself available for chances to occur and able to finish them) and final match result calculation (the team still able to win comfortably with 2 GKs up front). Sure SI could tone down gegenpress but then other style such as tiki taka or counter attack will replace gegenpress as the more effective style and then we will still be able to reproduce this with the new effective style if the root cause is not being addressed.
  9. May I know what is flawed in this experiment and why? Just because certain player roles are not being used?
  10. To be honest, we should focus on why firstly, a GK is able to make himself available for such chances to occur (attributes like anticipation, off the ball and etc), second, why is the GK able to finish those chances (attributes like technique, shooting and etc) in the toughest league. Ben's anticipation 8, off the ball 8, technique 6, penalty taking 3 and his penalty success rate is close to 80% in my test. Gegenpress being effective in FM20 is another topic. In fact, any kind or style of tactic that could create chances can reproduce similar results.
  11. It's downloaded from fm-base but I can't recall exactly which thread now that it's been sometimes and I have downloaded quite a number of tactics there months ago. I'll just put my renamed tactic here for those who are interested. 442 flat gegenpress.fmf
  12. IMO, no tactic should be strong enough to allow 1* GKs score like that in a top league. Besides, even if a tactic could create a lot of chances the player need to have the right abilities to finish it.
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