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  1. Game: FM19 Type of Game: Long Term Career Age: 16 Timezone: GMT When can you play: Evenings Steam Username: wekamah
  2. Maybe he means top teams to do a save with.
  3. Maybe you could retry the experiment with countries with slightly better reputation. eg Nigeria, China, Costa rica
  4. 1. Does the preferred formation affect the youth players that come through each year, and does it mean some kinds of players never come through? 2. Does the preferred playing style also affect anything?
  5. Thanks I will be taking a look at both, although i think i have taken a quick look at that Cruyff tactic before.
  6. Firstly, I am on the winter update and my idea would be to use a 4-3-3 I wouldn't mind which variation. Aims: - Short passing similar to Guardiola's Barcelona - High pressing - A possession based game - And i would like to be defensively solid From what I know the team shape i should either be fluid or very fluid to allow more creative freedom, and for the team to attack as a unit and defend as a unit aswell. Also i would like to utilise Dolberg as best i can. Any advice would be good.
  7. As I find it hard to manage a team in the prem that is not United.
  8. Which of these suggestions not in an english league has the highest budget. As I like squad building.
  9. Think i like the idea of Valencia and overtaking the la liga giants.
  10. I have been thinking of about a 5/6 season save where the team is top 10 in their league (top divisions of europe) and potential to grow within that time frame. Dortmund and AC milan come to mind, however any suggestions will help.
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