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  1. Matias Arezo is unreal! Costs £1.2m could get him cheaper.
  2. Hi Just something ive noticed when looking at the rules screen on the Champions League page, it says team finishing in 3rd can qualify for the first knockout round when this isn't the case
  3. Yeah i remember him being unreal on the early FM's! Same as Rickie Lambert when he was at Bristol Rovers
  4. Hope someone can help me here, so earlier today went to load my save up got the message saying it couldn't load so i read up on a few things and uninstalled the game. Now i go to reinstall it get to about 90% and the stream installation just stops and i can't resume it as it just stops again.. Could someone point me in the right direction please!
  5. Does anyone know if there's going to be an update like last year so that me and my friend can do an online game? I have FM through steam he has it through Xbox Game Pass. As far as im aware there's no way we can do an online game without me getting game pass but if i remember last year SI released an update where you can merge
  6. Sorry if this isn't in the right place but just wondering if there is a thread for the challenge where you take the smaller team from a city to become the bigger one e.g. Paris FC and PSG. Can't seem to find it anywhere but interested in starting it. Cheers
  7. Hi guys, don't suppose anyone could help me out A few years ago i remember reading a post about the sugar daddy folder within FM and how you can create your own something along the lines of "Man City" "0" "SUGAR_DADDY" "UNDERWRITER" Could someone confirm if this is right and/or it still works? Cheers
  8. Game: FM 19 Type of Game: career Age: 24 Timezone: GMT When can you play: Free to discuss Steam Username: kieran780
  9. Ahhhh nice, thanks for that i did think it was something like that! Didn't know it had been implemented into the game though! Nice feature
  10. Just wondering if anyone could help me on this one. Just gone to look at my transfer clauses and i have 2 players on the list who it says have played for me on the history yet i didn't see them on the youth intake list and i've checked my transfer history and they're also not there. I am receiving money for them after a certain amount of appearances etc. Just wondering how/why this happens?
  11. Game - FM19 Type of game - Career Age - 23 Timezone - GMT When can i play - Most nights and Sundays Steam - kieran780
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