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  1. Be that as it may, no one refers to it as Champion Hill Stadium. Here's a Dulwich Hamlet match report. First line: Champios Hill. Not Champios Hill Stadium. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/dulwichhamlet/teams/56196/match-centre/0-3683655 Not a massive issue, but accuracy would be improved if you drop the "stadium" from the stadium name.
  2. Angel Gomes should have the following favoured relationships set: Gil Gomes (38022334) - Father Nani (736009) - relation Evidence: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-utd-angel-gomes-nani-13403033
  3. [English (UK)] issues in English (UK) Translation

    When winning a match and scoring 8 goals, the text says "a 8-2 win" instead of "an 8-2 win".
  4. Emmanuel Osadebe's previous club is wrong - I did flag this with the Gills researcher last year but perhaps it was missed. His previous club before Gillingham was Dundalk, not Tottenham. See here: https://www.efl.com/news/2016/february/gillingham-fined-by-football-disciplinary-commission/ Also, he was born in Dundalk.
  5. Dulwich Hamlet: Dulwich Hamlet's stadium in the game is called "Champion Hill Stadium" but IRL, no-one refers to it as that, it's simply "Champion Hill". This is among fans, match reports and Wikipedia. I agree with an earlier poster - the Dulwich kits are wrong. On the home kit, the pink stripe doesn't go round the back, the colour for the away kit is wrong (should be pink) and Dulwich don't use a third kit currently. The GK kit should be a light blue. If it's any good, I've corrected the kits in my db file and could send that to you. Missing from DB: Dulwich first team coach Tamba Ngongou. Born: Freetown, Sierra Leone, second nationality England, DOB: 8/7/1987, Ethnicity African/Caribbean, Contract: 1st team coach, joined 1/7/2013. On my DB I've added his playing history. I could include a screenshot here, or send you my db file if that would be helpful. Liam Hickey should be Dulwich chairman with Peter Bennison as the owner. Phil Wilson is no longer at the club The date of their record 13-0 win against Walton Casuals was 5/9/1936 Highest scoring league match was the 10-1 defeat against Hendon in the Bostik League Premier on 14/9/1963 Biggest defeat, I'd put the 9-0 loss against Hornchurch in the FA Cup in either 2003/04 or 2004/05 (can't find the date) Biggest attendance is not 1835 vs Southport. It's either the 3,000 against Maidsone on 18/4/2015 or 20,744 if you want to include the old stadium and go back to the 1920s (source: Wikipedia and http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/dulwichhamlet/news/dulwich-hamlet-0-0-maidstone-united-1415558.html). That's it for now. Hope that helps.
  6. [ENGLAND] (Official) Leicester City Data Issues

    Josh Debayo was born in London http://www.allnigeriasoccer.com/read_news.php?nid=19659
  7. [ENGLAND] (Official) Watford Data Issues

    Carl Stewart's place of birth should be set to London (currently blank).
  8. [ENGLAND] (Official) Arsenal Data Issues

    Charlie Gilmour does not have an attribute value set for Penalty Taking. I don't watch the Arsenal youth, so don't know what it should be, but he did score a hattrick of penalties for one of the Arsenal youth teams recently, so I believe he should have a value set (and it should probably be at least 8 and possibly higher depending on what the Arsenal researcher has seen). http://news.arseblog.com/2017/04/hat-trick-hero-charlie-gilmour-back-on-track-after-injury-nightmare/
  9. Licensed 3D Kits not showing in game

    Hahaha, what are you on about?? Of course SI don't support custom third-party add-ons - which this is as Liverpool are a PL club which means their kits aren't licensed.
  10. Commentary bar treats OG as goal scored for my team

    OK, so it's not just own goals that generate the wrong team being credited with scoring in the commentary. In the attached .pkm you can see Yussuf's goal in the 70th minute. Yussuf plays for me (Dulwich Hamlet) but when he scored, the commentary said GOAL TO TRURO. However, when I viewed from behind the goal and slowed right down, what actually happened was a Truro defender was defending a corner, cleared the ball which smashed off Yussuf and in for a goal. So I think this bug is related to the last active kick being the opposition (rather than specifically an own goal). Dulwich Hamlet v Truro.pkm
  11. Own Goals showing as incorrect teams goal

    The first issue can be merged with this thread: For the second one, can you post a PKM (go to the match, click Save Match, then upload it here) so the testers can see the wrong assist issue?
  12. Commentary bar treats OG as goal scored for my team

    In my next game, one of MY players scored an own goal - this time it was correctly credited to the opposition. PKM attached. Dulwich Hamlet v Dover.pkm
  13. Own goal - Post Match Team Talk

    See thread here - with PKM:
  14. Commentary bar treats OG as goal scored for my team

    Yup, I just had the same, I'm managing Dulwich Hamlet, we were playing Billingshurst. When their player scored an own goal, it flashed up "GOAL TO BILLINGSHURST" in the commentary. The goal was correctly awarded, so it's just the commentary that is wrong I think. Attacked a .pkm of said match. Dulwich Hamlet v Billingshurst.pkm
  15. Isthmian League