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  1. Isthmian League

  2. Gets my vote - I was just thinking of this feature the other day.
  3. Also on the Bognor Regis theme, Harvey Whyte shows as black in the ME, but he's definitely white.
  4. Minor stuff, but the tooltip for Drb is wrong - the tooltip says "Drb" (as seen in screenshot) when it should be something like "Successful Dribbles" or "Dribbles Attempted".
  5. Just to let you know, this is still happening in 18.0.3.
  6. It's the weekend.
  7. This happened to me and it happened as I was changing hairstyles.
  8. To replicate: Go to News > click News item about a match that opens news in a pop-up (like attached). When clicking on the score it takes you to a match. The top of the match menu bar looks a little messed up (see attached) and clicking Continue does nothing. Instead, you have to go back out of the match and then click continue.
  9. The biggest upset you've ever had?

    FM08, I got Gillingham promoted to the Premier League (after managing clubs such as Arsenal, PSV, AC Milan for a few seasons). First game of the PL season was at home to Chelsea and Morten Nielsen, an ex-Chelsea youth teamer was in my squad. Despite banging in the goals in L1 and the Championship, he was only a squad player in pre-season. The game was 0-0 after 78 minutes. I brought him on and in the 92nd minute he scored from the edge of the area to make it 1-0 and win the game. No, not the biggest giant killing, but it was the most romantic result I had.
  10. Recall from loan option?

    In many leagues, you can only recall during the transfer window unfortunately. I too discovered this when loaning out a player who'd already played for two clubs that season, and thus was ineligible for his loan club.
  11. Continue 13 save in 14?

    Whoosh! Yeah, Jamman and Klyemann had it spot on. Your version makes no financial sense whatsoever! Don't give up the dayjob!
  12. FM 13 still not 64 Bit?

    Geekiest. Thread. Ever.
  13. FM 13 Windows 8

    Yeah, let's not resort to calling people idiots, eh? Especially as my post was clearly partly in jest (I'm obviously not going to ban anyone who thinks W8 is good, and I thought this was obvious enough not to warrant a safety smiley). The Metro interface is pretty horrible though. But we're waaaaay off topic here, so let's not continue this here, eh? But yeah, play nicely and let's not resort to calling people idiots, OK?
  14. FM 13 Windows 8

    W8 is awful on a PC. Anyone who disagrees with me on this will be banned from this forum for life.
  15. SI/Sega Greed on Australians.

    What themadsheep2001 said tbh. You've raised this on SI's forums, the director of SI has responded, I can't see where this thread is going to go from here. Look, SI don't set the pricing. Of course a developer cares about piracy, and I think you'll find that many developers outsource sales (and pricing) to publishing companies in much the same was as SI do with Sega. Your issue is with Sega/Steam, therefore, and I suggest you take it up with them. I have some sympathy of course, Adobe regularly take the mick with their straight dollar-to-pound pricing of their products, meaning those paying in pounds pay significantly more and that certainly annoys me; but regardless, you're not addressing your frustrations at the correct source.