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  1. Hey all - Head Researcher for National League South here. Thanks for all your comments and please do keep them coming!! I've subscribed to this thread so I don't miss any more comments. And thanks to the folks at SI for picking some of this up. I've now gone through the thread and picked up anything else that fell through the gaps (nearly 800 in total). Below I've quoted any that I had comments on either because I decided not to do it or because there was some other piece of information I wanted to pass on. If you don't see your comment quoted below then rest assured it's been actioned.
  2. Leicester sacked Ranieri the season after winning the league with Leicester. Di Matteo was sacked after winning Chelsea's first ever European Cup. Capello sacked by Real Madrid (twice) after winning the league. What about van Gaal's stint at Bayern? Won the league and cup and got to the Champions League final. Sacked the next season. Football is littered with managers who've been fired following unsympathetic chairmen, unable to grasp the success that the departing manager has brought them in recent history. All that to say, I disagree with Rashidi, your experience sounds realistic to me.
  3. Sorry to sound like a Mod, but wouldn't this be better off in the Good Player Guide forum? I say that only because you're likely to get better advice in there.
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