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  1. Thank you all for your comments and feedback. All transfers requested should be in there for the data lock (as well as hundreds of others that we've picked up on). I really appreciate all the feedback - please keep it coming as you continue to enjoy FM20!
  2. Fixed (he was on a non-contract with an expiry date, I've changed him to a part time contract. Have added his correct DOB Added. Also, added Dejon Noel-Williams as a favourite player (his son). Thanks for this. Steve Robinson one is complicated. I've updated the one in my database (taken info from his LinkedIn to populate non-player history). Do you want to raise the issue with the Portsmouth researcher? My advice is to make the Pompey one NFE (not for extraction - i.e. it won't be used in the game). Re: Ayuk Tarh, you're right - I've raised it as a defect. He's playing at Cheshunt now so I've asked that he's added there. Good spot. I spoke with the Bath City researcher as I recall we discussed this a while ago. Basically, the capacity has been dropped due to safety regulations and as a result of building work going on. Theoretically, it will increase to >8,000 in the future, but that's not going to happen automatically after the upgrade work has finished. The researcher pointed me in the direction of the club information which has the capacity at 3,528 (he's going to update Wikipedia). However, what I'm going to do is set the expanstion capacity to 8,840 which should make long term saves with Bath City a little more interesting if you get promoted. Finally, I checked the average attendance at Bath this season, and it's a little over 1,000 (with a high of 1,444 and a low of 707) so it would be a little cavernous were we to set the capacity at >8,000. Hope this all makes sense! They negotiated that longer-term deal and he's been added to the Dulwich squad. Nice one - while I was there, I also added a highest average attendance record (AFC Wimbledon) and a fastest goal record for Kalvin Kalala (11s for Torquay last season). I don't know if this will make the data update coming soon as it's not as high priority as transfers, but it's definitely been logged. This isn't a data issue, I'm afraid. For what it's worth I've tried to populate more mental attributes this year. It's hard, because obviously we don't know as much about these players as we do Premier League players, but I've taken clues from disciplinary issues, Twitter exchanges, as well as how players conduct themselves in interviews, etc. In general, there's a reason players are playing part-time (usually) or on a non-contract basis in National League South, and not, say, League One or Two, and often it's not about technical ability, it's about mental application as much as anything. So don't expect them to be high. As to your point about lots of 1s being populated, that's not a data issue, but raise something in the bugs forum if you believe it's an issue for SI to look at. So, Glenn Tamplin, the colossal train wreck, has been moved to Romford. The reason he was still listed at Billericay after the new consortium took over was because he was still listed as a director on Companies House, he'd not yet taken over Romford, and you know, it's Glenn Tamplin, so until he actually left, I didn't want to assume he'd actually left. You know what he's like, tantrums, me-me-me, attention-seeking, etc. Anyway, I've had fun adjusting his mental attributes to accurately reflect what a weapon this man is and just how terrible a job he's doing at Romford. I remain neutral on everything that happens in this league, except for Tamplin who is a constant source of amusement. Thank you - I've verified his DOB and have adjusted the data accordingly.
  3. This should be posted in the National League North thread. In fairness, it looks like it might have already been raised (but double check to be sure).
  4. Ta - have added both of those to the list of requests as well!
  5. I've requested this change in the database as well as a few personnel changes that have happened in recent weeks. I've made this change, as well as a few others (capacity, seating, owner, etc) When I last submitted the file Burman was still in caretaker charge. I've now requested Steve King is added, and requested a few player changes that have occurred recently as well. I've requested Platt is changed to non-contract. Jebb's FK rating is already set to 11 in the db which is very good for NLS. I#ve Oyinsan is moved to St Albans and NN is moved from Coggeshall to Welling. I've requested JRB's year of birth is changed to 1999 (i don't have a DOB for him) - I've also requested his height and ethnicity are added. I've asked for this change. Good spot. Asked for Lionel Ainsworth to be released while I was at it. Yikes! Looks like the data is trying to put them on guest contracts (I think that's something to do with the A-league. I vaguely recall getting a weird error when creating these players - that'll be what it is then! I've requested these be changed! Given the sums, I've marked this as high priority. I've requested the other moves as well.
  6. Leicester sacked Ranieri the season after winning the league with Leicester. Di Matteo was sacked after winning Chelsea's first ever European Cup. Capello sacked by Real Madrid (twice) after winning the league. What about van Gaal's stint at Bayern? Won the league and cup and got to the Champions League final. Sacked the next season. Football is littered with managers who've been fired following unsympathetic chairmen, unable to grasp the success that the departing manager has brought them in recent history. All that to say, I disagree with Rashidi, your experience sounds realistic to me.
  7. https://community.sigames.com/topic/381687-fm-research-vacancies-how-to-contact-head-researchers-and-how-to-get-involved/
  8. Gets my vote - I was just thinking of this feature the other day.
  9. FM08, I got Gillingham promoted to the Premier League (after managing clubs such as Arsenal, PSV, AC Milan for a few seasons). First game of the PL season was at home to Chelsea and Morten Nielsen, an ex-Chelsea youth teamer was in my squad. Despite banging in the goals in L1 and the Championship, he was only a squad player in pre-season. The game was 0-0 after 78 minutes. I brought him on and in the 92nd minute he scored from the edge of the area to make it 1-0 and win the game. No, not the biggest giant killing, but it was the most romantic result I had.
  10. In many leagues, you can only recall during the transfer window unfortunately. I too discovered this when loaning out a player who'd already played for two clubs that season, and thus was ineligible for his loan club.
  11. Whoosh! Yeah, Jamman and Klyemann had it spot on. Your version makes no financial sense whatsoever! Don't give up the dayjob!
  12. Yeah, let's not resort to calling people idiots, eh? Especially as my post was clearly partly in jest (I'm obviously not going to ban anyone who thinks W8 is good, and I thought this was obvious enough not to warrant a safety smiley). The Metro interface is pretty horrible though. But we're waaaaay off topic here, so let's not continue this here, eh? But yeah, play nicely and let's not resort to calling people idiots, OK?
  13. W8 is awful on a PC. Anyone who disagrees with me on this will be banned from this forum for life.
  14. What themadsheep2001 said tbh. You've raised this on SI's forums, the director of SI has responded, I can't see where this thread is going to go from here. Look, SI don't set the pricing. Of course a developer cares about piracy, and I think you'll find that many developers outsource sales (and pricing) to publishing companies in much the same was as SI do with Sega. Your issue is with Sega/Steam, therefore, and I suggest you take it up with them. I have some sympathy of course, Adobe regularly take the mick with their straight dollar-to-pound pricing of their products, meaning those paying in pounds pay significantly more and that certainly annoys me; but regardless, you're not addressing your frustrations at the correct source.
  15. True, but as I said, a 54% majority in favour of 64-bit users is no where near a large enough majority to ask those using 32-bit to jump through hoops to get the game to work IMO.
  16. Eugene is pretty much correct tbf. FM12 doesn't use more than 2Gb, so there isn't a solid business case for going to 64-bit IMO. If you make FM 64-bit, then those running a 32-bit OS have to use WOW32 or virtualisation and, let's be fair, that's not going to appeal to many users. In March 2012, a Steam survey showed that a majority of users were using 64-bit - but only a marginal majority: 54%. That leaves 46% of users using 32-bit versions of the OS (assuming no 16-bit users!!). So if SI were to release FM 64-bit, they'd have to allow users to choose 32-bit or 64-bit. Given that the vast majority of PCs are purchased with Windows already pre-installed, the majority of users aren't familiar with making this choice. I don't think we need to alienate, or make life difficult for, a majority of gamers for frankly marginal (if any) benefit at this stage. 64-bit FM will be with us in the future, for sure, but personally I'd be surprised if it was before FM15.
  17. I'm off to the JPT tomorrow - Crawley vs Gillingham. Funnily enough, the last time I went to the JPT, it was Gillingham vs Crawley, and I was a Gillingham STH, but this-time round, I'm a Crawley STH (I lived in Crawley for 10 years and started watching them regularly about 5-6 years ago. Frankly, I love terraces). Boycotted the Gills v Crawley games last year, but will be going tomorrow - won't be celebrating any goals though as I'll be in the home end and it's at Crawley. Tickets are only £8 though. Bargain.
  18. To be fair I thought you were pretty decent today in what was largely a scrappy game. It was very even until the last 15 minutes or so, when Crawley started stringing some passes together, and Mike Jones (new signing from Sheff Wed) played a nice ball through for Nicky Ajose to finish to make it 1-0 (and win me a few quid after my 25/1 bet on 1-0 Ajose). I thought Rowlands was pretty poor throughout for your lot until he got subbed off - and that was an appalling dive in the first minute from him. It was a very physical, scrappy game and I supposed you're unlucky not to have gotten a point out of it.
  19. I wouldn't have thought so no. If you take -10 being the level of ability required to be as good as Messi, with all the training and handling in the world, the likes of you and I would never be able to reach that level. Frankly, with all the training in the world, I probably wouldn't be able to be as good as Jordan Henderson! So everyone has their level, and the FM researchers do their best to guess what the level they'll achieve is based on their age, development to date, and so on.
  20. Negative potential players are players that don't have a defined maximum PA (Potential Ability), but rather have a range that, with the right training and handling, they might ascribe to some day. In FM, as in real life, some youth teamers might have the highest rating (-10) but might fall well short of reaching their maximum potential (think of Arturo Lupoli for example). Players with a potential of -6 or -7 generally have the potential to make reasonably decent/good Premier League players one day. -9 or -10 have the ability to be worldclass. HTH
  21. from me as well. We've had Carlos Tevez requesting time back home IRL. I'd also like to see players pulling out due to work commitments if they are PT. But I like the idea of the community getting involved in ideas. I suggested that in a thread recently: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/240518-GillsMan-s-Media-Module-Suggestions-for-Future-FMs!
  22. It's a bit like Matt Le Tissier (not the best example at all I agree) who was relatively determined on the pitch, but was not particularly ambitious as he was happy to play for Southampton over any of the bigger clubs.
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