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  1. Thanks for this - this has already been fixed and will be included in the final game (also including Jim Stannard as goalkeeping coach). Kelvin Reay and Mac Egan aren't included as I couldn't find any information on them, but I can add them when I find more info, such as confirmation of role, ages, etc.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I've already made some of the changes you asked for - and they will make the full game, but I don't know if they will be in a beta update. I can confirm that: Nick Grimes is captain with Lloyd James as vice captain Grimes has already received a decent bump in CA. He's not as good as Dan Ball or Foulston in the game, however, I've made a couple of minor adjustments following your feedback so there isn't quite a big a difference and he should be more likely to play. I need to see Taunton a few more times to see how they line up before I can drastically improved his rating, and I think some positional tweaks might also help as well as being sure which formations Dray uses. We don't have a Taunton researcher (there is a position vacant 👀), and I've only seen them twice this season so happy to log any other feedback you want. FYI, Grimes' CA is towards the top end of the range for Taunton Town 1st team players. The problem is they have a number of players in the star player range for Taunton.
  3. Strange - I'm sure I set his position when I created James Dickson back in 2020! I've set his position as the midfielder/attacking midfielder he's played when I've seen him in friendlies As almost no players transition from Dorking Reserves to the 1st team, and as a lot of the players don't go onto play in a semi pro league, I don't tend to focus too much on the Reserves, unless the players start training with the 1st team etc. This is evidenced by the fact that Backhurst (a goalkeeper) hasn't made any benches (including in friendlies to the best of my knowledge) despite the absence of Dan Lincoln at times. Having said that, I can verify that he is at DWFC so I've added him. Re: the stadium plans, the club is awaiting planning permission which is due 2 November. Although it's highly likely to be granted, you'll understand I want to wait until it's properly confirmed before adding it to the game. Local residents complain about Meadowbank all the time, so there could well be changes to the plans. Ryan Seager signed a 2 year deal with Hungerford Town, and Dorking signed him after 1 year as he had a clause in his contract that allowed him to go under certain circumstances after a year. Dorking definitely paid a fee, but that fee was undisclosed (I'd heard it was £25K, but that was a rumour). On reflection, I've amended the amount on Ryan Seager's transfer history from £25K to undisclosed. In terms of the record, the only fee Marc White has disclosed is the £15,000 they paid for Jason Prior - that is in the Dorking Wanderers record in the database, but isn't pulling through to the game for some reason, so probably needs raising as a bug. Dom Plank (now at Wolves) only played and scored in friendlies which don't count towards the record. Only official 1st team games count. Incidentally, while I was making the other tweaks I've mentioned, I updated the oldest goalscorer to Barry Fuller following his goal against Oxford City in the play off semi last year. Could have sworn I'd already done that! As Dean has said, there is very little information about the academy - I at least need to know their ages so I can make sure I'm not putting underage players in the game. I keep an eye on any U18 players who are given a squad number, a place on the first team bench, train with the first team or who get talked about by Marc White and add them when I have a basic level of information. If you have any more detailed information, I'd be happy to add it!
  4. Hi By xtetra, thanks for your feedback. I'm handling research for Dorking Wanderers so have made a few changes based on your feedback: As Dean said, Ghinn is at Sutton Utd in the database - I've logged a transfer request as he's definitely working at Dorking, but if he's still working at Sutton IRL, he'll probably stay at Sutton in the game, as the game doesn't currently support backroom staff working for multiple clubs. I can't find any information on Izzy Anderson whatsoever beyond the listing on the club website. I don't even know if Izzy is male or female, so I'll keep digging but won't be able to create this person until I know more. Great spot, I've created Josh Hunter and Anthony Sheldon and added them to Dorking's staff The ticket price is already set to £16 - you might be playing an earlier version of the beta as this was only updated 4 days ago. Dorking Wanderers' media predicition is set to 19th (out of 24) and they are in the lowest finishing group (4 of 4). Both feel right to me. Marc White's ambition has recently been trimmed from 13 to 11 (he is highly ambitious IRL, but he has to balance his ambition between football and the company he runs) which should lower that expectation slightly. Again, that change was made 4 days ago. Seb Boweman joined from Bracknell and didn't have many attributes set in the database. Again, 4 days ago (so this should show in the beta now if you update it) I added attributes and gave him a sizeable CA boost. He's definitely on a par with Mekki and Wheeler, albeit both of those are rated slightly higher which is right unless he proves better than them over a longer period. James McShane enjoyed a small boost in my update 4 days ago following a larger boost a few weeks ago in response to his start to the season. He has obviously enjoyed a spectacular start to life in the National League - I'm blown away - but I haven't yet put him up to the level of Rutherford or Briggs. He should play quite a bit in the game and if he carries on producing this sort of form IRL he'll get a bigger boost in January but I have to be careful not to overreact when someone is in a purple vein of form. I noticed that with Jack Jebb too - we don't set the transfer status, as that's done in game - but in my update 4 days ago I made some tweaks and in the 10 tests I've run, he isn't transfer listed and generally gets 20-35 starts a season with sub appearances on top which feels right.
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