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  1. Thanks for these @S-K! I'll make sure that the duplicate Almen and MyPa squad will be amended for the data update.
  2. Thanks @jlammi! These will be amended in the next data update. It seems that currently all the premier league and 1st division teams have their previous year's maximum attendance IRL set as the maximum attendance. I'll change these too.
  3. Popovitch family should be related, it seems that Anton is missing the details - I'll amend them to the db as well as Litmanen - Tainio friendship.
  4. Thanks @Zaharrafor the feedback, much appreciated! I think all "joukkueenjohtajat" should be removed from the db, since they don't play any role in the game currently. Many of them have been set as General managers which after all is not the correct role. For some reason in game the General Managers are changes to Chairmen, so some teams are now having two chairmen. @Simon Tipple can you look into this please?
  5. Hi @Elbrei, the duplicate noted, will be removed in the next data update. In the future, please report any data issues to the correct thread, thanks!
  6. Thanks @imRezz, this will be amended in the next data update.
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