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  1. Do Kosovo have any placed in CL and EL qualification?
  2. Yeah those same. After spending hours to the researchwork, I'm not happy to the situation.
  3. It's interesting if SI have made decision to left official leagues in unplayable condition.
  4. AI is unable to sign free Players. After couple of season all teams with tiny budgets or semipro status looks like youth teams. I easily win every game if I field senior players. Same problem in Sweden too especially in divisions under Swedish Premier League.
  5. After 2 weeks still can't play with Finnish leagues. Is it possible to go back to 14.2.
  6. I have tried without dbc,xml files, verify steam files. Nothing helps. It would be good to monitor every official League is There same kind of problems.
  7. AI Teams are unable to sign free players. After couple season squads are full of 16-year old regens and half of original players are already retired.
  8. Finnish and Swedish leagues are unplayable in 14.3. That is critical.
  9. Zenit and Spartak Moscow are no longer moving to the new World Cup stadiums in 14.3 DB.
  10. More my favourites from CM 01-02 Assane N`Diaye (amazing DM) Joao Paiva (free and came to every lower league club!) Labinot Harbuzi (super swede) Lee Chun-Soo
  11. Maxim Tsigalko (01-02 legend) was at Savit Mihalyou last year. According wikipedia the club doesn`t exist anymore?? Ibrahim Said (01-02 legend) is at Al-Ahly Tripoli (Libya). Who`s remember Kurniawan from CM 99-00. Still play at Persela Lamongan. Anatoli Todotov (CM 03-04 legend) is at Lokomotiv Mezdra (Bulgaria).
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