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  1. - State what you think is specifically wrong in your league. - RoPS were 8th in season 2021 and 4th in season 2022. However if you look league table history in photo, it shows that their position was higher in season 2021, which it wasn't really. They were 2nd in first division relegation group but in overall table position should be 8th.
  2. Armenia Alexandr Grigoryan left Alashkert 21.9.2021 (https://www.transfermarkt.com/aleksandr-grigoryan/profil/trainer/17294) New manager is Milan Milanovic (62071555) (https://www.transfermarkt.com/milan-milanovic/profil/trainer/8112) Azerbaijan Sabah FK, Sabail and Zira should have professional status.
  3. 2021-22 season relegation rules are wrong. Only two teams should get relegated straight as there should be 16 teams in first amateur division next season 2022-23. From season 2022-23 onwards three teams get relegated straight again.
  4. In Finland we are still using the 5 replacements (in 3 waves) covid rules in season 2021 .
  5. BSG Chemie Leipzig should at least have Lok Leipzig set as fierce rival.
  6. Not sure is this DB related, but some 2nd teams seems to be disappeared in Beta game (FC Inter 2, TPS U23, Ekenäs IF/Akademi, PK-35/2 etc.) FC Honka Akatemia and SJK Akatemia also not working right as AI put most of players to the 3rd team. Not to the 2nd team which are higher league level.
  7. Should setting next division work with advanced rules? Activate Finnish lower divisions but using next division to set correct teams for season 2021 not working. As I start game from year 2021 teams are still from season 2020.
  8. In my save KuPS used Kouvolan keskusurheilukenttä as their home stadium in Europa League group stage. In current state Kouvolan keskusurheilukenttä would never meet any UEFA criteria.
  9. There are two Ilves B-teams in 2nd division. Ilves/2 (right one) and Ilves reserves (no reserve teams in Finland)
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