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  1. NJS Aziz Bhar History: 2018 NJS 10/0 2019 NJS 13/0 Eetu Kaipio ---> Pallo-Iirot (1.9.2016) History: 2016 NJS 2016 P-Iirot 3/1 2017 P-Iirot 19/10 2018 P-Iirot 22/6 2019 P-Iirot 19/2 Joni Murtomaa History: 2016 NJS 2017 NJS 2018 NJS 12/2 2019 NJS 13/1 Kelechi Anyamele ---> FC Viikingit History: 2018 NJS 20/0 2019 FC Viikingit 1/0 Lauri Bergström -->NJS coach (retired as player 30.11.2018) History: 2016 NJS 2017 NJS 2018 NJS 11/0 Niko Aittasalmi History: 2016 NJS 14/9 2017 NJS 21/12 2018 NJS 20/1 2019 NJS 22/5 Paavo Ahola ---> HJS (1.1.2019) History: 2018 NJS 12/1 Severi Murto ---> FC Kiffen (1.1.2019) History: 2016 delete dublicate history 2017 NJS 2018 NJS 8/0 2019 FC Kiffen 21/1 Stanley Festus ---> free (retired) History: 2016 NJS 2017 NJS Mikko Manninen ---> FC Haka coach (http://fchaka.fi/?p=8741) History: 2013-31.12.2017 NJS manager 1.1.2015-30.11.2019 NJS head of youth development 8.8.2018-31.12.2018 NJS caretaker manager Marko Tukiainen ---> FC Kiffen manager (1.1.2019) History: 22.11.2016-31.12.2017 NJS coach 1.1.2018-8.8.2018 NJS manager Teemu Savukoski ---> NJS manager (1.1.2019)
  2. Finnish First Division promotion playoffs (2020 season and beyond) Quarter final and semi final are not two leg games. Quarter final: one leg, home team 3rd Semi final: one leg, home team 2nd Finnish Cup First Division qualifying (2020 season and beyond) As there are 12 teams in first division, there should be also 12 teams in qualifying groups (not 10). Two group with 6 teams in one group.
  3. HR Estonia Tallinna JK Legion Their current stadium is Kadriorg. Tartu FC Santos Kits: https://alchetron.com/FC-Santos-Tartu Nömme Kalju should have FCI Levadia and FC Flora set as rival. FC Flora should have FCI Levadia and Nömme Kalju set as rival. FCI Levadia should have Nömme Kalju set as rival. Flora against FCI Levadia could named as Tallinna derby
  4. Teemu Tainio is dublicated. Real one is manager of FC Haka and dublicate is scout of Tottenham. Delete second one.
  5. Euro Cup II coefficients system doesn´t work. Just checked that clubs of countries that participate in qualifying rounds of Euro Cup II have draws or wins but those are not counted in coefficients table. It is not possible that countries participated in Euro Cup II doesn´t get any coefficients points from qualifying rounds.
  6. FCSB average attendaces are overrated (average almost 30.000).
  7. BSG Chemie Leipzig should have Lok Leipzig set as fierce rival.
  8. Mixu Paatelainen is manager of Hong Kong national team. Liu Chun Fai is coach, not manager.
  9. Correct teams for A20 preliminary round: https://www.palloliitto.fi/p20-sm-karsinta/tilastot?group=7 Oulun Palloseura is missing from DB. All player and competition histories related OPS are missing. FC Lahti stadium should be Lahden stadion, not Kisapuisto. (http://www.fclahti.fi/sivut/otteluinfo) Kokkolan keskuskenttä, used capacity should be higher than 1200. Average attendances of KPV were 1733. Seinäjoen jalkapallostadion, year built 2016 GrIFK/2 and GrIFK/U23 should be 2nd and 3rd teams of GrIFK AC Oulu Akatemia should be 2nd team of AC Oulu Gnistan Aleksander Akbar, Gullit Zolameso have dublicate player histories (year 2016)
  10. RAAL La Louviere kits are missing.
  11. Do Kosovo have any placed in CL and EL qualification?
  12. Yeah those same. After spending hours to the researchwork, I'm not happy to the situation.
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