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  1. Should setting next division work with advanced rules? Activate Finnish lower divisions but using next division to set correct teams for season 2021 not working. As I start game from year 2021 teams are still from season 2020.
  2. Any comments to this? Early Pre-Season start is still 13.1.2020 for season 2021.
  3. CS Sporting Vaslui kits are missing.
  4. Early 2021 Pre-Season start is invalid. It says that game will start 13.1.2020 (not 2021)
  5. Champions League Preliminary rounds are still played at Victoria Stadium even teams from Gibraltar are not taking part to these rounds. This year these rounds were played at Nyon, Switzerland. In 2019 preliminary round were played at Fadil Vokrri Stadium in Pristina even Lincoln Red Imps was one of four teams.
  6. HR Azerbaijan Neftchi Baku home and away shirt are same in DB. Away shirt should be all white.
  7. Kemi City FC Correct home kit: https://crop.kaleva.fi/s5FpJmEr2GOZLT1vNKfUUk8Hg6A=/2600x1733/smart/https%3A//lorien-media-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/archive/2020/11/07/2020. FC Kemi seems to be disappeared from DB.
  8. Eremenko should be set as russian name. Some newgens have weird names like Jussi Eremenko. Kimpinen should be owned by council. Joutsenon urheilukeskus, capacity is 589 (https://www.lappeenranta.fi/fi/Palvelut/Kulttuuri-ja-liikunta/Ulkoliikuntapaikat/Joutsenon-urheilukeskus) Kumpula campus, capacity is incorrect (4650). Capacity of 1000 is max. Photo of area (https://kapylanpallo.fi/kenttaprojekti) Some highest average attendances records: FC Lahti: 3295, season 2004 Haka: 2457, season 1963 TPS: 5294, season 2007 FC Inter: 4432, season 2008
  9. HR Armenia Urartu Yerevan stadium is missing. It is Banants stadium in DB.
  10. Emil Pallas is duplicated at FC Espoo.
  11. Information of finnish first division is not correct in editor basic rules (10 teams and 2 relegated). Both season 2020 and 2021 there should be 12 teams in first division and 3 relegated so it should be easy to add basic rules.
  12. In my save KuPS used Kouvolan keskusurheilukenttä as their home stadium in Europa League group stage. In current state Kouvolan keskusurheilukenttä would never meet any UEFA criteria.
  13. It is correct in regular season (7 subs named). Should be same rules in playoffs.
  14. Finnish Premier League European Places Playoff Substition rules: Should be 7 subs named instead of 5.
  15. There are two Ilves B-teams in 2nd division. Ilves/2 (right one) and Ilves reserves (no reserve teams in Finland)
  16. Finnish Cup Finnish Cup First Division qualifying. There are only 10 teams participating. As there are 12 teams in first division, 2 teams are straight out of Finnish Cup. So there should be two group of 6 teams.
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