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  1. Thanks for these, much appreciated!
  2. Changes amended to the db this far. A few things worth to mention; none of the teams in Finland should have "reserves" enabled from the db tickbox. Instead individual reserve team will be created when ever needed (e.g. Klubi 04, SJK Akatemia or Honka Akatemia to mention a few). This way there shouldn't be duplicate 2nd/reserve/akatemia teams. Markus Joenmäki has been set with a professional and semi-professional player retirement in the db, so he can still join a lower division amateur side, just like in real life. @Houba, can you please provide some details about SC Kufu and KuPS being under the same board, since as far as I know they are still separate clubs, but working in a very close affiliation.
  3. Thanks for reporting all these! They will be amended for the next data update.
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated!
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