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  1. Thanks for the feedback - I've reported these on.
  2. Thanks Bashar, reported issues have been noted. Btw, can you find something about Pablo Couñago leaving his position as PK-35's DoF? I only found a news item saying he stopped playing for them.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! HJK's Mensah is wrong Mensah. This has been noted and will be fixed. I'll check the missing PK-35 transfers and loans right away. Same goes for Muller and Gane.
  4. Thanks for letting us know, I'll check that right away.
  5. Anyone has an idea how the Finnish FA is going to deal with the new Finnish Cup changes in a case where the cup already starts, but the promoted and the relegated teams are not certain yet? For example, if FC Honka starts the cup in the first rounds in 2016 and also wins the promotion to the First Division by the end of 2016. Winning the promotion would mean a place in the cup group phase, so what happens to the their already played cup matches?
  6. Thanks for reporting this, Bashar. SI has been noted.