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  1. Ngueukam and Nieminen noted, thanks guys!
  2. Thanks for the corrections - will be amended to the db.
  3. Are you using a custom database? Edit: I just double-checked that Sisu-Pallo originally has Jouppilanvuori set as their stadion. Jouppilanvuori is as extinct in the db. If you are not using a custom db, then the game must change it somehow to the closest nearby stadium which in this case would be Seinäjoen jalkapallostadion. After the next data update SJK should automatically change from Seinäjoen keskuskenttä to Seinäjoen jalkapallostadion when the stadium is build in June 2016.
  4. There has been no data update since the release, so we still have to wait until next one before this is fixed. Sisu-Pallo is still playing in Seinäjoen keskuskenttä in game.
  5. It seems that MiKi has taken the old MiPK name in use. I'll try to find out whether MiKi will actually be replaced by MiPK. In any case changes to club names will probably take until FM18 (MiKi, PK-35, KäPa/PuLe, etc). Any idea why Haukilahden Pallo's shortname has /2 in it, as in "HooGee/2"? Isn't this team their 1st team? All the changes/updates amended to this point.
  6. Thanks for letting me know - I'll mark these players as retired, or transfer them to their current teams. I'll also add "semi-pro player retirement" for the players playing the lower divisions.
  7. Thanks for these guys, I'll amend/check them right away.
  8. Thanks for these, Bashar, I'll add the nationalities in the next update.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Could you please add the date of transfer and possible history details for the previous club? This would be really helpful! @Bigpole, any idea of the length of their contracts etc? Please keep in mind that US universities are not usually in the game for legal reason, so transferring the players there won't be necessarily possible. Not sure if this is the case with Rio Grande Valley Torros, have to check. Usually we've set player studying abroad while playing university/college football as "unavailable" with reason "studies".
  10. Thanks Bashar!
  11. Yes, the FA changed the Finnish Cup format to have a group phase which replaces the League Cup.
  12. The SJK stadium move is included, which means that they'll start at Keskuskenttä, but later move to Seinäjoen jalkapallostadion a.k.a. OmaSP Stadion. Edit: just tested the latest version and noticed that the stadium move is not included. Will investigate.
  13. Thanks for the info. Wrong Olympiastadion has been noted already, but I'll review the change later.
  14. Any idea on Mark Dziadulewicz's current status - is he still coaching?
  15. Thanks for the feedback - I've reported these on.