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  1. Thanks for the feedback, I'll sort these out to the Finnish db.
  2. Youth coaching rating is not directly linked to U19 or U17 side. The guidelines state that the rating concerns under 16 years old. I have to say that the values for all the Finnish teams needs to be re-valued though. Suggestions are more than welcome since it's really hard to find information about the level of youth coaching within the different clubs.
  3. Reported issues noted - thanks for the info!
  4. Thanks once again, Bashar! Changes noted and amended to the db.
  5. Thanks again, Bashar!
  6. Let me know if this still happens in the latest version. Some tweaking was done about the player sales in Finland, since f.ex. in many saves RoPS sold their best players and then sacked the manager due to a bad league position.
  7. Thanks for reporting these! About the team changes like Tamu-K, Visa and Lahen Pojat - these will probably have to wait until FM17. Same goes for FC Jazz/2, FC Espoo and Kerho 07.
  8. Thanks for player histories and other changes - these have been noted!
  9. Thanks for the info everybody, much appreciated!