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  1. this seems to be fixed after Winter update since i can get fixtures now after 2021
  2. that is weird. Here is december 1 2020, season 2021 sould generated by now right? since season update day is 30 novemeber and no fixtures has been made. uploaded a save file called: Jaakko Lammi - test.fm
  3. This is problem when you activate kakkonen playable.
  4. Some reason there was Ilves/2 and Ilves Reserve team both Kakkonen Lohko B. I removed the reseve team.
  5. For some reason i dont get new fixtures for season 2021 in Finland, any help? editor says rules are valid. finland.fmf
  6. I dont get new fixtures for season 2021 in Finland, why ? editor says rules are valid. 2020 season works fine. I have activated kakkonen. finland.fmf
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1928664699 Kolmonen as inactive division so Kolmonen teams can promote Kakkonen, download this instead.
  8. There, i finally made it to working (playoffs) Level 1-3 activated. There is a link to my steam file if you want to download this file. hopefully some day i will make 4-5 levels.
  9. How to fix between Finnish Ykkönen and Kakkonen, somekind of playoffs? since ykkönen have 2 relegations and kakkonen 3 promotions places. I get erros when i try to fix it.
  10. http://takaisin.fi/~jlammi/FM20/Egypt.fmf http://takaisin.fi/~jlammi/FM20/Morocco.fmf http://takaisin.fi/~jlammi/FM20/Algeria.fmf Hi, i have made Egyptian League, Morocco and Algerian Level 1 and 2 playable also there is FA Cup. If you find any bugs report here. Also availabe Steam. My steam files: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002675080/myworkshopfiles/?appid=1100600
  11. Editor has now blue skin just managed to do North Korean League.
  12. I am now board takeover progress, how long that will take? since i am now summer 2022 and need to buy players for next season. Got 6 games with Leicester and now this
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