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  1. Editor has now blue skin just managed to do North Korean League.
  2. I am now board takeover progress, how long that will take? since i am now summer 2022 and need to buy players for next season. Got 6 games with Leicester and now this
  3. Last couple years it was thursday if i remember right when Beta was out? and 2017 Miles went meeting.
  4. i have doc visit 5th so i hope beta will be out sooner
  5. My save have 19 clubs from Premier League (Wolverhampton was only club who did not entered) in FA cup 22/23 so looks like i have to start new save. I had this error also in my Finland file but i somehow fixed it.
  6. I have Neil Brock from my youth academy (ManU), CA/PA 95/149 and hes now 17. feb 2021. Hes strikers played 20 non competitve games and scored 10 goals.
  7. Is it possible to change your savegame location? i think it was possible before but now i cant find it.
  8. Yeah since it was "market-pc" im not sure about cooling but when i looked temps they were quite low.
  9. Hello, i bought this monday this PC and got it tuesday from post office Price was around 1200€ Intel Core I5-8400 16 GB RAM Nvidia Geforce gtx 1060 6 GB 256 ssd hd+ 1 tb hd I have testet for a day now FM and it looks really fast and good, wha do you think about my spects?
  10. I have started new save with your file. Schedules works better now.
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