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  1. Seems Finland-bug is fixed, but have to start a new save.
  2. I saw in my first Premier League game VAR, they accepted my goal (2-0) after free kick. Match won 4-0 but possesion was bad, 45-55? tactic was 4-3-1-2
  3. How does lnc files works now, I did put one file where is team name changes, they loaded fine but after I changes name it wont showed up, have to start new game?
  4. Just won my first title, Community Shield game ended 3-2, Gabriel Jesus did hattrick, and missed one penalty (Aguero) and one goal was offside. 16-9 shots, 45-55 possesion. Used 442 Attacking tactic.
  5. I am in the week 3 now with 108 leagues (all) and thinking its faster.
  6. jlammi

    Removal of 3.Liga?

    When full game is out can we add it from editor? if not we cant play oberliga and suchs...
  7. I have 100/10mb connection atleast beta will download fast.
  8. No football on tv tonight so i have to watch basketball (euroleague)
  9. Last year Miles went to a meeting before Beta, not this year?
  10. Great its coming today, so I can go tomorrow to Hockeygame (season ticket holder).