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  1. I am playing FM17 to the end...
  2. ME is nice, just saw first 0-0 game and only 10 shots to goal.
  3. I have probably large what makes 100+ natios/leagues and 200000 players. (all european +south american nations)
  4. yeah star rating is only half when it was before 5.
  5. I do some editor stuff before start long term save.
  6. jlammi

    EHM Wishlist thread

    Good to know, thanks a lot. Would be intresting to play whit Beijing.
  7. jlammi

    Unknown Refereere

    Great, thanks
  8. jlammi

    EHM Wishlist thread

    I would like see these new teams in ehm future versions: Espoo United (Mestis) Jukurit (Liiga) Las Vegas (NHL) Peking (KHL)
  9. This is still happens my game, is it possibly to fix or do you have plans to fix it, should be easy? Matinkylä is just too way small for International games, orginally Karjala Tournament will played Hartwall Arena.
  10. I won European Championships 2028 and took into finals 2026 with Finland earlier FM, cant remember the version of the game. this years FM i won bronze with Denmark 2026 World Cup.
  11. jlammi

    World cup 2022 moved

    It moved me also, to Argentina. I think its in everybodys game becouse they dont know does World Cup played even in Qatar. Plus its very hot weather in summer (+53c)
  12. I had this myself also, it have resetting saves from every week to zero. so i think its bug, lost 8 months game without saving when my game crashed. When i changed it back to week, it works normally but some reason it dissapeared first time.
  13. Hi, just found another bug from Fifa World Cup 2026, i have unknown refereeres in my games, any help? i belive this will fixed Fm17 but need some advice. Uploaded save game to Sigames ftp site: /fm/game-save/leicester2.fm
  14. My Fifa World Cup 2026 Schedule is broken a bit, first game is scheduled to 1500, second 1700, and 1900. This doesnt leave enought time for tv-studios unless they use 2 channels. Now European Championship game scheduled is 1600, 1900, 2200 (Eestern European Time) +2h. this would fix for FM17?