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  1. I found this when i went to add screen flow screens, N/A so it does not work
  2. I have this today morning three times, it does not crash the game but gives error.
  3. Yeah, at my save Hertha vs Bayern or vs Dortmund never got sold old for 3 season if it should be i changed it from IGE higher to see for any effect. It was 64302 16 jan 2021 against Bayern
  4. Hertha Berlin have too low Max attendance, it should be 75000 becouse Dortmund and Bayern matches will sold out.
  5. This have been fixed since i can see the resloved message? I am now 13-1-2021 and no single crashes at all.
  6. Great find, i saw from editor that they were too low.
  7. Good news, i passed 3-1-2020 after starting a new game and done some editor stuff. I also reinstalled my radeon drivers and havent had any random crashes also. I removed some editor files but have similar amount of leagues, maybe that helped.
  8. I havent test this since couple fm before but it worked then back in FM2017 if started 2020 january, if its not possible then promotions isnt correct?.
  9. I am making Finnish cup, there is now 173 teams to enter a cup round 1 80 teams 46 matches 90 teams round 2 128 teams 64 matches 83 teams round 3 64 teams 32 matches 0 teams round 4 32 teams 16 matches 0 teams etc... How to get 16 teams from Veikkausliiga to start from round 3? i think its possible but i dont remeber how, help?
  10. What file makes the error if i may ask? would ask it becouse i want to remove it from my database. Havent found it myself yet.
  11. Yeah, first i was thinking it was error for using IGE. later today i will starting new game for small database changes which i have tested 3 season.
  12. Just uploaded customfilesjlammi.rar to sicloud service. I havent found it yet which file it would be, tested some for small parts for 3 seasons again.
  13. Uploaded file called Jaakko Lammi - HJK.fm to SI Cloud service, crash happens just 1-2 days after.
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