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  1. My save have 19 clubs from Premier League (Wolverhampton was only club who did not entered) in FA cup 22/23 so looks like i have to start new save. I had this error also in my Finland file but i somehow fixed it.
  2. I have Neil Brock from my youth academy (ManU), CA/PA 95/149 and hes now 17. feb 2021. Hes strikers played 20 non competitve games and scored 10 goals.
  3. Is it possible to change your savegame location? i think it was possible before but now i cant find it.
  4. Yeah since it was "market-pc" im not sure about cooling but when i looked temps they were quite low.
  5. Hello, i bought this monday this PC and got it tuesday from post office Price was around 1200€ Intel Core I5-8400 16 GB RAM Nvidia Geforce gtx 1060 6 GB 256 ssd hd+ 1 tb hd I have testet for a day now FM and it looks really fast and good, wha do you think about my spects?
  6. I have started new save with your file. Schedules works better now.
  7. Yep theres one small bug tho season starts some reason at tuesday becouse of fa cup is played 12/8. I used your file until today when i started new save with 19.3.
  8. Yeah i just ran holiday to next season, 19.3. Seems working.
  9. I have tested Claassens file and it does work for second season, i wonder why yours dont.
  10. Seems working fine with me, AMD Radeon drives 19.1.1
  11. I have 135 leagues and played 6 hours from season 1 (2 league games) and it is faster.
  12. I havent got this today/yesterday evening yet at all as i have played whole day so it is fixed?
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