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  1. Thank you @Experienced Defender I will have further play about and see how it goes.
  2. I'm not looking to exploit anything its just a formation I like. I'm partial to the 4-3-3 wide but am wanting something with more punch down the middle. My other preferred shape 5-3-2 hasn't given me much to smile about either. I'm thinking its an RKC thing as am having joy in other saves.
  3. Hi - thanks, yeah, it would be good to see your perspective on this for a narrow 4-3-3. The team I'm trying to build something for is RKC - I'm in S3 and currently playing in the Dutch 2nd Div. They are a 2 star team - The board expect entertaining football and to make the most of set pieces. S1 with them was fairly successful when played a fairly basic 4-4-2 however early doors S2 that came unstuck and since then have been chasing "the answer" My main concern is stopping the opposition scoring and if I can nick a goal here or there then good.
  4. Thank you both for the comment. I tried a few variations of the Direct/Fluid Counter-Attacks changing the F9s to be Wingers/IFs/IWs and adjusting some of the TIs depending on what I was seeing however nothing seemed to stem the onslaught of shots against and minimal for. I'm having better success with control poessesion based TIs and a similar 4-3-3 wide shape. I liked the idea of the 4-3-3 narrow with the idea that we could hit them hard through the middle when we got the ball however it did not prove to be the case.
  5. Using this shape with the Direct Counter-Attack setting however, just seem to be constantly on defend, at least not conceding as many goals as on other styles though but, very little positive action. On seeing the reserves / youth results coming through who play the same style and the stats from their games though, they win, and win well albeit against much lesser opposition. There are player instructions on the Defenders and Mids to take fewer risks. I've been tempted to remove Get Stuck In as been getting a lot of yellow cards and resulting 2nd yellows. Anyone had any success
  6. I had mixed results. Using mainly with Spartak Moscow I was quite dominant domestically but it was found out in Europe. I've reverted to 4-1-2-3 at the moment but was going to go back to this at end of the current season I'm in. Interested to see what if any new version comes out. Cheers.
  7. Do enjoy a 4-2-4 and struggling at the moment in other styles so going to gives these a go.... cheers for putting together - you're results look encouraging
  8. Cheers. Yeah just a wee match haha! cheers. Look forward to a game sometime soon.
  9. Game: FM17 Age: 39 Can play: most evenings (times may vary?) Timezone: GMT Username: markr77uk Not played FM Online in a long time. Would hope for some draft to get back into playing online initially?
  10. Still plodding with my Man U beta save - delaying starting off a long term save as can't make up my mind what / where to go. Am tempted to start a game with Ludogorets in Bulgaria where I had a highly enjoyable game in FM15 but fear that it wouldn't be the same 2nd time round. To keep it Euro / non-uk based also considering starting in the Serb or Romanian leagues or with Ajax and try get them back winning the Champions League. UK based - thinking a Newcastle save.
  11. Hi, never done the fantasy draft but really fancy giving it a go. Steam - markr77uk if there is opportunity for invite? cheers
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