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  1. Professional status soon, hopefully we'll play in Serie C by then Here's the table, 13 games in - I'm very satisfied.
  2. Great read, good luck! What level are you playing at now?
  3. 15 years is magnificent, wow. What is this skin, though? I like it.
  4. Fantastic season dafuge! I agree that you have to leave.
  5. Beautiful thread, this has inspired me to start a save where I start managing in South America then try moving to Europe, pretty much like Simeone for exaple. Will keep following!
  6. Switzerland Intake date is 25th of February, 2017
  7. How's the transfers? How much do you make out of it? Great thread, btw. Following for a while now.
  8. Wait, is this a youth academy challenge, or what? I might have missed the concept of this save.
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