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  1. I'll just do it without the DB Third league team. A bit disappointing though. It really wasn't bad so far.
  2. END OF FIRST SEASON Pretty solid. We were expected to be relegated but we made everyone admit they were wrong by reaching a top-half finish. Great season overall.
  3. Just read through it all as I've started a similar save but youth only with a sweder 5th tier club. Still amazing. More than welcome to read my own thread too
  4. A dutchman in Sweden. I've decided I should write about my attempt to get back into FM18 again, this time with a very unusual team pick for me, and a new country that I've never really managed at. Dennis Averkamp, 38, takes over the vacant managerial spot in IK Sätra, an amateur team playing at the fifth tier of Swedish football. They aren't exactly a leading team. But so far I've managed to raise the Junior Coaching (Now: Fairly Basic) And Youth Recruitment (Basic). The club also aims to turn Semi-Pro after I requested it successfully. Here's the first intake: Pretty happy with it. Svensson looks insane for this level. Wow! Personalities sucks though, most of them anyway. I'll keep you posted with a season review after we're done with it, stay tuned!
  5. That's a fantastic read so far. Looking forward for more!
  6. October - November update All in all, a solid month which saw us progressing another two rounds in the Portuguese cup. We got Arouca in the next round. They're ranked 7th in the second tier. A tough challenge to take but we'll give our best. League Table: We're doing good enough to keep the 1st place ours for now Also - Got a new contract days before December.
  7. Didn't know about the sugar daddy thing, but hey, it won't make relying on youth easier, just quicker development of facilities
  8. SPL should be harder, I suppose? Actually, with the way your team plays I doubt it.
  9. Loving the concept! Good luck, will follow.
  10. August - September 2017 update Winning the majority of games over the course of August and September. Cup third round draw: Semi professional side Sousense. I'm happy with this draw, considering we could've got a top flight team. League table: Also: Exceptional junior coaching and established youth recruitment. I'm happy. Very happy.
  11. Yeah, it's definitely pleasing to see! Thanks for the comment! Thanks! I love your Tongan youth challenge too.
  12. Brilliant. I got no other words to describe what you're doing here. Might make your stay over at Clyde permanent?
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