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  1. Alright. I haven't bought FM 2020 yet. But I feel an urge to get into the breach once again and try to replicating Guardiola's tactic(s) at City. Thanks for your answers.
  2. Okay, s0 you find the Inside Forward going into the half space earlier, whilst the inverted winger - with the wide PI - is often more available wide and a bit deeper? How do they act in the final third? Does the IW provide good enough width like City's often do - I know it depends on what their nearest number 8 and fullback is placed, but in the final third City often has two players wide before trying to penetrate. Or at least thats how I see it.
  3. @themadsheep2001 what is the biggest difference betwen an inverted winger and an inside forward? And nice tactic, you've posted. I like your TI's and roles. Back on FM 19 I also loved what you could do with IWB's with the overlap TI's. Was quite immersive.
  4. I think you are wrong about this. You can have a flat 4-1-4-1 be more aggressive than a 4-3-3. It all depends on the roles and duties and instructions you give your players. In my opinion formations are in essence neutral. Actually you can morph the 4-1-4-1 into various shapes when you have the ball - and those can be really offensive. And the best thing about 4-1-4-1 is that you "naturally" gets a good defensive shape that can be harder to replicate in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. 4-1-4-1 obviously has some weaknesses, as your players starting positions are lower than in a 4-3-3, so if you don't think about that, your striker can be isolated.
  5. @wige Really good points. Especially your thoughts on TAA being the KDB of Liverpool. It could be fun trying out a 4-4-1-1 with Salah a bit out wide as CF, Firmino as a number 10 - maybe as AM on support, Mane on the left as IW-a, with Robbo behind as a WB/CWB on support - TAA on the other side as CWB-a. Having doubts about the midfield roles. Maybe CM-D on the right side and Car or CM-s on the left.
  6. How is this year's ME doing when it comes to these free eights? In FM19 I didnt like how even a CM-a or Mez-a wouldnt go high up and between the lines during the early build up. They would often be very close to the inverted wingbacks. How is this ME? Is it possible to form an "almost front five" when possesion has reached the middle?
  7. Yeah, I even tried using them in the AM strata, but then I don't like the defensive shape, and I still dont see them get high and between the lines early enough. FM 19 is a really great game, but can't really emulate one of Guardiolas basic principles to use as few men as possible to build up while the attacking band of players goes high and between the lines. Agreed. I learned so much from following this thread. It's a great discussion.
  8. My main problem with replicating this Man City side is to get two midfielders to move high up the pitch during the early build up. Anyone managed to do that?
  9. @Experienced Defender nice thread, it's quite an interesting system. Lots of variety and very inspiring. I have one question though. When using two DMs and the TI 'Play out of Defence' means that you will have 4 players in the first line in front of the GK on a goal kick, because the CD's will split really wide and the two DMs will drop into the line with them. I hate that; using 4 players in the first line of posession means you might lack bodies further up the field to progress the play nicely and vertically. What is your thoughts on that? :)
  10. I am not surprised you are able to get them banging in the goals and a fair amount of assist. It's you who coach them, after all. How are the attributes of the players you use as Mez/CM-a? (joke, love your project). You've intrigued me further, man, if your two midfielders are both operating with an attack duty. For the last couple of versions of FM I have been using the 4-1-4-1 (not the false 4-3-3 with two wide forwards) with the intention of using the front 5 as attackers and the back 5 supports and protects - heavily inspired by Guardiola's teams, that often has 5 players high up and between the lines. Very much a WW-formation.
  11. Amen! I haven’t been able to get a CM-a/Mez-a to move really high when possession in midfield is secured even when I try to make all the space available for the midfielder and putting a IWB behind, so I am really looking forward to that analysis.
  12. Yeah sorry for hijacking the thread, but it’s a discussion about meaningful possession in FM, so I dont think discussing Guardiola’s positional og possession principles is so far off Salah seems pretty isolated, but it looks like he his attracting a lot of players to him. So moving the defense to one side of the pitch, I guess. One thing I find the hardest to replicate about Guardiola’s Man City in FM is to get 5(!) players to break ahead and move early high up the pitch and get between the lines while the 5 players behind builds slowly to find one of the 5 players between the lines. From there, the attack is really fast, as you write. “With the right distribution of roles and duties and depending on your team, its fairly easy in FM19 to play on very attacking mentality and generate high amounts of possession. When doing systems like this my goal is only to think about which two players are going to control the half space. These two players need to be in different blocks on the pitch but along the same vertical space. So in my image linked above it would be the W and the player behind him” The bold part you wirte@ why do the two half space players be on different blocks? What’s the purpose behind this?
  13. Is the player on the ball in that picture a winger in the AM strata? Do you find that it provides good enough width to the extreme that Man City wingers do?
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