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  1. I am looking forward to that as I have tried numerous times to get the shape going. Basically the wingbacks becomes the wingers and the 4-2-3-1 numerous times became the shape Guardiola uses a lot. The sort of 2-3-4-1. The two wide attackers high in the half space, the striker in front, stretching the defense vertically, wingbacks stretch horizontally, the two number six aslong with the number form a line of three - pretty much how the fullbacks and the number 6 at City acts when in possession. I have seen a lot of the Dortmund games from the 2015/2016 season and the movements of Kagawa is really hard to get right. I dont think you can actually do that in FM. Even how Hummels acted, a lot of times becoming a number six, pushing into midfield in the wide channel or half space while Weigl would go down and cover for him. Gundogans role is also hard. He would at times push up and act like a number 8. Generally though he and Hummels had obvious licens to do long passes.
  2. Again, really good points and insight. Thanks for that. Silva and de Bruyne, as you say - and I totally aggree - a very different from Iniesta and Xavi and the system too is also different. I know Guardiola change his structure a lot and micromanage - a lot. But there are some trends in his City team, and I adore how he uses the two number 8’s. They play higher up the field. They do of course drop off, if the build up needs it. I really like how he uses the fullbacks to cover for them. The beauty of it all is that the team is so cohesive. They change positions a lot but they keep their mail structure. In their last game against Fullham, I saw Bernardo Silva high in the right half space but then Sterling moves indside and Kyle Walker moves up into the space on the flank. And then Bernardo Silva left his position and went back to cover for Kyle Walker. You of course know all this. But if you were to try to make a FM tactic that makes the two 8’s and the front 3 the malm attackers - how would you set it up? Also, what is your experience with Roam From Positions? I never quite been able to spot what it exactly does. and one last thing; Have you tried using the Dribble less as part of a possession tactic? sorry for leeching, but I find your approach quite interesting.
  3. Thanks, @yonko. I really like your thoghts on this. Do you have any sort of triggers of when to adapt and change roles? I remember your posts in Özil’s Barca-thread that I used myself as a guideline. Could you give us some examples of certain things that triggers you to do some changes? Also good point regarding player types and their PPM’s. As you I like to differentiate between the playmakers: a sort of controller - the Xavi guy who keeps the play flowing; the David Silva/Iniesta-type that operates further up the field and takes charge of the attack. In regards to IF’s, what players prefered foot do you go for here?
  4. Gegenklaus

    Has anyone tried...

    What is defensive football to you? Park the bus? 11 man behind the ball? Defend from the front or what is it? I think you first have to define what you want. Formations are neutral - the instructions and then the players makes the system. In FM though there is some limitations. If you want your strikers to press midfielders, maybe put them one strata down. It all depends what you want.
  5. Okay. You have given me something to think about.
  6. Are we talking about WB’s in Wingback strata?
  7. @westy8chimp how would you set up a side to play Pep-ball. Or let me ask in another; how would you emulate Pep’s City?
  8. What are you personally a fan of when trying to emulate this style? Hit us with a setup, please - I would love to see it.
  9. @sporadicsmiles that looks really good and promising. I went through my last ten games with my Dortmund side to see how many passes we actually complete and in every match we are well over 500 and in some over 600, and I am not using shorter passing - only Play out of defense. Our completion rate average 86 % maybe that should be higher but our attacking play is quite good. After 21 games we have scored 69 goals and we put 16 percent of our total shots into the net.
  10. Good points. Its all an experiment, but I do see a lot of patience when in possession and I think its because of the mentality and play out of TI. We play it out from the back with a lot of patience waiting for an opening. It has actually surprised me a bit. I see a lot of short passes and patient play, even when we are under huge pressure. I think it comes down to the players. They are very technical and intelligent. And yes when choosing a formation against the opposition I always first makes sure, we overload the first line, so we can play it out from the back without theoretically any problems. Next is to match opponents numbers in midfield - I want +1 - this can be achieved in many ways - using IWB or a striker to come into midfield. Next I look at how I can pin the opposition defense. Normally one striker kan be enough to pin the two central defenders - and two strikers when facing a back three, simple math really. Then I try to analyze during the game if I answered those three questions right. so yes, against a 4-1-4-1 I use a 4-2-3-1 to be abe to pin them down and dominate them in their own half.
  11. I am looking forward to see what you come up with. I currently have great success using Standard Fluid, play out of defence, D-Line, prevent short GK and close Down much more. I use several different systems depending on how the opponent’s set-up; 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-4-3, 3-5-2 and 4-1-3-1-3. So like Guardiola I place my players on the field to achieve a positional advantage. All the systems try to create a similiar shape, 2 wide attackers, 2 attacks through half spaces and 1 central. 5 players cover for them and helps with retaining the ball. I dominate possession in all the matches I played without using any passing TI except Play out of defense. Standard-mentality gives a cool tempo that varies between patience and speed. I might not hit 500-600 passes average Per game. I am not so interested in that either. I am more interested in dominating the game through constant attacks. We score the most and concede the least in the League.
  12. Lost the CL-final with Dortmund in the first season against Juventus. Had a reasonable easy route to the final, which might be the reason as I had bought no players. Went up 1-0 in the first 10 minutes, then Dybala destroyed me in second half with two goals. Gutted.
  13. You could draw inspiration from Thomas Tuchel’s 4-2-3-1/4-1-4-1 in beginning of the 2015/2016 season where he used Gundogan and Weigl in a double pivot. Ahead of him they had Auba, the striker stretching vertically, two sort of inside forwards who went between the lines in the half space, and a number 10, Kagawa, who shuffled between the lines and connected with the two pivots. Gundogan would at times push up into midfield if the circumstances was right - opponents sat deep. The two wingbacks became sort of wingers when on the ball and provided the width.
  14. Really good points, mate. Care to give us some deeper insight to the current system, you are using and how you eventually choose to adapt to the opposition? I'm very intrigued.
  15. Using Standard Mentality, how were your overall duties spread?