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  1. @themadsheep2001 Nice tactic and observations. As you said, the front five can be achieved in many ways. What is your take on Pep’s system he has employed more this season where he used a double pivot and a Cancelo that moves so high up that he becomes a sort of hybrid number 10 in the right half space? The system looks more like a strikerless 4-2-3-1 with a very fluid interchanging between Bernardo Silva and Cancelo where Silva often is deeper than Cancelo? Also their defensive shape looks more like 4-4-2 than the previous 4-1-4-1?
  2. In my opinion it varies all depending on the match, their opponent and what the score is. Lately I have seen several shapes, such as a 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and 4-5-1. But the the red line for all of them is that Salah usually stays on top.
  3. A 4-1-4-1 can be pretty aggressive. Ive used it with Dortmund and won everything in first season with it. So please stop saying a bottom heavy formation is for teams outside the top. It. Is. Not. Duties and mentally makes all formations relative.
  4. Thanks for opening my eyes for the focus play-instructions, @Rashidi I love how you with the right roles can create natural overloads then see the side switch where the space has opened up. Love how even a CM-s comes wide or into the half space to build the play and lurk the opposition on one side.
  5. How does that create the attacking shape that @Luizinho wants? On topic: You can gain the sort of shape you want by using the wingers as Inside Forwards/Inverted Wingers. That means they come into the half space and attack that - in general. Your two midfielders ahead of the DM can be just plain CM's. Using a Deep Lying Playmaker can also work, thats a pivot type of role that holds the position and doesnt wander off. The Roaming Playmaker doesn't hold position. He does the opposite, as the role gives him freedom to move whereever he thinks he can make an impact. If you want your full back t
  6. Imo manage you expectation. All of the world's teams would give their left arm if it meant winning 2-0 each game. You obviously got something good working. And that shot on target/ratio is pretty good.
  7. It does. In FM21 a mezzala-attack/Central Midfielder usually take up much higher positions now - and they do it earlier. Often I see my attacking midfielder as high as the striker. In general I can recommend FM21, it's the best ME of all of them. Right now I am toying with turning a deep 4-1-4-1 into a 2-3-5ish in attack.
  8. Yeah but why change it if it aint broken? Are you losing games because of it? Look at Atalanta and what they have achieved with their budget: A well, though risky concept that can beat any team on the day. (They can also lose to anyone it seems when they lose their intensity). It’s a playstyle, mate.
  9. As I see it you "only" have three players that covers the space you leave behind. That's a lot of space they have to guard since the Mezzala is offensive and the Complete Wingback also wants to get forward. If the opposition leaves two strikers up front they have a lot of space to take of advantage and you have three players to cover it. You are playing with a lot of risk which obviously works. You are leading the Serie A. :-) Also two strikers will sort of pin your two centerbacks. A solution could be to change your backline to three centerbacks or make left midfielder and right back mor
  10. This is what he wrote @keysea. And I just wanted to know why he states that the Focus Play instructions are overpowered.
  11. Ah, I like this as I have been advocating using deeper formations such as 4411 and 4141 (my favorite) and pairing it with an agressive style of play. A high pressing 4141 (didn't work so well in FM20, but is a totally different beast in fm21) is absolutely a joy to watch. I've been using a 4411 in my first save as I felt it would bring the best out of my best players at Dortmund. But I have slowly been toying with the idea of moving Reus into MC with a attack duty, Brandt up as False 9 and Haaland out wide to the right as a deep raumdeuter sort of player.
  12. What does the instructions "Focus play down ..." actually do and why are these overpowered?
  13. I have yet to try out the beta but maybe someone here can give me an answer to this question: How defensive is the AI during matches? Especially if your team are in form or are the bigger team? I think the extremely defensive mindset of AI teams - even those who were equal to yours - was one of the biggest let downs in FM20 so wanted to know how FM21 is handling it.
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