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  1. I didnt really like FM19 and 20, so why am I still so hyped for FM21?! goddammit I love there games
  2. @crusadertsar I just played some matches on FM18 and my god the difference. The entertainment value are so much more and my favorite formation, the flat 4-1-4-1, can really be a offensive high pressing beast that it simply cant on fm20. I might actually just go play that instead. Do you play with any new databases?
  3. Its all relative but from personal experience its the position. Like you cant press as high with a flat 4-1-4-1 as you can with a say 4-2-3-1.
  4. Aaaaah, we just misunderstood each other then. Next FM will be better (as I told myself when FM19 was tried and tested and ultimate a disappointment). Since we shouldn't derail this thread too much then what kind of system are you rocking in FM18?
  5. Ait, I understand. Team Shape was pretty much the most important instruction to achieve that kind of style and when I finally got the hang of it - and understand it to a degree so I could picture how a team would look as Fluid or Structured - they removed it. I might actually fire up FM18 to revisit that match engine and see if I really remember that as being much more fun than the one in FM19/20 (where there is a complete lack of central play and teams (for some reason?!) plays ultra defensive football with no intention of getting forward).
  6. I feel you for sure. But I think that is more an ME issue than a tactics creator - as I have welcomed a lot of the changes to the tactics creator - the transitional instructions for example. Being able to tell your players how to act when recovering/losing possession is nice. But you are right. There is something wrong when you just watches the matches. The goals. The way the AI plays. Its not just as fun as say FM18. I might just go back to FM18 as that is the latest one I enjoyed the most. The Half Back is working correctly there, right?
  7. I understand. Are we talking about the removal of "The Team Shape" as a tool to distribute individual player mentalities whereas now we only have duty and the overall mentality?
  8. I'm not trying to troll you. I think there is plenty of wrong things about the match engine, but I legit wanted to know what you guys think is wrong with the tactics creator and what should be different.
  9. What kind of overhaul are you guys thinking? And what is wrong with the current tactics creator (except that its hard decode the individual player mentality and so on)?
  10. No most people use the standard 4-3-3 wide because that emulates the movement of the wide attackers best - since their starting positions is somewhat wide for then to surge into the half spaces. Though @cocoadavid showed with his tactic how you can emulate their defensive shape by using a three striker formation. But its a bit tedious discussing real life formation as it changing constantly during different phases. I have been tinkering with a 4-4-1-1 that is inspired by Liverpool's use of TAA.
  11. Depending on how they press - like with what formation/structure - I usually try to get an extra man in defense to help bypass the press. So if they press with two strikers I would have 3 central defenders. That suggest a formation switch - which can be a radical thing to do so if you are not into that you dont have to. But I have found it really helps with moving the ball upfield that you have a numbers advantage in the first line. So like against a high pressing 4231 I would field a back four with a DM so that means my central defenders and dm is one more than their AM and ST. And so on.
  12. If I were you I would start with just creating the 4231 with the roles and duties you want. Leave Team Instructions empty for now. Watch how those roles interact with each other. Given you example in the quote above - how does the advanved forward/pressing forward interact with the shadow striker? Look for things like that. Pause the match at turnovers to see how your rest defense is if you lose the ball up high. How is your defensive shape when you are being pressed into your own half? Are you satisfied with what you seeing? Once you are happy with that you can start tinkering - if its
  13. Really nice post @herne79. I think the point you raise here is important and something I also learned from Cleon's many threads: If you know your system, you also know it's weaknesses and the risk versus reward you take. An example; Cleon pressed high with one of his systems and wrote that this play style may result in a long ball over his defensive line that would eventually result conceding a goal. But he was fine with that because he knew that the reward you got from pressing high - in his specific system with the players he had - outweighed the negative sides of it. I am interest
  14. They have quite a versatile squad. If you use the newest database, they have Emre Can who could be functioning in a back three without support of fullbacks/wingbacks. Witsel might be a good choice for libero. Incredible intelligent and defensive capable. One of the best controllers in the game in my opinion. Sadly in the newest database they sold my favorite player Julian Weigl to Benfica.
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