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  1. It’s all relative. What mentality do you play on and what duty/role have you given them?
  2. Yeah, true. I think it is because, as Yonko has stated before, that the AMLR strata is to be seen as wide forwards. We used to have a wide forward slot in striker strata, but that has been moved back to the AM strata. Thats why they get into the penalty box in the final third.
  3. Have you tried putting them in MR/ML position? I found a IW on support with stay wider PI actually stays wide in the final third most of the time.
  4. Exactly. How do you find the RPM working in terms of movement? I really like your setup.
  5. Against United their defensive shape looked a lot like a 4-1-4-1 numerous times. But we shouldnt get too hung-up on that. I just like the midfield winger roles, as it replicates the wide play better in my opinion and you can give one of them an attack duty while he will still track back more than in the AM-strata. Both ways work fine and everything is relative when it comes to FM.
  6. Yeah, wasn’t an attack or anything. How is it more effective, do you think? The wingers gets closer to the opponents backline sooner or?
  7. I have the same experience with the 4-1-4-1. You can press high with it, but what I like the most, is the wingers are a lot wider even in the final third - I’ve said it numerous times - but I really like the roles and movement of the Inverted Winger and Wide Midfielder. It also means you can make Sterling into the sort of space investigator with the wide midfielder role.
  8. It also naturally gives you the defensive shape City has - and also, the wingers in MR/ML slot holds the width for much longer than roles in the AMR/AML strata. And with the new addition of LOE you can still press quite high - so, yes.
  9. Pretty exciting to read this. One thing is formation, roles and duties. Another thing is mentality and team instructions. How would you set that up?
  10. No, I would simply use roles and duties that divides the team into 5 players that attack and 5 players who defend/supports. City does this fluidly, as you know. For example if Mendy attacks wide, then the winger moves into the half space and Silva/Silva drops back to protect/offering a back pass option. That’s the beauty. They are so disciplined and follow Guardiola’s philosophy almost blindly. They know where to be a in relation to each other. What does this system of kinda rigid do exactly? It enables them to keep control for long periods of time because they almost constantly retain their shape that has 5(!) pinning the opponents defense in each zone, and 5 protecting. That’s why they so easily can win back the ball or force it long. But what makes them unique is that the players can shift in and out of their roles. I am suspecting that are lot of his movement is dictated by mainly the two number 8’s. We are somewhat limited when it comes to FM, but you can easily dictate which two players provides width, which two are in the half spaces and who is the central attacker (mainly the striker). You then need possession to etablish your attacking shape. If you manage that, I think you have come aslong way to replicate Pep’s City or even just philosophy in FM. Also, it’s quite fun to follow these guidelines and adapt during games if you spot a weak link.
  11. True. But imo what should be most important - when trying to replicate this City side - is to get the sort of WW (or WM) shape going when you have the ball. Two players really wide, two in the half spaces, one central - behind them two lines of 3 and 2 players that supports and protect. It’s essentially the shape City has in possession untill the final third in most of their games. It can change a lot when they face teams that puts 11 men behind the ball though. That can luckily be achieved in multiple ways.
  12. To some extend. Like the end of last season the fullbacks positioning are more fluid - or perhaps just dictated by the players in front him. Mendy is often inside if Silva is high and the winger wide. If that change, for example Silva dropping back, the winger going inside then the fullback goes wide. The thing - you know this, I know - is we can get one part of Citys movement. So we could the IWB-move on one side - and the WB move on the other (this is where the midfielder holds the midfield and protects). I also think you are right regarding mentality. To me - agter experimenting a lot - you can replicate City to some extend by using a 4-1-4-1-0 strikerless. The way Aguero operates relatively close to the midfield - to be that central passing option as the midfield duo is quite wide in their spacing - constantly in the half spaces. I would maybe setup something like this - as a start: SW(s) FB(a) - CD - CD - IWB(s) DM(d) WM(a - roam/cut inside) - CM - Mez(a) - IW(s - stay wider, get further forward) Shadow Striker
  13. Agree, once ball enters the midthird they press the opposition quite aggressive. And they also run their socks off throughout the game. It’s like they have an extra lung or something. I am trying myself to replicate them. Key is the two pivots. Should they be in the midfield- or DM strata? Their starting positions when the GK has the ball is quite deep. One of them move up and down more - if the back line is protected enough. It’s quite hard to get right. Maybe SV and DM(s/d). The offensive movement is classic: Wingers tuck into the half spaces, striker sometimes drop off, then Reus/number 10 man takes his place or vove versa. Fullbacks overlap. They do tend to play the ball on the wings. Creating an overload, but they don’t cross it so often. It’s like Tuchel’s team but more balanced. Heavy emphasis on patient build up - but once the hole is there, they strike incredible fast.
  14. Exactly. Pep likes to create two bands of 5 players. One band attack, the other protect (the possesion/for counters).